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Iyengar Yoga Chairs For Sale

Why Choose This Product

Iyengar Yoga Chair For Sale

Multi-Function: Relieve back, correct posture, relax muscles, help stretch. An additional yoga resistance band combine with the yoga chair can practice yoga better. Features: Enlarged The diameter of the chair steel, dilated Lumbar support, wear-resistant, skin-friendly, breathable and dirt-resistant cushion, Non-slip hoof chair foot. Make the chairs safer and more comfortable to use. You can also take off the lumbar Support to use it as a normal chair but more solid. Small and can be folded to save space Maximum Bearing Weight: 350lbs

Design: No front cross bar, allowing the widest range of poses Very Sturdy: Strong tubular steel construction with double-hinged for extra strength Studio Quality: Durable, high-quality used in studios around the country Benefits: Increases flexibility and strength

The Best Yoga Bench Is Sisyamas Fitness Yoga Chair Inversion Bench

Sisyamas inversion bench is a high-quality yoga bench that will help you get into deeper stretches. You can also use this for inversion therapy if you have a spinal injury or suffer from back pain.

Sisyama tells us that this bench also helps with cardiovascular functioning by removing strain from the heart.

You can also stick your head through the hole and do a shoulder stand if you want to look like a total boss.

We Need Yoga Chairs But Where Can We Get Them

I did my best to make it look glamorous and desirable surely someone wants to make them.

If only we lived in Melbourne, Australia.Then we could go to EMP Industrial, makers of Pilates and yoga equipment in the nearby suburb of Malvern, and buy backless yoga chairs whenever we liked, for as little as $28 for a bulk purchase of 20 or more.Sure, they have funny looking white feet on them, but we could live with that. Especially since EMP even posts a couple of interesting chair poses on its website.

But here in Vancouver, birthplace of Lululemon, home to an Iyengar yoga community for more than 35 years, with an estimated 1,200 people currently attending weekly classes, the choices are a lot slimmer.

What they boil down to is this: buy the chairs and take the back out yourself, or find someone who will do it for you.

Why does this matter?

It would be one thing if it were just a question of having a chair that worked a little better than a standard folding chair with the back still in place. And there are a lot of poses in the 50 or so done with chairs that would work just as well with a sturdy chair at home.

Happiness on a backless chair.

But the one pose you cant do with a standard folding chair is a pose that everyone needs to have in their yoga repertoire: Dwi Pada Viparita Dandasana preparation in the chair.

Not coincidentally, Its also next Thursdays Five-Minute Yoga Challenge.

But how can you do the pose without the chair?

If youre not, then we have a problem.

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A Chair For Yoga: A Complete Guide To Iyengar Yoga Practice With A Chair


This book is already considered a classic of yoga chair-work. It covers ample variations of asanas practice with chairs. The chair is a multi-purpose prop, which is widely available and can be used to improve the practice of both beginners and advanced, as well as elderly practitioners.This practical guide covers 150 variations of asanas from different types. It also contains a sequence: Chair for All a Gentle Practice Sequence.

Samadhaan Iyengar Backless Yoga Chair

IYOGA Chair &  Benger

Price: £63.02

This backless metal folding yoga chair does tick all the boxes. Its strong, ergonomic, foldable for easier storage and its one of the cheaper chairs on the list.

We think its especially suited to more advanced practitioners, since the backless design facilitates a wide range of new poses.

This yoga chair is perfect for performing Asanas which can be standing or sitting, twists, extensions and even inversions.

More advanced postures like this are possible mostly due to the lack of back bar on the chair, which makes it far more versatile.

Happily, this versatility doesnt come at the expense of safety.

A bar connects the back legs, making the chair especially stable, and the frame is made from high-grade tubular steel. Its also powder coated, so the finish will last for years.

The maximum user weight of 100kg is much higher than average, which speaks of this chairs strength.

Its easy to store too, and the foldable design is extremely convenient.

If you own a few of these chairs they can be stacked, so they make the perfect addition to a home gym or yoga setup.

Best of all, the chair comes with a free poster that demonstrates 45 yoga positions! This is a fantastic and too often overlooked inclusion.

Many yoga chairs make all kinds of promises about their potential, but if you dont know where to start then theres no point owning one.

That certainly isnt the case here, and the chart is great for beginners.

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Yogikuti Iyengar Yoga Chair

Sports, Fitness and Outdoors

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Best Yoga Chairs And Yoga Ball Chairs 2020

To practice chair yoga safely, while protecting your body, you need one of the best yoga chairs or balls. These offer support while you exercise, which helps to keep you safe.

Just like with meditation, where you need a good meditation chair to keep your posture right, you need a good yoga chair or yoga ball chair to help keep your body in healthy alignment while you practice.

You could practice in one of the seats you have at home. However, because regular old seats arent designed for working out in, they will reduce the number of poses that you can do, and they will also provide inadequate support for your body.

In this guide, Ill explain the different types of yoga chairs, and help you find the best one. And you might like to read my guide to creating a yoga room at home, so you know the other items to put in your yogi-room.

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Who Can Use Yoga Chair:

Chair Yoga form makes Yoga practice accessible to everyone. It can be also used by one who cant sit or stand because of a lack of mobility in the physical body. Using a chair anyone can perform seated spinal twist, various exercise and enjoy the benefits of Yoga. Chair yoga is also suitable for the students who are new to yoga, confined to desk at a work. Yogikuti makes the highest quality yoga chairs with high precision & stability.

Weight: 4.480 kg

Arogya Yoga By Bks Iyengar

Chair Twists – Iyengar Yoga for Beginners

Yoga is a complete science with universal value system and a comprehensive philosophy that promotes the health and harmony of an individual in relation to society at large.

The practice of yoga imparts health, well-being, strength of character and peace of mind even to a lay practitioner. Integrity, courage, fearlessness, focus, sincerity, a pleasing personality and self-awareness are qualities bestowed upon the practitioners. It shows the path of self-realization for the more advanced Sdhaka.

The book is as relevant for the common man as for the highly evolved seer. It gives a very detailed methodology for over 45+ sana s with its variations and various modifications to experience the desired effects sequences and practical hints for all kinds and levels of practitioners. It includes the use of wall, strap, table, stool, bolsters, blankets found in all households to give the desired effects in the sana s. There are 7 Chapters dedicated to avsana, Prnyma concluding with Dhyna.

BKS Iyengar is considered one of the foremost Yoga teachers in the world. He is the author of over 30 books on yoga and ‘rogya Yoga’ will surely lead the reader to a healthy life.

Paperback, 356 pages

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The Aozora Backless Yoga Chair is a full metal chair with a beautiful, colour pattern. What makes this one of the best yoga chairs is that it is comfortable on every part of the body. Some metal ones are uncomfortable for certain poses. But not this one. Its always comfortable! And it offers outstanding support too.


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