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How To Open A Yoga Studio

Develop A Marketing And Pr Plan

Want to Open a Yoga Studio? Watch this first.

Mentor: Ava Taylor, founder and CEO of YAMA TalentTodays world of yoga has seen the rise of yoga teachers who have tapped into their entrepreneurial instincts to create entire brands around their teaching styles and philosophies. And behind some of those big names is Ava Taylor, founder and CEO of YAMA Talent, helping to guide the way. Over the past decade, this marketing and PR pro has helped studios, brands, and teachers like Chelsea Jackson Roberts, Sadie Nardini, Kristin McGee, Faith Hunter, Raghunath, and Leslie Kaminoff increase their relevance in the yoga space.

One thing she knows that yogis tend to struggle with is toggling between the heartfelt, gentle world of yoga and the colder, cut-and-dry business world. Yogis often love their jobs too much, which causes them to sometimes make poor decisions, be overly lenient, take things personally, have poor boundaries, and not see things objectively, says Taylor. Yogis can be experts at emotional decision making, which can cause them to overreact and have difficulty looking at facts, she says. This can make it hard to do what has to be done to make the business run well. A lot of new studio owners think that running a business is going to be easy, or that if youre doing everything right, that everyone will like you. But owning a business, while fulfilling, is all-consuming and difficult.

Which Yoga Poses Should You Do

Some;styles of yoga follow a set sequence of specific poses, but many instructors, including Yee, recommend a more open-ended approach, especially when you’re doing yoga at home.

“At home,” he says, “you learn to listen to what your body needs that day, move at your own pace, and develop intuition about what sequences or kinds of yoga poses you want and need to do most on any given day.”

If you are fatigued, you may want to do a more;restorative yoga sequence. If you’re feeling energetic, a more flowing, fast-paced or rigorous set of yoga poses may feel more satisfying or help you channel that energy. Many like to do an;energizing yoga practice in the morning;and a calming;restorative practice in the evening.

But listening to what you need is more than a physical thing.

“As you practice your first poses on your own, try to cultivate an attitude of playfulness and acceptance,” says Yee. “Being present during your practice means allowing yourself to be aware of whatever physical sensations, emotions, and thoughts are currently arising. Be creative and spontaneous. If you approach your practice with a sense of curiosity, rather than self-judgment or competitiveness, you will find it easier to motivate yourself to practice and you’ll be more present when you do practice.”

As you advance, you may want to move into more challenging;intermediate and advanced yoga poses such as arm balances, inversions and backbends.

Heaters For Your Yoga Studio

Heating can be a significant differentiator for your yoga studio, mainly if your studio specializes in hot yoga. When choosing the right heating option for your yoga studio, take into account the following critical criteria:

  • The energy source
  • Space heaters vs. central heating
  • Heating type
  • Costs, including the hidden costs.
  • Quality of the insulation in your building
  • Length of the system warranty
  • The durability of your heater

Head over to my guide on;heaters for yoga studios;for a detailed breakdown of the different heating options and how you should choose the right heating option for your yoga studio.;

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Tips For Starting Your Own Yoga Business

If you want to start your own yoga business, then be prepared to meet all the aspects of running a venture successfully. Yoga is an ancient Indian practice for optimum physical and mental well-being. But when it comes to turning the practice into a thriving source of earning, you have to follow some time-tested principles of business.

Yoga is booming business with more and more entrepreneurs entering this field and the number of customers is also increasing by each day. According to seatleyoganews.com, the number of yoga practitioners in the U.S increased by 15% to 36.7 million from 20.4 million in 2012. Here are some more interesting fact revealed by the site.

;In next 12 months, 80 million Americans or 34% of Americans are more likely to practice yoga at some point of time.

;Yoga practitioners spent over $16 billion on equipment, yoga clothing, accessories and classes, which is up from $10 billion in 2012.

;Yoga practitioners spent an estimated amount of $5.8 billion in yoga classes.

;They spent an estimated amount of $4.6 billion on yoga clothing.

These stats reveal that starting your own yoga business is a surefire way of earning money on regular basis. But you must pay heed to some business tips.

Choose A Perfect Location

How To Start an Aerial Yoga Studio (Or Offer Aerial Yoga ...

Your location of yoga studio matters a lot for its success. In urban settings, it is difficult to find a location with a lot of nature around, which is ideal for yoga classes. In big cities, try to find out a location that is easily accessible through roads and has a plenty of space for parking.

But if your budget is small and you cannot pay high rentals, start from one room with a small reception desk. That may be a good start. You can then expand your business when it has a good customer base and has bigger rooms. But make sure that the location is pleasant and pleasing to the people.

