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Jason Crandell Yoga Teacher Training

Leave The Grind Behind

Getting Paid for Teaching Yoga Online

Join the first of its kind ‘Edu-Vacation’ and start on a new career path.

Take a plunge into something new and unexplored, and be surprised at who comes out on the other side

What makes this training unique

Develop your own practice and learn how to succeed as a teacher.

This is unique because it is the first time you can get a semi-luxury vacation and a high quality education at the same time, 2 for 1.

We have been in this industry for 20 years, and know that 12 hour days indoors feeling overwhelmed with no time to reflect, digest, and play on the beach is NOT optimal for the learning experience.


You’ll do lots of yoga, practice teaching, and very importantly have time to let it all settle. This course is not about cramming everything in at one time, but to let you digest what you learn So you can get the MOST out of this experience and understand, apply, and enjoy the process.

Tulum is a superb place for the self exploratory and enlightening seeking part of yoga, and the vibe and atmosphere will add to making this an unforgettable experience.

How To Choose A Yoga Teacher Training

So youve decided that you want to make the leap and become a yoga teacher, but how do you choose a yoga teacher training program? There are thousands of teacher training programs available these days and its hard to choose what is going to be the right training for you.

And rightfully so. Teacher training programs are generally a decent investment in time and money and its important to choose one that is going to leave you feel ready to conquer the yoga teaching world!

Dont worry, I have a few tips for you to help make the decision a little easier and a little less stressful.

  • Who do you want to study with?

  • This is HUGE. You will be spending 200 hours learning from whoever you choose to do a training with so its important to make sure that this is a teacher that you know and love, or a teacher that you have done your research about and you feel like has the vibe that resonates with you and what youre looking to get out of a teacher training.

    This was one of my biggest learnings from my 200-hour yoga teacher training program. I was so set on how long I wanted to take to do my training and where I wanted to go that I let the teacher slip to the wayside. Of course, these are all factors that you have to take into account and it can be hard to find the perfect situation.

    If thats you, skip ahead. Otherwise, continue reading!

  • Where do you want to do your training?

  • How long do you want your training to be?

  • What is your budget?

  • What are you getting in your program?

  • Anatomy For Yoga Trainings

    Looking for an anatomy teacher for your 200 hour teacher training?

    Olivia is continually curious about the amazing human body and how it works. She is experienced at co-leading her own teacher trainings, being a guest teacher on trainings lead by other teachers and running standalone anatomy for yoga workshops.

    What would Olivia bring to your training?

    The course outline Olivia has developed works methodically through the body from the ground up. Her approach focuses more on helping students to see the patterns and logic behind how the body works so that they feel empowered to apply their learning to situations they will face in class, and less on asking people to memorise lists of Latin names of body parts. Students will learn to appreciate and work with the anatomy and needs of their individual bodies to help them advance their own practice. They will also begin to recognise how different body types can appear in different yoga postures, and so the variations they might expect to see in their own future students. Olivia is approachable, down to earth and fun, and brings that to her anatomy teaching. Most importantly, as a yoga teacher herself, Olivias anatomy teaching is always applied to asana and how to make trainees more effective and intelligent teachers. We can provide a clearly written, fully illustrated and easy to follow anatomy manual for students.

    What is Olivias background?

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    Advanced Yoga Teacher Training Courses

    triyoga offers a range of 300-hour advanced yoga teacher training courses. For those who are already qualified yoga teachers and want to take further their understanding of yoga and ability to share its teachings.

    All 300-hour yoga teacher training programmes are designed for qualified yoga teachers and provide the opportunity for participants to work with senior yoga teachers at the top of their field, within a structure that provides time and space for profound learning and growth, a supportive community of peers and tutors and first-rate studio facilities.

    Each training and teacher focuses on specific areas, so whether you prefer an anatomical approach to a philosophical one, or to flow instead of sitting quietly in meditation, there is something for everyone to help you find your own voice as a teacher.

    These trainings are each available as a full package or in individual blocks. Our triyoga 300-hour Advanced Teacher Training dates will be added shortly. Email or if youd like to enquire or chat about it. Click below for our training with Jason Crandell.

    Saturday September 14th : 30 Pm

    Yoga Blog

    Reformatting the Flow for Our Shoulders and Wrists

    In this workshop, you will:

    -Strengthen the entire shoulder girdle and cultivate greater balance in your shoulders, neck and upper back.

    -Learn to decrease the excessive movements that Vinyasa yoga asks of our shoulders and wrists. Similarly, you will integrate more postures that most vinyasa yoga sequences ignores, thereby creating greater stability in your shoulder joints.

