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How To Use A Yoga Wheel

Supported Shoulderstand To Plow Pose

How To Use A Yoga Wheel | Strength & Flexibility Sequence | Yin Yoga (50-min)

Salamba Sarvangasana to Halasana

Lie down on the floor with the Dharma Yoga Wheel nearby, bend your knees and bring your feet to floor, heels close to your seat. Raise your seat all the way up and position the wheel so your back is against it and your seat rests on it, if possible. You may need to go up on your toes to position the wheel properly. Once the wheel is in position, keep holding onto it during the next few steps.

Raise one leg up and then the other into a supported version of Shoulderstand that incorporates a backbend. Rest in the pose, close your eyes and concentrate at the space between your eyebrows. After a minute or two, slowly bring the tops of your toes to the ground beyond your head. Rest here, in Plow Pose, close your eyes and concentrate at the space between the eyebrows. After a minute or two, raise your legs and return to Shoulderstand. Then keep going, extending your legs out in front of you. Try to bring the soles of your feet to the floor. Rest back against the wheel and breathe. Once you feel comfortable on the wheel, you can raise the arms overhead, palms together, and touch the ground.

Open Hips And Side Body

Stand on your mat. Keep the yoga wheel next to one of your sides, either left or right. Get into a squat position and lean on one of your sides, taking support from the same side hand and leg. Stretch the other leg so that you can easily place your foot on the wheel. While leaning on your side, slowly roll the ball outwards with your foot so that your leg is entirely stretched. Repeat as many times as you easily can. Do the same exercise for the other leg.

What Is The Best Exercise To Do With A Yoga Wheel

The number of exercises you can do with a yoga wheel is virtually limitless.

However, due to their round shape, yoga wheels are mainly used for stretching exercises, with the most common being yoga backbends.

Yoga wheels can also be used for performing a wall stand or handstand, and performing knee tucks when used in combination with a plank.

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The Best Pose To Try With A Yoga Wheel:

With the wheel on the ground, lay on top of it with the wheel positioned somewhere around the middle of your back. Start by moving the body back and forth in a slow and steady manner. Stretch your arms above the head and try not to move your feet as you do so.

It will help massage the back and help open up the front side of the body. The wheel helps with the flexibility and stretching exercises as well where it can be used as a pulley to haul you in and out of your poses.

Heres a Video Tutorial I found on the Youtube:

Wheel Assisted Crow Pose

3 Ways to Use a Yoga Wheel â YOGABYCANDACE

By using the yoga wheel you are ought to feel more pressure in the upper body while doing the crow pose. This time, you will place the wheel so that the brim is resting on the floor. Place both hands on the opposite sides, your body tilting forward, and bend the arms in elbows. Anatomical focus is on your arms and shoulders, so you want to make sure to find integrity in that area. Widen your knees and draw the navel in, towards the spine. As you lean in forward, walk ahead, while keeping your neck nice and long. Search the place where the knee meets the arm. Sway forward and backward until you find the right spot. Gaze forward to gain more stability and avoid falling out of the posture. Lift your right leg and place it in the elbow crease, or the upper arm. Bring the left leg to the other arm and lean forward, putting your body weight on the arms. A fun fact, the secret of performing Kakasana lies in the mental, rather than the physical body.

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Supta Baddha Konasana Reclined Butterfly Pose

Yoga wheels are great props to help relieve upper back tension. In supported reclined butterfly, you can stretch out your upper back and inner thighs at the same time.

Start in a comfortable seat on your mat. Set the yoga wheel behind you so it is aligned with your spine. Touch the soles of your feet together so your legs make a diamond or butterfly shape.

Place your hands on your thighs with your palms facing up. On an exhale, lean back onto the yoga wheel. Allow your upper back and neck to relax onto the yoga wheel. The yoga wheel will support your spine and deepen the relaxation. Sink into the pose and feel a nice stretch in your inner thighs.

Hold the pose for ten breaths. Take a deep inhale and slowly come back to a seated position.

Yoga Wheel Pose Guide: 7 Easy Exercises For Beginners

7 Easy Yoga Wheel Exercises for Beginners

As far as new yoga props go, the yoga wheel is definitely getting the most attention. Well-known yogis are bending over backwards, filling our feeds with promotional photos, and as always, they make using props, like the yoga wheel, look effortless and graceful.

