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Is Yoga Teacher Training Worth It

How Much Interaction Is There

Should You Do an Online Yoga Teacher Training? Is Online Yoga Teacher Training Worth It? Advice

How much interaction with the teachers will there be? Ideally, there should be some Q& A time and even one-on-one time with the lead teachers if you are taking your 200-hour yoga teacher training online as youll be in need of feedback.

Practice teaching with your peers is super important as constructive feedback on how things feel in someone elses body will help you improve.

Is Yoga Teacher Training Worth The Effort

Yoga teacher training will require a significant amount of energy. Youll find yourself exerting mental, physical, and emotional energy.

Youll spend mental energy learning new information and skills.

Youll learn a lot about the history and philosophy of yoga. This will help you get more meaning from your practice. It will also help you understand whats happening physically and energetically when you practice yoga.

Youll also learn about anatomy and teaching methods. This information will help you stay safe in your yoga practice in order to minimize injury. It will also help you develop your own yoga sequences that flow naturally from one pose to the next.

Of course, all this will help you be a better yoga teacher if you decide to take that route.

Youll spend physical energy practicing yoga daily.

The vast majority of yoga teacher training programs will require you to practice yoga everyday.

On days when class meets in person, expect to practice yoga a couple times. On days when youre not meeting in person, youll be expected to practice on your own, with friends, or take a yoga class somewhere.

Youll probably come out of yoga teacher training more in-tune with your body than youve ever been. Youll improve your body awareness, whether youre practicing yoga or just going about your normal day.

But all this practice can be tiring. Its very important to honor your bodys needs and embrace the yin side of yoga when your bodys tired and needs more rest.

Why Take Yoga Teacher Training

There are many reasons to participate in a yoga teacher training program. Here are some of the most common reasons:

  • You want to be more present in life, and you know that regular yoga practice helps with that.

  • You want to learn more about the roots of yoga – its history, philosophies, benefits, etc.

  • You want to become a certified teacher so you can share yogas life-changing power with others.

No matter what your motivations are, taking a yoga teacher training course can help you learn more about yourself. Yoga helps you identify and heal emotional wounds. It encourages you to quiet your mind and awaken to your true nature.

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Your Priorities Will Change

When yoga takes over all of your free time and then spits you back out into the real world, dont be alarmed! As my trainer said, dont go out in the world and just spin around from one place to the next. I thought that word spin is so appropriate for the daily grind of life. Your personal practice will become a necessity. Eating habits will change, drinking and partying will be less frequent, shopping will be less important, and gossiping will no longer excite you. Its a big shift. It was a huge shift for me coming from a world of sorority sisters, materialism, and constant gossiping. I almost had to mourn for my old way of life. Now, I value this new way of living. Its sacred to me. Its special. Its who I am and Im so incredibly proud of it. And you will be too!

What Do Yoga Instructors Make

Is an online yoga teacher training worth it? Here

If your goal is to teach at a yoga studio, then you can expect to earn anywhere from $20 to $80 per yoga class, depending on your teaching experience and the yoga studio. If you want to teach private yoga classes, then you could earn anywhere from $50 to $150 per yoga class. If youre teaching online, then the sky is the limit.

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The Inside Scoop On The 10 Best Online Yoga Teacher Training Courses Open For Enrollment 2022

Discover the best Online Yoga Teacher Training certification courses to join now and begin your yoga teacher training journey for far less than you might think.

As a person who is an avid online yoga practitioner for over a decade and an online yoga teacher training student as well, I am quite familiar with online yoga teacher trainings and what makes a great online yoga teacher training certification course.

If you are an aspiring yoga teacher, read on for my inside scoop on the 10 top certification courses for becoming a certified yoga teacher online. And grab your coffee or tea because this is a long and comprehensive read!

The Yogatique’s online yoga teacher training reviews are crafted to help you discover the best online yoga teacher training certifications that are enrolling students for 2022, so let’s get you onto your path of discovery now.

Are You At That Place In Your Life Where Youre Thinking About Changing Jobs What About Online Yoga Teacher Training Is Online Yoga Teacher Training Worth It

Are you at that place in your life where youre thinking about changing jobs or adding on a second job? And perhaps that job youre thinking about acquiring is in the yoga field. Yoga teaching jobs will give you a lot of flexibility with your time. So is online yoga teacher training worth it? If you teach yoga to private clients. You can even make your own schedule! Its a popular and enriching field to go into.

And it will allow you to dive deep into the world of yoga, learning more about the philosophy, way of life, and poses. Even if you dont want to be a yoga teacher and just want to learn more about yoga, teacher training will be a wonderful resource, giving you a better understanding of anatomy, breathing, and movement. Now we will answer, is online yoga teacher training worth it?

