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How To Start Yoga And Meditation At Home

What Are The Health Benefits Of Yoga

How to start yoga and meditation at home | easy yoga meditation for beginners

Dozens of scientific trials of varying quality have been published on yoga.

While there’s scope for more rigorous studies on its health benefits, most studies suggest yoga is a safe and effective way to increase physical activity especially strength, flexibility and balance.

There’s some evidence that regular yoga practice may be beneficial for people with high blood pressure, heart disease, aches and pains including lower back pain depression and stress.

S To Meditation At Home

Find a Quiet Space

Before beginning your practice of meditation at home, it is important to find a quiet, serene space where you will not be disturbed while you meditate. This can be a spare room, a quiet corner of a bedroom or study, or even a spacious closet or extra bathroom. Any place where you have space to arrange a cushion and enjoy some silence will work for these purposes.

If you have a larger space to work with, consider adding some simple items that you find beautiful. These can include flowers, bamboo, or incense. Decorating your space can help customize your personal meditation corner.

Preparing to Meditate

Once you have found your dedicated space for meditation at home, place a flat cushion or pillow in the place where you will sit during your meditation. Choose comfortable clothing that is not too tight or restrictive for your meditation time.

Before beginning your meditation session, sit on the cushion or pillow with your back as straight as you can comfortably manage. Your legs should be loosely crossed in front of you. If this position is uncomfortable, you may extend your legs with the knees bent slightly. Rest your upturned hands atop your legs. You may wish to gently touch your thumb and middle finger together as you relax in your meditation pose.


Decide When To Do Yoga

Timing is everything. Choose the perfect time to practice your yoga.

If you live with roommates or family members try to coordinate a time when you can feel alone in your home. Mornings usually work best as they are both still and naturally peaceful.

Doing yoga in the morning also removes the chance of other activities popping up during the day that may interfere with your yoga. In addition, morning yoga routines will give you a fresh start, relieve any aching muscles from your nights sleep, and increase your blood circulation to improve your cognitive ability.

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Set The Scene For Your Home Yoga Retreat

Whether youre hosting a DIY yoga retreat or simply enjoying a relaxing staycation, you always want to put energy into creating your ideal setting.

I mean, part of the fun of traveling is getting the chance to see new things and change your environment, right?

While this is a bit difficult to do when youre staying home, you can still get in the vacation mindset by adding a few yoga-themed decorations to your space.

To bring the outdoors in, add some green to your space by investing in a few new houseplants around your makeshift yoga studio.

This will give you the vibe of a jungle retreat without the mosquito bites!

Some scented candles, incense, or an aromatherapy diffuser will also help heighten your senses over the weekend and transport you to your exotic location of choice.

A few great options include this Community Collection Candle from ABLE, a women empowerment brand that is also donating 10% of candle sales to the Loveland Foundation to further support Black women and girls.

Moreover, purchasing CAMPO Beauty diffusers and essentials oils from Women at the Helm means youre also investing in female entrepreneurs.

You can choose which scents to use based on what feelings you want to create in the body or what ailments youre trying to heal. For instance, lavender is relaxing and can also ease headaches.

Want to take your home decor even further?

Shop Manduka for high-quality yoga gear that will fit into any budget.

Take Part In A Sunset Yoga Session

Do you want to do a yoga routine for beginners at home ...

End your retreat weekend with a gentle yoga session as the sun goes down.

If you have access to a backyard, deck or roof, move your practice outside for a little fresh air, or simply put your mat down in front of your window for a nice view.

Either way, this evening practice will help you close out your weekend, focus on gratitude, and relax into the evening.

Cant enjoy your own sunset?

Opt for a video class that takes place in a sunset location, like this one:

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Your First Yoga Practice

We recommend that you start with a short and straightforward yoga session and slowly build up from there. Once you feel comfortable with a few basic beginner yoga postures, you can incorporate them into a sequence and continue to add more challenging poses. Make sure you learn and follow the essential components of a yoga practice: breathing, meditation, intention, asanas, and relaxation.

Dont Forget About Meditation And Pranayama

A home yoga practice can be a great opportunity to build a meditation and pranayama practice especially if your studio class doesnt usually include time for it. Even five minutes of ujjayi breathing incorporated into your asana practice will leave you feeling more centered and relaxed. If you think youre not a meditation person, this article may change your mind.

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Pick Your Yoga Wear And Gear

A good yoga collection takes time. Yoga clothing has become a wide market of tank tops and yoga pants. Do not worry about buying everything at once, start simple.

Find your perfect fit with loose yet fitted clothing. Tank tops, crop tops, and sports bras are great for mobility, and when at home, coverage can be as minimal as you like without feeling self-conscious.

Eventually, invest in high-quality yoga pants that stay in place while you move from pose to pose. You can then upgrade to advanced wear like non-slip socks and quick dry tops, but to start, your existing wardrobe should provide you with a good wardrobe.