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What Are Some Skills And Experiences That Will Help You Build A Successful Yoga Studio

A yoga instructor needs to be a yoga expert. There are not universal standards for yoga instruction, but Yoga Alliance offers a widely recognized certification program. Becoming certified with Yoga Alliance requires completing a guided training program that includes 200 hours of work. The organization has a directory of registered yoga schools where aspiring instructors can complete their training, as well as a list of certified yoga continuing education programs for additional post-certification training.

Find A Business Mentor

One of the greatest resources an entrepreneur can have is quality mentorship. As you start planning your business, connect with a free business resource near you to get the help you need.

Having a support network in place to turn to during tough times is a major factor of success for new business owners.

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Use The Right Software

Itâs important to have the right business tools to make life easier for your customers, your staff and yourself as the new owner of a wildly successful business.

These tools will help you run everything to do with your yoga business – from automating social media posts and taking bookings to organizing your class schedules and receiving payments.

âItâs super important to use the right software. You want something that always works – especially on the customer facing side. If something is glitchy or loads slowly people will just bounce. Convenience is the ultimate thing, whether itâs marketing your business or allowing guests to check-in.â

Chandelle has helped us put together a selection of must have tools for anyone wanting to run a successful studio.

It Is A Businesstreat It As Such

How to Open a Virtual Yoga Studio

Plenty of new studios feel compelled to undercharge or offer free classes, but this significantly decreases your studio’s odds of success. Not only because it cuts down on your bottom line, but because it devalues the service you are providing. It sets the precedent that paying full price is unnecessary, and it may discourage people from coming on days that arent discounted or free.

Since were on the topic of money, its also important to remember to do proper bookkeeping. That means tracking every single transaction, both income and expenses. Fully understanding your financial situation will help you adjust membership or drop-in fees, the number of teachers you hire, as well as make other finance-related decisions critical to your success. If numbers arent your thing, make hiring an accountant or bookkeeper your number one priority.

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Pick A Place With Transport Links And/or Parking

Depending on your target area, consider how clients will get to your yoga studio. You could create the most wonderful space, but if its challenging to get to via public transport or if there is nowhere to park, then people wont bother.

In a city location, try to find a space within a few minutes walk from a train or subway or make sure its on a bus route. If you place yourself outside of a built-up area, check if theres parking nearby.

Getting to a yoga class needs to be easy for people.;

Yoga How To Open A Yoga Studio

As a yoga practitioner, you may have dreamt about opening a Yoga Studio. It sounds exciting, but it can be a nightmare for people who have never owned their own business. Some people assume that if they know how to teach yoga, they know how to run a yoga business simply because they understand the technical aspects of teaching yoga. However, the technicalities of a business and the teaching of yoga are two different things!

Here are several steps to follow:

1- Create a business plan. Write a winning business plan, even if you arent looking for investors. Having a dream to be a business owner is worthy, but its advanced planning that will turn that dream into a reality. After all, if you dont understand what your expenses are going to be, it makes no sense to get started at all. A business plan will help you to select the right space, hire an appropriate number of employees, and determine how much risk you are able to take.

Because leasing and building out a space will be your biggest startup cost, it is imperative that you decide how much space you will need per student and where, exactly, it makes the most sense to open your doors. A good rule is to figure on needing roughly 21 square feet for every practitioner. This estimate takes into account a two-by-six-foot mat and still allows for one to two extra feet per person.

3- Choosing your location and target market. Here you have some options as follows:

4- Name your studio.

Contact Us

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Name Your Yoga Business

To name your yoga business, follow these simple guidelines:

  • Use yogic themes and keywords;
  • Combine words to create a unique name
  • Avoid using your name unless you are an influencer with a significant following

In my guide on;naming your yoga business, I explore the three key stages you will go through when naming your yoga business. I discuss the entire process of:;

  • Identifying the name for your yoga business
  • Creating a brand identity and online assets
  • Registrations and trademarks

Yoga Studio Start Up Costs

Classes start at Uckfield Yoga Studio again

Before getting started, you’re going to need to work out how much opening a yoga studio will cost. This will help you create a plan that can work for your budget – and working within your budget is the first step to success. Here are some of the expenses you’ll need to consider:

Venue – This will be your biggest initial expense when starting your business, so it’s important to work out how much space you will need per student and where your studio should be located. Location is an important factor when working out your yoga studio start up costs. For example, if you are based in New York City, you can expect to pay $80 per square foot for commercial space , while in Boston you are more likely to pay around $30 per square foot.

