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How To Recycle Old Yoga Mats

Ways To Upcycle An Old Yoga Mat

10 Ways to Reuse a Yoga Mat – HGTV Handmade

We here at Charles & Hudson are always looking for ways to be as green as possible in our everyday choices, as well as be as economical as possible too. So when it was time to replace our old torn yoga mats, we got to thinking about ways to repurpose or upcycle them around the house. Sure its easy to recylce your mat with Recycle Your Mat or donate it through The Bolder Mat Company, both of which are awesome options to be green and generous. But we were curious about the different ways you could reuse your mat around the house to save money and help you in your DIY adventures. So in no particular order, here are some ways your old yoga mat can be useful in home improvement:

What Do We Mean By Buy A Mat We Plant A Tree

While it has always been our goal to make the best performing yoga mat on the market and we are very proud that Harmony is made with natural rubber, a renewable resource, contains no PVC or ozone depleting substances and is made in the United States in compliance with US environmental laws — we felt we could and should do even more. We looked for a partner to help us give back to the earth and found Trees for the Future to be the right choice. What we like about Trees for the Future is that they work with local communities on projects that are environmentally and economically sustainable. They are not about going in and dictating what they are going to do, doing it and walking away. They engage the local community which leads to a project that can continue long after Trees for the Future has left. Trees for the Future works to develop and implement programs to improve living standards for the participants, by the careful management, rather than the exploitation, of our natural resources. Through this partnership with Trees for the Future, we plant a tree for every yoga mat we sell.

Which Mat Is Right For Me

;Always on the go? Meet VOYAGER & TRAVEL, your practice just got a little lighter!

VOYAGER: Our thinnest and most portable mat yet, the VOYAGER is ideal for yogis on the go that have to travel light! Easily folds up to fit into your tote bag, carry on, or backpack, allowing you to take your practice with you everywhere and anywhere.

SPECS: 1/16 thick, 24 wide, is 68 in length, and weighs about 1.5lbs

Available in: Purple, Midnight Blue, Olive Green, and Fire Engine Red;

*please note the Voyager is not suited to a vigorous daily practice, it does compromise durability

TRAVEL: The perfect marriage between our best-selling Harmony mat and our most transportable mat Voyager, we introduce you to our Travel Mat! Perfect for yogis on the go- supportive enough for daily use, but light enough to go with you!

SPECS: 1/8 thick, 24 wide, is offered in 68 or 74 lengths, and weighs just under 3lbs

Available in: Purple & Midnight Blue , Olive Green, and Black

Dont know what you need and looking for our go-to suggestion? Meet HARMONY!

HARMONY: Our most popular mat, the HARMONY is our everyday, go-to mat. Great for yoga, Pilates, or mat work in general! If youre undecided, have dual purposes for your mat, or are looking for a multi-purpose mat, Harmony is for you.;

SPECS: 3/16 thick, 24 wide, is offered in lengths of 68, 71, & 74, and weighs about 5lbs

All colors are not available in all lengths, see for additional details

Available in: Midnight Blue;

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What Are Jade Yoga Mats Made Of

All of Jade’s eco-friendly yoga mats are made with natural rubber and contain no PVC or other synthetic rubbers. Natural rubber is tapped, like maple syrup, from a rubber tree, a sustainable, renewable resource. We use natural rubber because it grips better and has more cushion than any of the synthetic rubbers on the market . It is also better for the earth as it is made sustainably. In addition to natural rubber, our mats contain both natural and man-made components. The precise components of our mats are proprietary . ;Jade mats contain no PVCs, phthalates, heavy metals;or flame retardants. All components are approved by FDA for use in rubber in continuous contact with food.

Give Them To A Newbie

Ways to Recycle Old Yoga Mats

You can as well give out your old yoga mat to someone who is new to or wants to join yoga. It is a practice that dates back centuries and will continue for centuries to come. Instead of someone new to yoga buying another PVC mat and add to our waste, why dont you donate yours to them? Giving out a gently used yoga mat for free is an ideal gift for a newbie to yoga.

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What Is A Yoga Mat Made Of

Yoga mats are made of many different materials. Some have a foam layer on the top and some do not; while others may contain rubber or vinyl layers.

Most yoga mats are made of rubber or vinyl. These two materials contain PVC, which is a chemical that can be dangerous if it leaks into the air and water supply. It may also cause cancer in humans when inhaled or ingested over time.

Can You Recycle Yoga Mats

Yes, some yoga mats are recyclable. According to Earth911, in 2008, more than 50% of mats collected were upcycled into other products, and more than 30% of mats collected were donated to local community programs. In general, the recyclability of a yoga mat depends on the material from which it is made.

Most yoga mats are made of materials such as natural rubber, latex, polyvinyl chloride or plastic, making them difficult to recycle and dangerous to either incinerate or throw away into water streams.

Although PVC materials, including yoga mats, contain dangerous chemicals and are difficult to recycle, some businesses specialize in recycling certain types of PVC products, like gift cards and vinyl siding. However, most products made from PVC, most notably consumer products like records, toys and yoga mats, are difficult or impossible to recycle.

