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How To Make A Yoga Skirt

How To Make A Lace Peplum Top Without Sewing

How to Make An Aerial Yoga Mini Skirt

This no sew t-shirt alteration uses fun ways to cut a shirt to make new clothes. This project is easy to do, and only requires a few simple steps.

The length of this DIY no sew t-shirt refashion can easily be varied. Make the top a little bit longer or shorter if you wish, and also increase the volume of the lace peplum.

Check out the video tutorial and step-by-step instructions as reference. It’s also possible to choose different lace tape trim patterns and colors to create a variety of fun styles .

Use these lace cleaning tips to keep your lace looking like new everytime you wash it!

Repurposing: Shirt Into Skirt With Yoga Style Waistband

. Looking for the ‘Our Best Bites’ Cookbook giveaway? Scroll down or click here for details. And then click here to enter into the overflow section……because the first post reached its maximum comment allowance. Good luck! . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . I am always looking for ways to use up and re-purpose those old shirts in the closet. But this time, I saw some knit shirts at Old Navy in the Women’s section that were about $2 on clearance. (Buy the biggest sizes they have to

Tie Sleeve Shirt Upcycle

Upgrade your style with this easy no sew t-shirt reconstruction. This top is simple and enjoyable to wear for a variety of occasions!

Follow this tutorial to learn fun ways to cut a shirt so that you can add a stylish new look to your closet! This is a really cute top and the bow tie sleeves adds a fun detail to the sleeve silhouette.

The video tutorial and step by step pictures are really easy to follow. Give it a try, and make this fun no sew t-shirt reconstruction project for yourself.

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Trimming Off The Old Waistband

Now for removing that old waistband. The Threads article said something about cutting below the dart points, but my skirt doesnt have darts, it has princess seams. It also has a lining, so there was a potential for extreme aggravation, trying to keep that slippery rayon under control. The goal of trimming is cutting down the skirt until you can slip it over your hips easily. I started out by unzipping all the way, then trimming right above the zipper pull. By leaving the bottom of the zipper attached, I left the lining still attached to the skirt top

I used the pattern in the cloth and my eyeballs to cut straight. What can I say? Im not a huge fan of precision and this was really a technique-test. Can I get an amen for hacking off the top of skirts without measuring??

Once I got the waistband cut off, I pinned the lining to the skirt at each seam and then I trimmed right below the zipper to get rid of of the zipper stop. I also did a seat-of-my-pants tilted waist adjustment by dipping this final cut down about and inch and a half at the center front, easing back up at each side seam.

I tried it on to make sure I could slide it over my hips and I still liked the length. Since this fix removes the zipper completely, the skirt needs to slide over the hips easily otherwise you couldnt pull it on once you attach the new waistband!

One purple tweedy skirt, ready for its yoga-style waistband

Easy Diy Circle Skirt

{Tutorial} Yoga Skirt (With images)
  • Cut out the waistband and the skirt pieces
  • With right sides together sew the side seam of the circle skirt. Set aside.
  • With right sides together sew the side seam of the circle skirt waistband. Set aside.
  • Fold the waistband in half, WRONG sides touching. Place the skirt inside the waistband and evenly pin into place.
  • Sew the waistband to the skirt by stretching it to be the same length as the skirt bottom. Hemming the skirt is optional as it’s a knit.

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Tutorial: How To Make The Yoga Skirt And Sally Skirt

This is the post for Tutorial: How to make the Yoga Skirt and Sally skirt

Both patterns share the same tutorial since there is one difference between them: the volume of the skirt. ;Sally is an A-line skirt, hence there is less volume; while the Yoga skirt is a semi circle skirt pattern.

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Diy Twist Front Dress From T

I transformed an oversized cotton t-shirt into a front twist dress. The front twist dress features cut out detail that gives the style a flattering look.

