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Jade Yoga Travel Yoga Mat

Jadeyoga Travel Mat: Care

JADE YOGA TRAVEL MAT REVIEW – Jade Voyager Yoga Mat Product Review

Basically, ANY exposure to sun will damage the natural rubber , which includes practicing outside, leaving it in the backseat of your car, or even near a window in your house. Also, the downfall of the stickiness is that not only do your hands and feet stick to it, but so does everything else – dirt, hair, lint. Since it’s not a “closed cell” mat, which is what helps it be super sticky, it is also very absorbent of sweat.

Amazon customer

On the whole, the JadeYoga Travel Mat gets rave reviews: 4/6 out of 5 stars on Amazon, with 76% giving it the full five stars.

Reviewers loved the great grip and that it was easy to roll up and take on vacation. They also appreciated that it was made from renewable resources. One Amazon reviewer praised the JadeYoga Travel Mat for being undeniably sticky but said it was equally high maintenance and needed a lot of cleaning.

Reasons This Mat Isnt For You

Grip Although it does have a sticky grip. Having tried it out in a hot and humid country, I did struggle a bit with grip. So if you are a slider like me then this may not be the right choice for you.

Thin This is an extremely thin yoga mat and it feels almost like practicing on the ground. If you want something with more padding then choose a different mat. Alternatively, this is perfect to layer on top of another mat, or even on a towel.

Quality As it is at the cheaper end of the spectrum it isnt the best quality. So if you are someone who practices daily and want a mat that is going to last then this isnt the yoga mat for you.

Travel Mat SpecsSize: 61cm X 173cm Thickness: 2mm

What Do The Yoga Nomads Use

We just started traveling with the YOGO Ultralight Travel Mat and are head over heals with it! Its by far the stickiest travel mat we reviewed and love the origami folding design. Although its super thin, it feels like it has more padding than the Manduka.

We used to travel with the Manduka eKO SuperLite which is an excellent travel mat! It traveled with us for 20+ months with almost daily use and it held up perfectly, its still super sticky, and as always its very packable! Disclaimer: there is one downside, it is very thin and kneeling for a long time does start to hurt.

2018 update: We recently picked up the Voyager yoga mat by Jade and are loving it so far! We havent test it extensively on the road yet, but so far its performing great. Folds or rolls, great colors, and very sticky

*Now that you have your travel yoga mat time to check out the best carry-on sized backpacks for travel

Brandons personal bias I LOVE Manduka

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Reasons To Buy This Mat

Weight This is one of the lightest yoga mats you are going to find as it weighs just 1lb, you wont find a more lightweight yoga mat than this.

Price You arent going to find a decent portable yoga mat for a better price than this.

Colors There are a lot of super cool patterns and colors to choose from. So if you want a patterned yoga mat this is a great option.

Foldable Its a foldable yoga mat and it will easily fold into a 10×12 square.

Sticky It has a sticky feel to it which helps with grip.

Backpacker friendly Taking all of the above into consideration I would say if you are a backpacker looking for a cheap travel yoga mat to take away with you that wont take up too much space and wont add to your weight, this is it!

If This Product Isnt For You

Jade Eco Travel Yoga Mat

If the JadeYoga Travel Mat is not for you, here are three alternatives to consider:

The Manduka eKO Lite Travel Mat is one of the most popular on the market and for good reason. Similar to the JadeYoga Travel Mat, its made sustainably and has good cushioning for daily practice. Its fairly heavy to lug around at 4lbs but its a durable choice from a reputable brand. It also comes in a ton of fun colors.

The JadeYoga Voyager is super light and thin , and folds up to the size of a yoga block making it an ideal choice for yogis on the go or those with limited space. As with all Jade products, its eco-friendly but the brand recommends that this mat isnt durable enough for daily use, so save it for vacations.

YOGO Ultralight Travel Mat weighs just 2.1lbs and is only 1.5mm thick so its super compact and easy to pack. As a result its not very padded so not good for people who need more support, but it has enough grippiness to enjoy some yoga flows on trips away.

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Great For Hot Yoga: Liforme Travel Yoga Mat

Liforme Travel Yoga Mat is a great option to consider when you want to practice yoga on the go. Its lightweight, portable, and biodegradable too. This sticky mat features extra grip material and an alignment design which helps your pose even better!

It is heavier than other travel yoga mats but it is one of the grippiest mats available on the market. Plus the alignment lines help to correct body positioning. It is a good option if you travel less frequently like a yoga retreat.

The downside of this product is its high price tag but it will be worth every penny because there are many different colors available in addition to designs that make for an attractive space for yoga too.


No slippage. Great for hot yoga practices.

