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How To Teach Yoga In The Park

We Completed A Fantastic Hybrid Training In June 2021 Students Learned In Person Live On Zoom And By Watching Recordings Stay Tuned For Info On My Next Training

Who is this for?At the end of this course, you will be able to:

  • Teach 5 to 45 minute guided, conscious relaxation practices to anyone, in person and online
  • Write effective teaching scripts
  • Explain the many benefits of yoga nidra
  • Develop your own transformative personal practice?
  • Empower others to practice on their own

What you get

  • An affordable, practical, accessible training
  • 30 minutes of private consultation
  • 50 page teacher training manual
  • Yoga nidra scripts you can teach from
  • Education in five different systems of yoga nidra including iRest, Himalayan, Bihar, Total Yoga Nidra, Trauma-informed nidra
  • Private access to a supportive Facebook group
  • Private access to a webpage filled with references and videos
  • Monthly private Zoom support meetings 
  • Ample teaching practice in a safe, online environment
  • Comprehensive resource list
  • 25 hour Certificate of Completion, good for CEU for Yoga Alliance and other institutions. Check your institution for details.? Additional fee applies.?

Course Hours

  • 17 hours in person and/or via Zoom, live or recorded
  • 30 minutes online or phone private consultation by June 30, 2021
  • 7.5 hours offline homework?
  • Practice several systems of yoga nidra.  
  • Purchase and read four books on yoga nidra.
  • Prepare a place where you can lay down or sit comfortably.
  • Be prepared to journal by hand.
  • Yoga mats, clothes, and props not required.

New Yoga Teachers This Checklist Is Your Friend Find Your Nicheby Thinking Beyond The Studioand Begin Planning To Build Your Classes

If you?’re like many new instructors, you decided to teach yoga because you love the practice and want to share it with others. However, you may finish a yoga teacher training having an in-depth knowledge of teaching but very little knowledge about where to begin to build your yoga business. Even the best teacher-training program can’?t give you one of the most important elements?—students. So here’?s a checklist of ideas to help you plan, start, and build your yoga classes.

Problem: Youre Teaching In A Public Place So There Are Lots Of People And Other Distractions Around

A group of people walk by, fixing their gaze on the people practising yoga in the park, exchanging comments. A dog chases a ball and runs at speed right through the middle of your group. Kids shout nearby. Clouds roll over, or a breeze starts to blow. 

Outdoor yoga can be a beautiful experience, surrounded by nature — but it can be fraught with distractions too. 

Advanced Paddle Canada Flat Water Sup Instructor Training @ Barnet Beach Marine Park

This course will be led by Kristy Wright Schell of Stand Up Paddle Vancouver. Kristy brings a wealth of teaching, coaching, and stand-up paddleboarding experience to each instructor course she delivers. Through starting and operating Stand Up Paddle Vancouver, Kristy has helped thousands discover the joy and fun that comes with challenging your balance and your body. Kristy is a Certified Paddle Canada Instructor Trainer and teaches a comprehensive SUP Yoga and Stand Up Paddleboard Fitness Teacher training.

Assisting Kristy will be Tobey Booker, long time paddler and instructor for Paddle Canada and SUPYoga in White Rock for SUPVancouver.

2021 Dates & Times:

**2 Hours Online + 4 Hours Each Day On Water Check Course Details For Exact Times

7 Tips on How to Teach Yoga in the Park (Plus Pros and Cons)



Liquid Yoga classes are NOW being offered at the Westin Bayshore Hotel in Vancouver – in the INDOOR Pool on Aquamats. Saturday mornings at 8AM

Combining breath with movement you’re sure to find moments of fun, laughter and focus while moving with the water on your board.


Vancouver, BC – with Kristy Wright Schell & Emma Colling at The Westin Bayshore

INSTRUCTOR TRAININGMay 9-11 @ Westin Bayshore INDOOR/OUTDOOR POOL learn to take what you teach on land to the water!!!  Join Kristy Wright Schell for a 2 hours online/dryland AND 2 days on water Instructor Training designed to share the knowledge of safety, set up and sequencing for POOL based floating classes.___________________________________________________________________________________________________

Yoga In The Park Get Insurance That Covers All Of Your Outdoor Workout Classes

Liability InsuranceWellness & FitnessYoga Insurance

The enticing weather during the spring easily draws people outside. All fitness buffs and yogis are no exception to that. Because of their clients’ desire to train outdoors, many trainers can find the draw of the breezy weather perfect for training. Around this time, the atmosphere outside is perfect for training in large groups for classes like bootcamp, yoga, and pilates. Clients seem to flock to classes that allow them to take advantage of the improved weather. Logically, trainers will plan more outdoor activities during this time to meet their clients’ demands. If a trainer decides to schedule an event for yoga in the park, they need to be insured.

