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Jade Yoga Mat Vs Manduka

Best Yoga Mat For Travel

Best Yoga Mat 2020: Review of Jade Harmony vs. Manduka Eko

Love to travel?

The Sugarmat Travel Yoga Mat is best for anyone who wants to travel while being in style. Sugarmat has yoga mats in a lot of beautiful designs and are super easy to take with you on the go.

Dimensions: 24″ width, 68″ lengthThickness: 1 mmMaterial: Natural rubber, synthetic suede, and water-based ink


  • Not ideal for bad knees

Jade Travel Yoga Mat Vs Manduka Prolite: Is One Better

Ultimately, it comes down to your personal preference. Both of these travel mats are great options, and they both excel in different areas. The Jade Travel Yoga mat is amazing when it comes to traction. It is very sticky, and its open cell texture means that it will never turn into a slip and slide, even if you are doing hot yoga.

The Jade Yoga mat is made from biodegradable rubber that requires no time to break in but is sensitive to sunlight. Its the more eco-friendly option out of the two, but its also not quite as durable as the Manduka ProLite.

The Manduka mat is pretty much stable like a tank. The dot texture at the bottom ensures that it sticks to the ground and doesnt move an inch no matter what pose youre doing on the mat. The closed-cell texture ensures that you have better traction when the mat is dry, but it also means that the ProLite doesnt absorb any sweat at all.

On the other hand, the heavier weight of the Manduka comes from its thicker construction and it makes the mat more stable overall. Extra thickness also means better cushioning and more comfort, so bear that in mind when making the final decision.

In the end, it really is up to you. Do you want a thin and light yoga mat thats sticky and takes ages to dry, or a very stable and rigid one, which you can just leave out in the yard and forget about it?

Best Inexpensive Yoga Mat

It’s no question that yoga mats can get expensive.

But that shouldn’t stop you if you want to start yoga, or if you need a new yoga mat.

Let’s look at the best inexpensive yoga mats. Because everyone deserves their daily dose of exercise and relaxation.

The BalanceFrom GoYoga mat is perfect for any activity. It’s affordable, lightweight, and comfortable for yogis with weak joints. At only $16.99, it’s safe to say that you’re getting a bang for your buck with the BalanceFrom GoYoga Mat.

Dimensions: 24″ width, 71″ lengthThickness: 6.35 mm

  • Some reviewers complained that it was slippery
  • Poor durability

Traveling can be expensive enough as it is. The Hugger Mugger Tapas Travel Yoga Mat is best if you need a yoga mat and are traveling on a budget. For $21.95, it’s definitely worth it!

Dimensions: 24″ width, 68″ lengthThickness: 1.5 mm

  • Not ideal for bad knees

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Manduka Yoga Mat Lengths

Average height

For most people, a 71 yoga mat is plenty. Both the PROlite and PRO come in 71 sizes.

Above average height

If youre over 6ft tall or if you want a little extra space I recommend a mat longer than 71. Im 63 and my feet hang off 71 mats. The PROlite comes in 79 and is a great option.

Very tall

You will hang way off standard sized yoga mats. In this case, the PRO 85 is your best option. I love how comfortable this mat is.

Features To *not* Love About Jade Harmony

Jade vs. Manduka: Yoga mat throwdown  JadeYoga Canada

The key advantage of the Jade Harmony is also its major drawback.

So the Jade Harmony is a rubber mat. This means that it is an eco-friendly yoga mat and will absorb your sweat making it a great yoga mat for sweaty practices. However, this also makes it more prone to wear and tear. And so the major drawback of the Jade Harmony is that it wont last for more than a few years.

See my photo below of my Jade Harmony. Bits of the rubber started coming off after a year and then it just got worse.

This can mainly be seen where the hands and feet are positioned.

I will say that because I practice Ashtanga yoga which is a dynamic type of yoga, this may have made it worse. And so if you practice a more gentle type of yoga then your Jade Harmony may last much longer than mine did.

Check out my review of the Jade Harmony!