If you have a yoga wheel of your own, it probably came with a simple instructions guide, but after a lot of not-so-zen wobbling, youve realized using it is not as easy as it seems. Your once relaxing practice has suddenly turned into a frustrating balancing act.

Here weve put together here a short guide of tips and tricks to help you with your yoga wheel as a beginner.

Below are our 7 easy exercises beginners can do using the yoga wheel to safely stretch, strengthen, and tone your body!

1) Open Shoulders Extended

This is a great beginners stretch and useful for really getting into the back and shoulders.

Many of us spend a lot of time closing our chests and rounding our shoulders. Imagine how your body looks when your driving, sitting at your computer, eating or using your smartphone.

These daily tasks take up so much of our time and attention that we dont realize the the length of time that goes by when we are in these postures. This pose is great for undoing all that built up shoulder and back tension we get throughout our days. This pose will help improve your posture, increase your back flexibility and improve the range of motion in your shoulder joints.

The Steps

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What Is Yoga Wheel How To Use A Yoga Wheel What Are The Benefits

When you walk into a yoga studio, you must have seen it to be adorned with various kinds of props- like mats, straps, blocks etc. But what might be an absolutely new yoga prop to you is the Yoga Wheel.

The yoga wheel is quite a new trend in the yoga world and it is quickly gaining popularity among both seasoned yoga practitioners and beginners too.

Ok, lets answer your queries on by one now. Starting with the first…

How Do You Stretch Your Back With A Yoga Wheel

How To Use Yoga Wheel for Chest and Shoulder Opening | Lydia Lim Yoga

Sit on the floor or a yoga mat and place a yoga wheel behind you. Hold the wheel with one hand as you slowly drape your back body over the prop. Use your legs as a support to roll on your wheel back and forth, massaging the muscles along your spine and releasing tension. Lift your arms overhead for an additional stretch in the shoulders.

Alternatively, hold a static pose if youve found a sweet spot.

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+ Featured Yoga Wheel Video Guides:

The internet is flooded with videos and pictures of how Yoga Wheel can be used to help the beginners be better at yoga. It may look like a costly investment, but the results are truly worth every penny that you would be spending on it.

Here are the 5 most popular Yoga Wheel pose guides you might find useful:

Makes Meditation More Challenging

Using the yoga wheel while meditating can positively impact the experience.

All you have to do is, position your prop behind your shoulder blades as you align your back against the wall. In such a case, your focus will be divided between being mindful while ensuring that you remain seated straight.

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The Best Yoga Wheel Exercises For Beginners

Though theyve been around for years, yoga wheels have recently gained popularity on social media platforms worldwide.

Brand new yoga practitioners and seasoned yogis alike are seeking to learn more about the yoga wheel.

What exactly is the yoga wheel? What can it do for your body? What are some of the best ways to use the wheel?

Lets dive deeper to find out what the yoga wheel is all about and to learn about the top 6 yoga wheel exercises for beginners!

If youre curious : This specific yoga wheel is one of the most popular wheels and its also the one we recommend.

Its an excellent yoga wheel, yet youll also find that it is also one of the least expensive wheels youll find online.

Its available in six different colors , light blue, pink, and purple) and hundreds of positive reviews across from yogis. If you can get it for under $40, grab it.

We think thats a great price for one of the best yoga wheels for beginners. .

Product Name

Stretch And Lengthen Full Body

how to use a yoga wheel

The same position featured in number 1 can be the foundation for other uses too. From there, roll the wheel onto the upper spine and then reach the hands up and back to grab onto the wheel behind your head. This is a great way to stretch and open the shoulders, as well as release tension in the head, neck, and upper spine. You can also try a variety of different yoga poses to target specific areas of the body:

Low Lunge with the wheel either beneath the front thigh for a supported hamstring stretch, or supporting the lifted back shin for a quad stretch. Reclining Butterfly Pose is a gentle hip opener, and the effects are amplified using the wheel to experience a nice heart opening backbend. From a seated position, bring the bottoms of your feet to touch. Bring the yoga wheel to your low back and gently recline onto the wheel. Rest your arms down by your side, palms up. Reclining Hero Pose is a deeper way to open the front body, find a backbend, and stretch into the quads, knees, and ankles. Bring your knees hip-width distance apart . Bring your seat down in between your heels as you roll your spine onto the wheel and stretch your arms beyond your head.