Design – How you design your space will depend on your budget, the initial condition of the venue and the atmosphere and style you want for your studio. You may want to hire a professional decorator, or do it yourself through online tutorials and Pinterest.

Equipment costs – Opening a yoga studio requires basic equipment. Consider the costs of a studio floor, yoga mats, mirrors, a sound system, computers and printers, flat screen TVs, projectors, telephones, filing cabinets and whatever other furniture you may need.

Legal – Owning a yoga studio also involves some legal expenses. These include a fee for registering a business in the United States , as well as the fees for licenses and permits . Expect to pay $10,000-$15,000 for these.

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Scope Out The Competition

The next consideration when choosing a suitable location is checking out the local competition. How many other yoga studios are in that area? Is the area saturated?

It doesnt mean you shouldnt open your yoga business in that space, but it does mean youll need to bring a better product to the market.

Check the competition out. See what their customer experience is like. Explore what the quality of teaching is like and what offerings they have. How busy are the classes at peak and off-peak times? Youll soon get a sense if theres space for more.

Pick The Right Location

The location of your yoga studio plays a vital role in the success of your business. Finding the perfect yoga setting surrounded by nature can be tough in an urban city. Your studio needs to be easily accessible with ample parking and decent transport links. If your space isnt easy to find or has no parking, it may put people off visiting you in the future.;

Your location depends on how much capital you have to work with. If you only have a small amount of money, consider renting a room to begin with, before expanding into a studio once you have built your community base. Once you have decided on your location, you can then design the space thats perfect for your clients.;;

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Choosing A Yoga Studio Scheduling Software

Choose a yoga studio scheduling software that is aligned with your needs. If you are starting a new yoga studio choose a simple and easy-to-use scheduling software. There are 100s of yoga studio scheduling software products offering hundreds of features that you will never use. Pick a simple and powerful system over an over-engineered feature behemoth with a big price tag.

I have written a buyers guide for yoga studio scheduling software. If you are in the market for a new yoga studio software do review my guide to navigate the process of reviewing and choosing the right software for your yoga studio.

Create Your Online Yoga Studios Website

Tips for opening a Yoga Studio!

Your website is the storefront for your membership site. Its where interested people will come to learn more, check your prices, and see if your style of yoga is right for them.;

Its important that you create a professional looking video streaming website to attract the right people into your community. But dont worry, you dont need a degree in web design to do it!

Uscreen gives you the tools to make this easy. Our website editor is simple to use, and gives you complete flexibility control over how your studio looks:

You can choose from one of our flexible themes to get started, and then customize your site from there!;

Take a look at these video streaming websites to see whats possible on our platform and your eye for design:;

You can also browse more Uscreen examples right here.

Branding plays a large role in how your website looks and the community members you attract.

That topic is a little beyond the scope of this article, so Ive called on our resident video-branding expert, Nick Nimmon, to break down the anatomy of a good fitness brand.

These tips; may look at the wider fitness space, but these lessons are highly applicable to the yoga industry too.

Once your website is built, its time to set your prices

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Music For Your Yoga Class

Whether you prefer yoga classes with or without music, you must understand the licensing requirements for the music you play in your yoga studio. Playing music in your yoga studio without the proper music license can lead to significant fines.;

Review my guide on;music in yoga studios. I have provided detailed information on the music licensing requirements and explored the pros and cons of conducting yoga classes with or without music.;

Reflect On The Niche You Want To Teach

Youre a yoga teacher with lots of hours on the mat. So, you already have a good idea of what types of content resonate best with your community.

When youre moving your business online though, you need to establish a clear niche for your business. An area of expertise that will differentiate you from your competitors.

What is it that makes your yoga practice different?

  • Do you have a unique approach to mindfulness?
  • Do you cater to busy business people?
  • Do you want to educate students on how to create their own flows?
  • Do you focus on pre- or post-natal yoga?
  • Do you use yoga to help people become better athletes?

There is no right or wrong answer here. Theres just the honest answer.

Take some time to reflect on this. Think about what you want to teach in your online yoga business, and how it will benefit your yoga community.

You can also take a look at these online yoga studios for inspiration:

They all have different approaches to their yoga practice. Each is unique and incredible in its own way.

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Choosing Your Yoga Studio Location

Choose a location for your yoga studio that meets the following criteria:

  • Is located within the community you serve
  • Convenient to get to for your members and teachers
  • Ideally, away from big box yoga and fitness chains, serving the local community
  • It fits your budget and attracts your target demographic

In my guide,;the best place to open a yoga studio, I explore these four criteria in detail. I would encourage you to review the guide before choosing a location for your yoga studio.;;


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