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How To Start Doing Yoga Poses

How Should I Breathe While Practicing Yoga

Yoga Poses For Beginners – Where To Start?

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Youll encounter different breathing techniques in your future practicing yoga. In beginner yoga, the only one you need to think about is Oceanic Breathing, or Ujjai Breath. Allow the breath to flow in and out smoothly like an oceans wave. If you want you can even count to 3 or 4 for each inhale and again for each exhale. Yoga-teacher-to-the-stars, Kristin McGee, shares helpful tips on how you can breathe properly while practicing yoga.

What Class Is Right For Me

There are many styles of yoga classes taught today. Some are very physically challenging and will leave you sweating others are gentle and restorative. Some teachers play music in class others dont. Some classes include references to yoga philosophy and spirituality others dont.

Here are a few types of classes your yoga studio or gym may offer:

Hatha: Most yoga styles being taught in America today are a form of hatha yoga, which is a general term that refers to the physical part of yoga, rather than yoga philosophy or meditation. A Hatha yoga class is likely to be a combination of poses and breathing exercises, but its hard to know whether it will be challenging or gentle. Check with the school or the teacher to find more about the level of classes that are described only as Hatha yoga.

Ashtanga Yoga: This is a challenging style of yoga that is centered around a progressive series of yoga sequences that, traditionally, students practice on their own under the guidance of a teacher. If you think that yoga is not a workout, you havent tried an Ashtanga class. Classes include advanced poses such as arm balances and inversions including headstands and shoulder stands. Beginner students are strongly advised to study with an experienced teacher. Ashtanga classes will also often include teachings in yoga philosophy.

Note: Its a good idea to try several yoga classes. How much you enjoy any class will come down to how much you like the teacher, not how its labeled.

Another Fun Part Of Doing Yoga With Kids Can Be Making It Rhythmic And Repetitive Like In A Yoga Flow

They will learn the poses quickly, they will get moving and do more poses in a short amount of time. This yoga flow is an excellent way to help kids who are active and full of energy do yoga with you.

It also takes the guess work out of what poses to do! The whole sequence is laid out in a slideshow, and you can also print them for creating sequences of your own.

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Is Bedtime Yoga For You

Is bedtime yoga for everyone? Youd better believe it! While bedtime yoga works best for busy people who struggle with sleep, the poses and breathing exercises in bedtime yoga are beneficial for many different types of people.

  • KidsBedtime yoga is a great way to calm down fidgety, energetic kids and let them unwind before bed. There are several great childrens yoga books you can use to teach your kids the poses.
  • Busy BeesBedtime yoga is a great idea for anyone who wants to wind down before bed or does not have time for a practice earlier in the day. An evening practice can be as short as 15 minutes so it can easily fit into a busy schedule.
  • BeginnersSince evening sequence uses gentle and calming poses, it is a brilliant choice for beginning students. A short bedtime yoga routine will help you become familiar with the basic poses which will help you work up to a more advanced class.

How To Start Yoga

Yoga Poses: 14 Moves to Revamp Your Vinyasa Routine ...

First step: decide where you want to start practicing yoga.

Do you want to go to a yoga studio and learn from a yoga instructor, in-person? Does your local gym or health club offer free yoga classes?

Or do you want to learn how to start yoga at home, using yoga videos or a yoga DVD?

Complete yoga newbies gain a lot from visiting a yoga studio. Yoga studios often boast the most experienced yoga teachers, and often offer a class of yoga for complete beginners.

Do a bit of research online. Are there any yoga studios in your area? What styles of yoga do they offer? It can be a bit daunting to read long lists of unfamiliar yoga styles, but dont freak out.

Weve got you covered.

The section below will guide you to choose the beginner style of yoga thats perfect for you.

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It’s Okay If You Can’t Do A Certain Pose

If you’re in a class environment, your teacher may suggest modifications to make various poses more or less difficult. If you’re following along with a video at home, or if you hit a pose that just doesn’t feel good, you can always feel safe to rest in Childs pose. There’s also absolutely no shame in simply resting on your mat and focusing on breathing. Yoga is all about cultivating the mind-body connection, so listen to and honor your body, especially when it needs a break. Let your body guide you on the journey it needs to be on and not where you want it to be, suggests Howe.

What Is It Like To Start Yoga As A Beginner

Starting yoga as a beginner can be both exciting and anxiety-inducing. If you have never practiced before, certain movements might feel foreign, and the concept of linking poses with the breath may be a completely new experience.

Feeling Sore- Do not be surprised if you are a little sore the next day. Your body is not yet used to these particular poses, and when you first stretch out muscles that do not often get much movement, it is normal to be a bit sore as the muscles heal.

Learning Your Flexibility- Do not worry about how flexible you are. Yoga is all about learning your level of flexibility and working within it. If you have to force yourself into a pose that you are not flexible enough to do, ease out of it and try using props or a modification instead. Some poses will be more difficult at first, and that is okay.

