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Is Yoga Or Pilates Better For Weight Loss

Final Thoughts On Yoga Vs Pilates

Pilates/Yoga/Barre Flow Workout For Weight Loss

So, is Yoga or Pilates better for losing weight? Both the excellent methods of losing weight and improving your health. But, which one is better for you solely depends on what you need. After going through this article, Im sure you have somewhat of an idea of which to pick.

I hope this article was of help to you and wishing you the best of luck with your new workout.

How Pilates And Yoga Factor Into Weight Loss

If you’re serious about losing weight, Bagley suggests cutting about 500 calories from your diet a day and doing endurance exercise or high-intensity interval training most days of the week.

“Any rhythmic exercise that uses large muscle groups â like running, fast-walking, swimming and cycling â is ideal for weight loss,” Bagley says. “Combine this with yoga, Pilates and/or weightlifting a couple of times a week, and you’ll be on the right track for weight loss.”

Trying to decide which workout deserves more of your time and effort? Here are some things to keep in mind.

Exercise is even more effective when paired with a healthy diet. to track your calories consumed and burned for a complete picture of your overall health.

Is Yoga Or Pilates Better For Weight Loss

Hundreds of dietary plans and workouts have been developed to help people slim down and control their weight. But this abundance of weight loss methods only creates chaos or leads to misperceptions. Many dieters dont understand the difference between some nutrition plans or cant settle on a diet that would put their metabolism in high gear. Exercising is also a hot topic for debate, especially when it comes to Yoga or Pilates. So, is Yoga or Pilates better for weight loss? This article fully explains the difference between these two mainstream workouts. So, without further ado, lets get right into it.

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Pilates Vs Yoga: What’s The Difference

Joseph Pilates invented the Pilates method in the 1920s. It is designed to stretch, strengthen, and balance the body through specific exercises and focused breathing. Types of Pilates include mat and reformer which uses a special exercise machine with a sliding platform and cables.

” a high emphasis on neuro-motor control and training your brain and your nervous system to be able to finely tune and control your movements for the desired effect,” says Catherine Lewan, a licensed physical therapist who uses both yoga and Pilates in her physical therapy sessions.

Yoga originated thousands of years ago in India and is a mind-body exercise. Many different styles of yoga exist, from hatha yoga to hot yoga, but all involve moving through different physical postures. Yoga incorporates different breathing techniques, such as moving with one breath per movement. Some types of yoga include meditation.

“Pilates is very repetitive and focused on strengthening small stabilizer muscles. So you may feel more strain in your muscles when you do Pilates,” says Rachele Pojednic, an assistant professor of nutrition and exercise physiology at Simmons University. “It feels a little bit more like a strength type of workout, where yoga tends to be a little bit more fluid. Often, there’s music, and you’re moving with your breath.”

Yoga Vs Pilates: The Benefits

Is Yoga Or Pilates Better For Weight Loss: A Long

These workouts offer a number of health benefits. For instance, yoga strengthens your body and improves flexibility. It protects you from injuries, improves athletic performance, increases muscle strength and tone. Yoga also helps to maintain a healthy metabolism and is touted to be a perfect stress management tool. Note, that stress is one of the major factors that cause excessive weight gain. The best thing is that this practice may prevent weight gain in middle aged normal weight adults .

Pilates also has a bunch of health benefits in its arsenal. This workout gives an opportunity to increase your muscle strength without bulking up. It improves your posture. Pilates exercises are commonly used in physical therapy centers and are an effective tool against back pain . This type of workout is a perfect way to increase your energy levels. It stimulates all the muscle groups and spine function and teaches to breathe properly .

As for the heart health, advanced levels of both workouts can have the same effect as, say, walking.

BetterMe app will provide you with a host of fat-frying fitness routines thatll scare the extra pounds away and turn your body into a masterpiece! Get your life moving in the right direction with BetterMe!

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Reducing Your Alcohol Intake

If you are a regular drinker, then this might just be the reason you keep gaining weight. If you want to lose weight, you need to cut down on the number of drinks you have and how regular you have them. Alcoholic beverages have what we call, empty calories. These are calories that have no benefit to your body. This means by taking a bottle of beer, there is no nutrient in that beer that is helpful to your body. If for example, a bottle of beer has 20 calories, every time you drink alcohol you are adding these 20 calories to your body. These calories added to your normal calorie intake result in weight gain.

Apart from the empty calories, drinking alcohol also increases your appetite. That is why you always find yourself grabbing food to eat when you are drunk. The chances of you grabbing something healthy during this time are very low and you end up eating junk food that is not good for your weight loss journey.

Yoga Vs Pilates: Which One Is Better For Weight Loss

Yoga Vs Pilates: Wondering which one is a better workout for weight loss: Pilates or yoga? Read on to know what is best for you.

