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How To Teach A Children’s Yoga Class

Keep Your Rules At All Cost

How to Teach Yoga Poses to Kids: Kids Yoga Lesson Planning 101: Part 5

Give them freedom, but always within safe boundaries. If you dont keep your own rules, there are no rules. But dont have too many rules, because they are hard to keep in a kids class, but do keep ONE rule: RESPECT.

This means mutual respect. If you respect the kids they will respect you, if you listen to them they will listen to you, if you let them lead they will let you be the leader too etc.

Tip: DONT TALK TO THE WALLS! Never ever give instructions when no one is listening. Always first gather the kids attention and only then give instruction.

Teach Them To Breathe

One of the simplest and most powerful practices you can teach your children is breath awareness. Diaphragmatic breathing, the relaxed, deep breathing that activates the diaphragm muscle, is the prerequisite for the subtle practices of the yoga tradition. It activates the parasympathetic nervous system, which induces a state of calm, improves focus, and reduces anxiety.

Pandit Tigunaits son, Ishan, recalls, When I was little, Swami Rama used to call me Mr. Distraction. Id flit around from thing to thing, and I was always on the move. By nighttime I was so exhausted, I couldnt sleep. Tigunait began to teach Ishan diaphragmatic breathing, placing a sandbag on his abdomen and lower ribs and asking him to raise the bag on each inhalation, and lower it on each exhalation.

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What Is The Average Salary For A Children’s Yoga Teacher

The average salary for a childrens yoga instructor is between 17,840 and 66,950. However, very few yoga instructors make the higher end of this salary range.

Very few yoga instructors are charging their hourly rate for a full 40 hours per week. Most often, yoga teachers work part-time between a few different studios, schools, and daycares in order to teach enough classes per week.

As you can see, the salary for a kids yoga instructor can range widely. The salary of a childrens yoga instructor can vary depending on a few important factors. These factors include:

  • Are you teaching in a busy metropolitan area at a studio with higher class fees? Or are you teaching in a rural area with fewer fees and smaller classes?
  • While being certified in childrens yoga isnt always a requirement, having more credentials can allow you to charge a higher hourly rate.
  • Recurring vs. One-time sessions. Many yoga teachers charge significantly more for a single class than they do for their weekly class that occurs on a consistent basis.

Young Yoga Masters recommends starting your hourly rate at $40/hour. After establishing your reputation and networking within the yoga community to show your strengths, its likely that youll be able to start charging a higher rate for your kids yoga classes.

After getting a significant number of teaching hours under your belt, youll have grown in your experience and expertise, giving you the leverage you need to charge a higher hourly rate.

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More Qualifications = Higher Charge

If you have other skills or training you can justify charging more for your services by highlighting your extra qualifications.

If youve taken a Weekend Training with a Practicum like Young Yoga Masters offers then you will already have some effective tools and techniques you can use in a kids yoga class. And youll have experienced what its like to teach kids and wont be surprised or intimidated in your first class.

If you have a 95 Hour Certificate and Yoga Alliance Certification then you put yourself in a higher tier of training and can justify charging more. And youll be worth it to the school or classroom because youll have a boatload of tools at your disposal to deliver a great class.

The 5 Best Kid’s Yoga Teacher Training Online


After setting your sights on what you want to achieve and where you want to teach as a kids yoga instructor, its finally time to decide which online training course to register for.

Once you start looking at the different courses and their curriculums, timelines, and prices, youll want to start asking yourself some questions to decide which training course is best for you. Here are some possible questions to think about:

  • Does your ideal course include supervised teaching hours?
  • What resources does the course include for you to refer back to once you start teaching children?
  • What is your budget for your online training course?
  • Are there any specific yoga experts or instructors youre interested in learning from?

These are only a few possible questions to keep in mind while deciding which kids yoga training you plan to pursue. As a kids yoga instructor, you want to make sure each step in your training and certification journey helps you feel even more confident about teaching your students.

The courses listed below are the top 5 childrens yoga teacher training courses. Whether youre a complete beginner or an experienced kids yoga teacher looking to deepen their knowledge and practice, these courses provide everything youll need to become a great kids yoga instructor.

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Childrens Yoga Teacher Training Online

As Ive mentioned in my other posts, online is a great forum to get your yoga teacher certificate. Many of them contain interactive components and have live support from the instructor.

The self-paced learning format works great for some people. You will be taking in a lot of information, so being able to go back and review certain things could definitely be a benefit.

The length of the online trainings can vary. Some of them work like an immersion and include the 95-hour minimum. But, some are more in-depth and include the full 200-hours needed for yoga teacher certification.

Many people considering a specialized training might already be working with kids, which makes a flexible program perfect. Even before you complete the training, you can start to apply some of the techniques that you learn.

