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Jade Harmony Yoga Mat Review

Mandukate Pro Yoga Mat

Best Yoga Mats: Jade Harmony Yoga Mat Review

Known as “the” yoga mat, the Manduka PRO is apparently used by many professional yogis and beginner students alike. My yoga studio has a handful of PRO mats for sale at all times, and they are quite luxurious.

They have a different feel than most yoga mats I’d even describe it having a fabric-like feel to it. What makes Manduka stand out from other mats is its cushioning. It feels thick, but it doesn’t have a significant amount of give to it.

Too much give typically makes it difficult to support the joints or get proper alignment in standing poses.

  • Manduka mats are extremely heavy the PRO weighs a hefty seven pounds. The Jade Harmony is more svelte at four and a half pounds.
  • Manduka mats don’t have the same ridged texture as Jade mats do, so they’re less likely to collect pet hair, lint, and fuzz.

Jade Yoga Fusion Yoga Mat

Reviews for


  • Extra Comfort: The Fusion Mat Is An Extra-Thick Yoga Mat, Especially Recommended For Restorative Yoga, Pilates, Core Fitness Practices, And Crossfit! At 5/16 Thick, This Mat Has Extra Cushion To Maximize Comfort During All Your Favorite Practices.
  • Great Grip: Jade Mats Are Specially Created To Provide A Superior Level Of Traction. We Only Use Natural Rubber On Our Mats Because It Provides A Better Grip And Has More Cushion Than Any Of The Synthetic Rubbers On The Market .
  • United States-Based Production: All Of Our Mats Are Made In The United States! “American-Made” To Us Means Quality And Assurance, Giving Us Much More Control Over The Materials Used In Our Products And The Production Process From Start To Finish.
  • Sustainable: As JadeYoga Mats Come From Trees, We Decided To Plant A Tree For Every Mat We Sold. With Trees For The Future, We Have Planted Over One Million Trees Since 2006.
  • Superior Quality: JadeYoga Mats Are Made Utilizing Only High-Quality Materials To Ensure Outstanding Performance And Long-Lasting Products.

Yoga Mat Review: The Jade Harmony Yoga Mat

Your yoga mat is the most personable item in your yoga kit, so quality matters. We have picked another mat that might be just the right fit for you the Jade Harmony Professional mat. At 3/16-inch, this yoga mat is made out of natural rubber with no PVC and it offers slip-resistance and extra cushioning. The length is either 68 or 74 inches and it is very easy to wash with soap.

Designed for comfort, sustainability and grip, the Jade Harmony yoga mats are some of the most eco-conscious mats available.

Theres a notable rubber smell when the mat is first removed from its packaging. This fades within a few uses and then almost completely disappears. Keep in mind that anyone suffering from rubber allergies shouldnt use this mat for obvious reasons.

Whats really great about this mat is the amount of traction it offers. Both wet and dry, this mat outperforms many others with its tackiness from the natural rubber. And the cushion is amazing. We have tested this mat on grass, hardwood and carpet and the amount of padding always feels luxe.

Check out the story of how the first yoga mat was invented and how that brings Jades business model to full circle. Try it out, it might become your new favorite yoga item and, as always, let us know what you think.

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Features To *not* Love About The Manduka Pro

Naturally, there really is no perfect yoga mat, and so in my opinion, the only two drawbacks of this yoga mat is:

1. This is a rather heavy yoga mat, and so this may not be your best option if you have to carry it to your local yoga studio, or if you are planning on traveling with it.

2. You may need to break it in at first to experience the superior grip. For more information check my video below on how to break in your Manuka Pro.

Check out my review of the Manduka Pro!

Jade Harmony Yoga Mat Review

Jade Harmony Yoga Mat Review

Prior to going to Yogaworks, I used Manduka PROlite mats. I have two Manduka Black Pro mats that I used at Equinox. Equinox also provided us with Manduka straps and yoga blocks. At Yogaworks I noticed that I was sweating 3 times more than I had ever sweated at Equinox.