Trainers should be able to have flexibility over their final location for fitness sessions, especially those for large groups. However, with more clients, comes more liability. More liability means coverage is absolutely necessary. Liability without coverage can be harmful to any fitness instructor’s career.

Without insurance, trainers are vulnerable to lawsuits that can arise at any moment during a session because of an injury. Clients can become injured by anything like over extending their  limbs or even falling while holding a position. For these moments, it is essential to obtain trainer insurance since these events involve potentially harmful activities if a workout is done incorrectly.

Parma Heights Resident Teaching Free Yoga In The Park At Greenbrier Commons

Due to rain, Parma Heights’ first free yoga event was moved to the NEO Soccer Field.

John Benson, special to

PARMA HEIGHTS, Ohio — After practicing and teaching yoga for more than a decade around Northeast Ohio, Parma Heights resident Jill Pawloski decided the time was right to spread the health benefits for the body and inner peace, harmony and stress relief for the mind to her own community.

This year, she’s introduced free yoga in the park, taking place the first Saturday of the month now through September at Greenbrier Commons.

“This is the first time outdoor yoga is taking place in Parma Heights,” said Pawloski, 42, who has called Parma Heights home since 2006. “I’ve been here for a long time, and just thought this year, why am I not doing this in my own community?

“Because we don’t have a rec center or any yoga studios, I met with Mayor Byrne and told him this would be great for the city of Parma Heights. There’s really nothing that we have in our community that allows fitness and people to come together. He loved the idea.”

Mayor Michael P. Byrne said the free yoga event — which next takes place with registration opening at 9:30 a.m. and yoga starting at 10 a.m. June 1 at Greenbrier Commons — is a perfect community offering.

“We’re fortunate to have community yoga in the park because Parma Heights resident and yoga instructor Jill Pawloski offered to share her talents in the community in which she lives,” Byrne said.

The Takeaway On How To Open A Yoga Studio And Start A Yoga Business

Opening any new business takes research, planning, investment, and a willingness to take risks. Opening a yoga business and yoga studio is no different.

But with determination, hard work, and the initiative to overcome obstacles, opening the doors to a new community of yogis is immensely rewarding. It’s a business that makes a difference in people’s lives – holding a space to help their mental and physical wellbeing.

Yoga studios create community and a sense of belonging. They become a safe space for people to let go of their daily struggles and open up to the magic of yoga.

Starting a new business is certainly a challenging feat but, with the right intention and dedication, it could be the best decision you’ve ever made.

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Teaching Yoga In Public Spaces: The Power Of An Outdoor Practice

A Post by Leena Miller Cressman

Taking Yoga Outdoors

Practicing and teaching yoga outside is a big highlight of my summer. I love to take my own practice to the park as soon as it gets warm, either by myself or with friends. I love how soft and forgiving the grass is when playing around with new things like arm balances or handstands. I love feeling the breeze on my skin and looking up at the tree tops while I’m in a pose. To me yoga is about relationship and connection, and in practicing yoga outside the feeling of connection to the environment and the world is more palpable and sweetly profound. I’ve been teaching yoga outside for the past few years and I love sharing the practice of awareness, breath and movement with new people.

The democracy and neutrality of public parks

There is something really special about public parks as a site for yoga as well. Parks tend to be welcoming and accessible places. There are far fewer barriers to accessibility in the park: there are no stairs, the classes are free and all levels and ages are welcome. I love seeing people stroll up on foot or ride in on their bike to class coming from work, bringing little ones in their strollers, coming solo or bringing a group of friends. There’s a kind of democracy and neutrality to a public park: it’s a place that we’ve collectively chosen to share, and so having a class in the park helps yoga to be more inviting, and hopefully less intimidating to newcomers.

Hamming it up with cheesy language



Practicing Yoga Outdoors Can Be A Huge Benefit To Your Wellness

As a yogi and Yoga teacher, I want to share a few reasons why it makes sense to do Yoga outside.

