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How To Teach Yoga To Kids

Teach That There Is A Pose For Most Things In This World

Yoga Techniques : How to Teach Kids Yoga

Once you have taught the kids the story of the yogis and yoga, it becomes easier to explain that there is a pose for almost everything in the world and that is why yoga has poses with obvious sounding names.;

You will need to expose the kids to some of these names but simplify them, so that they become child-friendly. The funnier the names are, the easier it will be for most kids to get on board. Of course, as the kids get older, you can start teaching them the other more grown-up names for the poses.;

How To Start Teaching Yoga In Schools

Yoga doesnt have rules but there are a few things to keep in mind when teaching kids yoga in school. The first step is to find a school to teach at.;

If you are a teacher you can start by writing a program proposal for the school. This plan may include:

  • Time and date of classes
  • A sample yoga lesson plan
  • Content for the class
  • Theme, games and yoga poses for kids
  • Number of participants
  • A supply list for the class

And last but not least, make sure to discuss all the endless benefits kids can experience from yoga in the classroom. This will help the school director better understand why to hire you for the job.

How To Teach Yoga For Kids With Disabilities

Teaching kids with disabilities requires patience and understanding of their circumstances and abilities. You might even consider teaching chair yoga as all kids seem to love this. In fact, there are many fun chair yoga poses you can teach!;

Remember: Yoga is for everyone and everyone is welcome in a yoga class. Learning how to teach yoga for kids with special needs not only will broaden your market outreach but also teach you a thing or two about becoming the best yoga teacher that you can..

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Find An Amazing Instructor

Find a teacher who understands you, who helps you grow, and facilitates a sense of calm and wellbeing.

If you want to be able to impart this feeling of inspiration on others its imperative that you understand what it feels like as a student.

If you want to be a teacher who inspires others, try to find someone who can demonstrate that inspiration to you on a daily or weekly basis.

Healing Resilience And Personal Power: Trauma Informed Teaching

One of the most important things in kids yoga teacher ...

While our entire training is trauma informed, in this advanced workshop youll gain a greater understanding of the physiological and neurological effects of trauma, the relationship between trauma and behavior, and learn how yoga and mindfulness practices can support healing and boost protective factors.

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What Are The Best Yoga Books For Kids

Mindfulness is a buzzword and theres a good reason for it. Mindfulness has proven to be beneficial for people from all walks of life and movement is one of the best ways to practice mindfulness! A good way to incorporate mindfulness into a youth class is by storytelling. For example, reading books about mindfulness can help the kids relax and move into a peaceful state. To get started, here are some of the best books on mindfulness for kids.

How To Plan A Kids Yoga Class How To Create A Kids Yoga Class Plan

With yoga for kids, theres only one rule: you gotta make it fun!;

We know we said that childrens yoga classes are different from adult yoga classes, but they are the same in the fact that they all need some sort of structure. So, start with a fun activity or yoga games for kids, and then add in a breathing exercise to set the tone.;

Make sure you have your yoga poses chosen and always, always, always end with savasana!

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Start Small And Have Fun

There is no need to start with an hour-long practice. If your kids only want to practice with you for five minutes, thats five minutes of amazing yoga time they get to spend with you!;Have fun with your practice! Chances are that your kids will have fun practicing yoga anyway but, if you need to, create yoga games, songs, and stories for your kids to practice as well! There are also tons of great yoga videos for kids!;If you arent sure where to start, check out these 18 free kids yoga YouTube channels!;

What Makes The Young Yoga Masters Training Special

How to Teach Yoga Poses to Kids: Kids Yoga Lesson Planning 101: Part 5

You are in the right place if you want:

Not sure what kind of Kids Yoga Training you need?; Read the Young Yoga Masters Guide to Kids Yoga Teacher Training at the end of the page. Jump to The Guide to Childrens Yoga Teacher Training.; Want to stay connected with your fellow kids yoga teachers from your training and your trainer?; Upon completion, you can join our exclusive Facebook Group.

If its time for you to achieve your goals of teaching Yoga and Mindfulness to children in the classroom, living room, or as a part-time or full-time career, Young Yoga Masters can give you the skill and Certification you need.

The Young Yoga Masters program gives you experience and confidence with each Certificate, so you can go out and teach even after one module. One graduate told us:

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Children Want To Laugh And Play

According to Steve Gross M.S.W., the Founder of Life Is Good Playmakers, playfulness is a superpower. In his TEDx Talk at UMass Amherst, he makes a case for play as incredibly imaginative learning. He shares, allow anything to rob you of an opportunity to engage, to connect, and to explore…thats the magic of playfulness.

If youre playing and engaging with your students, young or old, youre bound to have fun, and if youre having fun, Im willing to bet your students are too. Its a feedback loop of powerful positivity!