Teaching yoga to children may seem challenging at first, but it is just taking a different approach than you might take in a regular yoga studio. But its a wise professional move as a yoga instructor as research continues to show its positive impact on child development. Parents, educators, and social workers alike will be searching for childrens yoga classes and mindfulness for children. Not only that, but school teachers will also be expected to learn certain yoga and meditation practices that they can bring to their classroom and lesson plans.

Plus, its also just a lot of fun.

Tip #: Make Your Lesson Plan Age Appropriate

Now all of this advice Im slinging around here should also be taken with age appropriate achievement levels in mind. As we know, different ages have different developmental milestones that theyre working on, so not every asana or flow is great for every student.

I may have my two and three year old students working on balance with poses like Tree Pose, while my six to seven year old students are working on balance with Dancer or Half Moon. Keep safety in mind and keep an eye to the vocabulary of try so they learn to appreciate the process rather than the result.

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Kids Yoga Is All About Doing

We weave the themes of connection to the world, compassion for others and love of self into games, and imagination and exploration. Every kids yoga class is guided by the needs of those who are there. We might spend more time on calming and breathing or we might spend more time on dancing and releasing pent up energy. But in the end, we all walk away with a fuller heart. With more self-confidence. With the ability to love ourselves and to share that love with others. We take baby steps each class to becoming the best human being we can be.

What To Say When Teaching

How to Teach Yoga to Kids Course

Its important that you talk to young kids in a way that theyll understand.

You can start up telling them what you are doing, and how your body is feeling. Explain exactly how to do the poses or even teach them some fun yoga games. Provide them with comfort and reassurance that this is meant to make them feel good!

Keep in mind that when the children arrive at your class, chances are they have already had a boatload of information hurled at them through iPads, TV, teachers, their parents, and more. All of this creates chatter and you need to figure out how to cut right through this to ensure that they are actively listening to you.

Instead of saying, Right, stand up straight now, try, Slowly roll your body upwards starting with your back, then your neck and lastly your head. Do these actions as you are explaining and show the children exactly what you are talking about.

We think that only our lives are stressful when in fact children experience a lot of stress as well. Imagine what its like to be constantly learning! Its your role to make this an enjoyable experience for the kids, parents and teachers!

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Five Best Practices: How To Teach An Online Yoga Class

  • Five Best Practices: How To Teach An Online Yoga Class
  • As we make the transitions to teaching yoga classes online, its important to do it well. Its easy to make a rookie mistake and lose your audience. Whether you are streaming or recording, here are five practical and simple tips for teaching online yoga classes that will make a huge difference in the quality of your offering. Although these tips are designed for live streaming , they are also useful for those of your who are recording.

    Step One: Foundation Be Curious

    First, we think critically about what yoga is and why we want to integrate this ancient practice into our lives. Ask yourself:

    • Why do I want myself and my children to practice yoga?
    • Why do I want to teach yoga to children?

    Get curious about your intentions and aspirations in the journey of practicing yoga with children. Have you become curious about the health benefits of yoga? Or maybe youre looking for a way to help your child unwind after a busy day or release the stresses of a busy lifestyle.

    Do your children need tools to regulate their big emotions? Or could they benefit from being more flexible and building strength? Do they feel anxiety during test-taking periods? Does your child have a hard time getting to sleep at night? Or are you looking for a fun and active way to bond with your students?

    Getting clear on your intention of introducing yoga to children will help you figure out which aspects of yoga to emphasize in order to meet the goals you hope yoga will help achieve in your classroom, studio, or home life.

    For example, if youre hoping to emphasize relaxation and destressing, you should definitely include breathing techniques in your yoga practice, and you might even spend more time on the breathing than on the poses. But if youre more concerned with having fun and moving around, the breathing techniques will be a smaller portion of your yoga time.

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    What Our Teachers Are Saying About Yogakids

    I never DREAMED there would be such an amazing and effective organization who would back me and my kids yoga business. This organization has training that will blow your mind! The amount of creativity, support, ideas, guidance, tenderness and enthusiasm from this entire company is limitless. My business would not be where it is today without YKI. Carolyn Tracy, Certified YogaKids Teacher

    As soon as I began to share the word of my new profession, doors flew open to me. Within the 9 months I took to complete my at-home-practicum, I earned more than enough income to cover all of the expenses of my kids yoga certification. Since then, I am gainfully working as a YogaKids teacher in the Oak Park area. My annual billings are about $70,000, and I still have lots of free time for myself and my family. I believe in everyones right to earn a fair living, and YogaKids has brought me financial rewards as well as those of fun, balance and boat loads of happy children.Kim Vulinovic, Certified YogaKids Teacher & Trainer

    So You Might Feel Like You Are Not A Teacher But If You Have A Child In Your Life Learning To Teach Kids Yoga Is A Necessity

    Childrenâs Hatha Yoga Workshop Information â Yoga Logic

    In this world of raising childhood suicide rates, addiction and childhood trauma, we can reverse the tide- one breath, one yoga pose at a time.

