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How To Prepare For Bikram Yoga

Dress For The Occasion

How to Prepare for a Bikram Yoga Class : Yoga Practice

Baggy clothes, jeans and any kind of warm clothing is not what you want to wear to any yoga class, but especially a Bikram class. Most of the time, youll be fine if you simply wear normal yoga clothes. However, because of the heat and humidity, there are plenty of men who choose to go shirtless and women you practice in sports bras and tiny shorts. Dont be surprised if you see some coming in and undressing. Now is not a time for modesty. Its a time to challenge your body.

Get In A Good Snack Before And After

This type of practice is hard work, and you need to be in good shape to get through it. Just like eating is recommended before giving blood to minimize your chance of feeling sick, eating well before a Bikram class will also help prevent you from feeling woozy or lightheaded. Light snacks help keep your energy up and your blood sugar level. Stick to the good stuff like greek yogurt with some berries or some whole wheat toast with peanut butter and a banana.

How To Do Corpse Pose

  • Begin stepping on the mat and lie back on it.
  • Arms should be relaxed and free to lie along each side of the body. Your palms should be facing upside.
  • Eyes should be open slightly and firmly looking at any specific point on the ceiling.
  • Your shoulder should be relaxed and lie flat to release more tension.
  • Breathe deep and long enough to relax each and muscles or part of the body.
  • After performing this pose, slowly return to the sitting and then standing position.

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Focus On The Fundamentals

Often, a posture will start in its most basic form. There might be modifications you can make once youve mastered the basics and youre ready for a more advanced version, but until then, dont get ahead of yourself. Youll get there with time. You dont want to get hurt or overextend yourself. In standing head to knee pose, for example, youll see some people kick out when their base leg isnt yet locked. Why bother? Work on getting that leg solid and then you can progress.

Ways To Prep For Your First Hot Yoga Class


If youre one of many, taking a yoga class in normal room temperature could be challenging. Holding non-traditional postures for minutes at a time flexibility and mobility dont come easy to most but studies have demonstrated that by incorporating yoga sessions into your fitness routine, youll see in an increase in joint and muscle movement and range-of-motion. In addition, by increasing the temperature in the room during a yoga class, your blood vessels dilate and increase circulation to your limbs thus increasing mobility. Considering most of us barely make time for a basic yoga class, how exactly do we prepare for a hot yoga session?

1. Choose your hot yoga class wisely. There are a few types of hot yoga class offerings. If youre used to a vinyasa class, perhaps hot vinyasa will be a good transition for you as the temperature usually fluctuates between 95-99 degrees. If you are a more advanced yogi, perhaps a Bikram yoga class would be appropriate since you may have experience holding postures through deep breathing and higher temperatures.

While the thought of a hot yoga session does seem daunting, its just one of those things where if you prep for it, youll be able to conquer the workout and feel accomplished.

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Benefits Of Full Locust Pose

  • It strengthens the spine by improving its flexibility. However, it also cures various vertebrae problems such as cervical spondylosis, spinal stenosis, poor posture, etc.
  • Full locust pose invigorates the muscles of thighs, hips, lower back, shoulder and upper arms, etc.
  • It improves the functioning of internal organs. Also, it helps in widening the chest by harnessing the ribs flexibility.

What To Expect From A Hot Yoga Workout

The operative word for how hot yoga is different from other forms is hot. You should definitely expect to sweat. The temperature in the room will be somewhere between 90-108 degrees Fahrenheit, and there may be humidity added, too. Rivera notes that your internal body temperature will rise, you will get hot and you have complete control over the direction of this experience…pace yourself and pay attention to your body and its needs. If youre worried about how youre performing, youre probably going to forget about the pace of your breath and your movement.;If youre tired, take a break and remember, you are there for yourself and nobody else.

When you go to a hot yoga class, expect a shorter warm-up than in other yoga classes. This is because thanks to the hot room, less time is needed to warm up your muscles. Then, you will be walked through a series of yoga postures. What the postures will be like, and how quickly you will move through them depends on the type of yoga the class is doing. Where Bikram is a set series of 26 specific moves, other types of yoga, such as vinyasa and ashtanga, are now offered hot as well, so what the moves are will be dependent on that. The class will likely last 60 or 90 minutes. Unlike other yoga classes where the teacher does the moves with you, in hot yoga they often give instruction without doing them too.

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What Is Bikram Yoga

Bikram yoga was invented in the 1970s by Bikram Choudhury. It aims to amplify the benefits of traditional yoga using heat, which helps your muscles to stretch more easily. The heat also makes you sweat, which is thought to help with flushing out toxins and losing weight.

Unlike other forms of hot yoga, Bikram yoga has a set sequence of 26 poses that you move through repeatedly until the end of the session, which is usually 90 minutes long. No matter where you go for your Bikram yoga class, these same 26 yoga poses will be used and the class will last roughly the same amount of time.

