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Jade Harmony Yoga Mat Extra Long

Jade Elite S Yoga Mat

Best Yoga Mats: Jade Harmony Yoga Mat Review

Jade Elite S mat is a specially designed mat used mainly by professional yoga performers who do complicated styles, such as flow yoga. The dimension of this atm is 71×24, and its 5 mm thick. The mat is comfortable as it offers decent cushioning, and your joints will remain comfortable due to that. The mat is highly durable, so it wont shift, stretch, tear, or rip, and it will last a long time. Its bottom layer is made of rubber but not the whole part, and it is very lightweight compared to most mats.

  • Designed for Complicated Yoga Activities
  • Slight Rubbery Smell

Reviews For Harmony Professional Xw Yoga Mat

  • Rated 5 out of 5


    love it so much!! very sticky wide and long enough for a men perfect mat!

  • Rated 5 out of 5

    Barbro Andersen January 10, 2017

    Jade has the best mat on the marked, in my honest opinion. Great grip, eco friendly and affordable prices. I have super slippery palms, so this mat was like sent from above.

    Thank you for making these, they absolutely rock!

  • Rated 5 out of 5

    EBNY April 22, 2016

    Jade makes high quality mats and I appreciate the fact that they make mats for for larger Yogis such as myself. At 6`3 and a few lbs. over 200 D I was excited to see a company make a mat for someone my size! For the first time in my life, I`m actually on the mat for the duration of my session.

    I`ve had this mat for a good 6-7 years now and it not only has held up extremely well but it has remained cushiony while allowing enough support for some of the more demanding postures that require a firm footing. Highly recommended

  • Rated 5 out of 5

    Curt Rutledge

    Great color no slipping great gripping !

  • Rated 5 out of 5

    Sean Riva September 2, 2015

    Best Mat ever for big Yogis! If you have wide shoulder you need the width for proper down dog. If you are over 6 foot you need the extra length for proper standing poses. Get this mat if your big.

  • Jade Voyager Yoga Mat

    Jade Voyager is a lightweight travel mat, so you will be able to fold it up and fit it in your backpack easily while traveling somewhere. This one is one of the best yoga mats for travelers. It is thin, as it has a thickness of 1.5 mm only. The mat is made of rubber, and its sticky open surface will provide you with a perfect grip. You wont get much support for your joints, and the floor will be felt quite a bit underneath due to its low thickness, even though it provides as much cushioning as possible. However, this mat will crease whenever you fold it, some of which you can undo by keeping the mat rolled while you arent using it. Its a great travel mat overall if you dont care about the crease much.

    • Natural Creases are Inevitable

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    What Size Yoga Mat Do I Need

    The size of a yoga mat you require is based on your height. A yoga mat with a length of 68-71 inches is sufficient if you are under 5 feet 7 inches . However, if youre tall, consider buying a yoga mat with a length of 74 inches or higher.

    A quick answer to the question of the yoga mat size you need .

    Your Height
    Under 57 24/26 68/71
    From 57 to 511 24/26 71/72
    511 or higher 26/28 74/79/85

    Best Jade Yoga Mats Review In 2022

    Jade Yoga Harmony Yoga Mat

    In a hurry? Check out our top 3 picks:

    • Highly Durable
    • Many Sizes for Providing the Perfect Fit
    • Not Much Heavy for a Rubber Mat
    • One of the Best
    • Extra Thickness Provides Great Support and Comfort
    • Extra Wide Sizes

    If you are into yoga sessions, yoga mats are essential for performing your yoga activities properly. And the mat needs to be of excellent quality so that you can smoothly carry on with your yoga without hurting your joints or other body parts. During yoga, you might perform various complicated exercises where youll need to carry your body weight in a certain position. To do so comfortably, youll need a yoga mat that will be of exceptional service. Here, we will talk about the 5 best jade yoga mats so that you can choose independently.

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    Compare To Similar Products

    Excellent wet and dry traction, natural surface, portable Great traction when wet, easy to care for when doing hot yoga Inexpensive, high-quality Grid for alignment, non-slip, eco-friendly rubber Great traction when dry, comfortable and stable
    Cons Open-cell technology absorbs moisture and oils, not durable Not as much cushion as a regular 5mm mat, somewhat slippery when dry Thin Expensive, slippery when too wet A little heavy, not durable
    Bottom Line Fantastic mat that doesn’t hold up to heavy use Great for hot yoga or people who like to use a towel over their mat A great option not only for travelers, but for someone looking for an inexpensive high-quality mat Features a grid for alignment a great mat for a new or experienced yogi looking to improve their yoga Great mat that works well for a variety of non-heated styles
    Rating Categories
    Rubber and other proprietary ingredients Bottom: Polymer Environmental Resin, Top: Microfiber towel Polyurethane

    An Overview On Yoga Mats

    Although yoga became a fad several years ago, many who participate in yoga do not know the entire history of it. The practice began thousands of years ago to give individuals a well-rounded approach to health, including mental, spiritual, emotional and physical health.