Wear this shirt dress DIY on a casual day, and also a date night looks during the summer season. If you dont have a cotton t-shirt, a stretchy jersey t-shirt also works well.;

Furthermore, dont be intimidated to use two t-shirts to combine into one dress. Itll be much easier to cut and sew if you have excess material to work with.

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Where To Buy Knit Fabrics:

Knit fabric comes in so many different weights, content and stretch. ;It is important to use the right fabric for this project. ;Ive ;tried a few different;fabrics and definitely have my favorites.

  • You need to look for a knit fabric with at least 50% stretch and around 4% or more lycra/spandex for recovery.
  • I love the cotton lycra from Funkalicious fabrics most of her;3/8 Cotton Lycra Stripe Knit Fabric is pretty great.
  • Kaufman Laguna knit is also good, but a bit thinner that the cotton lycra from Funkalicious
  • Riley Blake Cotton Jersey;has great stretch and recovery, is a nice weight and has a ton of cute designs
  • The BOLT line is slightly thinner, but has great stretch and recovery for leggings.

Diy Side Shirring Dress From T

Yoga Waistband Tutorial

I turned a shirt into a side shirring tulip skirt t-shirt dress. The side-shirring feature really helps to accentuate your waistline.

The dress is skintight, however, the shirring really adds texture that in appeasing to the eye. In addition, the asymmetrical skirt enhances your legs and provides a slimming effect.

The dress has a finished look that appears advanced, but this is truly how to make a simple dress without a pattern. Overall, I was truly impressed by the DIY t-shirt dress design.

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Half Circle Skirt Tutorial With Yoga Waistband

Posted on April 13, 2018 by Emily. This post may contain affiliate links. Clicking and purchasing through them helps to keep the great content coming your way, thanks! Find all my favorite items in my Amazon SHOP HERE. Posts written in collaboration of Brother as a Brother Brand Ambassador.

I continue my love of circle skirts with this half circle skirt tutorial. The math in this post will be the same as mentioned my other circle skirt post where you can read all about full, paneled and half circle skirts. In this post Im going to focus on how easy it is to add a yoga waistband to a half circle skirt I made a few for myself, but the math will work for any size half circle skirt.

How To Make A Skirt In One Day: Easy Half Circle Skirt

Hi everyone! I made this skirt in one Sunday afternoon using a lovely knit fabric I purchased at a clearance sale at Spotlight. Theres no elastic in the waistline it uses the stretchiness of the knit fabric for the waistband. I think these skirts are also known as yoga skirts. Its certainly very stretchy and comfy, you probably could do a few yoga poses in this skirt!

Skirt DIY / Top Aerie ;/ Nappy Bag Handmade by my Mum / Shoes DIY Lace-up Flats

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Free Pattern For A Yoga Waist Skirt

The Yoga Skirt by On The Cutting Floor Now, you surely have a piece of beautiful summer fabric you’ve been saving for ages. If not, check out these;adorable prints at peek-a-boo shop. Maybe it’s time to make a gorgeous summer skirt just for you! What do you think?

Also, if you’re looking for how to make your own pattern for an a-line skirt, I’ liked this one by Collective Gen I really liked:

It does include sewing a zipper, and the designing might take you some time , but it’s worth it!

How To Sew A Pencil Skirt

Sew a knit stripwork skirt

You have decided to make an usual simple skirt but do not know where to start? In this post you will find many useful tips on how to make a simple pencil skirt.It is a comprehensive guide for sewing a pencil skirt yourself that is adapted for beginners.For better visibility of the learning process I used sewing thread white.

If you want learn how to sew a simple elastic waist skirt look this video. This universal tutorial of sewing a skirt can be used for beginners.

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+ Free Skirt Patterns To Sew For The Summer

More than 15 free skirt patterns in womens’ sizes to sew now. Scroll down and decide what’s the best skirt pattern you want to go for!