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Manduka Eko Superlite Travel Mat

The Manduka eKO Superlite Travel Mat is excellent for yogis who travel a lot. Manduka is one of the most durable yoga brands, so you can be sure your mat will last you a long time through all of your adventures.

Dimensions: 24″ width, 71″ lengthThickness: 1.5 mm

  • Not ideal for bad knees
  • Rubber smell

The YOGO Yoga Mat is the best travel yoga mat for yogis on the go. It’s extremely light and easily fits into bags.

Dimensions: 24″ width, 68″ lengthThickness: 1.5 mmMaterial: Natural tree rubber, cotton, and minerals


  • One food-producing tree is planted in Africa for every mat purchased


  • Not suitable for bad knees

Jade Vs Manduka: Yoga Mat Throwdown

New York is filled with fitness rivalries: Mets vs. Yankees, Flywheel vs. SoulCycle, and Jade vs. Mandukathe manufacturers of the best-selling yoga mats.

Even though a non-competitive, live-and-let-live spirit pervades yoga philosophy, yogis take sides when it comes to mats. Considering that its the only major piece of equipment required and an important decision, maybe its no wonder?

Studios have their preferences, too, based on the loaner mats they stock: Youll find devotees of Jade at Jivamukti and Yoga Vida, and Manduka at Kula Yoga Project and Modo Yoga.

We spent months sweating on both Jade and Manduka matsand tapped the Well+Good community on and to hear what makes someone a die-hard fan of one mat or the other. Whats the best mat in class? Read on:


Jade is currently New York Citys it mat. It has an all-purpose reputation and a price point considered democratic . All Jade mats are made from tree rubber, and with every purchase, the company plants a tree, which kinda makes it hard to find fault.

Though some yogis are fickle, most readers we talked to loved the stability and stickiness of Jade mats3:1 over Mandukaand Jade loaners seem to be found in more NYC studios .

Other assets mentioned: It doesnt come with that slick just-manufactured film that you have to wash off with apple cider vinegar. And its not heavier than a medicine ball.


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Manduka Pro Is Going Back For Refund

2 washes with soap, 2 washes with kosher salt and scrub brush. Downdog and almost landed on my face from the slipping. Why would a mat that cost $100 have to be pre treated to avoid slipping and injury? Ordering the Jade 5/16th to replace the Jade I currently have. Should have listened to my inner yogi…Boo on Manduka. Frankly, I think alot of ppl are rationalizing the slip factor because they think the Manduka is cooler…

Manduka & Jade Sustainability

Jade vs Manduka | Yoga Mat Review | Head-to-Head | Open vs Closed-Cell Yoga Mats

Sustainability is something we consider to be very important because we want our children to enjoy a clean environment too. Both the Manduka and Jade are sustainable but not in the same way.

The Jade mat is made from natural and sustainably harvested tree rubber. This means that its biodegradable and theyre tapping rubber in a way that doesnt harm the trees or environment. Essentially, this mats from the earth and returns to the earth when its done making no carbon footprint.

The Manduka Pro on the other hand is made from an eco-certified PVC material thats far from biodegradable. However, its non-toxic, emissions free manufacturing and 100% latex free.

So theyre making it in the most sustainable manner possible. And when you send your mat in to be replaced, they recycle the mats and use them for other purposes instead of putting them in the landfill.

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Ease Of Cleaning: Wipe But Dont Get Wet

The closed-cell construction keeps the mat from taking on moisture and bacteria, but youll still need to clean the mat oftenideally after every use. Manduka recommends that you spray the mat with a yoga wash after practice, wipe it with a damp cloth, and allow it to air dry before rolling it back up. Soaking, submerging, or even showering the PRO may damage it and void the lifetime warranty, so remember to bring your mat in from the porch if the clouds roll in.

Manduka Ekolite Vs Jade Harmony

You all would be knowing about the Manduka eKOlite yoga mat. And the story behind its drastic success? Today I am going to draft a comparison of this famous yoga mat with another one that also has got much appreciation from the high-end yoga studios.

I am talking about the Jade Harmony Yoga mat that you must be familiar with if you have reached the level of a pro yogi!