Discovering Your Balance- When you are not used to practicing balance, certain poses might seem more difficult at first. Take your time coming into balancing poses, and if something is too hard to do, try out a modification of the pose. You might find that you are not as balanced as you were hoping to be, and this is all part of increasing your balance. It is okay to nor be perfectly balanced right away. This takes time and practice. Each time you practice a pose, you will improve a little bit more.

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Watch Out For The 3 Ps

Always honour your bodys boundaries and avoid pain, pinching and pushing. If youre new to yoga it might be difficult to distinguish between pain and discomfort. Pain feels hot and sharp, whereas discomfort is more of a dull, nagging sensation. Generally speaking, STOP if its inside the joint structure If you do feel pain, move gently rather than suddenly out of the pose. If you feel discomfort, perhaps you can soften or adjust or even use props to assist you.

Its always advisable to warm up properly before attempting advanced poses and be especially mindful of the transitions between poses.

Here Are Some Things I Always Say When Describing Yoga To Kids For The First Time:

How to Start Doing Yoga
  • Hatha Yoga was originally created a LONG time ago . It was created in what is now the country of India, by people called yogis. Heres a cliff notes of the history.
  • Yogis were very spiritual and were practicing meditation for many hours a day. They sat so long and their bodies got so stiff that they needed a solution.
  • So, the yogis started imitating the movements of animals they saw around them, and thus created yoga poses!
  • They stretched their backs like cats and cows, they wriggled their spines like cobras and dogs.
  • Doing yoga poses helps keep your body and spine especially strong and healthy so you can sit and practice meditation .
  • Now, today, many people do yoga to stay healthy. Moving your body and your spine in different directions, like you do in yoga, helps you be able to walk, run, sit and go through life with strong and flexible muscles.
  • Doing yoga builds strength in your muscles, and also keeps them flexible. Having muscles that are strong and flexible protects your bones from injury.
  • Practicing yoga helps you focus your mind. In trying to move your body in a specific way, your brain has to think very carefully. When you focus your mind like this, it helps you to let go of other worries or distractions in your brain.
  • Copying movements and yoga poses of another person also activates mirror neurons in your brain. These specific neurons help your brain build important cells that increase awareness in other people, especially their emotions. This is called empathy!
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    Pick Your Type Of Yoga

    Yes, there is more than one type of yoga! In fact, there are lots of different types.

    What type you choose really depends on the studios you have in your area or what you want to get out of your practice.

    Heres a brief breakdown to help you get started!

    Picking the right yoga for your needs:

    Best for beginners: Hatha

    Relaxation and/or flexibility: Yin or restorative yoga

    Strength: Vinyasa flow, power yoga, or Ashtanga yoga

    Cardio: Vinyasa flow, power yoga, or Bikram/hot yoga

    Spirituality: Kundalini

    Injured from another sport: Iyengar

    Hatha is the best place to start if you know absolutely zilch about yoga. Its slow moving so you can easily follow along, and it puts a lot of emphasis on proper alignment to prevent injuries.

    Yoga Poses For Beginners

    These are simple and definitive guide to beginners aspiring to do yoga exercises in their own space, usually alone. For a beginner, doing Yoga postures is a completely different exercise one that need to be introduced little by little, week by week as you integrate more complex postures gradually.

    The goal is to learn basic movements first, one at a time. Then you can link the movements together. Moreover, we have designed a 1 month programme that combines various poses from basic to complex poses which are introduced week-by-week to kick-start your routine. Remember, these are not cast on stone, and can be modified to suit your individual goals and needs anytime

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    Create A Room To Practice In

    I recommend creating a relaxing space at home to use as a dedicated yoga room.

    From personal experience, having a particular room at home to practice in increases your motivation to practice every day. It also makes it far easier because your mat, blocks and other items are all there ready to go without faffing around.

    Benefits Of Practicing Yoga

    7 Tips for Getting Started With Yoga

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    Engaging in regular yoga practice brings numerous benefits to your mind and body. Some of the benefits include increased strength, flexibility, and muscle tone in addition to improved mental clarity, pain relief, and a reduction in stress levels and blood pressure.

    Lets have a closer look at what yoga can do for you.

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    The 7 Yoga Poses That Runners Need To Start Doing Now

    Lee is a freelance writer and editor specializing in all things health and tech, especially how the latest innovations are transforming the fitness space.

    His journalism career kick-started in the technology industry back in 2012, where he found his voice reporting on the latest advances in tech, and eventually, wearables.

    These days, Lees a qualified PT with an insatiable appetite for travel, intense yoga, and the odd unconventional outdoor challenge. When hes not on Google Flights looking to escape the London weather, youll find him writing news, features and reviews for a host of national lifestyle and tech titles including Forbes, The Metro, Stuff, Wired, Outdoor Fitness, The Sun, Men’s Health, The Daily Mirror, and Wareable.

    Lee is a freelance writer and editor specializing in all things health and tech, especially how the latest innovations are transforming the fitness space.