Comes with a yoga mat bag

Elegant and stylish design

Eco-friendly material that is PVC free


More expensive than other travel yoga mats

Best Overall: Yogo Ultralight Folding Travel Mat

Yoga Ultralight Folding Yoga Mat is a fantastic mat for traveling. This yoga mat is one of the most compact mats in the market, fitting into any small backpack without much hassle. Weighing just 2.1 lbs and can be folded into a newspaper shape, this is the ideal travel companion for a month-long journey.

The mat has a good grip and traction on most surfaces, including wood flooring and carpet. Made of natural rubber, which is ecologically beneficial and does not wear out easily.

This folding mat features a strap attached to the side for easier storage in your luggage, bike, or your car.

Another highlight of the mat is that it comes in 2 sizes. Standard and extra-long for taller people.


  • Super compact. Easy to carry around.
  • Easy to clean. Hang dry using the attached strap.
  • Durable. You wont have to replace this travel yoga mat often.


  • It is more expensive than the other high-end equivalent mats.
  • Its a little slippery for hot yoga, so use a non-slip towel.

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Jade Travel Yoga Mat Review

Best Travel Mat | Jade Yoga | Manduka eKO Superlite | Real Review | Yoga with Tianna

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Hello from Maine! I have loved my time in Europe, but I am psyched to be back in the good ol’ US of A. Yesterday’s flight was fantastic, and so stress-free!

Today I’ve gotten a late start but wanted to pop on and let you know my thoughts on the Jade travel yoga mat I was sent. It is ah-mazing, and if you’re in the market, this is an excellent option.

Jade travel yoga mat

The Grip

The grip is excellent on this mat. It’s a natural rubber mat, PVC-free, and there is zero slipping happening with this bad boy. The natural rubber means that it is going to smell for a few weeks – that’s the only downside to the mat. The smell will go away with use, though. It’s got a little bit of a tread on it – not at much as the prana mat , but enough of a tread to keep you put. It’s an open cell construction and extremely sticky which I love because it ensures you won’t slip and slide.

Jade travel yoga mat thickness

The Thickness

Well, it’s a travel mat, so it’s not going to be as thick as your standard mat, but as far as travel mats go, this is the one with the most cushiony. It’s 1/8 inch thick, and I have a number of travel mats, but of all of them, this is by far the most comfortable.

Jade travel yoga mat



Normally the 68 inch is $54.95, the teal version I’ve shown here is on sale for $49.95.


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Manduka Eko Superlite Travel Mat 68

Manduka makes great yoga mats and the eKO SuperLite is no exception. Weighs 2lbs, only 1/16 thick which is a very thin yoga mat. Its very thin and only 68 long which makes it a great travel companion. The orange peel surface is extremely sticky even when it gets a little wet. Made from non-Amazon eco-friendly biodegradable tree rubber which wont flake or fade. Closed cell design will not absorb bacteria This mat can be easily folded or rolled to fit into your bag. Many colors to choose from.

2018 update: We love the Manduka travel mat and used it for several years but weve since retired it. Read on to see what Anne and I are using today.

Potential downside:

  • Too sticky? Transitioning from Crescent Lunge to Warrior 2 can cause the mat to bunch up
  • Too thin? Very minimal mat here. Add a towel for extra support
  • Smells like rubber Not horrible and goes away with time

Gaia Toweled Hot Yoga Mat

This is my second choice by Gaia. I just cant get enough of their beautiful and colorful patterns. If you are thinking about traveling to a destination with hot weather, this mat is advertised to help you with that. With an absorbent towel-like microfiber topcoat that works to wick moisture, this mat is ideal for sweaty yogis. On the downside, it is a bit heavy, weighing 3.5 pounds.

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Taking your practice on the go doesnt have to be complicated. Whether youre flying to the other side of the world or just heading to your neighborhood park, dont let a bulky yoga mat weigh you down. These days, you can find travel yoga mats that are light, easy to carry, and functional. You may even find that you prefer them to your regular mat. Practicing anywhereat anytimejust got a whole lot easier.

Top 5 Best Travel Yoga Mats

Jade Travel Yoga Mat


Looking to take your yoga practice on the road?

Luckily, were not the only people who want to travel with a yoga mat so there are several decent options for the nomadic yogis among us.

Like usual, I spent way too much time evaluating which travel yoga mat would make my packing list . Weve been traveling nearly full-time for the last 4.5+ years and counting. Without a travel yoga mat, we might have gone insane

What I was looking for in a travel yoga mat?

  • Lightweight and packable
  • Sticky enough
  • Foldable

This guide was designed to make choosing the right yoga mat a breeze!

At the end, I will share which mat we chose. However depending on your specific needs, all of these mats would work great.