  • Yoga is an ancestral practice coming from India, where they mainly practice outdoor at sunrise and sunset. The physiological aspect of this practice has a better impact on our bodies depending on the time of the day. Of course it depends on each person and what your body and mind are up to when practicing at different times of the day. Just go with what feels right to you.
  • I personally love practicing in a park because I’m freer in my movements. I have much more space to explore my easy moves and I feel more connected to myself as I connect with nature.
  • In my opinion, the best place to practice yoga is surrounded by the nature. Why? Because we B.R.E.A.T.H.E, and we breathe better. There is more oxygen and less carbon dioxide than in a closed studio. The air is purer, and our bodies happier. This all what Yoga is about, breathing gently and deeply will get you to explore further than what you would ever imagined.
  • If you can breathe you can do yoga” Krishnamacharya.

  • Practicing yoga outdoors doesn’t cost anything, no need to pay for a studio, or a membership to a gym. If you feel comfortable enough to practice on your own, then find your favourite park, put your mat down and take your time to enjoy a blissful Yoga session.

    Bodywork Studios Complementary/alternative Medicine Offices

    It is not uncommon for alternative medical practitioners, like acupuncturists and chiropractors, to include yoga classes as part of their patient prescriptions. Many hybrid centers now offer treatment, bodywork, and yoga all in one spot.

    Many churches, synagogues, and temples have suitable, low-cost spaces to rent for your own classes.

    Park Yoga Toronto Is Proud To Be Celebrating Its 17th Year

    The first program of its kind in Toronto, Park Yoga began in 2005 and was originally offered only on Saturdays in one location, Riverdale Park. The following year, we offered Sundays, and each year added more classes and locations eventually expanding across the Toronto community. Due to an increase in demand Park Yoga Toronto now takes place every day in the summer from June through to Thanksgiving.

    Classes are all levels and children and pets are welcome. Cost is pay-what-you-can and a portion of the proceeds goes to Nellie’ Shelter for abused women & children.

    Make The Most Of The Sun: Teaching Ideas For Outdoor Yoga

    Yoga in the Park

    It may not be a normal summer, but summer it is all the same. And as we enter into the last few weeks of the sunny season, why not make the most of the time to teach and practice yoga outdoors?

    That being said, outdoor yoga does present a few unique challenges.

    This year, outside classes come with an added benefit — reduced concern about the transmission of Covid-19, because you’re outside in the fresh air with more space to implement good social distancing measures.

    That being said, outdoor yoga does present a few unique challenges. Unless you have access to solid decking in a big private garden, the chances are you’ll be teaching on uneven grassy ground in a park or other public place, with lots of distractions . 

    Here are a few tips to help you and your yogis make the most of the last days of summer. 

    Problem: Holding Space Is Hard When There Arent Any Walls

    This is related to outside distractions, but it goes a little deeper. Part of a yoga teacher’s job is to ‘hold space’; a skill that’s hard to describe, but essentially means creating and maintaining the vibe of the class so students feel calm, focused, supported, and able to connect inwards. Doing that in a big open space, without walls to define the physical edges of the space you’re holding, can be much harder. 

    Reconnect To Nature In The City With Yoga In Central Park

    Awarded Trip Advisor’s CERTIFICATE OF EXCELLENCE the past four years & TRAVELERS’ CHOICE 2020!


    Sat & Sun: 8:00 am, 10:00 am, 12 Noon, 2:00 pm

    Mon, Wed & Fri: 12 Noon & 6:00 pm

    Tue & Thurs: 12 Noon & 6:00 pm


    -All classes end with meditation & final relaxation

    -Reservations are required!

    -No mat rentals: please bring your own yoga mat/ towel, or practice directly on the grass




    -NO MAT RENTALS: please bring your own yoga mat/ towel, or practice directly on the grass

    -The positioning of yoga mats should respect social distancing of 6 feet

    -There will be no hands on adjustments, only vocal cues

    -Masks will not be required during class as long as social distancing is respected. We recommend the use of masks before and after class.



    Unlock tension and relieve stress while building core strength and flexibility. Vinyasa yoga combines breath and flowing movements to cleanse and recharge the body while providing an energizing opportunity to re-connect within. While the class takes a meditative approach, there is still a good amount of movement and some sweat! Emphasis is on breathing and healthy pose alignment with a mindful focus.



    Our talented team has been offering yoga classes in Central Park since 2011. Read about our instructors.


    Free Download: 25 Ways Yoga Teachers Can Earn More Money

    Not many.

    But why does this happen in the yoga world? A world of healing and constant giving…

    The fact of the matter is: after a yoga studio pays rent, heating/cooling bills, teacher wages, etc… there just isn’t enough leftover to pay teachers a livable wage!