The sequence is designed to stretch your whole body, increase blood circulation, and bring more oxygen to your muscles, in addition to the standard benefits of yoga.

Because you use the same poses in the same order, it is easy to learn the sequence. That makes Bikram yoga a good choice for anyone who likes to know exactly what to expect from their yoga class.

Of course, even once you get used to the poses, Bikram yoga will still test your endurance, partly thanks to the heat but also to the fact that you can always go that one bit deeper in the poses that you practice.

The aim is to make you sweat. And we can promise you that it will work. Bikram yoga enthusiasts say that all the sweating youll do during a class increases the detoxifying effects of yoga.

How To Do Awkward Pose

How To Prepare For A Hot Yoga Class
  • Stand straight and keep your feet apart up to the distance of arms.
  • Now, inhale and exhale to come down and slightly bend your knees.
  • Imagine as you are sitting on a chair. Arms should be straight and lengthen.
  • Squeeze your thighs together. Weight should be balanced on the heels.
  • Hold the position as your capability. Breathing should be normal during the course of the practice.
  • Slowly return to the normal standing position. relax your body.

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How To Moisturize Skin While Practicing Bikram Yoga

Committing to Bikram yoga involves a little more than waltzing, unprepared, into a 105-degree room. The hot and humid room combined with the practice of Bikram’s 26 detoxifying postures can throw even the versed yogi for a loop. If you’re ready to give it a go, careful preparation can decrease the potential side effects of headache, dehydration and overheating. Approaching Bikram yoga with a healthy bag of tools ensures a steadfast route towards total body nourishment.

What Happens When Its Over

Weep with joy remember its really important to rehydrate and take it slow.

Brits like me are unaccustomed to temperatures over 20-degrees and will feel terribly woozy. Spend some time sitting down and relaxing.

Above all enjoy the process. Just because I will never step foot into a hot yoga class again doesnt mean you shouldnt!;Everyone should pursue the style of yoga they love best,;its just a matter of staying safe while doing so.

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How To Do Standing Separate Leg Stretching

  • Come into a standing position on your mat.
  • Take any of the foot away from the other. Keep a distance of around 3 feet between the legs.
  • Now, stretch your arms on their respective side.
  • Bend forward at the waist to come down between the legs.
  • Reach your hand to the feet and clasp the ankles by both the hands.
  • Try to stretch the back by gripping the ankles. Do not put extra pressure.
  • Straight your spine and lengthen up the thoracic area. Hold here the pose for few seconds.
  • Slowly return to the normal position.

How To Prepare For A Bikram Yoga Class For Cosmic Energy


Bikram Choudrys beginner yoga class for cosmic energy is offered in studios around the world. Each class is made up of 26 yoga poses and two breathing exercises. The yoga workout is completed in a room heated to 105 degrees Fahrenheit, which is why this form is also called hot yoga. A Bikram yoga class is unlike any other type of yoga!

Many beginners are excited to try the series because of the benefits it has for flexibility, strength, balance and focus, but they have questions about how to do Bikram yoga and want some hot yoga tips to ensure a great first class. With just a few Bikram yoga tips to follow before, during and after class, every Bikram yoga class can be a great one!

How to Prepare for Bikram Yoga Class

One of the most common problems for new students is being dehydrated. In the hot yoga room, students sweat for 90 minutes straight, so if theyre even slightly dehydrated, theyll tire quickly and possibly even feel dizzy. If possible, a new student should start hydrating a few days before their first class. Drink two to three liters of water the day before class, and consistently drink throughout the day of class, stopping about half an hour before class starts.

Here are a few more tips:

How to Do Bikram Yoga Successfully

Bikram Yoga Tips for After Class

Once class is over, there are only three things to remember:

How Bikram Yoga Benefits Mothers Post Pregnancy

All these concerns can be addressed in one relaxing exercise routine: Bikram Yoga.

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You May Not Like It Immediately

I wasn’t a huge fan of Bikram while the class was taking place. I didn’t mind the poses, and it wasn’t that I hated the heat. It was an experience of general discomfortextreme heat, activity, and persistently-increasing dehydration working together to increase my heart rate, challenge my breathing, and push me past my normal range of motion. It took a lot of mental concentration to focus on proper form while trying to not think about the general discomfort I was feeling. I was ready for the class to be over at about the halfway point.

That said, Ieaving the studio, I felt both tired and aliveinvigorated. Exhausted, but also excited for the rest of my day. The feeling lasted for a full 24 hours. Any workout that imparts that kind of mental benefit and the positive glow is a workout worth doing again.

