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Is Alo Yoga Worth It

I Want To Settle The Debate Of Athletic Wear: Alo Or Lululemon

I Spent $500 on Alo Yoga…Is It Worth It?

Growing up in Connecticut, I always wore Lululemon as there were stores on every corner, and the little reflective horseshoe icon made its mark everywhere in school. The Canadian brand was founded by Chip Wilson in 1998, and the brand expanded from athletic apparel to yoga and lifestyle products as well. The big question was, are these leggings worth the $98? I always loved how the leggings would hug your legs and feel like butter. The leggings are thick and made of different percentages of Nylon and Lycra for unique styles that protect you from the cold weather. However, they recently raised their prices because people resorted to athleisure wear during the pandemic and brand ambassadors wanted to improve their products. Now, are these Lululemon Align High-Rise Pant 28″ leggings worth $118? The answer: Yes! But, we should compare them to Alo, a comparable pair of leggings at around the same price.

I ordered the Alo High Waist Micro Waffle Lowkey Legging with high hopes. I was seeing celebrities like Hailey Bieber, Gigi Hadid, Kendall Jenner, and Taylor Swift don this brand. Alo Yoga started in 2007 in Los Angeles, California, so no wonder why I see all the West Coasters in this gear.

About Lululemon: Amazing All

Known for: Performance-driven fabrics and fits, compressive clothes

Price range: $50 to $80 for sports bras $40 to $100 for tops $40 to $120 for shorts $90+ for leggings and pants

Financing options: Afterpay, Klarna, credit cards

Where to buy: Online, in-person retail stores and outlets

Lululemon regularly appears on lists of the most popular workout clothes, and as the brand has more than 3 million followers on Instagram, that comes as no surprise.

In fact, Lululemon is so popular that people often resell sold-out items on aftermarket sites like Mercari and Poshmark for well over market price. People will do anything to get their hands on the latest Lululemon drop, I guess.

Lululemon specializes in laser-focused performance wear. Each product has an express purpose: Some leggings are designed specifically for running while others are designed specifically for yoga, for example. The product description of each item tells you what its made for and how that specific product will improve your performance at that activity. This niched-down emphasis is likely what drives the brands popularity. The bright colors, flattering fits and durable fabrics help, too.

Alo Yoga Promotions & Discounts

On the hunt for an Alo Yoga promo code? To help you save a little extra on this brands collection of quality athletic apparel, we searched high and low for the best deals.

Heres what our Alo Yoga review found:

  • Sign up for the newsletter and earn 10% off your first order
  • Visit the Alo Yoga sale section for up to 40% off
  • Gift a friend 10% off their first order, and youll receive $25 off Alo Yoga coupon when they make a purchase

On top of that, the brand offers a Pro Program where certified fitness professionals who are actively teaching are eligible to purchase Alo Yoga apparel at 25% off. Heres how you can sign up:

  • Register to become an Alo Yoga member
  • Your application will be reviewed within 14 days
  • Check your emails for an approval notification
  • Review the terms and conditions
  • Happy shopping!
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    Alo Yoga Leggings Womens Review

    Leggings are a wardrobe essential, whether youre stretching and running or pairing with a comfy oversized tee for a chill day at home. To give you an idea of how versatile Alo Yoga leggings are, well give the details of some of the most popular options below.

    A classic option, the 7/8 High-Waist Airbrush Legging creates a smooth, sculpted shape and features 4-way stretch for an ultra comfortable fit.

    Speaking of, the bottoms also have no side seams and flat-locked seams for extra comfort. The moisture wicking and odor resistant fabric also shapes and contours for a flattering look, whether youre working out or hanging out.

    Ideal for everyday wear, the 7/8 High-Waist Airbrush Legging comes in sizes XXS-XL and 6 classic color options for $82.

    Alo Yoga Pants Mens Review

    Alo Moves review: Is the yoga app worth it?

    The bottoms you wear can make or break a routine, but they should also be comfy enough for lounging in. Below, well spill the beans on how Alo Yoga pants from the mens section stand out.

    Made from an ultrasoft performance fabric with moisture wicking technology, the Revitalize Pant is a breathable, comfortable, and stretchy option for all your workouts.

    The tapered silhouette and low rise are sleek and comfortable, while the elastic drawcord waistband helps you find the right fit. These bottoms also feature hidden zip pockets.

    Available in sizes S-2XL and 5 color options, the Revitalize Pantretails for $115.

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    If Your Knees Need Extra Padding

    AuroraeClassic/Printed Extra Thick and Long Premium Yoga Mat

    Most yoga pros will advise against ultra-cushy mats since the extra thickness can affect your balance. Aurorae’s Classic Thick Mat offers that extra bit of comfort without any sacrifice to your practicea godsend for sore knees. Plus, it’s made from recycled materials and free of any toxins.

    Alo Yoga Leggings Moto Review

    As versatile as they are flattering, you cant go wrong with the Alo Yoga Moto leggings, being one of Alos most recognisable and iconic styles.

    With its signature breathable mesh and contour panelling on the bottom of the leggings. Its the long-time best-seller, and comes in an array of colours.

