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How To Tie A Yoga Mat Strap

Buying Guide For Best Yoga Mat Bags

How to Tie Yoga Straps

No matter where you are in your yoga practice, carrying your yoga mat to and from class shouldnt be a balancing act. Rolled up yoga mats unfurl easily and are bulky to carry, especially when you have other yoga gear to tote. The last thing you want to do is arrive to a vinyasa or power yoga class with your arms already tired!

Yoga mat bags solve these and other issues in a number of ways. Minimalist strap-style carriers keep a rolled up mat contained in a sling over your shoulder. Duffel-style yoga mat bags hold your clothes and personal items as well as your mat. Some sling-style bags hold the mat vertically over your shoulder and protect it from the elements, while other styles attach the mat to the outside of the bag, either horizontally or on the side.

There are a plethora of great yoga mat bags on the market, and were here to guide you to one that checks all your boxes. For in-depth information on the various styles and features of yoga mat bags, including a peek at our favorites, just keep reading.


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Yogiiitote Yoga Mat Bag

YogiiiTote has 3 bags in its line of offerings. Theres the YogiiiTotePRO, the YogiiiToteGO, and plain and simple YogiiiTote. Were talking about the regular YogiiiTote here. Most mats will fit into this bag since its 30 long and 13 wide. The YogiiiTote brand is big on simplicity and this bag delivers if thats the goal. Its relatively nice in its design with no buckles or fasteners.

1/2 mats fit best in the bag while thicker ones will work but the fit will be noticeably tighter. It does contain 2 pockets. A larger one for things like water bottle, towel and/or sandals, and a smaller zippered pocket for keys/wallet/phone. The other excellent thing about this bag is that because of its design, it wouldnt be out of place while being used for grocery shopping or a trip to the beach! And, in case it matters to you, this bag has about the highest rating by a high number of users on Amazon that weve seen.

The Top Of The Carry Case Can Be Made With A Tie

On another note, the cover bag can be made without a tie-string, especially if the bag is as narrow as mine here 38 cm diameter :

Prepare a strap of appx 1 metre and think now how you will attach the strap to the bag. It can be sewn directly onto the bag or, like Ive made it here the fancy way, use the belt loops and metal d-rings.

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Yoga Mats Tiffmoo Professional Non Slip Travel Yoga Fitness Exercise Mat With Carrying Strap For Women Men Home Gym Workout Pilates Floor Exercises

$ as of September 3, 2021 8:26 pm


  • Premium Eco-friendly Yoga MatMade of upgraded high-quality TPE material and exquisite craftsmanship, this yoga mat is more environmentally friendly, comfortable, sturdy, wear-resistant and durable than traditional PVC, NBR and EVA yoga mat.
  • Comfortable & Skin-friendlyThis fitness yoga mat is designed with a thickness of 6 mm, which is comfortable and skin-friendly, ensuring the best level of cushioning and protection for the joints and knees, allowing you to hold the floor to maintain balance and provide you with the most comfortable experience.
  • Professional Non-slip Exercise MatsOur yoga mat adopts double-sided sticky non-slip texture design, can provide excellent traction and grip, with excellent anti-slip performance, can be easily used on wooden floors, tile floors, and cement floors.
  • MultifunctionalThis large and thick yoga mat is the first choice for women and men for yoga and Pilates training. It is very suitable for homes and gyms for various yoga exercises, fitness, ground sports, etc. It can also be used as a rest mat for outing leisure training, which is very humane and practical.
  • Lightweight & Portable The travel yoga mat size: 6 × 2.2× 0.02 ft, which is very lightweight. It can be foldable and rolled up for storage, and it is equipped with a carry strap, which makes it easy to carry. It is an ideal fitness product for home, gym, travel and fitness exercise.

as of September 3, 2021 8:26 pm


How To Tie It For Baddhakonasana

1Pc Portable Yoga Mat Binding Belt Tie Adjustable Fixed ...

You can also tie your yoga strap and use it for a bound angle pose. If you have tight hips, then doing this posture can be quite difficult with the help of a yoga strap. That doesnt mean you shouldnt try thanks to yoga straps, you can now achieve the perfect pose with its help.

Sit with a straight back and extend your legs properly. Now, pull your heels towards the pelvis and put pressure on the soles of the feet. Now use the strap around the bottom side of your feet, and wrap the strap around your body. Can you feel it now? Tighten the strap according to comfort.

This would help you immensely by helping you achieve optimum flexibility. Trust us, you would never regret buying a good yoga strap.

You can, of course, try it for other poses as instructed by your trainer.

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Cut Off Any Excess Rope

Cut off any additional rope to create a tassel. You can add beads or anything else youd like here to beautify it.

When youre finished, pull your strap through the d-loop rings to create hoops. Place your mat through those hops and youve got yourself a yoga mat strap!

This one is a bit time consuming, but worth every second. Find a podcast or show you like and bang it out.

