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How To Start A Yoga Teacher Training Program

Protect What Youve Built

Where should you start teaching yoga?

If you decide to create your own manual and training materials, you should become familiar with copyright laws and protections.

We hear countless studio owner stories of training materials being used in an unauthorized capacity for competing YTT programs.

If youre not worried about this or are using purchased materials, feel free to disregard! But if you are writing your own materials, its better to be safe than sorry.

Set Expectations with a Contract

After you create your training materials and have your schedule planned, it will be time to set appropriate expectations with a contract your trainees will sign. This might sound like an extra step, but the truth is that outlining your expectations on paper will reduce misunderstandings later.

Things to consider in your contract include attendance expectations, the cost for make-up instruction in the case of absences, requirements for graduation, your financial policy, any out-of-pocket costs for students beyond the program tuition, inclement weather plans and any non-compete parameters you feel need to be outlined.

Yoga Alliance Rating 429

School has been approved since February 2009

About the school:

Santosha has been running trainings and retreats since 2008 meaning we can celebrate 10 amazing years of helping our students transform their lives and step into their strength!

Santosha means contentment and gratitude for all that was, all that is, and all that will be. Our goal is that all those we encounter can gain an experience of Santosha and then share and spread this experience back into communities through teaching creating a ripple effect that will change the world and the hearts of all beings in it.

We are happy when our students and graduates are happy leading joyful and fulfilled lives, sharing their passion and living in integrity and peace. Our greatest pride is being part of the journey, walking alongside our our students to follow their true path and embrace the happiness and beauty inside them.

School has chosen not to share its community reviews as of this time.

Become Certified In Cpr

If you want to teach in a health or fitness center, you will most likely need to be certified in cardiopulmonary resuscitation, also known as “CPR.” Health and fitness centers usually require their instructors to be CPR certified to ensure they have the basic skills needed to respond to a health emergency.

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Choose A Teacher Training Program

Number three, you definitely wanna do some kind of training.

Yes, you want to do a yoga teacher training, and the most common format is to do whats called a 200-hour teacher training.

So you cover a lot of material in 200 hours, everything from teaching, anatomy, philosophy. You wanna do research on where you do this 200-hour training, because its really gonna teach you everything you need to know about how to be a successful teacher.

While most yoga studios will focus on vinyasa yoga or vinyasa flow in their certification program, you can totally choose a yoga instructor training that focuses on the yoga and meditation style that most interests you. There are many types of yoga, from restorative yoga, prenatal yoga, yoga nidra, Ashtanga yoga, to yin yoga, you definitely have a lot to choose from.

You can do a 200-hour training all at once, in a month-long in-person intensive, over the course of many weekends, or you can even do a 200-hour training online. There are a lot of different types of training depending on the style of yoga, like:

If you do do something online, make sure that its interactive, and youre getting direct feedback and support from a teacher over video conference.

Thats exactly how my online training works, and if youre interested in the online option, Ill also link that up in the cards and description.

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Release And Waiver Liabilities

Spring/Summer 2022 Yoga Teacher Training Program â Registration Open ...

Por la presente, leo, entiendo y acepto lo siguiente:

  • Estoy participando en clases de yoga, programas de salud, talleres y / u otras actividades de bienestar, trabajo corporal, terapia, ejercicio y artes curativas ofrecidas por Sampoorna Yoga, Goa, India . Las actividades se pueden ofrecer en la ubicación física de la escuela o en línea a través de videos, televisión, podcasts, aplicaciones u otros medios o plataformas digitales. Todas estas ofertas, ya sean físicas o en línea, se considerarán “Actividades”.
  • Reconozco que debo tener una salud física y mental adecuada para participar en las Actividades. Entiendo que las Actividades pueden requerir un esfuerzo físico intenso, y declaro y garantizo que estoy físicamente en forma para participar, y que no tengo ninguna condición médica que impida mi plena participación en las Actividades. Reconozco que las Actividades pueden causar o agravar una lesión física o afección médica. Entiendo que es mi responsabilidad consultar con un médico antes de participar en las Actividades. Si lo he hecho, he seguido el consejo del médico. Entiendo que la Escuela se reserva el derecho de rechazar mi participación en cualquier Actividad por razones médicas, de acondicionamiento físico o por cualquier otro motivo.
  • Yo, mis herederos o representantes legales exoneramos para siempre, renunciamos, damos de alta y nos comprometemos a no demandar a ninguna Parte Liberada por ningún Reclamo causado por negligencia u otros actos de una Parte Liberada.
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    What Is The Best Yoga Certification To Get

    Yoga Alliance is the most well-known private organization that provides yoga instructor certification, but a YA certification doesnt mean that you received quality training or that you are ready to teach yoga. Of course, it is nice to be able to join the trend of having a YA certification to ensure that you dont miss any opportunities that are tied to this kind of certification, but outside of your local yoga studio, not many others will be asking for a YA certification.