    Dont wait until the little ones in your life grow up andmove away, give them tools that they can use for a lifetime now. Try a yogateacher training this year. Make 2020 the year you try something new. Commit togrowing self and through that growing those you love.

    With gratitude,

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    Step Three: Action Be Clear

    Try out a few yoga practices from your list to see which ones are easiest to remember to do or ones that bring you the most joy. Dont be too serious about your yoga practice. Its not about getting it right, but about exploring various practices to find ones that work for you and your schedule. In turn, youll be able to introduce these practices to children with enthusiasm, ease, and grace.

    As Yoga Sutra 2.46 states, Our connection to the earth should be steady and joyful. This journey is not intended to be forced or frustrating, and it shouldnt make you feel anxious. Its a personal experience not to be compared to others experiences with yoga. Instead, ask yourself:

    • Which two yoga and/or mindfulness practices do I love the best?
    • Which specific elements of the yoga practice could I make a part of my life?

    The purpose of Step Three is to get clarity on your own yoga practice in order to build your confidence as a kids yoga teacher. You dont have to master every aspect of yoga. Just be confident about the elements of yoga that speak to you.

    Should I Write Down My Sequences

    Short answer is: yes. Practicing with a written yoga sequence is a great idea when youre first developing a sequence or if youre a newer teacher.Protip: Keep a notebook with all your yoga sequences and some notes about them. This way you can refer back to older classes which saves time when you need to map out a new class. What was that cool mandala class I thought for the summer solstice in 2014?!

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    Genshai: Help Kids See Their Greatness

    In Aspire by Kevin Hall, I fell in love with the word Genshai. Its an ancient Hindi word meaning never to treat others, or yourself, in a way to make them feel small. Its more than that, though, its helping people see their greatness. How does this philosophy apply to leading childrens yoga?

    Amy Defillipi, a psychotherapist and yoga teacher, suggests that five positive impacts have the same affect as one negative experience on the brain. So lets imagine a childs day. He rides the school bus with a friend. He does well on a spelling test. He plays at recess with others. He gets called on to share in circle time. All of these events can be easily forgotten if on the bus home, no one wants to sit with him. How can we prepare the child to savor the positive experiences and allow them to sink in? How can we aim to develop childrens positive self-talk? To help the children recognize their greatness, we need to see good in ourselves.

    Yoga Education Institute’s Online Kids Yoga Teacher Program

    How to TEACH a Beginner Yoga Class

    The Yoga Education Institute is a registered Yoga Alliance School. Many of their courses guide students through the requirements for becoming a registered yoga instructor. They do have digital and in-person requirements to become a registered kids yoga teacher.

    If your goal is to be a registered yoga instructor with Yoga Alliance, their Online Kids Yoga Teacher Training Program is the perfect first step.

    Their kids yoga teacher training program can be completed completely online, but they also offer in-person workshops, and modules students are welcome to incorporate into their course.

    Benefits of this course include:

    • Budget-friendly price with a money back guarantee after two months
    • Includes continuing education credits along with the certificate of completion
    • Accredited by Yoga Alliance

    If youre interested in what yoga instructors out in the real world have to say about LFY, you can look at what past graduates have said after completing this course here on their website.

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    Use Breathing Techniques To Start And Finish

    As noted in the class structure above, I use breathing activities at the beginning of class. This helps to center them and get them ready to focus. Then at the end, I always cue calming breaths during resting pose .

    I let my kiddos have a Beanie Baby stuffed animal to put on their tummy during savasana. This helps them notice if they are using belly breaths to calm their brains and bodies.

    Also, download cute visuals of these techniques from my Free Resources Library!

    Where To Get Your Certification To Teach Children

    Teaching yoga to kids will obviously be a lot different than teaching to adults. You need to develop a whole different set of skills and change your approach. The method of teaching will be more playful, incorporating songs and stories to make it more engaging for children.

    Yoga for children is definitely a more hands-on experience than being a yoga instructor in a traditional yoga studio.

    There are plenty of options out there to learn how to best teach to children. If you want to become a Registered Childrens Yoga Teacher through the Yoga Alliance, you need to have at least a 200-hour yoga teacher certificate as an RYT and complete an additional 95-hour training through a continuing education certification program.

    In addition to the 95 hours of training, you need to have at least 30 hours of teaching experience in childrens yoga before you can be certified.

    More experienced teachers will know that every three years the Yoga Alliance requires a certain number of continuing education units in order to renew your certification. A kids yoga training would count towards this.

    There are both in-person and online trainings to choose from. Depending on your schedule, budget and needs, you should be able to find a training program that is right for you.

    Either way, childrens yoga certification program will likely include:

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