Arushi Bidhuri |

Trying to shed the extra kilos but confused which workout to go for? Well, youre not alone. Many people, for example, have a tough time choosing between yoga and Pilates. Both forms have significantly evolved in recent years. They are both low-impact exercises, which makes it more difficult to know which one is better when youre trying to lose weight.

Yoga is a holistic discipline that originated in India and pilates was developed by a German physical trainer. Both yoga and pilates are celebrated forms of workouts that provide numerous health benefits. Both of these workouts help you connect to the body, relieve stress, improve flexibility, control and endurance. Due to the similarity in their benefits, people tend to confuse the terms. However, they are very different forms of exercise.

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What Are The Advantages Of Yoga Vs Pilates

You can practice yoga anywhere with almost no equipment. Only your body weight is required to exercise. Put on comfortable clothes and you are good to go.

There are many different types of yoga . Some are more physically stimulating than others. Some forms of yoga have a strong focus on spirituality. Yoga is a great way to heal the body, find balance and harmony.

Most yogis love practicing yoga because of the way it makes them feel. Yoga is energizing, rejuvenating and revitalizing. Find the right style for you and feel amazing after each practice.

It is also highly recommended to practice yoga at home. Take some free time and space for yourself every day. You can start today with online beginner classes and see what it is like.

How Many Calories Does Pilates Burn


The amount of calories you will burn in Pilates depends on your current weight, if youre doing a mat or reformer class, and the level of difficulty of the class.

For someone whos about 150 pounds, one 50-minute Pilates mat class at a beginner level burns approximately 175 calories. An advanced 50-minute class burns approximately 254 calories.

Youll burn more calories in a Pilates reformer class or any Pilates workout where you elevate your heart rate.

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Whats The Difference Yoga And Pilates

When comparing Yoga and Pilates, one of the most significant distinctions is that Yoga can be used to improve the flexibility of the body, and it will also progressively develop the flexibility of your joints over time. Pilates, on the other hand, is concerned with attempting to relax tight muscles while also providing strengthening to the different muscles of the body.

Yoga Vs Pilates: How The Workouts And Benefits Compare According To Fitness Experts

See which mat sesh is best for you based on your goals.

Allow me to pose a question: How do you stay active when an injury sidelines you? Yoga or Pilates perhaps?

Thats what I did when a calf tear hobbled my go-to runs early in the pandemic. Not moving was not an option. Pleasantly surprised by Pilates, I maintained my strength, and sanity, until I could lace up my running sneaks again.

Both yoga and Pilates are low impact, welcoming for all fitness levels, and gentle on your joints. In fact, they can reduce the risk of an injury in the first place. These mat modalities complement other routines and are way more than a plan B. In yoga and Pilates, you are increasing awareness of your body and breath, and you are often encouraged throughout the class to focus on your breathing technique to keep you strong and centered, says Jacqui Kingswell, certified Pilates instructor and co-founder of The Pilates Class.

Use this guide to learn the ins and outs of Pilates and yoga, what benefits to expect from each practice, how the two mind-body modalities compare, and how to pick the best practice for your goals according to certified yoga and Pilates instructors and training experts.

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You Can Lose Weight With Either Of Them

The secret to losing weight is to get your heart pumping. Now, we have already established that Yoga is better at this, especially a more active type of Yoga, but you will need to build toward this type of workout, and for some can even be impossible to reach that level that will allow 50 minutes of Yoga to equal 30 minutes on an elliptical. In general, if you are doing beginner Yoga, you will expend around 180 calories per session, but if you go for more intense classes and pick a demanding Yoga type, you can go up to over 400 calories expended.

Bikram Yoga, for instance, is one of the most efficient. The classes take place in a warmed room or an infrared sauna with a 40% level of humidity and last an hour and a half, during which you execute a total of 26 poses. This study from 2014 discovered that during a Bikram Yoga session, a woman can expend up to 330 calories and a man around 460 calories.

Pilates can also help you lower your BMI, and the great news is that it is more accessible. Basically, everyone can take the classes, and the rate of sticking to the routine is surprisingly high. On the other hand, it will take longer to lose weight, as you will burn only 175 calories per session, 250 if you are taking an advanced class. Nevertheless, you are working toward your goal, and this is important.

/9 Which Is Easier Pilates Or Yoga

Is Yoga Or Pilates Better For Weight Loss: A Long
  • Whats the Difference Between Yoga and Pilates?
  • Pilates exercises are much more intense and results may be seen much quicker than yoga.
  • Through regular Pilates exercises, a flatter and firmer stomach may be easier to obtain.
  • If you have back issues, care must be taken with some yoga poses as they can occasionally exacerbate the problem.

Få mina Yoga freebies!

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Pilates Vs Yoga: Their Differences And 5 Easy Ways To Tell Them Apart

Pilates or yoga, yoga or Pilates what are the differences, really? Stumbled upon article and article and only to get even more confused?