    Whats more, it suits pretty much all body shapes, and is the most transitional and versatile of Alos leggings. Thanks to the signature Airbrush fabric and Glossy Performance fabric combo, these leggings also have the power to lift and sculpt your lower body.

    That means they are highly flattering. Whilst the Moto line comes complete with the moisture-wicking technology and four-way stretch, the fabric is quite thick so we dont recommend them for your sweatiest workouts.

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    Moto High Rise Vs Moto Mid Rise

    Of course, when it comes to choosing your Alo Yoga leggings, you need to be clear on what waist type is best for you.

    As well as the standard Moto leggings with a mid rise, theres also an on-trend high rise option here. The latter boasts a five-inch high detail on the waist, giving a stylish twist on the classic design.

    The high waisted Moto leggings are also available with a 7/8 length. A perfect option if you’re on the shorter side or simply prefer your leggings to be at ankle length.

    The patent-pending Alo Yoga Goddess leggings are the brands next most recognisable style and an enduring best-seller, and its plain to see why.

    They are a cleverly beautiful play on the leggings and leg-warmer combo featuring a longer inseam with ribbed contrast scrunches like legwarmers.

    There are two versions of the Goddess Ribbed leggings, the original version, which still has the widest range of colours, and the newer version made out of the signature Alosoft performance fabric.

    The fabric is even softer and more comfortable and remarkably flexible thanks to its four-way stretch and boasts cool moisture-wicking technology.

    Moreover, you can get the Goddess collection in a wide range of styles. Whether you want a more supportive, flattering high-waist version or prefer a standard mid rise, theres certain to be something for you.

    You can also browse the collection to find a wealth of different colours and colour blocking.

    Alo Yoga Vs Lululemon Leggings


    Before you decide to invest in a pair of Alo Yoga leggings, you may be wondering how they compare to other brands. Another of the leading sportswear companies is Lululemon. If youre trying to figure out which brand to go with, theres a couple of things to consider.

    First of all, Alo Yoga is a specialist brand its entirely focussed on the practice of yoga. As such, each and every pair of leggings have been specifically designed for this type of activity.

    Whats more, Alo Yoga has a huge L.A. following right now, which is thanks to their chic and fashion-forward design.Since they are relatively new to the European market, choosing Alo Yoga leggings means that you wont match with everyone in the gym.

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    Does Alo Yoga Run Small

    On one hand, Alo does offer some smaller sizing options than you might typically see at other yoga studios. However, on the other hand, there are many different body types out there and what feels right for one person may be too tight or too loose for someone else.

    Ultimately, the best way to know if Alo fits your body type is to try it out for yourself and see how you feel in their leggings and tops.

    How Do Lululemon Leggings Compare To Alo Leggings

    Hey guys, Katie from FitFormula Wellness here. Recently youve probably seen Alo Yoga on the rise. Its becoming clear that it is going to be a significant competitor to Lululemon. I love my Lululemon Align leggings and they have long been a staple in my closet. In the last year, I have started buying Alo leggings, and I must say Alo leggings give Lululemon a run for its money. Lets compare two popular brands to see which one is best for you!


    For reference, I am 55 120lbs and wear a 4/6 in Lululemon and a small in Alo leggings.

    What I like about Alo is it runs either true to size or a little big. Lululemon notoriously runs small, causing most people to buy numbered sizes that would generally be larger than their norm.

    I appreciate Alo for staying conventional with its sizing. Alos sizing sends more of a positive body message. Lets face it no one wants to buy sizes that are generally one, two, or three times larger than they would typically buy. Alos sizing also makes more sense as it is more in line with how many clothing companies size items.

    Return Policy

    Both Alo and Lululemon have standard 30-day return policies listed on each respective website. So you can rest assured that you wont be stuck with any items that you dont like.

    Quality Promise


    I wash my Lululemon and Alo leggings on cold and hang dry. I have noticed my Lululemon leggings do pill, but that could be how I have cared for them as well the quality of my washer at my rented apartment .

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    We Tried Them: 8 Yoga Mats That Are Actually Worth The Investment

    If you’ve ever slid around helplessly in Downward-Facing Dog or cringed as your knee buckled in Low Lunge, you know that a good mat makes all the difference in your yoga practice. In truth, it’s an investmentnot just for a more tolerable class but also to ensure that you avoid pain or potential injury.

    But personal preference, your go-to practice , and price point are all factors that can influence which mat is actually right for you. With that in mind, we’re rounding up eight yoga mats that we’ve tried and fully endorsewhether you’re hitting the hot yoga studio, the road, or anywhere in between.

    What Reviewers Are Saying

    Alo Yoga 2021: Information, Photos, Reviews, Discounts

    Reviewers love Alo Moves, too.

    Alo Moves doesn’t show reviews on its site, but it has more than 13,000 ratings and 4.9 stars in the Apple App Store and more than 6,000 ratings and 4.3 stars on Google Play. Of these reviews, almost everyone agrees that Alo’s classes are unparalleled in quality. “I already feel much more flexibility and definitely a lot more strength,” a reviewer writes. “I can already tell some of the fun, ‘inaccessible’ poses Ive always wanted to achieve are right around the corner for me! I love this app and I would recommend it to anyone!”