Pin me quick! Then keep reading

Alright lets start with an overview of the travel yoga mat market


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Jadeyoga Travel Mat: Performance

The JadeYoga Travel Mat is easy to unroll and stays fairly flat, although the corners do tend to stick up a bit. For a thin mat its supportive enough without being bulky, and it has great traction when moving in between poses. Its not very padded though, so anyone with weak knees or joint problems might want to consider a thicker mat.

The open cell construction makes it really grippy, which is ideal for daily yoga. But its not such a high performer when it gets wet. We found that a sweaty HIIT class made it too slippery, and we werent confident doing dynamic moves like jumping squats or burpees on it in case we suffered an injury. For that reason, the JadeYoga Travel Mat is better suited to slower exercises like yoga, Pilates, stretching and meditation.

The only downside of the grippiness is it collects dirt and dust easily, but its nothing a wash down cant resolve.

Should You Buy The Jadeyoga Travel Mat

The JadeYoga Travel Mat is an affordable, eco-friendly choice for traveling yogis who dont want to compromise on grip or support.

It has great traction and works well for daily yoga practice, but the rubber material means it collects dirt easily and can get slippery when wet, so not the best choice for high impact exercise like HIIT or circuits.

Its durable, easy to fold away and pack and has a nice design, although limited color choices . We love the eco-friendly ethos of the brand and knowing that our mat is made from renewable resources that wont cost the earth.

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Flexible Option: Lululemon Mat

The Lululemon mat is a lightweight version of the reversible mat . It provides excellent grip thanks to its material. It has a top layer that absorbs moisture so you can grip it during practice, and it also has rubber on the bottom that keeps it from sliding around.

There are no odors because there are chemicals in the mat that will keep mold away. The smooth surface helps it easy to wipe down with wet wipes.

The design of this yoga mat is pretty cool. You can get it in a couple of different colors.

This model, however, is not as simple to fold up as other travel mats. Some consumers have claimed that the surface of the mat becomes creased when folded.


Great grip on different surfaces

Anti-slip and a moisture-absorbent top layer

Stylist design

  • Expect stain from oils on your skin but wipe off easily
  • Rubber smell when unbox, fade away overtime

New Addition: Jade Yoga Voyager Mat

Jade Yoga Mat Review | Jade Harmony Yoga Mat, Voyager, Kids Yoga Mat

Jade and Manduka are the most popular yoga mats in the world. No surprise that they both offer solid choices for traveling yoga mats. Comes in four colors, we love the Olive Green color. This mat is now the lightest yoga mat for travel and the best value . My favorite part about Jade mats is that they are extremely sticky from the beginning. Although I love Manduka mats, they takes time to break in before they reach their full potential. We love to support Jade because they plant a tree for every yoga mat sold!

After testing out the Jade Voyager, its safe to say its a contender for the best travel yoga mat 2018 award!

Potential downside:

  • Too thin? At 1/16 its a pretty compact mat. More padding than the Manduka

How is the Jade Voyager different from the Jade Travel Mat? The short answer is the Jade Voyager weighs half as much and the new Voyager is a foldable yoga mat. Where as the Jade Traveler mat must be rolled. Heres a screenshot from amazon comparing the differences:

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Reasons This Travel Yoga Mat Isnt For You

Weight So this isnt strictly speaking a travel yoga mat it is on the heavier side. So if weight is something you need to keep down this mat may not be the best choice for you.

Cleaning and Maintenance This yoga mat is super sticky! That means things like dust and dirt are also going to be attracted to it! You have to make sure you clean it after use and leave it to dry away from the sun.

Scuffing It can scuff easily so you will need to take care not to damage it.

Price At just under $60 it is at the top end of the pricing for portable yoga mats. Although in my opinion, you do get what you pay for and this mat is worth every penny!

Travel Mat SpecsSize: 66cm X 180cm Thickness: 3mm

If you are on a tight budget then this lightweight yoga mat is a great buy. It is one of the lightest yoga mats on the market and for a bargain price.

Do I Need A Travel Yoga Mat

Travel yoga mats tend to be lighter and smaller than traditional yoga mats. Most also include carrying straps to easily transport your mat to the studio, gym or anywhere else your yoga practice might take you.

If you don’t plan on transporting the mat that often or you don’t mind a bit of extra bulk, you can probably get away with a slightly larger travel yoga mat. However, a thinner and shorter mat could be your best bet if you travel frequently or prefer a lighter weight mat.

Another good tip for busy yogis is to consider buying a yoga mat bag to keep your travel yoga mat protected from the elements. According to Men’s Journal, the bag can also help your mat retain its shape. A bag also adds an extra element of security compared to a shoulder strap.

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