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Its Challenging To Bottle The Experience When Describing What Its Like To Learn From The Instructors At Yoga Farm Ithaca

So heres what graduates say, besides I had NO IDEA how amazing it would be!

My experience with Yoga Farm Ithaca was amazing. The program was well-organized, thorough, and challenging in all the right ways. The instructors were honest, raw, and authentic in sharing who they are as yoga teachers and individuals. I am honored to be part of their community and look forward to continuing my training with them. – Henley Mayfield

The instructors are so passionate that you can feel the love virtually! – Christine Kortze

The teachers- Christopher, Jeannie, and Daniela- are the most authentic people. Their combined wisdom and experiences have created a 200 hr training that goes far beyond foundational yoga. Despite a pandemic, they were able to create an empowering virtual community that is engaged, connected, and resourceful. I am SO grateful I found them and feel privileged to have been trained and certified by them. I highly recommend Yoga Farm Ithaca for yoga practice and yoga teacher training. – Gloria Trevino

I was very pleased with the 200 Hour YTT online training at Yoga Farm Ithaca. I loved the cue rehearsals, live classes, office hours and supportive virtual community. – Vanessa G. Ahern

The teachers are so grounded and enlightening they have changed my life for the better. They don’t just give you a thorough education on your yoga course but also assist you to reconnect with your true self. I could thank them for the rest of my days. – Linette Marin

How Much Does A Yoga Instructor Make A Year

JamyDoesYoga | Online Yoga Teacher Training Testimonial – Is It Worth It?

This is a hard one to answer, as it really depends on the instructor and how they choose to apply their knowledge after training. I have met people who teach full-time at studios and others who travel and teach donation classes wherever they go.

In general, though, working as a yoga teacher is not typically something that will pull in a six-figure salary. A lot of yoga teachers also have some type of side job.

The good news, though, is that you can be creative with how you use your training. Consider taking private clients, leading workshops or hosting retreats. This will not only boost your bank account, but it will give you constant new challenges so that you can continue to learn and grow.

However, if youre going into yoga teacher training for the sole purpose of making money, you might want to rethink your decision. Yoga teacher training will help you deepen your own practice and provide you with so much that cant be measured in monetary value.

That being said, a typical yoga instructor salary is around $24 per hour, giving you the potential to earn a hefty yearly salary upwards of $46,000. Entry level positions will earn you around $16,000 per yet whereas super experience yoga instructors can earn over six figures, raking in $100,000 per year, thanks to their superstardom status on social media.

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Great Reasons To Do Yoga Teacher Training

Maybe you have seen the flyer at the studio, talked with others who have participated in the program, or just find the idea of yoga teacher training intriguing. Yet, you keep talking yourself out of it. You make excuses as to why it wont work right now. You tell yourself teacher training is only for flexible students, those that can do impressive postures like handstand, or only for those that want to teach yoga.

What if those thoughts are simply holding you back from stepping into something extraordinary, even if teaching yoga is not on the horizon for you?

Think about what happens when you come together with other like minded individuals and share a yoga class experience. Theres a little magic in there, right? Now, take that and multiply it by a thousand and youre starting to get in the ballpark of what it is like to gather with a group of other high intentioned friends and share 200 hours of study, practice, and transformation. Need more? Here are 10 reasons why teacher training is right for you:

deepen your practice enhance your understanding of poses from the inside out and experience them in new and interesting ways. learn yoga anatomy, alignment and key actions, modifications and hands on adjustments.

focus on you teacher training is an investment in you your health, and your growth. sure your responsibilities will still be there, but you just might find them easier to manage after some dedicated time for yourself.


You’re Going To Get The Best And Worst Of Two Worlds: Business And Spirituality

Most yoga centers I know are operated as a weird hybrid of business endeavor and spiritual community, and its a truly confusing mix. For example, theres often lots of talk about being family. And while Ive genuinely experienced an authentic sense of spiritual community and felt accepted and lovedwell, in my own family, I never really ran the risk of being fired.

Sometimes studios are quite business-like . Yet despite these business-minded strategies, Ive rarely heard of centers giving raises based on seniority, or paid vacations, or insurance, or even the possibility of being made a partnerthings that are pretty standard in other businesses.

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Is Becoming A Yoga Instructor Worth It

Yoga teacher training courses can be rather expensive. If you have deiced that you want a career change and you now want to teach yoga, then it is worth it, and actually, rather necessary to go on to teach yoga. If you just want to deepen your practice, then perhaps try a yoga intensive instead.

Yoga teacher training is a gateway to becoming a yoga teacher. And so given the fact that they are rather expensive, see it as an investment if this is the path you have chosen to follow.

