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Inflatable Paddle Board For Yoga

O2 Angler Fishing Paddle Board

Body Glove Oasis Inflatable Stand Up Paddle Board For Fitness and Yoga

The next sup board we are going to look at is the O2 Angler. This is a board I have a love-hate relationship with. There is no board in Glide’s lineup that offers the stability of the Angler. This paddle board is about the most stable paddle board on the planet.

I also love that the deck pad has the wood texture look and all the tie downs and mounts for all your fishing great. If you attach a Glide Cooler to the board you have a super comfy seat and you if you pack enough food and beverages I think you could live on this board for a few days.

Fishing from the board is easy as it is such a stable platform and with the Scotty Mount plates and star mounts you have almost an endless supply of options to carry are your rods and do-dads you need for a day out on the water slaying fish as the kids say. This board was designed from the ground up to be a fishing platform that paddles well and will take you into spots that you can not get to by boat, or by hiking around the lake.

The Angler was a very fun board to design as I was able to work with avid anglers on exactly what they wanted in a fishing paddle board, and what they did not like from other fishing paddle boards on the market. If you are an avid fisherperson or just getting into paddle board fishing you are going to love this board!

Dama 106 Inflatable Stand

The sixth spot on the best paddle board under $300 list belongs to another multifunctional all-around iSUP. Its name is DAMA106iSUP. This inflatable stand-up paddleboard is unique from most entries because of its available mount for attaching camera gears. Apart from this feature, there are several handy benefits of this iSUP. So, lets look at them.

In-Depth Review:

Starting with its setup, this iSUP is pretty easy to set up because it only takes 10 minutes to inflate and 5 minutes to deflate. Like most iSUPs, you will find a grip handle on it. But in addition to that, the additional steel D-rings make transportation of this iSUP easier. You can travel together with your friends by connecting these rings to your friends paddleboards. Even if you want to set up a kayak seat in this iSUP, you can use the steel D-rings for that purpose.

This iSUP has everything you need to start paddling, including an adjustable paddle, a camera mount, a hand pump , removable fins, a repair kit, a safety ankle leash, a transparent waterproof cell phone bag and a 5-liter waterproof bag. The waterproof bag is also multipurpose because you can either use it as a life jacket or an accessory for carrying essentials. The double bungee system of this iSUP allows the user to carry more equipment because of its large space. Plus, the carrier will come in handy while carrying this iSUP to the sea/lake/ocean. Theres also a spring rope on this iSUP and you can use it to carry the bag or paddle.

Yoga Stand Up Paddle Boards

As the name suggests, these boards are designed specifically for yoga, and are built for maximum stability.

They have big decks to provide more than enough room for practicing yoga, as well as a large deck pad to give extra comfort when you are busy with more intense yoga positions.

Having covered the basics of what you should look for in a stand up paddle board for yoga, lets look at specific boards that we recommend for SUP Yoga.

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Do Paddleboards Ever Go On Sale

Yes. Like all the other things, Paddleboards also go for Black Friday and Cyber Monday sales. But paddleboards quickly go out of stock in a sale because generally, they are expensive and people wait for discounts to get the best ones. However, it is difficult to pick the best one. So, see our buying guide for paddle boards to get help regarding buying paddleboards.

Pexmor Inflatable Paddle Board

Pro 6, P6

Weight: 19.6 lbs | Length: 10 6 | Width: 30 | Max Capacity: 551 lbs

Features: 2 layers of military grade PVC & drop stitch inner structure | No-slip soft deck | D-ring | Front bungee | Triple bottom panel fins

Dont have a lot of money to spend this vacation season? What if we told you you could get one of the best paddle boards for yoga at a negligible price?

Despite being extremely budget-friendly, this board is made of military-grade PVC, ensuring a long lifespan and a safe day out in the water. Also included is a carry bag for all your supplies, as well as a bungee cord for keeping everything high and dry.

Although it weighs under 20 pounds, this beauty can carry a mind-bending 550 pounds although its an inflatable, the PEXMOR feels like a regular board, and it sure performs like one. Its hard to complain about the anti-slip deck too, as itll definitely be coming into play at some point during your yoga exercises.

Size-wise, this board is exactly as big as it needs to be, both in terms of length and width. It also comes with every accouterment you need to set everything up, although what really sells this thing are the three fins at the bottom, which give you some top-of-the-line mobility.

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Dont Get Intimidated By The Water

Believe it or not, falling off your paddle board is hardly anything to be afraid of, even if you dont know the first thing about yoga. One way to think about it is, if you were to lose your balance doing a tricky pose, where would you rather fall: on a hard concrete floor or the ocean bed? Unless you cant swim , the choice is pretty obvious!

If you do happen to fall off, welcome to the club! You can make your way back on top within a matter of seconds, and if your board features an ankle cuff, theres zero danger of the waves carrying it away, even if its windy.

Glide Easily Across Any Calm Water On A Spacious Unhindered Deck Pad Which Is Always Perfect For Furry Friends Or Your Savasana

Meticulously Hand crafted for stability with premium materials and stocked with the highest grade accessories, this complete package is ready for adventure when you are. Enjoy peace of mind with SeaGods lifetime warranty.