My Manduka mat, unfortunately, became slippery when wet and even the towel could not provide me with enough support and grippage. I became very disgruntled with the product. I was wondering to myself why did I pay top dollar for a mat that begins to ruin my practice halfway through class? I realized that my love for Manduka was waning. I decided to try an alternative yoga mat brand.

I remember in the Equinox retail shop, one of the associates were ranting and raving about a Jade Yoga mat. We had used the Jade Yoga mats in our cardio and strength training classes at Equinox. However, I felt they were always so loose so I did not want to even bother with the brand initially.

It was later that I learned the Jade Yoga mats in the cardio classes became loose due to people using them to plank in tennis shoes. Naturally, rubber on rubber action would cause them to stretch and wear out over time.

Since Manduka was not settling well with me at Yogaworks, I went ahead and purchased a Jade Yoga mat in teal ! I loved the fun and bright blue color!

I tried it in class and became HOOKED! The mat allows your hands to grip while in down dog, warrior poses, arm balances, etc.

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Jade Harmony Professional Yoga Mat Specs

Dimensions The Jade Harmony Professional Yoga Mat is 24 wide, and theres a choice of three lengths, including 68, 71, and 74. All are 3/16 thick.

Weight The mats weigh between 4.3 lbs and 4.5 lbs.

Colors The mats come in a range of appealing colors, including Midnight Blue, Slate Blue, Teal, Raspberry, Purple, and Plum. Other options are Jade Green, Olive Green, Tibetan Orange, and Black.

The range also has a two-toned mat. 71 inches long, it is reversible and comes in either Lavender and Purple, Slate and Midnight Blue, or Chili Pepper and Sedona Red.

For those who prefer a wider mat, theres the Jade Harmony Yoga Mat XW. 28 inches wide, it is available in lengths of 74 inches and 80 inches.

Toplus Yoga Mat Non Slip Exercise & Pilates Mat Yoga Fitness Mat With Asana Line Tpe Gymnastics Mat With Carry Handle Strap 183*61*06cm

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  • The Double-Layer With Special Pattern Design Of The Non-Slip YogaMat Provides Excellent Traction And Superior Grip, Non-Skid On Wood Floor, Tile, Cement Floor. Best Suited For Practicing Many Forms Of Yoga.
  • Toplus YogaMat Is Made Of High-Density Tpe. It Is More Eco Friendly. No Smell, No Latex, No Pvc And Non-Toxic. Sweat Resistant, Flexible Materials Can Be Stretched Repeatedly Providing Superior Durability, Cushioning And Slip-Resistance. Great For Exercise Everyday At Home Or Gym .
  • Our YogaMat Is Light Enough For You To Bring It To Gym Or Other Place You Want With Our Carrying Strap. Tpe Material Makes The YogaMat Easy To Clean. Size: 183*61*0.6Cm. Weight: 0.9Kg
  • Our High-Performance Yoga Mats Have Withstood The Test Of Time, With 6Mm And Thickness It Can Provide The Most Comfortable And Excellent Shock Absorption Experience For Yogis Of All Levels. Help Improve And Enhance Your Practice.
  • Alignment Lines Help You Focus And Adjust Your Hands And Feet To Precise Positions, And Keep The Body In The Correct Alignment. These Instructional Markers Are Laser Engraved, Make Your Yoga Practice More Efficient And Focused.

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Where To Buy Jade Yoga

Buying Jade Yoga on the following sites should typically range between $30-$76. I recommend shopping around the find the best deals.

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Conbiodegradable Means Shorter Life Span

Jade Harmony Professional Yoga Mat Review | Best in Sticky Yoga Mats

The Jade Harmony yoga mat is biodegradable, and after about a year of every-day use you will start to notice grooves in the mat in the spots where your hands and feet usually are, and bits of rubber will start to come off. If you want a yoga mat that lasts for decades, then you should consider getting a non eco-friendly version.

