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How To Practice Yoga At Home

What Is The Best At Home Yoga Program

How To Practice Yoga At Home

There are many to choose from but its best to pick an actual program a series of yoga sessions rather than separate, unrelated classes. Its because you cant ever fit all the important stuff into one yoga session so by following a program, youll gradually go through all the basics. Separate classes might have you work excessively on some body parts, neglecting the rest.

Once you choose your program, there should be another one you can progress to as you move from the beginner level to intermediate. The following programs tick all these boxes!

Skill Yoga Beginner program covers all the basic skills, including mindfulness, and helps you set the foundations to a successful home yoga practice. It consists of five 30-minute yoga sessions. You can spread them over two weeks and then either do the program again, or progress to the next level.

7-Day Morning challenge a series of seven 20-minute yoga practices designed for beginners. You can do them all in one week but its just as beneficial to practice every other morning so youll finish the program in two weeks!

Best Yoga Channels For Yoga At Home

Look, I know that many of you know and love Adrien Mishler, me too! Shes bubbly and bright, her classes are complete, and she has paved the way for many yoga teachers after her to make lots of money online, so, Im respectfully leaving her out.

Here I shed some light on some up-and-coming inspiring yoga channels to practice yoga at home.

1. Nicole Wild For Intermediate to Advanced Practitioners

If youre looking for a solid workout and a full-length yoga class, then Nicole will have it. Sometimes its hard for me to find a 45-minute to an hour-long yoga class on YouTube, so I LOVE that she brings us these classes online. Her library isnt all that large because her channel seems relatively new, but judging from how many views she gets within a week of uploading, you can tell that she will be pretty popular very soon.


2. Faith Hunter For Relaxing Sequences and Spiritual Exploration

Faiths voice is the strong point here it spreads like butter and makes her relaxing yoga sequences ever more so just by listening to her soothing voice. I also really like that her flows are super approachable and focus more on feeling good in your body than a marathon yoga workout. Her channel is especially useful for beginners in this way. Besides yoga, she also covers meditation, mantra chanting, mudras, and all things spirituality.


3. Boho Beautiful For Everyone and Everything

5. Sarah Beth Yoga For Quick And Targeted Routines

Whats The Best Music To Do Yoga To

London-based Rocket yoga teacher and ex-DJ Marcus Veda says its all about linking the beat to the breath: Optimal yogic breath is calm, slow and controlled, aiming to increase focus and regulate the nervous system. But people tend towards shorter, erratic breath, so having a beat can be invaluable as a constant reminder to bring your breath back to.

His formula is specific: I link the movement and breath to a specially mixed soundtrack, to a beat that keeps breaths at under 10 per minute, but not so slow that the yogi feels stressed or short of breath: 69 beats per minute is the golden tempo all my mixes come back to that. If youre creating your own playlist, Veda recommends artists such as Petit Biscuit, Jon Hopkins, Nils Frahm and James Blake or, for ease, choose a mix from his Soundcloud.

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Deepening And Intensifying Your Yoga

  • 1Increase the duration of your practice. After you feel comfortable with your established yoga practice, try lengthening your practice by holding each pose a bit longer and flowing seamlessly between asanas. Add new and more challenging poses as you are able.XResearch source
  • Many yoga classes are 60-90 minutes, so you could aim to make your practice around that length.
  • 2Strengthen the intensity of your practice. You may want to strengthen the intensity of your practice as you become comfortable with your routine. This can be done easily by holding each pose a little longer and by challenging yourself to sink deeper into challenging poses.
  • Poses that involve lunges or squats can be taken a bit lower.
  • You can increase the speed of transitions between asanas to create more intensity.
  • 3Increase the frequency of your practice. One of the best ways to deepen your yoga practice is to increase the number of days you practice. You can safely build up to 5-7 days per week.XResearch source If you make yoga a part of your daily routine, its positive effects can benefit your physical and mental health.XResearch source
  • 4Integrate new goals. If you started doing yoga with a single goal√Ęto become healthy or to find a mindful way to de-stress√Ętry integrating another purpose into your practice. If you have been focusing on either the body or the mind, try to start focusing on the body and the mind together.
  • Check In On Your Alignment As You Go

    4 Things New Yogis Need to Know Before Practicing Yoga at Home

    If youre new to yoga or new to practicing on your own, its a good idea to make sure youre getting into positions that are safe. Dont be afraid to rewind or pause an online class so you can take a second look at what your teacher is doing. If youre flowing on your own without an online class, cross-reference your postures with books, websites like Yoga Journals Pose Library, and YouTube tutorials by teachers like Kino Macgregor.

    If you want to watch your practice in action, you can practice in front of a mirror or even record photos and/or video footage on your phone or camera. I know, it can be kinda weird to watch your body at first, but its a dope tool for checking alignment. This is how Ive refined my own postural alignment for years, and its the whole reason I started .