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How To Use A Yoga Wheel

Now its time to explain just a few of the many ways to use a yoga wheel. The applications we outline below are an introduction to how to use a yoga wheel for beginners. Master those beginning moves, and then try out our advanced yogi move at the end!

There are three main ways to use a yoga wheel: stretching, strengthening, and balancing.

Double Forearm Balance Or Feathered Peacock Pose

Double Pincha Mayurasana

With a partner, both take hold of a Dharma Yoga Wheel while resting your forearms and knees on the ground. Come up to balance on your forearms, gazing at your hands to keep the balance as you go up. Split your legs with the knees bent, bring your right feet and then your left together. Straighten your bodies as much as possible, even to the point of back bending a little, and gaze up at the ceiling in Forearm Balance. Be sure to let your partner know when you are ready to break the pose. This works best if you and your partner are similar height and body type.

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Low Lunge With Quad Stretch


  • Start in a Low Lunge position with your back knee off the ground and leg extended.
  • Place a yoga wheel between your legs, so it sits in the front of the thigh of your back leg.
  • Lean onto the yoga wheel with your thigh, and start to slowly lift your back foot off the ground.
  • If you’re feeling stable and in control, bend the back knee and grab it with your hand.
  • Slowly lift your torso and hand up to the sky.

How Long:

  • Hold for 5-10 full breaths. Switch sides.

It Will Make You Stronger

How To Use Yoga Wheel To Improve Spinal Flexibility | Lydia Lim Yoga

Relying on a yoga wheel is one of the best ways to strengthen your core – spinach who?

‘Alone, some people can feel off balance or unstable, but the yoga wheel can act like a support system’, explains Peter.

‘Having the yoga wheel behind your back will help you feel much more confident to do more with your back, and so eventually, you will feel much stronger as a result.’

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Wheel Assisted Bridge On The Head

Come onto your knees, hip-width distance apart, and place the wheel behind your back, in between your feet. Support the roller with the lateral part of your feet. Use your hands to stabilize the roller as you sit and lean back. Exhaling, roll your spine over the wheel, pushing the shinbones against the floor. As you lower your head on the floor, make sure your chin is safely tucked before the upper part of your skull touches the mat. Arms are over the head, as you work on bringing the elbows closer together. Your aim here is to deepen the stretch in the hip flexors, as well as the upper and lower back while grabbing the roller firmly with both hands. Bear in mind that the best yoga wheels for the backbends are 12 inches high and about 5 inches wide. It is important to get out of the posture by bringing your hands to the soles of the feet, as you prepare to propel yourself and sit back up. Don’t make hasty movements when getting out of the back-bends, and always release the pressure on the spine by taking the child’s pose.

The First Four Weeks Are Designed To Teach You The Foundation Of A Strong Yoga Practice And Of Course Start To Shape Long Lean Muscles While Having Fun Both Beginners And Advanced Yoga Students Can And Will Benefit From This Unique Set Of Sequences You Will Learn How To Execute Proper Form And Build A Strong Mind

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Utthita Ashwa Sanchalanasana Lunge Pose

Take your lunge to the next level with a yoga wheel. A rolling lunge will strengthen your hamstrings, and help stretch your hip flexors.

To do this pose, stand with the yoga wheel behind you. Place the top of your right foot on top of the yoga wheel. Inhale, press your right foot gently into the yoga wheel and roll it back. As you roll, your front knee will bend into a lunge. Exhale and roll the wheel forward. Do this 10 times on each side.

During a rolling lunge, make sure your front leg is stable. Keep your knee directly over your ankle and dont let it fall to the side.

Wheel Assisted Garland Pose

How to Use a Yoga Wheel for Stretching

To get into the garland pose put one leg on the roller, and use both hands to balance before raising the other one. In this pose, feet are adjusted to the shape of the wheel, with toes pointed outward away from each other to help you stay still. Bring your hands from the center to your chest, pressing against the sternum to support the distribution of the breath to the body through the heart. Try to extend the lower back, as you open up your chest by pushing the shoulder blades away from one another. Maintain a fixed stare at the motionless object in front of you. Malasana keeps your pelvic region healthy, which makes it one of the most important asanas in prenatal yoga. It will also stretch your groins, hips, ankles, and torso, improving the elimination through the colon and increasing the blood flow in the body.

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