    Founded in India and encompassing many different types, hatha yoga is what is most commonly practiced today. This is a fraction of the entire yoga philosophy but has taught so much to many individuals nonetheless. From stress-relief and fitness to healing and mental clarity, yoga has become an integral part of many peoples lives. Part of the attraction to yoga for many people is the ability to do it anywhere, anytime. It does not require excessive gym equipment or bodybuilding weights or a home gym room. All you need is a good yoga mat that stores neatly in your closet or in a duffel bag for traveling, and you are all set.

    Yoga mats can be used for more than just yoga, too.

    Stephanie Mansour, a certified personal trainer and the founder of fitness brand Step It Up With Steph, says this is the No. 1 investment she recommends to clients who want to get in a good workout at home.

    When looking into buying a yoga mat, there are several things to keep in mind. When you strike that combination of perfect features, youll enjoy yoga much more.

    Make sure you consider how youll be using your mat.

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    What About Other Yoga Mat Sizes Available On The Market

    Some of the popular yoga mat brands in the market like Manduka or Jade makes yoga mat with extra long for tall people.

    The Jade Harmony yoga mat has three length options of 68, 71, and 74 inches. And Manduka has a standard 71 and extra-long 85 for the Manduka Pro and 79 for the eKo.

    Majority of yoga mats are 24 to 26 inches. You can also find mats that are 28 inches like the Harmony XW or the Liforme mat 26.8 inches


    Jade Harmony Yoga Mat 203cm 70cm 5mm

    • Article code 857729001586
    • Article code 857729001586
    • 0 reviews

    Levertijd 1-2 werkdagenPick up in our stores is still possible!

    • Levertijd 1-2 werkdagen
    • Pick up in our stores is still possible!

    The Jade Harmony Yoga Mat is the standard size Jade mat and is our best-selling natural rubber yoga mat, and there is a good reason for that! Because of the open cell structure of this yoga mat you can say goodbye to slipping. The superior quality rubber used for the production of the Jade yoga mat offers the best grip, even with perspiration. In addition, the mat gives cushioning and support to your body and joints. The Jade yoga mat is slightly thicker than the most common yoga mat, remains stable on the ground and does not curl up. The ideal mat for those who are looking for maximum grip and comfort. This yogamat is extra wide and long.

    All Jade yoga mats are produced with the utmost care for the environment. They only use natural, sustainable tapped rubber and the entire production takes place in the US. In addition, one tree is planted for each mat sold!

    Size: 203cm x 70cm x 5mm Weight: 2.7kg

    Which yoga bags will fit this yoga mat? Find out in our Yoga Bag Finder!

    Material Natural rubber, free of PVC or other harmful substances

    Jade mats are 99% latex free, and safe for most people with latex hypersensitivity. In case of a very severe allergy, contact with the mat is not recommended.

    Care instructions


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    Jade Xw Harmony Yoga Mat

    • GREAT GRIP: Jade Yoga mats provide a superior level of traction. We use natural rubber which has a much stronger grip and more cushion than any of the synthetic rubbers on the market .
    • PERFECT FOR ANY ACTIVITY & OCCASION: Our Jade Harmony Mat is our most popular mat! The Jade Harmony Mat is 3/16 thick, providing great traction, cushion, and stability for standing poses. Its the perfect mat for every occasion, for any activity, and for any level!
    • SUSTAINABLE: Making yoga products with sustainable materials is our first priority. We are committed to giving back to the Earth with every product sold. As Jade Yoga mats come from trees, we decided to give back by planting a tree for every mat sold. With Trees for the Future, we have planted over one million trees since 2006.
    • SUPERIOR QUALITY FOR LONG-LASTING MATS: Jade Yoga mats are designed to utilize only high-quality materials to ensure outstanding performances and long-lasting products.
    • UNITED STATES-BASED PRODUCTION: All of our mats are made right here in the United States! American-made still means a lot to us, and we take pride in remaining a US-based company. American-made to us also means quality and assurance, giving us much more control over the materials used in our products and the production process from start to finish.

    How Long The Yoga Mat Should Be Compared With Your Height

    A good rule of thumb is that the yoga mat should be at least 6 inches longer than your height to keep you off the floor so you can relax in Savasana comfortably. So if you are 5 feet 4 inches tall, you should get a mat with a length of at least 5 feet 10 inches .

    However, if youre like me, you may need more room in your yoga mat so that you dont have to put your chin on the carpet in Chaturanga while still being comfortable during savasana.

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    Manduka Prolite Yoga Mat

    Sticky on both sides, this mat provides stability for the user, and the mat will not slip on the floor while in use. Weighing only 4 pounds, it is the right choice for those of us who do yoga other than in our homes. There is a lifetime guarantee on the mat, and it is 100% latex-free. Though non-sticky, it is slip-resistant even when wet from sweat. Comes in four colors Cherry Lite, Purple, Olive, and Midnight.

    Top 17 Best Jade Yoga Mats In 2022

    Jade Yoga Harmony Yoga Mat

    Finding the right jade yoga mat has become a challenging task because there are so many choices out there. This is why weve compiled a list of the best jade yoga mats so that you can compare them and choose the right one for your needs.