    The economics just don’t allow it.

    Prefer videos? Watch 10 way you can make more money as a yoga teacher:

    If teaching at a studio isn’t enough to sustain ourselves as yoga teachers, this makes earning an income as a yoga teacher harder than we thought…

    Are you saying yoga teachers should ditch the studio all together?

    No way!

    Get instant access

    But understand… it’s nearly impossible to earn a sustainable living by ONLY teaching at yoga studios.

    Instead, use yoga studios as a place to hone your skills, build a following, and test out ideas.

    There are 3 potential outcomes for Full-Time Yoga Teachers:

    • Run around teaching 20 classes/week while living on the poverty line
    • Marry a rich spouse who pays all your bills so you can teach yoga for fun
    • Diversify your income by earning money outside the studio

    …#1 and #2 are not ideal or not possible for most people

    Luckily, diversifying your income IS possible for most yoga teachers! And this is the topic we’re discussing today.


  • How To Teach Yoga Outdoors: Everything You Need To Know

    Yoga studio owners and teachers often create the perfect, peaceful atmosphere with aromatic candles, pleasant music, and soft lights within the walls of a yoga studio. But when you can teach yoga outdoors and practice amidst nature, why settle for anything else? 

    So, how do you teach an outdoor yoga class? Preparation is the key to teaching yoga classes outdoors. Make sure you adhere to the following:

    • Ensure the weather is good
    • Find a clear, flat surface without rocks or bumps
    • Make sure everyone has mats with extra padding
    • Bring sunscreen, insect repellant and towels
    • Avoid perfumes
    • Arrive early
    • Bring plenty of water 

    Outdoor yoga classes are usually a hit or miss with the students. But if you prepare properly, your students will likely enjoy the experience even more than normal indoor lessons. And this guide will teach you exactly how to do that. 

    Want To Teach Sup Yoga And On Water Fitness Programs

    In addition to our Paddle Canada course listed above we recommend the below course for those looking to take groups on the water to teach them the art of finding core strength, balance, serenity or just have even more fun on the water with your workout.

    **This course can be taken PRIOR to the above Paddle Canada SUP Instructor Course**

    Create A Retail Product Serving The Yoga Community

    Have you noticed a need that is not being fulfilled in the yoga niche? Or maybe you’re very talented at making jewelry? Either way, creating a physical product is potentially a lucrative endeavor. We’ve seen clothing, yoga props, jewelry, and many more become successful. You can test out how popular your product is on Etsy before investing in your own website.

    Our friend Jessica created a yoga many company called YOGO. They sell the  we love this thing.

    Outdoor Yoga Class Planning: 7 Key Considerations

    Now that the weather is warmer, hosting outdoor yoga classes and events are in high swing for yoga instructors and studio business owners. Even corporate fitness professionals plan to incorporate outdoor classes within their programs this time of year.

    A common benefit of hosting outdoor classes is that doing so can increase or maintain interest and excitement during a time of year when participants are tempted to skip their workout to enjoy the sunshine instead. Additionally, seasonal offerings outdoors help participants stay consistent with their yoga workouts without losing their chance to spend time outside.

    There are important considerations to keep in mind while planning an outdoor class to amplify the success of either a special one-time class or a weekly series.

  • Location Accessibility

    It is important to consider location accessibility during the planning process. Where is the proposed location compared to the facility or studio that students are accustomed to going?

    If participants need to travel too far out of their usual routine to attend the class, it might negatively impact participation. Outdoor classes are most successful when the location is still convenient to the usual demographic area.

  • Alternate Location

    There is always a chance for rain on a date selected for an outdoor class. Prior to scheduling and coordinating the event, communicate a rain date or Plan B indoor option.

  • Want To Visit Our Filming Location In Costa Rica

    2017 Yoga in the Park

    Casa Colorado is the perfect place for a tropical family vacation

    We are really excited to announce that you can rent our filming location in Tamarindo, Costa Rica for your next vacation! We have exclusive discounts specifically for Five Parks Yoga Students when you book Casa Colorado for a one-of-a-kind experience in Costa Rica.

    Pick A Place With Transport Links And/or Parking

    Depending on your target area, consider how clients will get to your yoga studio. You could create the most wonderful space, but if it’s challenging to get to via public transport or if there is nowhere to park, then people won’t bother.