You Cant Do All The Poses

Yoga Teacher Training

One of the most common misconceptions that I hear is that you need to be able to do advanced yoga poses in order to become a yoga instructor.

Well, guess what. Thats not true!

A good hatha yoga teacher training program will teach you all you need to know about a pose so you that can teach it even if you cant do it yourself. In fact, sometimes its the poses that you really struggle with and put a lot of time into practicing that you become the best at teaching because youre able to walk someone through each detail of the process from your first-hand experience.

So even if you complete your training no more able to balance on your hands or touch your toes than you were before the course, you can still be an excellent teacher!

Plus, once you get a deeper understanding of the yogic philosophy, youll recognize that advanced yoga has a lot more to do with your daily life than a few backbends or arm balances.

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Quality Vs Quantity: Only 18 Students Per Yoga Training

As the demand for new yoga teachers increased, some schools dont hesitate to accept 25+ students in one training. We surely made this mistake in the past.

But through our years of experience, we have found that the perfect number for a training is 18 students. Small class size is the best learning environment for everyone. We keep it this intimate as we want to make sure we can offer personalized attention and guidance to each student. This ensures high quality knowledge transmission and great group work & sharing in a relaxed and friendly atmosphere.

What’s Included In Mark Stephen’s 300 Hour Online Yoga Certification Course:

This 300-hour online yoga teacher training created by and facilitated by Mark focuses on what he calls the five essential elements of teaching yoga. This includes: ancient roots and modern philosophies, pranayama & meditation, practical anatomy & physiology, refined teaching of asana, specialized teaching, and creative sequencing.

Please note, you must already be a RYT 200 or CYT 200 at minimum to attend this advanced certification course.


Takeaway: If you want to become a registered yoga teacher, one of the online yoga courses outlined above may be perfect for you! After graduating from an online yoga teacher training course you will be set up to embark on a successful career as an RYT 200 or registered yoga teacher 200 hour. Begin your YTT journey today, be a registered yoga instructor in just a few months!

Still on the fence about taking a TTC or still have questions about it? Discover if yoga teacher training is for you before committing to anything!

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Youre Kind Of Already Doing It

Teaching that is! You go camping and your friends ask you to teach a class because youre known among your friends as the yogi. You show your family some yoga postures that you think could help them. Co-workers who are new to yoga ask for your suggestions on yoga studios, classes, teachers, etc. Youre already the resident yoga expert in your circle and even teaching free yoga classes.

Imagine how great it would be to learn tried-and-true teaching methodology, anatomy and physiology, and yoga teaching experience to help you become even better at doing what youre already doing!

What You Can Expect In Yoga Teacher Training

Online Yoga Teacher Training – Is It Worth It? Here’s the Positives, Negatives, & What To Know

Ive detailed some of the emotions you can expect to feel and how you can change as a person above through YTT but what exactly happens in a YTT course for all of that to happen? Quite a few things, actually.

First off, you can expect a pretty intense and rigorous schedule, because nothing good comes without putting in the work. Most trainings will be 9-12 hour days that involve a number of different classes both on and off the mat.

YTT courses are anywhere from 14-30 days long though I recommend doing nothing shorter than 20 days to avoid very, very long days as many courses will require self-study time .

Classes will involve physical practices that you will be taught, classes on how to teach, anatomy, philosophy, history of yoga, how to teach breathing, learning about the chakras and bandhas, assisting, how to create classes, meditation as well as the business of yoga aka how to go out into the world after and be a yoga teacher.

The yoga lifestyle embraces no harm so food served during most trainings will be vegan and vegetarian options. Some trainings will also include other activities, especially if youre doing it in a travel destination.

I did my training in Canggu, Bali at a fitness/yoga studio so we had a surfing lesson incorporated into our schedule and fitness classes to help us get stronger as well as nutrition and self-love workshops.

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Online Yoga Teacher Training Fits Your Already Busy Life

One of the beauties of online yoga teacher training is that you can show up exactly as you are sweat pants, crazy hair, toddlers hanging off your hip. You can hop onto your calls from home, the beach, or a cafe. You can listen to your video lectures on your morning commute, while youre making dinner, or after the kids are in bed. Training to become a yoga teacher online fits into your daily life no need to add commute times, no need to hire a babysitter, no need to take copious amounts of time off of work.

In my experience, a well thought out online yoga teacher training or online workshop is totally worth it. They provide flexibility, community, and access to the materials anytime you want them. I recently brainstormed the many benefits of online yoga teacher training and put seven of them into a blog post. Check it out.

In the not too distant past, training to become a yoga teacher online was looked at as being less than training in person, but Im here to change that. Ive been pouring my heart, sweat, and tears into this project. And its ready to share. Registration is open for the our next YTT.


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