    All the jade yoga mats featured on this page are independently chosen. When you make any purchase through links on this site, we may earn a small affiliate commission at no extra cost to you.

    Followings are the best-selling jade yoga mats on Amazon:

    While checking out the jade yoga mats, you may also be interested in our collection of the best latex free yoga mats.

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    Buying Guide: How You Can Pick The Best Jade Yoga Mat

    Yoga mats have different attributes, and there are various yoga mats out there based on that. Different types of yoga mats will serve you with different purposes, and youll have to choose the perfect yoga mat for you based on your needs and preferences. Lets have a look at the essential criteria of selecting a proper yoga mat-

    Jade Yoga Voyager Yoga Mat

    • EXCELLENT GRIP: Jade Yoga mats provide superior traction. We use a natural rubber that has a stronger grip and more cushion than any of the synthetic rubbers on the market. Our mats are simply created to provide a secure grip to help hold your pose.
    • FOLDABLE: The Voyager mat is great for yogis on the go, and for those who like closer contact with the ground. At only 1/16 thick and 1.5 lbs, it easily folds to the size of a yoga block to fit into your tote bag, carry on, or backpack!
    • SUSTAINABLE: Making environmentally sustainable products is our number 1 priority. We are committed to giving back to the Earth with every product sold. As Jade Yoga mats come from trees, we decided to give back by planting a tree for every mat sold.
    • SUPERIOR QUALITY: Jade Yoga mats are made with high-quality materials to ensure outstanding performance and long-lasting products. For regular mat maintenance and routine cleaning, just wipe your mat down with a damp cloth on a weekly basis!
    • UNITED STATES-BASED PRODUCTION: All of our mats are made in the United States! American-made to us means quality and assurance, giving us much more control over the materials used in our products and the production process from start to finish.

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    Jade Harmony Yoga Mat

    The Jade Harmony Yoga Mat is made from natural rubber, and it is one of the best eco-friendly yoga mats of jade. It is dense and has a thickness of 5 mm, so youll have the support your joint needs. Being a rubber mat, its a bit heavy, but not much, and its durable too. Also, you can choose the perfect size for you, and you can get extra space if you want by selecting the wider version. However, you might need to use a different towel with it during hot yoga, as its not much sweat-absorbing.

    • Many Sizes for Providing the Perfect Fit
    • Not Much Heavy for a Rubber Mat
    • Not Much Sweat-Absorbing

    Liforme Original Yoga Mat

    Jade Harmony Professional Yoga Mat Review | Best in Sticky Yoga Mats

    A premium yoga mat this one is, available for about $150. It comes with alignment markings on the mat. This feature benefits experienced yogis and beginners alike, helping all to keep proper body position in mind. It is designed to be non-slip, eco-friendly, sweat-resistant, and biodegradable. Though it is less than ¼” thick, this mat provides superior support for the user’s body. It is 72″ long, just under 27″ wide, and weighs about 5 pounds. The “GripForMe” material supplies a warrior-like grip to the user.

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    Ag Activegear Large Yoga Mat Non

    This is a very large, unique, and durable premium yoga mat, measuring 7’x5’x.31″ for about $120. Some of us like to have extra room for poses without going off the width of a standard yoga mat. They are designed for yoga, Pilates, stretching, or any exercise done barefoot. It has a non-slip grip on both sides of the mat and comes with storage straps and a travel bag. This mat may be too large for use in a regular yoga class, where a standard size mat is more appropriate.

    What Is The Standard Size Of A Yoga Mat

    The typical yoga mat is 68 to 71 inches long and 24 to 26 inches wide . It is 56 to 59 long when translated into feet. This is the size that works for most people as the average height is 53 for women and 57 for men.

    A standard yoga mat, on the other hand, may cause your foot to hang off the floor if youre taller.

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    The Yoga Mat Buying Guide

    • Beware of toxins in your mat. Some yoga mats will give off a toxic smell, and while most are harmless, be sure to check with the company to see what they used in production. PVC yoga mats can give off potentially harmful toxins, so be careful when you purchase your yoga mat.
    • Grip is so important. It can be extremely dangerous to use a yoga mat that doesnt have the right texture for maximum grip.
    • Padding is something to really think about in combination with the floor you are using for your routine. If you are on wood floors , then youll want a well-padded yoga mat.
    • Think twice before pinching pennies. That cheaper yoga mat will wear out more quickly than you think and may cause twice as much damage to the environment versus the mat that has marked durability from its consumers.

    Yoga Accessories 1/4” Extra Thick Deluxe Yoga Mat

    Jade Yoga Harmony Mat 4.8mm 80in, Extra Wide Extra Long, Midnight Blue ...

    An excellent value for about $20. Other high-end mats can run upwards of $100 or more and, while indeed of very high quality and durability, that price point may be out of the budget many of us have. With ¼” thickness, this mat provides excellent support for older knees, hips, and backs. It is a very sticky heavy-duty mat, 72 inches long, weighing in at 3.6 pounds. This makes it easy to travel with. Available in 25 colors and free from latex and heavy metals.

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