So teachers, I say unto you, HAVE FUN.

Benefits Of Childrens Yoga:

  • Builds their confidence and self-esteem.
  • Improves their powers of concentration and focus.
  • Develops their brain and intellect.
  • Excellent for their bodies and health. Promotes balance, flexibility, coordination and strength.
  • Helps them cope with stress and difficult emotions.
  • Develops their creativity and imagination.
  • Sharpens and expands their awareness.
  • Helps them develop calmness.
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    Learn More About Pretzel Kids Yoga On The Radio

    Perhaps the best way to learn about Pretzel Kids yoga is to hear it for yourself. Pretzel Kids Founder Robyn Parets was recently a guest on the radio show Radio Entrepreneur. Here she discusses the importance of mindfulness for kids and how Pretzel Kids yoga is making kids yoga classes accessible.;

    To learn more, watch the Radio Entrepreneur interview at the top of this post.;

    Explain The Physical Fitness And Health Benefits


    Most kids of school-going age are already learning that it is good to be healthy and active. You can explain to children that;yoga is just like other games that are great for fitness, such as soccer, basketball, baseball, and so on.;

    When kids start to see yoga as a game or kiddies workout, they will usually show some interest in learning more. The fact that it seems to be a team sport for small kids as it is practiced in a group is also good. Children want to belong and will be keen to get involved in what other children are doing.;

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    Understand Early Childhood Development

    According to Flower Yoga founder Tara Rachel Jones, author of Its Time for Yoga, in early childhood, children experience the world as a one big sense organ. That means their entire body receives input from the world around them like a porous sponge. Finger-play is a tool for toddlers and preschoolers to experience a mind-body connection. The use of the fingers, toes, and skin is important because they contain neural-receptors. Tara Rachel contends, A Finger-play is a gateway for the developing child that interconnects Head, Heart and Hands. Head: through rhythmic and imaginative language; Heart and Hands: it creates a 3 dimensional gesture that guides the articulation of the hand as a gentle helper of the heart. Furthermore, from a yogic perspective, Finger-plays are wonderful and age-appropriate precursor to a future Mudra practice .

    Tip : Connect With Parents

    If you notice a child doesnt want to participate or enjoys a particular activity, share it with their parents! At the end of the day, yoga is fun but also an educational experience. This is the time to plant healthy habits for the young generation.;

    In addition, by connecting with parents and guardians, you earn their trust, respect and who knows maybe those adults will also become your private yoga clients!;

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    Chair Yoga For Children And Adolescents

    Chair yoga reduces barriers to participation and creates a more accessible practice for students. Its an ideal style of yoga for children to practice in school without the need for mats or open space, which are often in short supply, and it is useful for healthcare professionals and others who would like to incorporate practice in short increments during other services.

    Keep Your Rules At All Cost

    How to Teach Children Yoga – Health & Fitness – ModernMom

    Give them freedom, but always within safe boundaries. If you dont keep your own rules, there are no rules. But dont have too many rules, because they are hard to keep in a kids class, but do keep ONE rule: RESPECT.

    This means mutual respect. If you respect the kids they will respect you, if you listen to them they will listen to you, if you let them lead they will let you be the leader too etc.

    Tip: DONT TALK TO THE WALLS! Never ever give instructions when no one is listening. Always first gather the kids attention and only then give instruction.

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    Teaching Kids Yoga Course Bonuses9 Lectures 2min

    • Lesson Planning Guide and Course Bonus MaterialsPreview01:11
    • Kids Yoga Lesson Planning Template00:04
    • Summer Kids Yoga Lesson Plan00:05
    • Springtime Transformation Kids Yoga Lesson Plan00:12
    • Winter Kids Yoga Lesson Plan00:05
    • Let’s Go Camping Kids Yoga Lesson Plan00:04
    • Recommended Kids Yoga Resources Complete List00:06

    Childrens Yoga Teacher Training Online

    As Ive mentioned in my other posts, online is a great forum to get your yoga teacher certificate. Many of them contain interactive components and have live support from the instructor.

    The self-paced learning format works great for some people. You will be taking in a lot of information, so being able to go back and review certain things could definitely be a benefit.

    The length of the online trainings can vary. Some of them work like an immersion and include the 95-hour minimum. But, some are more in-depth and include the full 200-hours needed for yoga teacher certification.

    Many people considering a specialized training might already be working with kids, which makes a flexible program perfect. Even before you complete the training, you can start to apply some of the techniques that you learn.

    Teaching yoga to children may seem challenging at first, but it is just taking a different approach than you might take in a regular yoga studio. But its a wise professional move as a yoga instructor as research continues to show its positive impact on child development. Parents, educators, and social workers alike will be searching for childrens yoga classes and mindfulness for children. Not only that, but school teachers will also be expected to learn certain yoga and meditation practices that they can bring to their classroom and lesson plans.