Avenue One may just have the definitive guide here are five key differences between yoga and Pilates, and hopefully these can help you figure out which will be more suited for your needs.

What Types Of Equipment Are Used In Pilates And Yoga

As we very briefly mentioned earlier about the two different forms of Pilates the mat-based one and the equipment-based one, the equipment used for both yoga and Pilates while similar looking, are deceptively different.

If you thought you could do yoga and Pilates on a yoga mat interchangeably to save a little cash, that is sadly, a misconception that is often made.

Pilates: As mentioned, Pilates require back support and thus, require a thicker mat, around ½ inch thick. Other equipment such as gym balls are also used in Pilates in addition to the mats.

Yoga: Yoga typically only uses the yoga mat with no other equipment, unlike Pilates. Yoga mats also tend to be thinner so that balancing and standing in different poses is easier. Pilates often involve activities which require having ones back on the floor, and thus, more cushion support which the thin yoga mat just isnt able to provide.

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Both Build Strength And Flexibility

A 2015 study found that hatha yoga participants saw improvements in muscle strength and flexibility after 12 weeks. A small 2014 study also found that women who practiced Pilates for 12 weeks improved their muscle strength and torso flexibility.

Pilates may be slightly better than yoga for improving strength, particularly core strength, because it often uses an external stimulus, such as the reformer, whereas yoga uses your own body weight, Pojednic says.

“Yoga is probably going to be a little bit better for flexibility,” Pojednic says. “The poses are really about stretching your muscles and creating a little bit more space in your body.”

What Are The Benefits Of Pilates

Yoga Pilates Total Body Blast! | Core Strength & Weight Loss | Free Live Class

There are so many! says DeLuca, youll strengthen your core, gain muscle tone, increase flexibility and coordination, increase postural awareness and respiratory function, and even improve both your sleep and digestion. There are mind-body benefits as well, DeLuca adds: Youll have a brighter mood, clearer thinking, and more confidence.

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Is Aerobic Better Than Fat Burning

A daily or weekly quantity of aerobic exercise is not prescribed, and there is no recommended maximum limit to how much you should do. If, on the other hand, you push yourself hard during every workout, taking a day or two off each week to relax may help you avoid injury and burnout in the long term.

Will Yoga Help Me Lose Weight

This is a common question about yoga: Can it help you lose weight? Yes, but indirectly, says Russo. I get this question often, and unquestionably the best solution for weight loss is the food you eat. Be aware of the calories you take in and make sure youre mobile. But absolutely yoga can help. If you have a consistent practiceat least two or three times a weekthen youll start to see and feel changes in your body. Peoples appetite for fatty foods, their addictions to caffeine and alcohol, often lessen with a consistent yoga practice. The teachings and the breathing and the self-awareness start to kick in and you take better care of yourself.

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What’s The Difference Between Pilates And Yoga


Weve touched upon both classes using breathing throughout, but yoga typically tends to focus on it more than Pilates. In yoga, breath work is used to promote relaxation and hold a pose, whereas in Pilates its used to provide the muscles with more energy to exercise effectively.


In terms of what youll actually be getting up to in class: most Pilates moves start from lying down, so as not to put pressure on the joints, whereas Yoga generally starts standing. Its important that whatever exercise regime you do, you teach and train the body to come from a strong centre, something that we refer to as powerhouse. In yoga, poses are often held for longer periods of time, some up to several minutes a go . Both Pilates and Yoga are used to help support back issues by strengthening the back muscles and work on balance, says Gaby. However, Yoga can actually make problems worse if the person doesnt use their core in each pose. Whereas in Pilates, the main aim is to strengthen these core muscles and all movement must come from the centre, whether youre lying, standing or sitting.


With both practices focusing on mind and body connection, both Yoga and Pilates can help with anxiety and depression by slowing everything down and helping you to be more mindful of self-care and alignment. You dont always have to be hitting it hard to get some incredible physical and mental results.



What Type Of Pilates Is Best For Weight Loss

Yoga or pilates: what is better to lose weight?

Traditional or Classical Pilates is the term used for Joseph Pilates’ original sequence of 34 functional exercises that are performed on a mat. It might be a good idea to invest in one of the best thick yoga mats so that you are comfortable when practicing mat work Pilates. A specific sequence of exercises can also be performed on the Pilates reformer bed, which is a piece of apparatus originally designed by Joseph Pilates.

When the Traditional Pilates method is blended with adapted movements and an instructor has the flexibility to switch up sequences and the apparatus used in a class, it is known as Contemporary Pilates.

For weight loss, the perfect combination is all the full-body, functional exercises with a mix of mat work and standing with light, resistance training with weights, says Paola.

The technique combined with the correct breathing is essential to see results, she says. The moment you engage the deep abdominal layers – known as the transverse abdominals, the whole body will work on a different level. Ten repetitions for each of the exercises will be enough to feel the magic Pilates burn.

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