Besides clothing, a yoga mat is the only yoga prop you need to begin your practice. Choose a semi-thick mat for beginners to protect your hips, spine, and knees while giving you a chance to build your strength.

Non-slip and sweat-proof mats have become popular for hot yoga, but they are always useful to prevent you from sliding around.

Keep yoga mats material in mind as well. Non-allergenic and natural mats are available at a higher cost, but they will last longer and are eco-friendly.

Other yoga props like blocks and belts can be added whenever you feel that you need more support to stay balanced or when trying a more difficult asana.

How Do You Know If Its Working

Yoga at Home: Simple Meditation 3 Tips for Meditating at Home | Yoga for Small Spaces | Yoga Wild

At the beginning you might feel uncomfortable meditatingsitting for 20 minutes may cause your legs to fall asleep or cramp up, walking slowly may bring up feelings of impatience or agitation, and reclining poses may merely make you fall asleep. Conversely, you may have some profound experiences the first few times you sit, only to spend the next few frustrating days trying to duplicate them. Relax. Meditation shouldnt cause you to feel unreasonably stressed or physically uncomfortable. If it does, reduce the length of your practice time or change your position . If that doesnt work, go back to incorporating a few minutes of meditation into your asana practice instead of holding onto a formal practice. After a few days, try returning to your normal meditation routine.

If you continue having trouble with your meditation practice, you may need to seek the guidance of an experienced teacher or the support of a group that meets regularly to meditate together. Indications of your progress, with or without a teacher or group, are feelings of mental calm and physical comfort, and the ability to be present in all your experiences.

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Membership Spotlight

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Start With A Beginners Meditation Technique

There are lots of different meditation techniques, all with different benefits. However, when you are just starting to do meditation at home, stick to easy method.s. Here is an example.

An Easy Meditation To Do At Home

  • Sit somewhere quiet where you will not be disturbed. Sit comfortably with good posture .
  • Tell yourself that you are going to be relaxing for the next 20 minutes.
  • Take a few deep breaths to relax. If you have tension in your body, stretch gently.
  • Begin to breathe. Count the in-breath to a count of five 1, 2, 3, 4, 5
  • When you reach the end of your inhalation, stop for a count of two
  • Now breathe out to a count of five
  • Let each breath begin naturally. Do not force it. Just let your breath come and then start counting again.
  • Simply focus on the sensation of your breath moving around your body.
  • Continue to a total of 108 breaths.

This is a remarkably simple way how to do meditation at home. You will find it relaxing and grounding, and it will quieten your mind.

Of course, you can also do a guided meditation. Here is the best guided meditation for beginners.

Who Should Avoid Yoga For Beginners Workouts

While easy yoga can be done by anyone, it is always suggested that you know the situations when even basic yoga for beginners is not recommended. Here are some specific conditions in which you should avoid yoga exercises for beginners: People having any medical condition that involved joint problems. In case you still wish to perform basic yoga for beginners at home, do it only under the supervision of a verified yoga practitioner. Those who experience pain while doing basic yoga should also avoid doing them. Pregnant should avoid yoga for flexibility for beginners as they involve stretching of the body. Those who have been through any surgery, sprains, or fractures should avoid yoga sequences for beginners. People having injuries related to the spine should try to avoid beginners yoga. These people can try basic yoga once their condition gets better. However, they should still begin with simple yoga for beginners under an experts supervision.

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Or Try An Array Of Classes And Styles

Another option is to switch up your yoga style until you find one that resonates with you. “Nowadays there is access to so many different styles of yoga, so many different types of teachers. Iâm always telling people who are inquiring that if you take a class and you donât like it, go out and find another,” explains Sklar.

What Style Of Yoga Is Best For A Home Practice

Pin on How

Theres no need to choose one style for a home practice, just try to assess what your body needs that day. Are you looking for a stretch after a heavy week of working out to ease fatigue after a week of nine-to-five desk sitting and screen time to calm anxiety and stress or an uplift in lieu of caffeine?

The joy of yoga at home is that you can select your favourite elements of a few different styles or choose an online class or app to guide you through . If youre practising without a teacher, start with a short simple routine like a sun salutation A or B to help you memorise it, and practise ad infinitum.

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Create A Room To Practice In

I recommend creating a relaxing space at home to use as a dedicated yoga room.

From personal experience, having a particular room at home to practice in increases your motivation to practice every day. It also makes it far easier because your mat, blocks and other items are all there ready to go without faffing around.

Keep A Relatively Empty Stomach

A good time to meditate at home – or in office – is before having a meal.

After food, you might doze off while meditating. However, do not force yourself to meditate when you are very hungry.

You will find it difficult because of hunger cramps or you may even keep thinking about food the whole time! In this case, you can meditate after two hours after having food.