    However, some users find the app glitchy and think the search function could use some improving. I didn’t experience any glitches while using the app, but you may experience some if your phone is prone to them. I also thought it was easy to search for new classes and didn’t experience any issues, but reviewers said you may experience search issues if you’re using an Apple TV.

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    Things To Consider Before Buying Clothing From Alo Yoga

    It seems that these days, its tough to have a conversation about fashion or putting together a wardrobe without activewear popping up. Because of this, there are countless brands popping up with the promise of delivering stylish clothes that perform in the gym.

    Where does Alo Yoga fit in?

    Because theyre such a fashion-focused brand, the price is higher than what youd find with brands that are mostly made to stay in the gym or on the pitch.

    When shopping from Alo Yoga, its important to keep in mind exactly what it is youre looking for. If youre looking for something you can change into for a workout, then change back and go about the rest of your day, you may be better served by a more affordable brand.

    However, if youre looking for stylish outfits that are just as effective in a streetwear look as in the gym, the looks offered by Alo Yoga are definitely worth checking out.

    Alo Yoga Leggings The Truth About The Material Fabric And Thickness

    Alo Yoga signature fabrics are typically a blend of polyester and spandex. Alo Yoga’s fabrication guide describes the different fabric types and what each fabric is ideal for.

    I ordered the Airbrush leggings, and these specific yoga leggings are thick and plush. They could almost be described as slightly velvety or fleecy even. This can be seen as a pro or a con, depending on personal taste and climate. In my opinion, the Airbrush legging is not ideal for your next yoga retreat in Mexico, Bali, or any other on-the-equator location, but that may go without saying though. For that, pack shorts or a lighter style like Airlift or Alosoft those fabrics are lighter.

    That said, the Alo Yoga’s Airbrush leggings are thick enough to make them a very versatile piece in your wardrobe because they are dense, and warm enough to wear in day-to-day life, just not to the beach!

    Alo Yoga has got something for everyone, and they are on point with their new drops when they release new colors and styles very regularly.

    The color selection and styles are ever-changing on Alo Yoga.

    Some online yoga studios, online yoga teacher training programs, and brands that we write about may offer us a small commission should you decide to make a purchase or signup after reading our content. Thank you for enabling us to exist!

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    Alo Yoga Lounge Leggings Review

    Next up, lets take a moment to review the Lounge leggings. These are all about offering a premium level of comfort. The Alo Yoga Lounge leggings benefit from chafe-free flatlock seams, a four-way stretch, and a lined gusset panel. But it doesnt end there!

    These leggings also come in the new Alosoft material which is Alos softest performance fabric, launched in 2018. The Alosoft fabric has quickly become a favourite with The Sports Edit customers for its ridiculously comfy, super-soft feel.

    The Alosoft leggings are my absolute favourite when I am teaching Pilates!, says Grace Hurry. They are so comfy and exceptionally soft, but are still smart and professional looking, which is the perfect combo for me.

    The Alosoft fabric stays so soft and keeps its shape through multiple washes which is fab especially as I wash all my all kit A LOT, says Tara Margulies.

    Alo Yoga Airbrush Leggings Review

    I spent $38000 at Alo Yoga. Was it worth it? | ALO YOGA ACTIVEWEAR HAUL & REVIEW

    All the leggings in the Alo Yoga Airbrush collection feature the outstanding Airbrush fabric. It is slightly thicker than the Airlift fabric, so you feel slightly more compressed.

    The fabric is known to be sculpting and lifting, so they are very flattering, But the fabric is also four-way stretch, so it moves with you. Moreover, as an added bonus, there are no side seams at all here.

    Airbrush leggings are ideal for your general yoga practise and make a great all rounder, available in a range of colours and lengths.

    Alo Yoga Airbrush vs Airlift

    Wondering what the difference is between Airbrush and Airlift? While the Airbrush were the original Alo leggings, the Airlift was launched in 2018. The original Airbrush style is thick, high compression, and more durable.

    It has a cotton-esque fabric feel. Should you choose the Airlift, you get an altogether lighter material. Its a smooth fabric with a slight sheen, which carries colour beautifully.

    Which you happen to choose depends on whether you prefer a sheen or matt finish and the activity you plan to do. For hot yoga and the sweatiest of workouts, you should opt for the lighter Airlift, rather than the Airbrush.

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    Is Alo Yoga Legit

    Were all after quality activewear, and theres nothing more frustrating than wasting money on products that dont arrive how they appear online.

    Fortunately, Alo Yoga is backed by strong customer reviews, plenty of followers on their social media pages, and recommendations from popular media outlets. With that in mind, this brand is the real deal in this Alo Yoga reviews books.

    High Waist Biker Shorts On Test

    Another favorite from Alo Yoga, these biker shorts hit the mark on all fronts: good quality, good compression and available in a wide range of colors. Flattering the body without being too tight, these biker shorts are perfect for any workout and theyre thick enough not to worry about them being see-through!

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