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Just Be Yoga Teacher Training

Congratulations On Your Accomplishment Now Discover Some Of The Necessary Next Steps That Will Help You Get Started As A Yoga Teacher After Completing Your First Ytt

Tantra & Hatha Yoga Teacher Training – Just Arrived (1) – Cherish Healing

While a good teacher training will have helped prepare you for the next step, the truth is that the majority of new yoga teachers feel lost and slightly overwhelmed once the cocoon of Teacher Training has been shed. Youve endured endless hours of training and have earned your teaching certification, now what?

For starters, dont quit your day job and dont bank on becoming a yoga celebrity on Instagram to build your career. Put in the time, develop a self-practice, keep studying and teach, teach, teach whenever and whoever you can.

Now That You Know Get Out There And Be The Best Yoga Teacher You Can Be

Every yoga teacher is different, and we each bring something unique and special to our teaching.

As we discussed in #5, show up authentically to every class you teach. Establish trust amongst your students, never stop learning and seeking out new information to enhance your teaching, and maintain your personal practice .

As a yoga teacher, you have an amazing opportunity to help others. Embrace this role and be the best yoga teacher you can be. Your students and your career will thank you! Namaste.

Have questions or want to share your own tips for other yoga teachers? Please share in the comments below we love hearing from you!

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Consider Your Learning Style

During your teaching training, you will be taking in A LOT of information! Its fascinating, enlightening, life-changing

and can be a bit overwhelming at times.

So you need to figure out the best way for you to handle that.

If you would rather dive in and fully immerse yourself in the process, then an intensive immersion program is a good choice. In an immersion program like this, you can unplug and focus solely on getting a deeper understanding of yoga.

Taking away distractions from daily life can be really helpful and even necessary for some people.

On the other hand, extended programs allow you to take your time and really absorb everything by allowing you to get your training hours on the weekends.. This gives you the time to put certain things into practice as you learn them.

Many people are turning to online programs, where students can study from home but still get super individualized guidance for their yoga journey.

We dont all learn the same way. Its important to honor your own unique learning style and choose the program that will best suit you.

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Will I Get Certified With Online Yoga Teacher Training

Yes, once youve completed the training modules, youll be a certified yoga teacher through Yoga Alliance. This is an international certification so you can teach anywhere in the world. As of now, this special provision is available till 31st December 2021. This yoga teacher certification allows you to get the necessary insurance you need for teaching as well.

Talk To Other Teachers About Their Experiences

6 Things I Accidentally Learned in Yoga Teacher Training

Sharing experiences can be one of the best ways to find out about the yoga community as a whole. If theres a certain person whose teaching style you really admire, talk to them and find out who their teacher was. Or, maybe they even run their own certification program. Many experienced teachers also lead yoga teacher trainings.

If you have a particular program picked out, talk to some former students. Hearing their experience can give you some insight and help you decide if its right for you.

Ultimately, the decision is yours. What was great for one person might not be right for you.

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Timing Of Sessions / Daily Schedule :

  • 06:30 – 08:00 AM Satkarma, Yoga Asana
  • 09:00 to 10:00 AM Yoga Anatomy
  • 10:00 to 11:00 AM Yoga philosophy
  • 04:30 06:00 PM Yoga Asana

Recorded classes

All live sessions will be recorded daily and will be shared with you the next day. If you cant attend all online classes you can complete the course in your free time through recorded videos.

Get The Guidance Of Yoga Masters To Experience A Transformation

My purpose is to create a culture of learning and inclusivity where we critically examine human anatomy and physiology as it pertains to movement, as well as yoga philosophy, self-realization, and what it means to be human. On this journey we discover our true selves and our deeper meaning for being.

More about Simone

Simone is inspired by how the ancient wisdom of yoga can be applied to our lives in the modern world today. Hatha Yoga has the power to heal our over-stimulated nervous system with its multitude of practices, while yoga philosophy leads us to a more sustainable and positive lifestyle, grounded in love for ourselves, all beings and our beautiful planet.

Since the early 2000s Simone has been studying the human body in movement. She has a bachelors degree in human kinetics and a masters degree in exercise physiology. Most recently Simone became a Registered Massage Therapist and treats a variety of musculoskeletal conditions alongside her yoga teaching practice.

Simone has been sharing her knowledge with aspiring yoga teachers since 2011 and blends her knowledge of western science, anatomy, and physiology with her experience in yogic philosophy. Simone is passionate about sharing these teachings and empowering others to access their best selves.

More about Kirill

More about Caroline

My greatest interest is exploring the profound contribution of individual healing to relationship, family, community, planetary and global healing.

More about Genya

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Teach Your Family And Friends

A great way to become comfortable teaching is to practice on an audience that already loves you. Organize small weekend classes at the park, invite your buddies over for an afternoon of yoga, and offer private sessions to family and friends of all ages and ability levels. Ask for feedback from those you trust.