    His journalism career kick-started in the technology industry back in 2012, where he found his voice reporting on the latest advances in tech, and eventually, wearables.

    These days, Lees a qualified PT with an insatiable appetite for travel, intense yoga, and the odd unconventional outdoor challenge. When hes not on Google Flights looking to escape the London weather, youll find him writing news, features and reviews for a host of national lifestyle and tech titles including Forbes, The Metro, Stuff, Wired, Outdoor Fitness, The Sun, Men’s Health, The Daily Mirror, and Wareable.

    How To Do It

    Place your left foot parallel to the back of your mat at a 90-degree angle, and line up the heel of your right foot with the heel of your left, pointing it forward in front of you. Now, bend your front knee while keeping your back leg straight and open out your arms.

    The front knee is always on top of the ankle to keep it at a 90-degree angle, says Olds. Engage the legs by gently squeezing the muscles onto the bone especially the back leg which you should keep straight and press more into the back heel so it further opens up and stretches the hip flexor, pelvis and groin muscles of both legs.

    Open your pelvis to face the left side of your mat and keep the tailbone down with the glutes slightly engaged, and shoulders squared on top for the hips. Gaze over your front middle finger.

    The most important thing here is to keep the wrists in line with the shoulders and the neck relaxed, she adds.

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    Top 10 Yoga Poses For Beginners

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    New to yoga? Start here with beginner yoga poses and best yoga poses sequence that are essential for you to build strength and confidence to take your yoga practice deeper.

    As a beginner to yoga , you might feel overwhelmed by the number of poses and their odd-sounding names. Relax- Here are steps that can help you build up to the ‘slow and gradual’ processes of yoga then roll out on yoga mat for the best yoga workout for beginners.

    The more you practice yoga, the more you’re building awareness in your body,The biggest thing to do as a beginner is to start and then stay consistent with your practice,remember that practice makes progress.beginner tips

    As you progress, you can take on more challenging poses but it’s a good idea to keep things simple when you’re just starting .The Beginners yoga poses outlined here are valuable enough to keep you occupied for a long time.

    What Are Some Tips For Practicing Yoga At Home

    How to Start Beginner Yoga
    • Find a Quiet Space- Finding the right space to practice is important. To start, you should always make sure that you have a nice quiet area to do yoga where you will not be interrupted. Having someone walk in or distract you during a yoga class can pull you from your practice.
    • Choose the Right Surface- Next, notice what type of flooring you are practicing on. If you are on the hardwood, a thicker mat may be better. For practicing on carpet, finding a mat that will not slide is important. Just find the best place for your practice, whether it is in your basement or outside in your backyard.
    • Pick Your Music- You may not always need to choose background music. Some practices include it in their videos where others do not have any music in them. If you find that the class you are following does not include music, and if you want to have some to move to, pick a nice, relaxing playlist that works best for you.
    • Get Your Props Ready- When you first start your yoga practice, having props handy can be very helpful. Many people even those who have been practicing for years need a bit of support when doing yoga. Blocks, straps, and even bolsters can be useful when practicing. If you are not sure which props to get, and how many, it is recommended to have one strap and two blocks. If being on the mat is too difficult for you, there are chair yoga options as well. Chairs can also be used as props.

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    Warrior 1 Sup Yoga Pose

    The Warrior 1 pose requires skill, especially when it comes to stability. To do it right, you need to pay attention to every detail, especially foot placement on the paddle board.

    How to do it: start with the downward dog. Step one foot forward on the paddle board between your hands. If you want to maximize stability, move the right foot a little to the right and the left foot a little to the left. Weight distribution helps with balance. The feet should be stepping firmly on the SUP surface. Have the knee at the front at a 90-degree angle and then stand. Once you are stable enough, lift your arms straight towards the sky.

    Benefits: the Warrior 1 pose opens up your hips and chest. It stretches your legs, torso, and arms. The most remarkable benefit is the enhancement of balance and endurance. And because of how keen you have to be, it improves mindfulness and calmness. It tones your legs and arm muscles too.

    What Youtube Channels Are Good For A Beginner To Learn Yoga

    There are so many youtube channels out there that offer yoga videos. We recommend finding a class and an instructor that resonates the most with you.

    Beginners Yoga- Look for a youtube channel that offers beginners yoga. In fact, finding a video that is labeled for beginners is a great way to ensure that the practice is best for those just starting out.

    Types of Gentle Yoga- If you are having trouble finding a beginners class that you really like, you can also look for a class that is labeled as gentle. You can even search for classes based on the specific type of yoga you are looking for. If you want a gentle class, maybe try searching for restorative yoga practices.

    Shorter Classes- For beginners, having mini practices can be a great way to start doing yoga without having to continue for a full hour-long class. This is also a great way to try out different types of yoga for a few minutes at a time.

    Full-Length Classes- Some youtube channels will even offer free full-length yoga classes. If this feels like what you are looking for, then you can absolutely try an hour-long practice at home. It is recommended to find a gentle practice to start with if you are jumping right into an hour-long class.

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