    Plus, its also just a lot of fun.

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    It Is Always More Fun To Do Yoga Together

    Bring people together through partner and group poses, games, massage etc. It is such a HUGE added value to just doing yoga poses. Another tip: Always practice in a CIRCLE. Why?

    In a circle there is no first or second, we are all on the same level as opposed to teacher against the students as in a regular class setting. In a circle, everyone can see everyone and everyone can be seen by everyone it is a community!

    Designing A Mindfulness And Yoga Based Curriculum

    The Mindful Kiddo way of teaching Yoga to kids at home.

    Develop a customized yoga and mindfulness curriculum that meets the needs of your students.;Learn to assess need, create structures that support learning, embed key questions and learning elements into lessons, make deliberate choices about activities, and evaluate student progress as you go.

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    Kids Yoga Teacher Certificates

    Young Yoga Masters, a Yoga Alliance Registered Childrens Yoga School, offers a flexible training where you receive a Certificate for each training module you complete.; You can take any training module in any order except for the Level 2 Mastermind Module .;; You can also take Modules at any location .

    Each Certificate covers important aspects of teaching yoga to children to prepare you to be a confident teacher. Youll discover effective ways to teach yoga to children .

    Get Your Kids Yoga Teacher Training

    The Kids Yoga Teacher Certification is offered to you in Modules. You will receive a Certificate from Young Yoga Masters for the hours of each Module you complete.; You may take as many Modules of training as you wish and start teaching!

    Each hour of this training also counts towards your 95 Hour Childrens Yoga Teacher Certificate with Young Yoga Masters Yoga Alliance Registered Childrens Yoga School*.; When you complete all Modules you also receive your 95 Hour Certificate.

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    Pick A Theme That You Can Stretch Out To Fit Several Classes With Booksgames And Activities

    Choose something that you are interested in, so you can let your passion shine through!

    Themes help keep kids engaged because its often something they can relate to and feel connected to.; They contribute and have good ideas when they know the topic, too!;

    Themes also help ME when I teach because I remember the plotline of the story better, or I just generally stay on task better.; #winning

    Tips On How To Teach Yoga For Kids

    How to Teach Yoga to Kids Using Picture Books

    There is only one rule in yoga for kids and we found what it is. Rule number one is that you gotta have fun!

    Doing yoga with kids is nothing like traditional yoga classes and you need to prepare yourself for this! To help you out, we created a full list with everything you need to know in order to plan and be the best kids yoga teacher out there!;

    Here are our top 6 tips on how to teach yoga for kids.

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    Tips To Help Teach Children Yoga:

    The most important things to remember with kids yoga is to keep it fun, keep it open and keep it simple.; Below you will find a collection of kids yoga poses, demonstrated by my son Shivum when he was about four and a half.; The poses are for you to use in designing your yoga sets for the children.

    There are many fun ways to encourage the children to learn and do yoga and here a few ideas for doing this.; Let your creative juices flow, I am certain many more good ideas will come to you as well.

    • Imaginative stories are some of the best ways to teach yoga to kids.; A trip through the jungle, etc, are a perfect way to incorporate doing the poses as you journey onwards.; Do cobra, bear, tree mountain, etc, as you come across these in your story.
    • Follow the leader is another great way to get kids to be creative and do the yoga poses.; You can lead and do your favorite poses, and then the kids can lead turn by turn doing theirs.
    • Yoga shows are great too and kids love nothing more than having your attention as they can put on a show of all the yoga they have learned.

    At What Age Can You Become A Yoga Teacher

    Generally youll need to be 16 before you can become a yoga teacher, although some courses will allow those under the age of 18 to enroll with parental permission.

    Luckily, theres no experience level required to become a yoga teacher. In fact, these courses are typically laid out in such a way that anyone can pick it up from scratch. Whether youre a beginner or an experienced yoga-enthusiast, you can get certified in just a few months.

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    Some Needs Are Physical

    Blind kids need more verbal instruction and touch to guide their movements, but they have amazing spatial awareness and can do absolutely anythingeven partner poses and acrobatics! Youll physically help them into poses at first, but after a few times, theyll remember how to do it on their own.

    Deaf kids need to see you all the time so they can read your lips and imitate your movements. Talk less and demonstrate more here. If you can speak in sign language, this helps immensely.

    With kids on wheelchairs, you can do chair yoga, or even take them off the wheelchair to move them into poses while they are on the floor.

    Bedridden children can do a lot of yoga in bed. If they cant move much, they can practice breathing exercises. If thats too challenging, you can help them with guided imagery or maybe even massage. If this is too much, you can just hold their hand and share your energy.

    There is always a way to do yoga!


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