Check out the video of the 2022 Infinite Mantra!

Best Board for Beginners, Multiple Riders & Yoga
  • 11 x 34″ x 6″
  • Ultra Stable
  • Light to carry and quick to inflate – SUPPORTS ANY HALKEY-ROBERTS ELECTRIC INFLATION PUMP
  • Premium military grade materials for surpassed military grade durability
  • Upgraded high pressure engineered inflation valve
  • Portage handles for easy carry, access/egress, and anchorage
  • Integrated accessory mounts with 1/4″ thread
  • Air 7 V2 Universal US Fin Box accepts multiple fin styles
  • Extra D rings to secure optional Kayak seat
  • Carbon fiber 3 piece paddle
  • Wheeled hiking backpack
  • Double action high pressure pump
  • US fin box with new Flexible Click Fin proprietary Kumano System. Fins Click in! NO MOVING PARTS, NO SANDY FITTINGS, NO TOOLS REQUIRED
    • Kumano Plugs pressure fit to hold fin in place. Comes with 3 plugs for user adjustability and secondary screw just in case!
    • specially formulated construction for flexibility. Never break another fin or fin box.
  • Maintenance kit with Halkey Roberts wrench
  • FREE 11′ SeaGods coil SUP leash

Paddle-board Dimensions & Measurements:

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What Board Proportions Are Ideal For A Yoga Board

While you could perform SUP Yoga on virtually any board, beginners will want to start on the most stable possible platform. This will give you the best opportunities as you progress to add more challenging poses to your flow sequences and give you confidence in your equipment each session.

Most people know that the stability of a SUP board is dictated by its width. What is less well known is how the thickness of the board affects its stability.

A board that is 36 inches wide might seem like an obvious choice for stability. But if the board is 6 inches thick, all bets are off. A board that is 34 inches wide and only 5 inches thick will actually be more stable because it will ride lower on the water than the 6-inch board. If you attempt yoga on a 6-inch board and then try the same positions on a 5-inch board, youll notice the difference immediately.

Keep in mind that a 5-inch board is quite a bit easier to climb back onto than a 6-inch board, in the case you do find yourself in the water and is going to be a lot more fun to casually paddle when you are not doing yoga.

Board length has only a minor effect on SUP Yoga stability, especially when looking at suitable all-around alternatives, so opt for a convenient length in the 10-11 foot range. A shorter board under 10ft will be difficult to stretch out on during some poses, so in this instance a board larger than that is better for most people.

Practice Yoga Outdoors With A Sup Yoga Board

Inflatable Yoga SUP 10′ | Stand Up Paddle Board | Freeinsup

Are you ready for new scenery and a new challenge? Grab an iSUP – you’ll experience yoga as you never have before: on the water in an outdoor environment. You’ll engage muscles you forgot you had while improving your core strength. Suddenly, beginner poses you thought you mastered take on a new challenge. If you want to enhance your yoga or if you imagine yourself flowing through yoga poses on the water – SUP Yoga is for you.

Not only can SUP yoga challenge you, but it can also be very relaxing – the combination of a tranquil lake and focused flow will still your mind.

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Glide Inflatable Paddle Boards 2022 Lineup

Paddle board season is right around the corner so I wanted to do a quick overview of our 2022 line of inflatable paddle boards. Whether you are a beginner paddler or advanced paddler we have a board in our lineup that is sure to be a great first board or a new board for white water sup, touring, fishing paddle boards, or practicing yoga on your board.

I am going to give you an insight into how I see the boards from the viewpoint of the lead designer at Glide.

The most durable, eco-friendly SUP boards on the planet deserve a proper introduction! Here is our 2022 Inflatable Paddle Board lineup.

Sup Yoga Poses That Areperfect For Beginners

First of all: credits for ISLE SUP for shooting such great pictures. I selected 8 perfect poses for beginners. These are the ones you should start with, since they arent that difficult but will definitely give you the good vibe!

Do you have a great pose you would like to share with me? Send me an image through or tag me on . I would be happy to share them!

The Downward Dog

A great pose to start your session. It creates length through your spine and ensures that you find balance on your board.

Modified Crescent Lunge

This pose is ideal for opening up your hips, psoas and quadriceps. Put pressure on your foot and feel your core.

The Warrior

The warrior seems like an easy pose, but its not. To maintain balance on your board, strength and composure are required.

The Boat

A very good exercise to build up strength in your core. Make it harder by stretching your legs more towards the horizon.

The Malasana

The Malasana opens your hips and your lower back. Put your feet wide and lower your hips. Then breathe in and out slowly.

The handstand

One of the most popular poses among yoga fanatics: the handstand. Try to keep balance, something that will really test your core.

The Needle

A great way to stretch your shoulders and spine, which ensures more flexibility and reduction of tension between the vertebrae.

The wheel

Extend your spinal column, open your chest, stretch your stomach and lift yourself into a wheel pose. No easy pose but this should not be missed!