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    Philosophy And Yogic Lifestyle

    • Yoga Sutras of Patanjali and the modifications of mind

    • Bhagavad Gita and Hindu ideology, the deities

    • History of yoga going back to time before history was rewritten

    • Eight limbs of yoga – Ashtanga

    • The Yamas and Niyamas and how to adapt them to a modern life

    • Five Koshas , an updated scientific explanation

    • Tantric principles and Tantric yoga, the masculine & feminine energies

    • The three Gunas primal forces of the universe.

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    Start A Certification Folder

    Most Teacher Training Programs issue a certificate to you upon graduation to show that you completed the program successfully. When you get the certificate, you should make a few colour copies and get them laminated. You should then start a certificate folder to hold your certificates, a list of your completed classes, your grades, attendance records and any other documents that show that you completed your trainings.

    It would be helpful to have these key documents in one place, especially as you take more trainings over the years. You will find it particularly handy to have all that information in one place when applying for teaching positions.

    Lesson #: Know Your Value

    Become a Certified Yoga Teacher – Online Course – Start Today!

    Even the most confident of private yoga teachers can struggle when it comes to deciding what to charge for private yoga sessions and how to create pricing for private yoga packages. Beyond charging what you are worth, understanding your value as an expert yoga teacher who specializes in one-on-one work is crucial to having meaningful conversations with potential clients. If you are struggling with setting price points first, acknowledge your worth as a private yoga expert. One of my favorite money-mindset mantras is I welcome abundance, and with this invitation comes clients, opportunities, and financial compensation for my skills and teachings. As you become more confident in your teachings and the service you offer, continue to evaluate the value you deliver during your sessions and adjust your prices accordingly.

    Beyond charging what you are worth, understanding your value as an expert yoga teacher who specializes in one-on-one work is crucial to having meaningful conversations with potential clients.

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    How It Helps Our Community

    Yoga Alliance Social Credentialing System adds both credibility and transparency to the whole yoga community. By capturing feedback from trainees, schools are able to grow and improve their yoga teacher training programs, but more importantly, it helps potential trainees make an informed decision when selecting a yoga teacher training program.

    It also:

    • provides transparency about what schools teach in their trainings.
    • asks the community to self-regulate and ensure compliance with Yoga Alliance Standards.

    /12 Is It Worth Being A Yoga Instructor

    • Is Yoga Teacher Training Worth It?
    • My Weird Experience Purusha People If you truly love yoga and dont care about income or are happy making money elsewhere, I would say yes.
    • You might get lucky and build a following and get a lot of devoted students coming to your classes, or you might not.

    My Favorite Yoga Gear Essentials

    Im picky about my yoga gear

    Im ready to blow some cash on high-quality ethically-made items that are eco-friendly and built to last It supports my efforts for sustainable yoga practice and lifestyle.

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    What You Must Know About The Certification

    The Yoga Alliance is the governing organization that certifies yoga teachers, and the inventors of the certification process. Honestly, the certifications dont mean that much. To put it into perspective, many of the best yogis in India are not certified by the Yoga Alliance. However, its important that you find a program certified by the Yoga Alliance as a baseline standard. There are some schools out there that are just truly awful.

    • For more information about the certification process
    • To find Yoga Alliance registered schools .

    So now that you have a basic understanding of the process, lets dig into what you really need to know to start choosing your program.

    Establish An Online Yoga Business

    How to Create A Challenging and Diverse Yoga Classes

    Its time to launch your company online now that your calendar and rates are set.

    You must have an internet presence in order to attract more yoga students and develop your brand.

    Establish a blog to talk about the advantages of yoga, or start a YouTube channel to record your courses.

    Utilizing social media to advertise your company regularly is another strategy to establish an online presence.

    You may establish your brand in the yoga industry using platforms like Instagram, Facebook, and even TikTok.

    The best course of action would be to choose one or two and concentrate on producing some excellent material since there are so many. There are several excellent online courses that will teach you all you need to know if youre new to social networking.

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    How To Become A Yoga Instructor

    Getting your yoga teacher certification isnt just about choosing a training program at a well-known yoga school and forking over your hard-earned cash. Sure, thats a part of it, but then what?

    Because even if youve got the teaching skills and your asana memorization is impressive, youre going to need a whole lot more than that to become a yoga instructor.

    Like, for example, getting yoga insurance.

    I teamed up with beYogi to bring you this video above on how to become a yoga teacher. They offer fantastic yoga insurance for yoga teachers, and teacher trainees, and students, and I have a discount link if you choose to purchase through beYogi.

    So if youre wondering how to be a yoga teacher, here is my personal short list of everything I think you should know.