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Creating A Meditative Environment

  • 1Select a quiet environment. The location you select should not be cluttered or loud. You should feel at ease before starting yoga meditation. If the location is noisy, an advanced yoga practitioner may be able to deal with external influences, but beginners will find it distracting.
  • Ideal locations are either free from technology and machinery, or otherwise block the sounds our mind must make effort to filter out.
  • Somewhere with a lot of natural light through windows is preferred over flickering electrical lighting.
  • 2Choose a spot with natural heat, cooling, and fresh air. Aside from the sounds they produce being a distraction, the machines that produce our heating and cooling are not as naturally pleasing to the body as a cool breeze or the warm sun. If yoga meditation in the outdoors is not a viable option, choose somewhere with radiant heat like a wood fire or hydronic heat. Create a cross-flow by opening a door or a window, so fresh oxygen is pumped into the location.
  • Accentuate the location by selecting a location with minimal synthetic material. Wood floors with natural oils and waxes have less static electricity, and are conducive to yoga meditation.
  • If you live in a high pollution area, performing yoga meditation inside may actually be preferable.
  • Studios where large classes practice yoga can become stuffy, building up carbon dioxide and lessening the available oxygen.
  • A yoga mat can be used for added comfort.
  • Roll your eyes in circles several times.
  • Can I Use A Book Or Yoga Videos Instead Of Going To A Class

    Yoga at home: How to start a yoga self practice

    It’s better to start with a class to learn the poses and breathing techniques correctly. With a video, there will be nobody to correct your mistakes, which may lead to injury over time.

    With some experience of being in a class, a video can then be helpful for keeping up practice.

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    Schedule In Your Yoga Or Meditation

    Busy schedule? Try to set aside a little block of time each day where you can get in the zone, and begin to establish your routine. “Find a time of day you can set for yourself with minimal distraction,” suggests Tova Sklar, the yoga expert for Gaiam. “Set a timer and either shut your phone off or silent it, wait until you can be alone for a few moments, and use that time wisely.”

    How To Meditate: Simple Meditation For Beginners

    This meditation exercise is an excellent introduction to meditation techniques.

  • Sit or lie comfortably. You may even want to invest in a meditation chair or cushion.
  • Close your eyes. We recommend using one of our Cooling Eye Masks or Restorative Eye Pillows if lying down.
  • Make no effort to control the breath simply breathe naturally.
  • Focus your attention on the breath and on how the body moves with each inhalation and exhalation. Notice the movement of your body as you breathe. Observe your chest, shoulders, rib cage, and belly. Simply focus your attention on your breath without controlling its pace or intensity. If your mind wanders, return your focus back to your breath.
  • Maintain this meditation practice for two to three minutes to start, and then try it for longer periods.

    After you have found an effective way to meditate, browse Gaiam’s Meditation Shop for all the necessary products to help perfect your meditation techniques.

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    Starting Your Own Meditation Practice

    Meditating daily might seem like an overwhelming chore, but it doesnt have to be. Add it to the end of your asana practice, or set aside another block of time to practice. The important thing is that you find a time and practice that works best for youand it doesnt need to be lengthy or complicated. Even a couple of minutes per day can offer many of the benefits of meditation.

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    What Is Yoga For Beginners Workout

    How To Start Yoga As A Beginner At Home in 2020

    Yoga for beginners workout is nothing but a combination of basic yoga poses. Those who want to start a healthy routine can start yoga for beginners at home. Some of the best yoga for beginners are Adho Mukha Svanasana, Tadasana, Utthita Ashwa Sanchalanasana, Trikonasana, Kumbhakasana, Chaturanga Dandasana, and Urdhva Mukha Svanasana. These basic yoga postures for beginners focus on various body parts and help in reaching the next level. You can also explore yoga for beginners online to learn more poses. From yoga for men beginners or women beginners, there are various online yoga classes for beginners.

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    How To Choose A Yoga Routine

    Here, weve made it easy for you to navigate all those hard-to-pronounce styles of yoga, so you can show up to your first yoga class with confidence!

    In your search for beginner-friendly yoga classes, look for words like hatha yoga, yin yoga, gentle yoga, Iyengar yoga, restorative yoga or relaxation yoga.

    Hatha yoga is a general term for a movement-based yoga class, and its a good choice for beginners. In yin yoga and restorative yoga classes, you will hold the yoga poses for longer periods of time and typically use props such as blocks, bolsters, and blankets, to make the body more comfortable.

    You shouldnt feel as though every other style of yoga is off-limits the yoga world is your oyster!

    Other classes may focus more on building strength, and not just flexibility. Vinyasa flow classes will move at a more dynamic pace, and typically incorporate sun salutations, a series of basic yoga poses including mountain pose and downward-facing dog.

    Expect a bit more physical challenge from power yoga, kundalini yoga, Ashtanga yoga, Bikram yoga, and hot yoga. Bikram yoga takes place in a heated room, as does yep, you guessed it!

    Hot yoga is usually a vinyasa yoga or power yoga class taught in a room with added heat and humidity to supposedly help the muscles stretch and aid relaxation.


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