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    Establishing An Initial Yoga Practice

  • 1Attend a yoga class. Most yoga studios or gyms will let you try one class for free. If you don’t know much about yoga, or if it has been a long time since you have been to a yoga class, try attending one or two classes. This can help you develop a yoga regimen for your home practice.XResearch source
  • After the class, write down the asanas, or poses, so that you remember what you did. Don’t be afraid to draw pictures if that makes it easier to recall the asanas.
  • Ask the instructor if they have any tips or suggestions for a home practice. Many instructors will be encouraging and will understand if you can’t make it to class frequently.XResearch source
  • 2Use beginner yoga videos. There are a wide variety of video-based yoga courses available. You may consider purchasing yoga DVDs for your home practice, which will offer a basic guided yoga practice for you to follow. You may also search online for yoga videos or courses that guide you through increasingly complex yoga practice.
  • Select a video or course that corresponds with your personal yoga goals.XResearch source
  • If your goal is to burn fat and lose weight, you might want to find a fast-paced vinyasa or ashtanga video.XResearch source
  • If your goals are meditation and mindfulness, you may want to find a Hatha yoga video.XResearch source
  • Restorative and yin yoga are specifically practiced to help stretch out and repair muscles.XResearch source
  • Best Body By Yoga Practices For Beginners

    We offer so many practices online for those looking to do yoga at home. You can look through our different yoga courses and find the best ones for you. For beginners, we recommend checking out our Yoga Boost program. This practice involves four beginner yoga workouts and it is specifically designed for those who do not normally do yoga. You can check out our Yoga Boost program by

    If you are a beginner looking for a chair yoga class, our Yoga Start class would be a great option for you. This twenty-five minute yoga practice is meant for absolute beginners and involves using a chair to make poses more accessible to people of all abilities. You can try out our Yoga Start class by

    Another great program that we offer for beginners is called Yoga Fix. This program involves a complete five day system of twenty minute yoga workouts. This practice is great for anyone who is brand new to yoga and looking for some guidance for their practice. In addition, our Yoga Fix system can help you reduce pain, increase flexibility, lose weight, and so much more! Are you ready to get started? You can check out our Yoga Fix program by

    Reference:Grate, R. . Yoga statistics: Surprising data on the growth of yoga   eventbrite. Eventbrite US Blog. Retrieved October 5, 2021, from 

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    Get Comfortable In Stillness

    Most of us find it very challenging to sit still.

    We would rather run around, keep busy, and check items off our to-do list than just be.

    Even when we are chilling out, our hands drum on our knees, our thoughts wander to the past or future, or our eyes hungrily scan an iPhone or T.V. screen.

    So before you try to bang out the most advanced yoga poses you can find on the pages of Yoga Journal or Instagram, try the most basic tenets of yoga of all, being present.

    The next time you’re waiting in line, riding public transportation, or perching on the toilet, notice the temptation to whip your phone out for distraction.

    Try to observe the urge rather than immediately give into it.

    How Does One Learn Yoga By Oneself

    How to Practice Kundalini Yoga at Home | Kundalini Yoga Poses – Online Kundalini Yoga Class

    When starting a yoga practice from home, you are basically learning yoga on your own. Did you know there are many different kinds of ways to learn yoga by yourself?

    Videos and Tutorials- As you already know, there are many yoga videos online that can guide you and your new practice. While there are tons of classes to choose from, did you know that there are also short tutorials on specific poses and routines? You do not have to follow just one class. You can always try out different poses and videos to learn more about which practices work best for you.

    Books- There are also a lot of yoga books out there. These are great resources and often contain a ton of great information for beginner yogis. When it comes to yoga books, there are so many topics to choose from. Whether you are reading about poses, the anatomy behind yoga, or even yoga history, books can be super helpful.

    Blogs- Nowadays, blogs are extremely popular and many yoga blogs are gaining readers. Blogs are often free and contain great information on specific topics. They might also be able to answer whatever questions you might have with just a quick internet search.

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    Is Hatha Yoga For Beginners

    Hatha yoga is technically an umbrella term that encompasses multiple styles of yoga within it. Vinyasa, power, ashtanga, yin, and restorative yoga can all be seen under this umbrella in addition to many other forms of yoga as well. This means that any class involving postures and deep breathing can technically be a hatha yoga practice. However, many classes are labeled as hatha when they involve a mix of practices. Often, hatha yoga tends to be rather gentle and touches upon different styles of yoga within its practice. Due to this, hatha yoga can be a great introduction for those who have never practiced before.

    In a hatha practice, you will often learn some of the most common yoga postures along with deep breathing, meditation, and mindfulness.

    So, is hatha yoga meant for beginners? Is it a good option for those who are just starting out their practice?

    The answer completely depends on the person. The truth is that hatha yoga might be a great place to start for some while others might do better with a more gentle practice. Or, perhaps, hatha yoga might not have enough movement for those who are looking for a more intense practice.

    If you are looking for a class that involves standing poses but not as much movement as vinyasa, then hatha might be a great choice for you. If you are a beginner to yoga, you might do very well with hatha. It also might be too intense. It depends on each individual person, but overall, hatha yoga can be great for many beginners.