    -Identify key techniques in all weight bearing postures that will decrease repetitive stress in your shoulders and wrists.

    -Create balanced range of motion in your entire shoulder girdle.

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    Zoom Is Not Designed For Online Courses

    Zoom was not designed as an educational platform it was designed for meetings.

    Colleges, universities and corporations have done online trainings long before the pandemic and guess what? They dont use Zoom! Thats because Zoom doesnt even come close to the baseline standard of a learning management system in terms of organization, ease of use, or reliability.

    Colleen Saidman And Rodney Yee’s 300 Hour Training Tribeca Ny

    Why it’s on this list:

    Rodney and Colleen are two of the most respected teachers in the world. If you are seeking a 300-hour training, it’s likely you are trying to take your teaching craft to another level of mastery and enhance your career as a teacher. There are few teachers in the world more qualified to do that.

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    Zoom Is Not Reliable Enough

    Weve all been on Zoom calls where we are intermittently booted out for reasons that no one can explain.

    Imagine being in the middle of a two-hour vinyasa practice with your group. and being booted off. You try to get back on and youre stuck in the waiting room. This happens again. And again. And again.

    Weve all had days like this, when the internet gods are not smiling upon us. But if you are making a big investment in your education, you do not want to miss huge chunks of your practices or lectures because your connection decided to be fussy that day.

    Pre-recorded lectures and practices means that I can guarantee you HD-quality audio and visuals no static, no glitches, no getting booted out in the middle of Chaturanga.

    You Cant Create A Well

    How to Be an Exceptional Online Yoga Teacher

    In an online training, you need one central hub where everything is located your videos, your manual, your schedule, your connection to customer service, and more. Thats why our trainings are hosted on a platform that is designed for online education.

    Ive created this training so that you can revisit lectures and practices over and over again. Each day is broken down into organized, clearly labelled lessons that you can easily find and review for six months.

    Heres a preview of what the learning platform looks like:

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    You Have More Time To Absorb The Content

    In terms of the content itself, the superior experience of online learning can be summed up in three words: Pause, rewind and rewatch.

    The truth is that you will get saturated during in-person training. There is only so much you can absorb in 8-10 hour days.

    When you train online, you can take breaks. You can rewind if you didnt understand something and then you can go to the live Zoom calls with prepared questions.

    You can redo practices for teaching inspiration and to reinforce what youve just learned.

    The bottom line is that you have six months to learn, digest, and integrate each module as opposed to just 12 days. This added time gives you so much flexibility it allows you to tailor the experience to your life and your learning style.

    If there is still a question I havent answered or something else thats holding you back, you can email me!

    Sunrise And Sunset Yoga Practices

    Instead of suffering through the intense sunlight,
    we chose the best times of the day to practice

    How we will do it

    The compulsory and tedious but necessary parts of the training will be done in advance in the online curriculum.

    We will not waste time on reading aloud from books, but invest our limited time together for yoga practice, practice teaching, functional theory, and understanding why and how we do what we do.

    If you are very academic and theoretical, and love nerding into books for hours on end, there are many other Yoga trainings more suitable for you.

    You will get lots of actual yoga classes with the teachers, with a 2 hour session to start every day, and a longer restorative reflective practice to wrap the day up.

    The days off are open to go explore the wide range of yoga classes avaliable in tulum, and expereience different teachers, styles, vibes, and settings. This first hand experience will be used as examples in the practical theory parts of the training.

    A typical day

    19:30 Freedom

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    My 5 Biggest Takeaways From This Episode

  • Teachers should not focus on creativity first in their sequencing. Creativity is important but there are skills to be learned first. A sequence should be an expression of what you want to teach on that day. Once you have identified what you are trying to teach and how you will get there, then you can sprinkle creativity in.
  • All details matter but not all details matter equally. If you want to offer a whole-body movement and feel-good practice, you cant teach too many techniques at the same time. You can be detailed as much as you want but not about everything you are teaching. Be specific with your details, but create repetition in the details you choose, so students can learn.
  • Sequencing is not about rules. Its about creating a container, a structure you can color in.
  • Heres his architectural sequencing method:- Choose a few focal points – Preparation – Sun Salutations and variation – Sun Salutation and Standing Posture – Sun Salutation and Arm Balance/Inversion- Backbends- Forebends, Twists- Closing
  • Saturday September 14th: 1: 00 Pm


    A Modern Approach to the Core & Bandhas:

    In this workshop, you will:

    -Unpack and demystify the language of the Bandhas. Youll learn about the Traditional teachings of these actions in order to evaluate them in a modern context.