Regardless, there are some great alternatives to PVC yoga mats, which are recyclable. Recycle Nation has outlined several companies which make recyclable yoga mats. Companies such as Manduka and JadeYoga, make mats from all-natural rubber, making them completely recyclable.

Other companies such as Barefoot Yoga, make yoga mats from a combination of polyester and Polyolefin, which they claim is completely biodegradable, although the polyester will not break down over time. Also, Yogasana makes another alternative to PVC mats as theirs are made from cotton, which is hand-woven in India.

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My Personal Top 10 Reuse/recycle Options:

  • Turn your mat into a bleacher cushion.; Great for those hard bleachers when watching sporting events.; Heres how:; Step 1) Cut the mat into equal pieces to make one top and bottom ; Step 2) Punch holes about every 2 inches with a paper hole punch all the way around ; Step 3) Take a couple of days worth of newspapers and lay them between the top and bottom ; Step 4) Use yarn, ribbon, rawhide, etc. to lace the holes and tie off.; Oh yeah, pretty sweet, huh?; To re-stuff, untie and add new newspaper.; Easy to store, lightweight, washable, reusable, and comfortable
  • Leave the beach towel home and bring your old yoga mat to the beach instead (caution! may induce spontaneous yoga poses on the beach
  • Save your floors and roll out the old mats for the kids to do messy craft projects on
  • Along the same lines as number 1, fold mat in four, place in a pillow cover, and you have a cheap and comfy meditation cushion
  • Enjoy yoga in the wild! Use old mats as aGuerrilla Yoga mat alternative .; Most, if not all, eco mats are susceptible to damage by the elements and using them for outside practice is not the best idea.;; Now you dont have to jack up your good mat doing it
  • How could the computer geek inside me resist a nice, thick, cushiony yoga mouse pad for surfing the Internet
  • I really hate rattling stereo speakers.; Place cut out yoga mat squares under those noisy stereo speakers to reduce vibration rattle
  • Recycling Mystery: Yoga Mats

    Old clothes recycling idea / how to make Yoga mat/Door mat/rug/table mat/carpet |DIY at home

    ByBrian Brassaw

    As someone who enjoys yoga and spends a little time every day in various poses, I know the struggle of using a yoga mat past its prime. Some mats wear down faster than others, but I find that I usually need to replace my mat every couple of years. So, finding a sustainable way to dispose of it is a top priority.

    Fortunately, there are more options available than simply sending old yoga mats to the landfill. They can be reused in a variety of ways. But recycling them can be quite a challenge.

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    How To Make Flip Flops From A Yoga Mat

    wikiHow is a wiki, similar to Wikipedia, which means that many of our articles are co-written by multiple authors. To create this article, 13 people, some anonymous, worked to edit and improve it over time. This article has been viewed 97,987 times.

    With just a glue gun and a pair of scissors, you can recycle an old yoga mat into a new pair of flip flops. Read on to find out how!

    Recyclability Of Other Yoga Mat Types

    Image Source: Texdoo

    Thankfully, not all yoga mats are created from PVC and TPE. Actually, more and more yoga manufacturers are being mindful about the environment, and are developing eco-friendly, recyclable yoga mats.

    One such type of yoga mats is natural rubber yoga mats. They are marketed as all-natural, with no pollutants inside. If you have latexallergies, stay away from this type of yoga mats, as they can induce this type of allergic reaction!

    You can find recyclable yoga mats that include a combination of polyolefin and polyester, with a key twist – they are biodegradable. At least, that is what Barefoot Yoga Company claims.

    Other than the mentioned two, another popular recyclable yoga mat alternative is cotton yoga mats. Just type in that keyword in your favorite search engine, and an enormous amount of results will pop up.

    It is good to know that more yoga mat manufacturers are getting conscious about the environment. Now, how can you do your part in this chain?

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    More Creative Reuse/recycle Solutions

  • Place small squares under furniture legs to protect wooden floors
  • Cut squares for nonskid pads to cushion hallway carpet runners
  • Use for a cushy lining and fabric anchor on babys changing table
  • Most mats are waterproof and serve well beneath leaky flowerpots
  • Double up old mats as sleeping bag pads for camping
  • Roll out old mats as floor coverings during painting projects
  • Fold up and use as a prop or knee padding with your new mat
  • Use mat as extra bedding for pets
  • Give your yoga mat a new life as a weed cloth cover
  • Cut your pad into smaller pieces, tape them together with duct tape and youll have a fabulous knee pad for gardening
  • Donate to homeless shelters as sleeping pads
  • Protect the leather in the back seat of your car from sharp, scratchy objects by rolling an old mat out on the seat
  • Cut to size and line your kitchen shelves with a non-slip surface
  • Cut out four squares to use as bases for a neighborhood baseball game
  • Clean up your old mat and cut out drawer and shelf liners for your closet
  • Use as padding around kids playground equipment, cushions slide landings
  • If you have lots of old mats, chop them into small pieces and donate to a neighborhood playground for ground cover
  • Cut out palm-sized jar grippers
  • Sit just about anywhere you want with a cushy mat padding
  • Place underneath childrens car seats
  • Cut into small pieces and use as packing material for fragile items
  • Use as a door mat when camping to keep your tent clean
  • Place inside pet carriers for padding and footing
  • Save Your Food From Going To Waste

    Ways to Recycle Old Yoga Mats

    The average U.S. household throws away over 20 percent of all food they purchase. Thats like going to the store, buying five bags and just leaving one in the parking lot.