    If Your Practice Sticks And You Want To Continue Plan To Treat Yourself To Some Accessories Or Apparel

    Although you can make yoga props out of literally anything, the longer you practice, the more youre gonna want to invest in quality products. Ive accumulated my props over time, and I always look for gear thats more ecologically sound and geared toward diverse bodies. My favorite yoga block is Mandukas Unblok recycled-foam yoga block , and I love Yoga Hustles straps .

    Its kind of an annoying reality, but I do think good yoga mats are generally expensive and bad yoga mats are generally cheap. And if youre fat and/or tall, you might eventually crave a mat thats built to accommodate your size. Personally, I use the Jade Yoga XW Fusion mat , and I cant recommend it highly enough its expensive as fuck but worth every penny.

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    How To Do Yoga At Home: Your Guide To Practicing Outside The Studio

    This guide will teach you how to do yoga at home.


    How can I do yoga at home? Its a question thats popped into the mind of every person who has experienced sticker shock from the price of a studio membership, fought traffic to make it to class on time or had their zen tested in a crowded class.

    The benefits of visiting a yoga studio usually outweigh the hassles. You can tap into a community of likeminded yogis, connect with a teacher who helps you grow and soak up a serene atmosphere designed for the mind-body practice. But with studios across the country closed due to the coronavirus pandemic, theres never been a better time to finally build an at-home yoga practiceone that will complement the classes at your favorite studio once it finally reopens, or replace them altogether.

    An at-home practice can provide you the opportunity to create a more intimate relationship with yourself, but it also requires a lot of discipline. Its easier to stick with it when you have a teacher watching over you than it is when you can just click the space bar and walk away, said Adriene Mishler, founder of the Yoga With Adriene YouTube channel, which has more than 7 million subscribers and hundreds of free online yoga classes.

    Austin-based yoga teacher Adriene Mishler, founder of Yoga With Adriene

    Yoga With Adriene

    Heres what you need to know about how to practice yoga at home.

    Staying Safe And Avoiding Injury

    Tips for Yoga Practice at Home

    Whenever you start any exercise routine, its important to follow a few simple safety precautions in order to help prevent injuries, and yoga is no different.

    Trying to do too much, too soon is one of the most common causes of injury. It can be tempting to try and do some of those amazing poses youve seen yoga gurus do. But doing those advanced poses before your body is ready is a recipe for disaster.

    Many people underestimate just how much of a workout yoga can give. They skimp on their warm up, dont listen to their body, and often skip their cool down as they run off to get on with their busy day.

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    Stick With A Set Sequence

    Practicing the same poses every day repeatedly is a powerful way to keep consistent with your practice. This repetition offers you a clear vantage point from which to watch yourself grow and change. The nature and sequencing of Ashtanga Yoga offers this beautifully. You dont have to think about what pose you want to do next, so instead you can focus on your breath, bandhas and drishti. This takes you into a deeper meditative and focused place, so that you will step off your mat feeling more present and peaceful.

    What Equipment Do You Need For A Home Yoga Practice

    Australian yoga teacher, PT and Instagram sensation Shona Vertues three essentials for practising yoga at home are her yoga mat, her sense of self-commitment and, crucially, leaving her phone in another room. If you can’t quite manage that, she recommends turning off notifications and never check your emails!

    While a corner of space is really all you need, the following are all useful investments:

    A mat: Yogi Bare does some of the best eco mats out there and ships internationally.

    A bolster: great for seated or reclined meditation, and a go-to prop for Yin.

    Blocks and straps: all bodies are different shapes and flexibilities, so blocks and straps can help you better access the target area.

    A small speaker: if you like practising to music or are using a sound-only guided routine.

    An analogue alarm clock: if youd prefer to leave digital devices outside the room .

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    How To Make Practicing Yoga At Home A Habit

    For most of us life is very busy, which can lead to us skipping out on yoga class more often than wed like. Rushing to make a class can add even more stress to our already packed days, thus potentially tainting the experience of the practice itself.

    In a world that constantly distracts us from going within, practicing yoga at home offers us a beautiful opportunity to connect deeply to ourselves what we need, want, and feel in every breath. Practicing on your own helps you learn to self-regulate, as opposed to simply following along even when it may not feel right. When youre steering your own practice, you have a greater responsibility to pay attention and choose what happens next.

    Practicing yoga at home is easier than you think. Here are our top tips to develop an at-home yoga practice:

    Dedicate a Space

    If possible, dedicate an area in your home that is clutter-free and uplifting in energy. Its extra helpful if this space is used exclusively for your yoga/meditation practice. Keep it clean and sacred. Adorn it with items that bring a grounded and serene energy. One of the most powerful things about attending a studio class is that it takes place in a room that is dedicated to the practice. The energy and expectations change when entering the room. Try to mimic this when practicing yoga at home will help with focus and the overall experience.

    Be Prepared

    Start with Quiet

    Set an Intention

    Use Helpful Guiding Sources

    Commit to a Time Length

    Pick a Direction


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