It takes me back to my teen years when I would make and sell friendship bracelets. I definitely used a similar knot, too. After the first two knots, muscle memory kicks in and its like you never took a break from it, surprisingly.

The process is also relaxing, so you can expect a few more macrame projects from me.

Let me know what you think. Id love to see your yoga mat strap when you try it!

Happy crafting!

Yoga Mat Bags Add Another Layer Of Convenience

Yoga mat bags obviously arent as simple as yoga mat straps, but they arent meant to be. That said, functionality-wise, they are rather easy. You simply roll up your mat and place it inside, and voila! However, there are other functionalities that bags offer that you may or may not find necessary.

For example:

Most yoga mat bags will include at least one pocket.

Those with biodegradable mats will appreciate investing in a yoga mat bag rather than a strap because it will protect the mat from dust, dirt, and any other element that might hurt the mat in the long run.

Some popular yoga mat bags on the market include:

There are also Journey yoga mat bags that resemble small-sized travel duffle bags. Of course, you can always use a duffle bag with wheels and the whole-nine-yards if thats what you are looking for!

These bags are roomy, durable, lightweight, and most importantly, easy to use. They also seem to last longer than yoga mat straps, but not everyone needs all that added material just to carry their yoga mat.

The bottom line is that no matter what your needs are, there are different things you can do to make your travels to and from the yoga studio a lot easier.

Keep your yoga sessions simple and relaxing with one of the above-mentioned methods for traveling with a yoga mat.

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Yoga Mat Carrying Belt

For those of you who want the most durable solution, which is also elastic and comfortable, this yoga strap holder is the perfect answer. It comes in a variety of colors, making it suitable for different users and their unique personalities.

The best things are its strength and not-to-forget elasticity. Both these qualities make the product a two-in-one solution for your yoga journey. First, you can use it to carry your yoga mat from home to the studio. Secondly, you can use it to support your yoga stretches.This easy-to-wash strap is going to stay with you for years.

If you yoga bags to carry your mats then must go for designer yoga mat bag that looks stylish & fashionable and protect your mat from outside dust

Roll The Basket Onto The Runner

How to DIY a Yoga Mat Strap

Roll the basket on to the runner with the open end first. You want to bring it up t the back of the seat and stop.Next, mark this spot on the outside edge of the runner and drill through both the runnerâs outer edge and the basket runner inside. The hole should be able to easily accommodate the wire-lock pin, which will hold the basket in place while riding in this position.Once the holes are drilled, slide in the wire-lock pins and give the basket a shake.Hopefully you just said âthat ainât goinâ nowheres.â Out loud. To nobody.

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Clever Yoga Mat Strap Sling Adjustable Made With The Best Durable Cotton

$ as of September 3, 2021 8:26 pm


  • Comfortable, Simple and Secure: Our thick 100% cotton yoga mat strap is a simple and convenient way to carry your yoga mat. Loops at both ends can be adjusted and tightened to securely fit over any size mat.
  • Two lengths available: For standard size yoga mats our 66 regular length strap will be perfect. If you want to carry two mats or have an extra thick mat then try the 85 length. The longer strap is also great for taller yogis or if you want to carry the mat across your body rather than just over your shoulder.
  • Multi-purpose: If you want to travel light then our mat strap can also be used during your practice as a yoga strap for stretching or supporting you in poses.
  • Easy to care for: Made from thick 100% cotton material, our mat straps are machine washable and dryable. Make sure the strap is fully dry before packing away.
  • Order risk free: We want you to love your products and we only want to bring you the best, to support your yoga journey. If you decide youre not 100% happy with your purchase, let us know and well replace it or give you a full refund. Namaste

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Whats Your Preferred Way Of Commuting To A Yoga Studio Bike Public Transport

All backpacks are awesome because you can take them on a bike with you .

Thereâs one catch, though your yoga mat.

You will probably prefer to feel a bit more balanced when cycling, especially if youâre carrying a bulky yoga mat .

So getting a backpack where you strap your yoga mat vertically to one side is probably not a good idea. I suggest choosing between a yoga bag where you can attach your mat horizontally or place a yoga mat vertically in the center of the backpack. This will balance the weight across your both shoulders.

Now if youâre generally commuting by public transport, it can get a bit tricky. Carrying a yoga mat horizontally is undoubtedly comfortable, but it can turn you into a jerk who trips over everyone and everything that stands in the way. Iâm not even mentioning the fact that if you have an extra-long mat, it is super annoying to get into a doorway with your backpack on.

Thereâs nothing you can do about it except turning a blind eye and enjoying the comfort of your new yoga backpack.

Also, donât forget about the factor of weather-resistance. If youâre cycling most of the time, make sure to choose a waterproof backpack thatâll keep your laptop and clothes dry and safe.

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Create The Macrame Knots

I cut a smaller version of the ropes you just cut to show you how to make the knots.