Some of you might think, who would care to purchase a costly yoga mat over the Manduka Eko lite mat that is budget-friendly and covers up all the basic needs of a yoga exercise too. Well, there are options for everything, OBVIOUSLY!

Make sure to go through the comparison, and you would have a distinct idea regarding why both of these quality-oriented mats stand head to head in the market today! First of all, check out the quick comparison table below!


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Best Yoga Mat For Tall People


A standard yoga mat is typically 68 inches long, which leaves tall yogis spilling over onto the floor in savasana. This Manduka PRO comes in an extra-long version spanning 85 inches so even tall yogis can stretch out in their down dog. They are incredibly durable mats, with a lifetime guarantee, adds Ezrin.

Brandons Manduka Yoga Mat Review

Jade vs. Manduka: Yoga mat throwdown

Im sure you want me to share the best Manduka yoga mat. However, its not that simple

We have owned both the PRO and the PROlite since around 2012. Shockingly they are still as good as day one. In that same time period Ive also burned through a Gaia mat and a Jade mat.

The PROlite is perfect for daily use. The 85 Manduka Pro Yoga and Pilates mat is good for larger people, pilates, home workouts, and anyone who wants extra comfort. That being said the PRO is bulky and heavy.

You can check out our Manduka Prolite review here. We havent created a dedicated Manduka Pro review yet, maybe someday?

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Portability: Its No Lightweight

Lugging around the 71-inch mat all day made me glad I hadnt gone for the 85-inch version. Really. At 7.5 pounds of firm, 6-millimeters-thick PVC, the 71-inch mat begs to be stored at a studio, used at home, or at the very least chauffeured around in a car. And the 85-inch mat is 2 pounds heavier!

Lugging around the 71-inch mat all day made me glad I hadnt gone for the 85-inch version.

Yoga Mat With The Best Grip

Alo Yoga

I am obsessed with my ALO Warrior Mat, says Erica Gragg, a yoga instructor and founder of Escape to Shape. It has seen me through many at home Zoom yoga class, both teaching and taking, and I truly am not sure how I am going to continue to practice yoga once back on the road without it. It’s that good. Its heavy, but thats because the grip is so good.

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What We Don’t Recommend

  • Gaiam Print Premium Yoga Mat : From a trusted yoga brand, this Gaiam mat is highly affordable, comes in many colorways, and has a decent non-slip grip. However, it’s not as durable as other options, so you may end up spending more money down the line replacing it.
  • Manduka ProLite Yoga Mat : Its no-slip grip surface and lighter weight make this Manduka mat an appealing choice for yogis of all levels. However, Rumi Earth’s Sun Yoga Mat beat it for the Best Overall Yoga Mat since the Manduka mat is made from PVC and its closed-cell design means it’s more slippery when you’re sweating.

What Else We Recommend

JADE VS MANDUKA | best yoga mats 2021 | Yoga mat review
  • YoGo Travel Yoga Mat : This mat is lightweight, rolls up really small, and comes with durable buckles and handles. However, we prefer the Manduka Eko SuperLite as a travel mat, as it’s the same thickness and made from sustainable rubber, but $20 cheaper.
  • Liforme Travel Mat : Liforme’s travel mats come with a canvas carrying bag and offer the brand’s signature printed alignment guide, plus an incredibly grippy surface. But the Manduka Eko SuperLite is a more universal fit for traveling yogis and significantly cheaper.
  • PrAna E.C.O. Yoga Mat : Made from 100% thermoplastic elastomer, PrAna’s E.C.O. yoga mat is non-toxic, completely recyclable, and super sticky so your hands and feet won’t slide. The TPE material isn’t super cushy on your knees or back, but if you’re on a budget, this is an excellent option as it’s $39 cheaper than the Hugger Mugger Para Rubber Yoga Mat.
  • Jade Level 1 Yoga Mat : Touted as “beginner-friendly”, this mat has grippy bottom so your mat will stay put and an all-natural rubber construction. Its 4mm thickness and under $50 price tag have made this my go-to mat for cross-country road trips and short-haul travels.