Commonly Compared

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Jade Harmony Yoga Mat

Harmony is the most popular mat of Jade, of course, also the number one in our best-selling list. So, why is this multi-purpose mat so attractive?

As you can tell from its name, the Harmony mat is a typical example of perfect balance. The mat ideally combines optimum grip with a comfortable cushion.

Also, its 74 inches long, 24 inches wide, 4.14 pounds weight, and 4.72 mm thick. These sizes are perfectly enough for all mat works.

The minus point of this Harmony mat is that its not suitable for vigorous daily practice. High-intensity usage will shorten the lifespan of the mat.

For more information on this well-balanced Jade Harmony mat, click here.


  • Hard to clean

Jade Elite S Mat Review

Jades Elite S yoga mat is designed specifically for active yogis who do Ashtanga and flow yoga styles. The top layer has been made thick and extra durable for two reasons:

  • It wont wear through when you start, stop and flow on the mat. For many mats this can be an issue where your feet, knees and palms create holes and break the mat down.
  • The extra durable top prevents the mat from stretching and shifting. As you may already know, when youre pressing your hands and feet in different directions under the weight of your body, a mat that stretches can cause you to slip or even tear your mat. Thats not an issue here.
  • As for the specs, the Elite S is 5 mm thick and 71 x 24 long / wide. It provides decent cushioning for your joints but if youre practicing Ashtanga or flow, chances are youre not pregnant so youll find that its very comfortable. The only downside is that its currently offered in just the one size. If youre over 6 feet tall, you may find yourself desiring a larger mat than this.


    • Designed for even the most active forms of yoga so it wont bunch, pile or tear
    • Lightweight and easy to bring to and from class
    • Natural rubber which is dense and durable
    • Rubber smell is minimal since only the bottom layer is made from rubber
    • Works for any style of yoga including Ashtanga and flow


    • May have a slight rubbery smell
    • Currently only offered in one size

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    A Brief Glimpse Of The Jade Yoga Harmony Yoga Mat

    Jade Yogas Harmony Mat offers everything you expect from a yoga mat. Its made using eco-friendly materials, it comes in cool colors, and it provides excellent grip, traction, and comfort. But more importantly, this product is incredibly absorbent, allowing you to maintain your poise even during hot, sweaty workouts.

    In other words, the Jade Yoga Mat is your best bet if you tend to sweat a lot during yoga sessions or workouts. Thanks to its features, this mat will prevent you from slipping during your routine. And to top it off, its one of the most environment-friendly yoga mats you can get.

    Things To Consider Before Buying Jade Harmony Yoga Mat

    Jade Yoga Harmony Professional Mat Review &  Giveaway ...

    The issue of practicing or training yoga is critical for every yoga lover. You need a mat that offers incredible comfort. Furthermore, you will minimize injuries as you perform your exercises.

    Well, the market is full of genuine and fake yoga mat products. You can overcome the doubt by checking specific parameters.

    The most attractive aspect of the Jade Harmony Yoga mat is the size. With the dimensions of 24 inches by 74 inches, it will accommodate tall-sized bodies. One will use it effectively without the fear of getting out of the mat.

    For those who like traveling, you can consider this mat for multiple reasons. It has a lightweight design, featuring only 4 pounds. Undoubtedly, it is highly portable without inconveniencing the carrier.

    Plus, the mat has a closed-cell surface that will not allow sweat to reach the mat cushion. For those who have the habit of sweating, this mat can serve as an option.

    The texture of this yoga mat provides a commendable service. The user will encounter a good grip, which prevents accidental falls. As you practice, one will be sure of stability while making movements.