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Get Some Practice Teaching Yoga

my yoga teacher training experience

Step number four is, you want to practice so teach. I think a lot of people think theyre gonna do their 200-hour certification and feel really confident right off the bat.

The reality is it takes years to build up that confidence, to have a presence in your teaching, to really have a strong voice.

So you wanna start practice teaching everyone you can.

Teach your mom, your dog, anyone wholl listen to you. Offer free yoga classes and practice yoga both on and off the yoga mat.

Just start logging those teaching hours, because, just like anything in life, the more you do it, the better youre gonna get.

While you certainly learn to teach in training courses, it doesnt mean that youre necessarily ready to do so. Just like knowing the yoga asanas doesnt mean that you can stick them, knowing teaching methodology doesnt mean that youre ready.

So get as much experience as you can!

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Reputation Of The Yoga School

There are some yoga schools that are world-famous in yogi world.

You know the kind.

Their daily yoga classes are jam-packed, making an otherwise normal-looking yoga studio feel like a massive sauna.

Theyre located in places like Costa Rica, Bali, Thailand, or some other faraway place where dreams come true.

Some of Instagrams most famous yoga teachers are hopping into these popular yoga studios to lead exotic yoga retreats in a picture-worthy destination. #yogaeverydamnday amiright?

Well, those beautiful gems of yoga studios and yoga schools will likely fill up fast and come with a high price tag.

If you can swing it, though, it will probably be worth every penny.

And if not?

Those other yoga studios will also be incredible and worth every penny, just a lot fewer of them.

Hrs Yoga Teacher Training

A Specific set of Aasanas belonging to the Hatha Yoga and Ashtaanga Yoga styles are incorporated into the curriculum, thus empowering the Yogi to master these techniques and reap full benefits of the same.

Online Yoga Teacher Training – Cleansing practices
  • Kapalbhati
Online Yoga Teacher Training – Dynamic Yoga postures
  • Pawanmuktasana series

Online Yoga Teacher Training – Vinyasa Yoga class

  • Surya namaskar A

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Basically There Are Two Categories Of Yoga As Discussed Below:

1. Ashtanga Yoga: It is the form of Yoga which was originally propounded by the Indian sage Patanjali in the Yoga Sutras. It consists of eight parts or limbs which prepare you for the spiritual enlightenment or the state of supreme consciousness. The various parts are as follows:

1. Yama: These are defined as the moral codes that a Yogi needs to practice in order to cleanse his mind or chitta. The five Yama as listed by Patanjali in YogaSutras are: Ahimsa , Satya , Asteya , Brahmacharya , Aparigraphah .

2. Niyama: These are the various habits or behavior that you need to practice as a spiritual seeker. These are following: Sauca , Santosha , Tapas , Svadhyaya , IshwarPranidhana .

3. Asanas: Asanas are the various postures that you can comfortably hold for a long period of time.

4. Paranayama: Paranayama is a Sanskrit word that means controlling the Prana consciously.

5. Pratyahara: It is a process of withdrawing ones thoughts from external objects, things, person, and situation. It is turning ones attention to ones true Self, ones inner world, experiencing and examining self.

6. Dharana: This means concentration, introspective focus of the mind. The mind is fixed on a mantra or ones breath/navel/tip of tongue/any place, or an object one wants to observe, or a concept/idea in ones mind.

How To Choose A Yoga Teacher Training Program

Want To Become A Yoga Teacher? Here

A yoga teacher training course will teach you so much more than the physical postures. Youll also study yoga philosophy, mindfulness, pranayama and anatomy. Youll dive into the Yoga Sutras and learn that an authentic yoga practice actually has very little to do with asana . Youll learn the difference between vinyasa yoga, Ashtanga yoga, hatha yoga, yin yoga, yoga nidra, tantra yoga all the yogas!

This in-depth study of yoga will transform your physical practice and possibly your life.

So how do you finally settle on a training program that you can be certain isnt a major scam?

Well, there are literally thousands of programs to choose from. You could choose a 200-hour program or a 300-hour advanced yoga teacher training course. You could train anywhere from your neighborhood studio to the mountains of Nepal. Even the comfort of your own living room is now an option with an online teacher training program.

While there is no magic formula for choosing the right yoga teacher training, there are some things to consider that will help guide you in the right direction.

Let me break some things down that helped me and might also give you some clarity.

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Think About Which Style Of Yoga You Want To Study

Hatha yoga is nearly always included in a YTT. It is the foundational style of yoga that was originally handed down through the ancient texts.

A lot of training programs now will teach a variety of styles of yoga, such as Ashtanga, vinyasa flow or yin yoga.

There are some trainings that focus specifically on a certain style, which is common for Ashtanga and Iyengar styles of yoga. If thats what you want to get a deeper understanding of, then look out for an immersion program that focuses on that.