    -Experience a modern approach to the Bandhas that helps strengthen your core, stabilize your spine, and improve your breathing.

    -Update your understanding of traditional teachings with a modern understanding of the core and spine.

    -Deepen every posture category, including twists, forward bends, and arm balances.

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    Question He Answered During This Episode

    • Your main teachers are Rodney Yee, Richard Rosen, and Ramanan Patel, whats one thing youve learned from each that is now part of your teachings today?
    • Your style of vinyasa is slightly different from other vinyasa teachers, why do you emphasize alignment and technique in your vinyasa? Why is it important for you?
    • Why do you think teachers should follow a sequencing method and commit to it?
    • Do you think sequencing can help personal practice?
    • Can we go over the steps of your sequencing method?
    • Why do you choose the physical as a focal point and less the philosophy?

    Oops Something Went Wrong On Our End

    Jason Crandell is a natural teacher and author with more than 15 years of experience. His accessible, grounded classes integrate the best elements of power yoga, anatomical precision and mindfulness teachings. With a “knack for teaching subtle body movements in a way that everyone can understand” , Jason’s articulate, down-to-earth teaching will educate and empower you.

    Named “one of the teachers shaping the future of yoga” by Yoga Journal, Jason has been one of the most in-demand teachers at conferences around the world for over a decade. Considered a “teachers-teacher”, Jason has taught on countless teacher-training faculties, leads trainings globally, and regularly presents teacher-training content at esteemed conferences.

    Jason is a contributing editor for Yoga Journal Magazine where he has published over 25 articles. His critical-thinking skills will support you on your path of practice, teaching and self-inquiry.

    Jason’s primary teacher is Rodney Yee, who was kind enough to say, “Jason is taking the art of teaching yoga to its next level.

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    I’m honored to be a guest speaker along with amazing teachers such as Annie Carpenter, Rod Stryker, Kia Miller, and Micheline Berry on Amy McDonald’s Business of Yoga Speaker Series 3 ! We shared our knowledge on how to create solid, successful yoga careers. I spoke about crafting a fantastic yoga resume/cover letter, hiring yoga teachers/getting hired as a yoga teacher, the do’s and don’ts for leading retreats and more! If you missed it, to see listen to all the speakers!

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    Your Mornings Will Begin With A 15

    From there, you’ll move into a strong, comprehensive vinyasa practice lasting between 90-120 minutes. Your practice will conclude with a 20-30 minute seated meditation, guided Savasana, yoga nidra, or pranayama.

    Note that these practice sessions are pre-recorded to allow you to do them according to your own timezone.

    So Why Are Folks Still Leading Trainings On Zoom

    Two reasons: its cheap and its easy. There is no learning curve with Zoom.

    Zoom is made for short-term, brief duration use. Its ideal for meetings, connecting with your friends and family or for doing short practices online.

    If, however, youre considering doing a yoga teacher training that is only on Zoom, I suggest that you run dont walk in the other direction.

    If you have any questions, feel free to shoot me an email here or for more info about my training!

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    Advance Your Sequencing Skills Retain Your Students And Reignite Your Love For Yoga In Jason’s Online Workshops

    200-Hour Teacher Training

    Jason is thrilled to be offering a 200-hour Jason Crandell Yoga Method Teacher Training in 2022! More details to come soon.

    500-Hour Teacher Training

    Exciting news: Jason will be offering several advanced TT options in 2022 including a hybrid option with the live portion in London.

    Full Weekend Registation: $285 After June 7

    life lessons

    Over 20 years ago I stopped playing sports, said good riddance to the gym, and rolled out my yoga mat for what would become a long romance with vinyasa yoga. Since I couldnt touch my toes, let alone do a backbend to save my life, my singular physical focus was to create more flexibility. I was strong, but I had no range of motion. Since the grass is always greenerand I didnt truly understand that strength and flexibility are not mutually exclusiveI focused too heavily on flexibility. Then, like so many yoga practitioners, the over-stretch issues starting showing up: sacro-iliac instability, sacro-lumbar strain, hamstring insertion pain, shoulder pain with deep flexion, and more. Oh, yeah, then I turned 40 and I realized I couldnt take strength and conditioning for granted any longer.

    For the last few years, my practice has circled back to creating functional strength and stability in my bodywithout compromising my flexibility. Ive learned that strengthening my body doesnt decrease my range of motion when its done right. Ive revised nearly every element of my vinyasa yoga sequencing to create muscular balance throughout my bodyespecially the regions that are excessively vulnerable in vinyasa yoga including the hamstrings, external rotators, sacro-iliac region, and shoulders. Ive learned from my mistakes and Ive

    Jason Crandell

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