Listen To And Trust Your Body

Part of mindfulness involves listening to what your body is telling you. Its important to trust the pace of your practice and not rush into poses. Our amazing instructors will be with you along the journey and collectively share thousands of hours of practice and expertise. We want each of your experiences at Soul Sweat Hot Yoga Southlake to be positive. Whether that means taking breaks in between poses, deciding to hold off on certain poses, or asking an instructor for extra guidance during the flow, youll reach new heights by checking in with yourself often during each class.

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Bring A Change Of Clothes

Bikram studios are required to provide showers, so if you prefer showering right after class, it’s always an option. If, however, you prefer to shower at home, you’ll still want to change clothes before you leave the studio. I’m not exaggerating when I say I sweated more during my Bikram class than I did playing 6-hours of basketball in an un-air-conditioned gym in Texas in the middle of the summer. You do not want to drive home while wearing clothes so wet it feels like you just crawled out of a pool.

Bring The Right Equipment

Video blogging to prepare for the show Bikram Yoga

You might be able to rent a yoga mat and towel from the studio, but you may feel more comfortable bringing your own, due to the amount of sweat that drips on the mat. Bring two towels, one for your mat and one for your body, to wipe away the sweat. If you think you’ll need water, bring your own bottle to sip on.

While you’ll be tempted to wipe away every drip of sweat that your skin produces, try to limit your towel’s swipes. Sweat is your body’s natural way of cooling yourself down, and constantly wiping it away not only is distracting, but it also means your body will have a harder time regulating its temperature.

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Understand What Youre Getting Into

There are different types of hot yoga classes, and Bikram is more intense than some of the others. Hot yoga classes are not the same things as Bikram. Theyre generally a little less strict, not as warm and not as long. Because of that, you may not always get the full benefits from just a hot yoga class. Before you go, look into it. If youre at all concerned about the effects, ask your doctor and someone whos been to these classes before. You wont be scared off, just well prepared.

How To Do Camel Pose

  • Begin with the kneeling position. Keep a distance of 5 to 6 inches between the knees.
  • Place your hands slightly above the hips to support your back from falling flat.
  • Avoid swaying of the elbow to their respective sides.
  • Now, inhale to lift the chest and exhale to drop down the head backward.
  • Inhale again to support the back and exhale to arch the torso more backward.
  • Bring down your right hand to grab the right heel and then left hand to grab the left heel.
  • Adjust the placement of fingers on sole and thumb outside. However, this helps in pushing the hips forward direction.
  • Keep harnessing the spinal curve by arching and lengthening the tailbone.
  • Hold the pose as long as you feel comfortable. Slowly come back and Relax the body.
  • It improves the GFR rate of the kidney and helps in flushes out the toxins.
  • Lengthens the thoracic region and gives a deep stretch to the muscles concerning that area.
  • Improve the flexibility of the spine and shoulders. However, it also stimulates the glands like pituitary, adrenal, thyroid, etc

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The Ultimate Guide On How To Survive Your First Hot Yoga Class

Are you thinking about trying Bikram or another form of hot yoga? If so, prepare with the tips and honest advice in this blog.

Im dubious of any style of yoga where students pass out in class. Call me a traditionalist, but I fail to see how fainting brings us closer to enlightenment. However, I also suffer from extreme FOMO and I dont like to leave trends untested.

Thats why, against my better judgement, I decided to hop on the hot yoga bandwagon.

The Importance Of Breathing


We cant emphasize this one enough: you have to breathe — purposefully, throughout everything you do, and if/when you feel overwhelmed. Your breath will get you through the class.

Your teacher will talk to you about two breathing exercises youll do, one to start the class and one to conclude it.

But really — if you think you cant make it through a posture, breathe. If youre starting not to feel well, lie down and breathe. Be really mindful with your breath. Youll be surprised how much better youll feel once you get your breathing under control. It dictates everything.

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Benefits Of Floor Bow Pose

  • This posture provides the overall flexibility to the spine. This invigorates its surrounding muscles, which helps in maintaining the posture.
  • Stretching of intercostal muscles expands the thoracic capacity. This ensures better lung capacity and oxygen-rich blood supply to the rest of the body.
  • It massages the entire abdominal area. Ultimately, it improves the functioning of internal organs such as kidney, liver, spleen, digestive organs.

How To Do Standing Deep Breathing

  • First of all, come into a standing position. Your back should be straight and feet together.
  • Interlock your fingers and bring knuckles into the ceiling of the chin.
  • Relax your shoulder and elbows down.
  • Now, inhale through your nostrils. Stretch the elbow up. Open your chest and lengthen the spine.
  • Keep lengthening the spine and open your chest.
  • Exhale through the mouth wide open. Tilt your head back slightly. Suck the stomach in and squeeze the air out.
  • ;Drop the shoulder and down your elbows. Relax your body in standing position.

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