If you are completely undecided, thats no problem either!

Studying these different styles in depth will give you a good idea of what resonates with you.

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Start Making Money Teaching Yoga

Step five is charging money for people to take your classes. This could mean that youre teaching in a studio, or maybe youre hosting events in your home.

Maybe youre teaching in corporations, like youre going into businesses, and teaching there, or partnering with local restaurants to have yoga and wine nights.

You could lead retreats.

You could teach yoga online, like me.

There have never been more opportunities to find success as a yoga teacher in the way that you really enjoy, and are passionate about.

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Watching A Recorded Session

Some people just dont have time to watch a live stream and prefer to see a recording at their own pace. Thats why a recorded Yoga training session can be a good fit, since there are people that want to watch whenever they want. That might come in handy for very busy people and those persons that are constantly dealing with all kinds of challenges. They prefer to wake up early morning and watch a recorded session. For them, that works very well and it certainly conveys a tremendous experience every time.

Online recordings have their own place, since they can make it easy to teach various steps. The fact that you can pause the recording and even go back and do the same thing 3 or 4 times does help quite a bit. It just makes the training session better, and that alone can be incredibly important to keep in mind.

Do I Need To Register With Yoga Alliance To Teach Yoga

What is a Yoga Acharya? Dont just go for Teacher Training Become a Living embodiment of Yoga itself

You dont have to register but its recommended if youre looking to teach. You will be part of a worldwide directory, increasing your visibility. Its $115 for the first year and then $65 annually to extend it every year thereafter. At Siddhi Yoga, we have our own yoga teachers directory where you can register for free.

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Is It 100% Live Or A Mix Of Pre

You should ask yourself if you would like to have a 100% Live program where all the classes are being taught Live via Zoom or a similar program. Normally this type of Program runs for over 10 weeks at set times. You must be very disciplined and available for 10 weeks during this time.

Time zone is another issue. If its not in your time zone, you will have a lot of challenges.

Some Live trainings have 20-40 people attending at the same time. So ask yourself, can a teacher pay any attention to every individual? You will be paying over $1500, attending the training at fixed times for 10 weeks, and not getting any attention. The recording is of lower quality as Zoom only has 640×320 video quality recordings.

We have found that a mix of Pre-Recorded videos and Live sessions have more flexibility. Pre-recorded videos are HD quality and you can watch them as many times as you wish. Attend the Live sessions as per your time zone and schedule. There is an opportunity to ask questions in the community and on Facebook. Lastly, the biggest benefit is that you pay a fraction of the cost .

You Dont Have To Be A Super Asana Performer

Many people are afraid to start teaching because they think their personal practice is not good enough. Dont forget that everybody has some limitations in their bodies. Some people are very flexible but lack strength, some people have strength but lack flexibility, and some have both but lack balance and concentration.

Every yoga teacher has difficulty with certain poses. And thats great! Because we can use that to remind our students that we should honor, not resist, our limitations and view these limitations as guides instead of a hinderance.

My best teacher was the one in a wheel chair, but his knowledge and teaching methods made up for that. It is much more important to know the alignments of the asanas and their benefits and to be able to explain this very clearly to the students than it is to be able to do all the asanas perfectly.

Most of the students understand this and dont expect their teacher to be a super asana performer.

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Final Thoughts On Yoga Teacher Training & Certification Program

  • Most of us think yoga is just asana, and thats okay. We all have to start somewhere!
  • Yoga Teacher Training programs can broaden our understanding of yoga but arent always enough to begin teaching safe and impactful asana classes for ALL bodies.
  • Much of this comes from the cash grab aspect of TT programs: yoga teacher training programs help keep studios and gyms open .
  • #3 is also a big shot of cultural appropriation.

P.S. Im still learning, too!

Talk to me! What are you looking for in a YTT program? What obstacles and challenges have you faced?

Hour Yoga Teacher Training

200 Hour Yoga Teacher Training Goa, India

We are so excited to announce our 2021 200 Hour Teacher Training! Our 2021 training will be all online and will still meet all the requirements to be registered with Yoga Alliance just like our previous in-person trainings! Its a 9 week training that will take place on Wednesday evenings plus Saturday and Sunday afternoons.

All the details are below!

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How Do You Become A Certified Yoga Instructor

This depends on what kind of instructor certification you would like to receive. If youre looking for yoga instructor certification from Yoga Alliance, then you will want to do your yoga teacher training program with a registered yoga school or the Yoga Alliance. It is not necessary to get your instructor certification from YA, though, as its just a private organization that is not connected to any government requirements to teach yoga.

Otherwise, look for a yoga school that has a long-standing good reputation and join their 200-hour yoga teacher training program. This will cover all of the basic knowledge of yoga, such as yoga philosophy, the history of yoga, the Yoga Sutras, teaching methodology, human anatomy and physiology, and the yoga postures.

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