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Manduka Prolite Versus Jade Harmony Professional

Geplaatst op 26 augustus 2016 | Door Peter Rigtering

De Manduka PRO en eKO serie en de Jade Harmony Professional yogamatten behoren, samen met de Liforme en de Lululemon matten, tot de populairste yogamatten die op dit moment op de Europese markt verkrijgbaar zijn. Omdat gewicht, materiaal en prijs voor veel mensen een belangrijke factor zijn bij het aanschaffen van de juiste yoga mat, vergelijken we hier de Manduka PROlite met Jade Harmony professional .

De Manduka PROlite is een emissievrije PVC mat: een echte allrounder met een levenslange garantie. De Jade Harmony Professional is gemaakt van milieuvriendelijk natuurrubber en zeer stroef ook onder zweterige omstandigheden. Door de Manduka PROlite mat met de Jade Harmony Professional mat op verschillende vlakken met elkaar te vergelijken, hopen we het jou gemakkelijker te maken om de juiste yoga mat te vinden!

Jade Harmony Professional Yoga Mat

The Jade Harmony professional yoga mat comes in black, jade green, midnight blue, purple and Tibetan orange. Step into your strength and balance with this mat made of open-cell natural rubber, a renewable resource from rubber trees . Its the ultimate slip-resistant mat so you dont need to worry during hot yoga and has an added cushion.

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How Do You Wrap A Yoga Mat

How to wrap a yoga mat:

First, roll your yoga mat up.

Take the fabric of your yoga strap and pull it through the ring at the end of your strap. Once you do that, you’ll have a loop.

Repeat the same step with the ring at the other end of the strap. You’ll now have two loops.

Slide both loops at the end of each side of your yoga mat.

Next, tighten both loops to fit your yoga mat.

That’s it! Now you can sling the strap over your shoulder and go.

How We Tested These Yoga Mats

Jade Travel Yoga Mat Vs. Manduka Pro Lite: Best Portable ...

As a decades-long yoga practitioner and 200 RYT Hatha yoga teacher since 2017, most of the yoga mats included have been a regular part of my practice for several years. Others, such as Kosha Yoga Co.’s PUre Couture Mat, were tested daily from February to June 2021.

I spent hours testing the yoga mats out in a variety of yoga disciplines, including yin yoga, invigorating vinyasa flows, and gentle, hour-long Hatha classes, in addition to sweat-inducing cardio and mat pilates-focused workouts to evaluate their grippiness and traction when wet. I practiced on several different surfaces, including tile, carpet, and concrete. I even took the mats outdoors to see how they’d fare in different climates and evaluate their portability and durability.

Each yoga mat featured in this guide went through a series of on-the-mat tests to see how well they stacked up across these five categories:

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Affirmats Yoga Mat Vs Manduka Vs Jade Review

As a yogi, the place you may be spending most of your days is the MAT. And Ill be honest, the search for a great mat can be daunting. Its not the easiest of tasks, especially when youre a newbie! I dont blame you one bit. When I first started, I preferred spending $15 on a TJ Maxx mat in comparison to the pricier brand name mats ranging in price from $60-90.

After a few months of my students asking me for the best mat advice , I decided to reach out to a few mat companies so that we may all try out a few mats and decide which mat we collectively liked best, as a Shala and as individual practitioners.

The three mats that I reviewed were: Afirmats, Jade & Manduka.

Affirmats was definitely my favorite mat. I loved the colors, the saying .

I was pleasantly surprised when this mat arrived in the mail. I had found out about this company on Instagram and knew nothing of the thickness, nor had I ever stepped foot on one of these mats. I loved the design and really wanted to know what the rage was all about. Im so glad I did!

One of the reasons I enjoyed this mat so much was the texture, the medium thickness and the ability to slip around a bit. As a Prana Flow teacher, there is a lot of movement and flow on the mat and I appreciate not feeling as though Im on a sticky mat when Im transitioning from low plank to upward dog or moving between other poses.

I hope this review allows you to start the journey of buying your next mat!


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