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    Jade Harmony Professional 3/16

    Jade Harmony Professional 3/16-Inch Yoga Mat from the Jade Yoga is the highly recommended mat and it is available in multiple colors. This yoga mat is designed to offer a perfect place for practicing yoga. And, this mat offers perfect balance and traction. This article briefly explains the features, pros, cons, and customer rating of the Jade Harmony Professional 3/16-Inch Yoga Mat.


    Should I Buy Jade Yoga

    Ive had my mat for over 3 months and I absolutely love it.

    Overall, I would buy a Jade Yoga mat for indoor use in non-heated yoga. Heated use will stretch out the mat, especially if you tend to drag your feet on the mat a lot. I currently own two Jade yoga mats and cycle between the different colors depending on my mood and just to keep them fresh.

    Jade Yoga mats definitely have the best grip out of all the brands Ive tried. However, because of the natural rubber and open cell construction, the Jade yoga mat does not last as long as my Manduka mats. I appreciate that the brand is so green and charitable. Those qualities alone are definitely why you should support Jade Yoga.

    Related: Now I mostly use my B Yoga Everyday B Mat and highly recommend this brand. Read my review of the Everyday B Mat here.

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    Jade Harmony Yoga Mat Specifications And Features

    Black, Midnight Blue, Olive, Purple, and Teal.
    Our Advice

    If you are strong enough with healthy knees and ok with doubling over the mat for positions which put your weight on your knees, then you should try the Harmony. The mat bends and unbends easily. You will never feel hassled when you fold the mat over to protect your knees. its really ideal for balance poses.

    Harmony Mat works well for Ashtanga yoga or Hot yoga, So If those yogas are on your list, you can definitely try this mat.

    If you sweat quite a lot in hot yoga you can use a microfiber towel where you can place your hands and it will give you a little extra grip, but you only need this during a downward dog, every other position is easy peasy.

    It truly should not be exposed to the sun for very long because of the natural composition of the mat. You should take this matter seriously. If you dont follow it, the mat will damage and will become very slippery.

    Things we like:

    It provides huge traction, great grip, slip-resistant, eco-friendly with no PVC

    They run buy a mat, plant a tree program, They partnered with trees for the future, Its an organization that works with local communities environmentally sustainable projectAnd, the last thing we like is its variety of Different sizes, different thicknesses of the mat, also lots of wonderful colors.

    Things we dont like

    The next problem is durability, It wont last forever. When it gets older, it becomes very slippery.

    Kuak Extra Large Yoga Mat Bag And Carriers

    Jade Yoga Harmony Mat Review | Outside

    Reviews forKUAK


    • Comes With An Adjustable YogaMat Strap Which Fits All Size Mats. The Strap Can Also Be Used As A Yoga Strap To Hold Poses And Physical Therapy.
    • Size: L30″Xh11″Xw9″. Kuak Large YogaMat Bag For Women/Men Is Big Enough To Hold Yoga Gear You Needs, Such As Yoga Mats, Yoga Blocks, Belts, Yoga Clothing, Towels, Water Bottle, Etc. Fits Most Size Mats, Such As 3Mm / 4Mm /5Mm /6Mm Yoga Mat.
    • Designed With Top Zipper Closure, Prevent Items From Falling Out Of The Bag. A Large Main Compartment For Yoga Gear Three Zipped Pockets For Smartphone, Credit Cards, Cash And Other Valuables One Large Front Pocket For Easy Access To Small Items One Pocket For Water Bottle. It Is Handy For Organizing And Quickly Accessing Items.
    • This Bag Not Only Can Be Used As A YogaMat Bag, But Also As A Gym Bag, Sports Bag, Pool Bag, Beach Bag, Shopping Bag, Travel Bag, Etc. The Wonderful Gift For Yoga Lovers.
    • Made Of 8 Oz Environmental Canvas. The Wide Shoulder Straps Can Reduce Stress On The Shoulders. Featuring Sturdy Zippers, Durable Canvas And Reinforcing Seams, Kuak YogaMat Tote Is Easy To Clean And Fold Up For Storage.

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