    Why You Should Consider Doing A Yoga Teacher Training

    Yoga teacher training course not only deepens your yoga knowledge but also prepares you to become a yoga instructor. You will get the knack for various yoga types and techniques like alignment, anatomy, body awareness, class sequencing, meditation, pranayama, methodology, and much more. Doing yoga teacher training can allow you to experience:

    • Change in your life
    • A new family of like-minded people
    • More empowered connection with yourself

    Unlike many teacher training programs, Yoga is a propagative one. It benefits you to foster good habits, increase flexibility, and live a happy and healthier life. Yoga poses expand blood circulation, charging you strengthened all day. A great sense of peace is also assured in a YTT course. The yoga art is all about fetching you back to your real state. So, go forward with a yoga teacher training course as thats all you want to get rid of all physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual issues and flaunt a happy heart.

    Considering To Join Yoga Teacher Training? Step into the Practice Now!

    The best part about embarking on a yoga teacher training journey is that it allows a practitioner to experience endless benefits. In fact, while making way for a YTT experience, yogis/yoginis can face the most astonishing and life-changing experiences of their life.

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    Why Our Students Love Our Bali Location

    Emma, UK

    Living on Nusa Lembongan for the month of my yoga teacher training was a dream. The island is a calm oasis away from the busier Bali hotspots and you are spoilt with things to do. I liked being able to spend downtime exploring the island, learning how to surf and taking in the beautiful natural environment. The best part for me was the yoga shala, which opens out onto the beach. I loved practicing to the soothing sound of the waves. The island’s calming energy was a really good environment for learning it helps to create space in the mind and better focus.

    Bex, UK

    All Yoga have really found the perfect spot for their teacher training. I loved Nusa Lembongan’s mellow vibe and super friendly locals, not to mention jaw-dropping sunsets. The biggest surprise I had when I arrived was the vast choice of healthy, eco-conscious and affordable cafes and restaurants around. Whether we craved authentic, local cuisine or simple, nutritious dishes, we really were spoilt for choice! I was happy to find that my tricky dietary requirements were the least of my worries, and I was able to fuel my body with nourishing and varied food throughout the entire course.

    Liv, UK

    Prepare For Your Yoga Session

    Yoga Teacher Training Yoga Alliance Approved

    Youll be one step closer to becoming an online yoga teacher after youve chosen your provider and obtained your certification.

    You would have received instruction in the many styles of yoga as part of your certification.

    If you havent already, now is the moment to choose whether you want to specialize in a certain yoga style or be a generalist and provide a variety of types. Though you dont need to concentrate on one style, it might aid you with the direction your studies go.

    You may always concentrate on wellness topics like pre/postnatal, strength, and fitness if you opt not to specialize on a certain style. There are many topics you may center your class schedule on, and the preliminary research you conducted will be helpful now.

    You may choose how much to charge now that you know what youre going to concentrate on.

    Examining the prices charged by local yoga studios is an excellent place to start. Youll get a sense of the market price from this.

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    Doing A Yoga Teacher Training Program

    There are hundreds of schools and institutions that offer yoga teacher training programs. We are going to review the best online yoga teacher trainings and 10 of the best in-person yoga teacher training certifications that are Alliance-approved. You can confidently choose any one of the following schools to pursue your career as a yoga instructor.

    But once you complete training, another thing that you must do before beginning your practice is to watch classes and observe how other trainers teach their students. Observing classes and sitting down with different instructors can help you gain valuable experience to let you excel in your journey. A Yoga Alliance-approved class facilitates observation sessions for yoga teacher trainees. You will learn more about this in your teacher training class.

    Installments To Make Starting Easier

    • 1st Installment of $1500 USD: We begin your School Application with Yoga Alliance and get you started with the first part of the training, The Enlightened Life module, covering the Yamas and Niyamas and the first 50 hours of the 200 Hour Training. You open registration for your 200 Hour Training and use the registration to cover your start-up costs, You can also give your students the option to register in installments.
    • 2nd Installment of $1500 USD: You continue your training and collect payments for your students second installment to cover your intake costs. Youre prepared for the next 50 hours of your training with the Trainer Lesson Plans for The Anatomy of a Healthy Life Module covering fundamental anatomy for yoga teachers,
    • 3rd Installment of $1500 USD: The third module of the training is Finding Calm in an Age of Speed which introduces the Chakras and continues the exploration of Anatomy and Physiology ,
    • 4th Installment of $1500 USD: the final 50 hours of the training is The Past, Present, and Future of Yoga, your students make their final payment which covers your costs for the final installment of the intake.
    • after the initial intake fees are paid, the ongoing costs is 10% of

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    Take Your Yoga Practice To The Next Level

    Ever thought to become a yoga teacher? Or, do you wish to go deeper into your yoga practice? Well, weve got you covered! Now you can learn the nitty-gritty of yoga by joining the best Yoga Teacher Training program, keeping your needs and proficiency in mind.

  • YTT course provides you the required skills to become a yoga teacher, under the direction of professional yoga instructors while attending each class.
  • Our yoga teachers are expertly-trained, passionate educators who make yoga learning accessible to one and all.
  • No matter what your yoga level is, youll be assisted by an industry-leading yoga teacher for simplifying your yoga learning process. Each member of our widely-respected team owns uncountable hours of experience, thus youll be headed by and learn from the proficient teachers.

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