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Swonder Inflatable Stand Up Paddle Board

Weight: 21.6 lbs | Length: 11 6 | Width: 32 | Max Capacity: 300 lbs

Features: Military-grade PVC w/ drop-stitch | Non-slip soft deck | Front bungee | Paddle, removable fin, pump, coil leash & carry bag

When it comes to the best paddle boards for yoga, this SUP form Swonder is right on the mark.

With 11 and a half feet of space for your practice, youll find this long board plenty spacious for all of your yoga poses. Whats more, the soft non-slip deck makes this board suitable even for beginners hoping to get out on the water.

While its an inflatable board, it holds up just as well compared to rigid boards , and boasts a weight capacity of 300 lbs, while barely weighing more than 20 pounds, itself. You can even take your kiddo out with you, if youd like as there will be plenty of room for both of you.

This all around adventure companion gets top marks in stability and comes complete with a paddle, high-pressure hand pump, removable fin, coil leash and even a travel backpack. Trust me, once you try out this board, theres no going back!

Best Inflatable Paddle Board For Yoga Under $: Bote Breeze Aero Isup

Driftsun Balance 11â Yoga SUP Inflatable Stand Up Paddle ...

If youve ever wanted to try your hand at paddle boarding, but the price tag seemed like a bit too much of a commitment to stay afloat just yet, the Bote Breeze Aero Inflatable Paddle Board has thankfully made our dreams come true and solved that problem!

If youve ever wanted to try your hand at paddle boarding, but the price tag seemed like a bit too much of a commitment to stay afloat just yet, the Bote Breeze Aero Inflatable Paddle Board has thankfully made our dreams come true and solved that problem!

The Bote Breeze Aero Inflatable Paddle Board is one of the most stable ones out there for the quality and price, you cant beat anything better.

Its stability allows for the perfect yoga practice in the water, whether that is a lake or ocean.

You wont have any qualms about boating around on these waves when your board doesnt want to budge with every little wave break!

You can learn more about the Bote Breeze Aero Inflatable on REI.


  • Packed Dimensions: 38 x 18 x 12 inches
  • Weight: 20 pounds

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Yoga Sup Buying Guide

The paddleboards weve recommended above are some of our favorite yoga SUPs for 2020. We also know that other circumstances, like a great deal or a friend offering to sell you a board, might have you look at paddleboards not on our list. As such, we thought wed provide you with a breakdown of the key criteria we used to determine our 2020 top recommended yoga SUPs. We recommend considering yoga paddleboards by using the following key factors before purchasing: appearance, and overall performance.

Stability. Stability is the most important factor when it comes to yoga boards due to how often youll be moving across the paddleboard. Stability is also one the most important factors for beginners, as the more stable a board is the easier it will be to learn with. As a general rule, the larger a paddleboard is, the more stable it will be, with width and thickness especially important in determining the overall weight capacity. Inflatables often support an extra one hundred to two hundred lbs over hardboards of similar dimensions, and are especially recommended for those going out with more than one person. Finally, paddleboards boards with tri-fin setups will also have greater stability than SUPs with other types of fin layouts.

Ten Toes Board Emporium Weekender

Who Should Buy

The Ten Toes Board Emporium Weekender iSUP suits all riders of all skill levels. Its high quality construction and stability make it ideal for beginners who want to use it as a platform for yoga, although you can also try it out on the surf. Available in various cool, stylish colors, this board is a great all-rounder which will appeal to everyone.


Considering its relatively low price, the build quality of this stand up paddle board is fantastic. In fact, its buckle-resistance, rigidity and durability makes this board so comparable to hard boards that when youre out on the water you probably wont even notice the difference.

This strength and stability is essential in a yoga stand up paddle board. At ten feet long and 30 inches wide its our smallest yoga SUP board, but it still offers more than enough room for all your yoga poses.

Not only does this board deliver space for yoga, but it also brings comfort. Along the surface of the board you will find a large textured pad to provide extra grip and to reduce the chance of slipping. These mats can show signs of wear after some time, but Ten Toes have thought of this and saved you worry, time and hassle by providing a replacement deck pad as standard with every board.

Unlike the Red Paddle Co and Solstice boards, this Ten Toes SUP does actually come with its own paddle. The paddle is basic, but its more than sufficient if your main intention is to use this board for yoga.

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% Faster And Saves Energy

The DUAL Chamber TRIPLE Action pump is 100% faster than a single chamber pump, and saves you time and energy when going paddling. It does both INFLATE and DEFLATE, and is your best friend for getting your iSUP on to the water quickly or rolled up tightly into storage. Can easily switch among the three action modes to use at different pressures.

Never Go Back To Aluminum Paddles

10’8″ Activ Inflatable Yoga Paddle Board – Overview and Details for 2021

One of the greatest values in our add-on package is our CARBON hybrid paddle. Weighing ONLY 32 oz, it floats and is much lighter than an aluminum or even fiberglass paddle. Try it and youll never want to go out on the water with another. With the new locking shaft mechanism, the SUP paddle can also be converted to a kayak paddle with the simple addition of a second blade .

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