    When you make small shifts in how you shop, prepare and store food, you can waste less, save money and conserve the valuable resources associated with food production. Take the Eat Smart, Waste Less Challenge and get free tools and tips to help reduce wasted food!

    The items we use and consume every day have a direct impact on our environment and our communities. Thats why it is everyones responsibility to consider what happens to those things once were done using them.

    In Oregon, we have a strong recycling ethic. By recycling right, were able to reduce the amount of energy and resources required to make new products, decrease pollution, and create jobs. 1.4 million tons of material collected in Oregon was recycled in 2016, which has environmental benefits equivalent to taking 690,000 cars off the road!

    In Washington County, your recycling bin is where you put paper products, flattened cardboard, metal, and some plastic bottles and tubs. Glass bottles and jars are collected in a small container on the side.

    Check out our Recycling Guide for a more detailed list of what can and cannot go in your recycling bin.

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    Fresh Ways To Reuse An Old Yoga Mat

    If you’ve just eked your millionth sun salutation out of that thin, raggedy rectangle you call a mat, it might be time to spring for a new one. But what to do with the old? Certainly, you could recycle it or even donate it if it isn’t too far gone, or you could tap your inner Martha and try a little creative repurposing:

    What Makes Jade Mats Eco

    Jade mats are eco-friendly as they are made with a renewable, sustainable resource – natural rubber, tapped from rubber trees. Jade mats contain no PVC or other synthetic rubbers. Perhaps most importantly, Jade yoga mats are made in the United States in compliance with all US environmental and labor laws. Finally, through its partnership with Trees for the Future, JadeYoga plants a tree for every yoga mat you buy.

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    Great Ways To Reuse And Upcycle Yoga Mats

    In todays environmental climate, people are becoming more attuned to the amount of garbage we create, and many of us are striving to decrease it. When done properly, recycling can help, but even that has a carbon footprint. Reusing and upcycling, on the other hand, is pollution-free. Items in good condition may still have many serviceable years in them, so donating them is the best way to go. The next best thing is repurposing old things into something new, or in the case of yoga mats, into lots of somethings! So after youre done;choosing a new color for your home yoga studio and its time to buy new mats to complement the rooms new design, dont just throw your old yoga mats away.

    While its possible to recycle yoga mats through specialized programs, it most often requires local program participation or shipping away your old mat. Why not donate or upcycle your yoga mat instead? There are lots of ways to reuse yoga mats in your home, and they are all way easier than planking! Here are ten of my favorites.

    Ways To Reuse Your Yoga Mat

    How to Recycle a Yoga Mat : Yoga Fashion & Supplies

    We hate to throw stuff out. We prefer to recycle it, give it away, or find another use for it. And then we had to replace our yoga mat. We couldnt give our old one away; the reason we were giving it up in the first place was that it was too worn and thin to use. We couldnt recycle it; we tried but the guy at the tire place wouldnt budge. What were we going to do with it? And then we came across an article on the Gaiam website

    Gaiam, one of the leading distributors of yoga mats and related products, lists fifty ideas for what to do with your yoga mat when its time to replace it. Fifty ways to recycle our mat later, were healthier. Less stressed about how to recycle it, we breathe easier; replacing our mat appropriately we dont injure ourselves using a worn mat. Some of our favorite reuses include:

  • Use cookie cutters to cut the mat into holiday ornaments
  • Cut down for placemats for pet dishes. Keeps the area neat while also prevents the dishes from sliding around
  • Clean the mat well and use it to line kitchen shelves
  • Use the mat to smother weeds in your garden.
  • Instead of buying a rug pad, use an old yoga mat to keep your rug in place. Rug pads also make vacuuming your rug easier.
  • Instead of packing peanuts, wrap pieces of a yoga mat around your valuables.
  • Strips of old yoga mat make colourful stair treads.
  • Cut into rounds and use as coasters
  • Cut a piece to use as a sunshade in your parked car when it gets really hot
  • For another 40 ideas, click here.

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    Use Both Sides Of The Mat

    One of the easiest ways to reduce uneven wear on a yoga mat is to make sure youre not always using the same side. If the material your yoga mat is made from allows, flip your mat over each time you practice, and pay attention to spots, you tend to gravitate to the most. When possible, try to use less trafficked areas on the mat to make sure it wears out evenly.


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