    In a city location, try to find a space within a few minutes walk from a train or subway or make sure it’s on a bus route. If you place yourself outside of a built-up area, check if there’s parking nearby.

    Getting to a yoga class needs to be easy for people. 

    Learn To Create A Website For Your Yoga Business

    • Lake advantage of technology by creating a website
    • Learned how to market themselves online
    • and then went on to diversify their income

    Learning how to make money as a yoga teacher should really be taught in every teacher training program. However, that’s just not the case… which is why Anne and I created The Yoga Nomads ?

    Alright lets dive into how to make money as a yoga teacher.

    Pin me first? Then keep reading!

    Tips For Bringing Your Yoga Practice Outside

    A renowned yoga instructor—and avid outdoorsman—helps you turn the park into your own personal studio.

    Tired of scouring Groupon for yoga classes you can actually afford? Try taking your practice outside. “Indoor yoga is a pretty recent phenomenon,” says Eoin Finn, an internationally renowned yoga instructor who spends up to 15 hours a day outdoors. “Yogis originally did yoga outside in beautiful places.” Not only is limbering up in nature totally free , it’s incredibly revitalizing—and brings you a little closer to the original purpose of yoga: achieving unity. “A yoga studio is such a controlled environment,” says Finn. “But when you do yoga outside, you’re forced to interact with all these other forces—you’re honoring your interconnection with all life.”

    MORE:7 Common Beginner Yoga Fails   Ready to stake out a spot in the park? Follow Finn’s advice for achieving bliss, no matter your surroundings: Seek Some ShadeIn theory, stretching out in a sunny area is invigorating. But in reality? You’ll probably be sweating—and totally miserable—by your second sun salutation. “Direct sunlight gets a little draining since yoga can already be a hot and vigorous practice,” says Finn. He suggests finding a spot with full or partial shade—or simply heading outside during the mildest parts of the day: before 10 a.m. or after 4 p.m.

    Do I Need A Permit To Teach Yoga In The Park

    The idea seems easy enough: You love to teach yoga and you know some folks who want to practice with you. You may not have the money for a studio space, but it’s nice outside, so why not just take your class to the park?

    Unfortunately, it may not be that easy. If the yoga session is free, then you probably don’t have to worry. However, if you’re charging clients for the yoga session, you may need a permit to teach yoga in a public park.

    You Got a Permit for That Pose?

    As Washington D.C. Council member Tommy Wells explained when proposing regulations that would require yoga instructors to apply for permits to teach classes in public parks, there are two ways to look at this: “One way is you’re providing a service. It’s great you are offering something otherwise not being offered for people to get fit and healthy. The other way to look at it is you are making money, and shouldn’t you share some of that revenue with the government?”

    Beyond revenue sharing, cities are also worried about the impact increased traffic and use associated with yoga and other fitness classes could have on a park meant to be shared and enjoyed by an entire city. And D.C. isn’t the only one — Austin, TX, Boulder, CO, and Chicago, IL all require permits for the commercial use of public parkland.

    Legal Yoga Leadership

    If you’ve got questions regarding small business permits, an experienced administrative attorney could help.

    Related Resources:

    Top 10 Questions About Yoga Teacher Training


    Hi, I’m Cindy! I manage One Down Dog’s yoga teacher training program and I’m also one of the trainers! The first thing to know about our training is that it is led by a very close group of friends who will welcome you with open arms.

    Here are the answers to some frequently asked questions about Yoga Teacher Training at One Down Dog in Los Angeles.

    1. Is this training online or in-person?

    The Fall 2021 200-hour training will be a hybrid that combines both formats. We’ll be leading Thursday and Friday evenings live through Zoom from 6 to 9pm, so you can jump right into the training from the comfort of your home without having to travel after a long day. The online platform also provides us with a great space to share videos, worksheets, and more. We’ll meet in person on Saturdays from 9 to 6pm and Sundays from 2 to 6pm at our Eagle Rock studio. We’re switching up the studios to ensure we can lead training in the bigger studio rooms for social distancing.

    2. Do you offer payment plans?

    Absolutely! Once you’ve placed your non-refundable deposit to secure your spot in the training, we can break up your remaining tuition into 3, 6, or 9 monthly installments.

    3. How long is the training?

    We meet two to three long weekends over the course of four and a half months. See the dates >>

    4. Is this training recognized by The Yoga Alliance? Will I qualify to be a Yoga Alliance certified teacher upon graduating?

    7. Do I need to purchase textbooks for the training?


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