  • Take the end of the left piece and lay it over the middle two, but under the last one
  • Take the 4th piece on the far right and lay it over the end of the first piece and take it under the middle two. Then through the loop created by the first piece of rope.
  • Pull them tight to create the knot.
  • Continue this process of creating knots until you get to a length that works for you and your mat. This will depend on your hight and the thickness of your yoga mat.
  • The knots will create a design that twists like in the image above.

    Best Yoga Mat Strap Holder India 2021


    5 best yoga mat strap holder India 2021

    You cant confine your yogic lifestyle to your home or studio! You know it, and you also know that you cant afford to take your yoga mat everywhere you go without a convenient yoga mat carrying strap. Its a must especially when you crave beautiful sights as your yoga ambiance.

    But if your yoga mat only travels between your home and studio five times a week, you may have concerns about the purchase. Investing in a yoga mat carrying strap is far from a mindless purchase decision.

    For once, it makes the thought of carrying a yoga mat out of your door bearable.

    Secondly, it keeps your mat aired. Now, you can enjoy the fragrant feel of yoga without fighting your mats odor.And then, dont forget the support it can give you in your yoga postures if youve got the right product. But make sure that its sturdy as well as durable.

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    Carry Your Mat With Ease

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    Our editors independently research, test, and recommend the bestproducts youcan learn more about ourreview process here.We may receive commissions on purchases made from our chosen links.

    If you love to bring your own straps, blocks, and towels to yogain addition to your own matthis backpack provides a lot more space than a typical carrier. Eight inches tall and 14 inches wide, the vegan-friendly backpack will fit all of your yoga essentials, plus a change of clothes and toiletries.

    The carrier strap hooked to the bottom of the backpack will easily transport both larger and thinner yoga mats. Choose between four colorful and unique designs that’ll stand out from the crowd.

    Yogis can feel good about this backpack because, with every purchase made, the manufacturer will donate $1 to organizations that are helping end slavery and sex trafficking worldwide.

    Two Common Yoga Mat Strap Carrying Methods

    Yoga mat straps are incredibly useful. Not only do they help transport your yoga mat effortlessly wherever you need to go, but they can even be used in specific poses to increase flexibility.

    There are a few different yoga mat straps on the market, and its good to be aware of what is out there. However, it is relatively easy for someone to make their own yoga mat strap for a fraction of the price. Below are two methods in particular that only require a few feet of fabric and a couple of D-rings to get the job done.

    Method 1:

    This method is by far the easiest way to wrap up your yoga mat quickly and with minimal effort. It simply wraps around each end of the yoga mat to turn it into almost a messenger bag of sorts.

    Below are step-by-step instructions to make this type of yoga strap:

    • Lay the strap with both D-rings sitting on top of the yoga mat and the end of the strap wrapped around the bottom.
    • Take the end of the strap through both D-rings.
    • Then fold one D-ring back and feed the strap through the D-ring.
    • Take the rest of the strap and wrap it around the other end of the yoga mat.
    • Simply tie a knot with the remainder of the strap.
    • If done correctly, you can adjust the tightness of the strap with this end too.

    Method 2:

    Sure, it might take you a little longer to get the mat into the strap each time, but it allows you to carry the mat like a backpack without the hassle of losing the mat.

    Below are step-by-step instructions to make this type of yoga strap:

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    How To Use A Yoga Strap: 18 Yoga Strap Stretches For Beginners

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    • Pin

    You might have seen yoga straps at your local yoga studio next to the yoga blocks and cushions and wondered what you need them for. Yoga straps are an excellent tool to make stretches safer and more accessible and can be super handy as a beginner. I personally always practice with a yoga strap to advance my practice and make it more enjoyable. But what exactly is a yoga strap good for?

    S On How To Tie A Yoga Strap To Avoid Slouching

    yoga strap tutorial

    The details below are a step-by-step guide that will walk you through how to tie a yoga strap and use the upper body strap-base technique to avoid slouching.

  • You need to take a long strap. For women, you can wrap it around your bra line. For men, you can wrap the strap at the base tip of your shoulder blades. Pull the extra length in front of you, make sure both ends are even.
  • Holding each end with each hand, throw the left end over your left shoulder and throw the right end over your right shoulder.
  • The two ends of the strap should be hanging freely on your back. Now with your right hand, pull the left end of the strap across your back through the right side of your bra line. With your left hand, pull the right end of the strap across your back through the left side of your bra line. The strap on your back should resemble and x figure. Tug both sides so that you can feel your head and shoulder rollback.
  • Bring the excess strap back to the front. Secure the rest of the strap by buckling it at your breastbone. Again, you need to tighten it. Make sure that you are still comfortable with how tight the straps are.
  • These benefits of doing the upper body strap-base include relief of back pain, it opens the chest and shoulders, and of course, it improves posture. If you wish to do the rest of the asana, you can refer to online tutorials for tips on how to tie a yoga strap and to properly execute the poses.

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