This post contains affiliate links. Thanks for your support!Feel free to check out more free clothes sewing patterns like these:

Sew A Reversible Circle Skirt

Posted on September 11, 2017 by heatherlauraclarke

If you missed last week, today Im breaking down EVERY step of sewing a reversible circle skirt.

No pattern required, and youll only need two metres of fabric plus a bit of stretchy knit for the waistband.

I used Art Gallery fabrics from Atlantic Fabrics, and cant you just die for the prints? The fabric is soft and floaty, too perfect for a skirt.

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Thursday February 25 2016

Suggested FabricsFigure 1Measurement AMeasurement BMeasurement A, subtract 3 inches and divide this number by 2For example: My daughters waist measures 21 all around. So, 21 3 = 18 / 2 = 9. I will cut 2 waistband panels at 9 wide by 15 tall with the maximum stretch of the fabric running across the 9 width. See;Figure 2.Measurement B and add 1 inchFor example: My daughter likes her skirts to fall right above the knee. Her B measurement was 12. So, 12 + 1 = 13. I will cut her skirt panel at 13 high by the full width of the knit fabric, with the maximum stretch going widthwise. See;Figure 3.Create the waistbandFigure 4Figure 5Create the skirt panels nextFigure 6Note: if youve chosen to use only 1 panel that seams in the back, then stitch or serge this back seam and turn skirt right side out.Hem the lower edge of the yoga skirt using your preferred method Hemming Knits Tips and TricksGather the top edge of your skirtFigure 7Note: If you have another preferred gathering method, like using a ruffler foot or your serger, you can do that instead. We have a wonderful Gathering Tips & Tricks post to check out.;Attach waistband to skirtFigure 8VariationNote: If you do decide to make the main skirt panel out of a woven fabric, it is helpful to gather the skirt a little wider than your waist and then stretch the raw edges of your knit waistband to fit the gathered edge of the skirt when you attach it.

Diy Off The Shoulder T

Ruffle Skirt with Yoga Waistband

A sunny day is perfect for showing off your shoulders in a tasteful way. This DIY off the shoulder t-shirt is easy to make. Learn how to upcycle your own no sew off the shoulder top from an old t-shirt.

For this no sew tutorial, I used a tunic style t-shirt because this design requires a bit of extra fabric to make the sleeves. A regular t-shirt length will be challenging to gather the amount of fabric that is required.

Play around with both stripe patterns and plain colors to make a casual or dressy tee of your choice.;There are definitely a variety of ways to personalized this style.

Crop a t-shirt with an easy no sew refashion. Adjust the length of the top, and also add a cute D-ring detail to the center of the bottom hemline.

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Yoga Waistband Legging Tutorial

How to sew Yoga Waistband leggings with this free;Yoga Waistband Legging Tutorial

We are always in need of leggings over here and our latest obsession is these Yoga Waistband Leggings.; I love that this style of legging can be whipped up using only a serger in about 20 minutes because you dont have to deal with the extra hassle of adding in an elastic waistband.; Of course, these can be made without a serger too, you would just want to use your specialty stretch stitches and reinforce the seams that will get a lot of pressure.

Im a little slow in getting this legging pattern update on the blog, obviously, these photos were taken well before Christmas and I really dragged my feet getting this post up.; The main issues was Id intended to include a start to finish video on how to make the leggings on a serger only, to accompany the serger giveaway post.; But OMG, I had so much trouble with that video!!!

Since I was filming, I did not stop to take photographs and in order to just get the tutorial up, I had to make another set of leggings so I could photograph the steps.

And then, of course, Ive also edited the pattern to fix a couple of things that always bothered me and I re-graded the legging pattern to add a size 14.; ; So when I say some of these patterns have a ridiculous amount of time behind them, I am not kidding!!!

I truly dont know if Ill go back and re-edit that video and get it posted.; Ill try to muster up the motivation, but Im just over it!


How To Sew Leggings With A Yoga Waistband // A Virginia Leggings Tutorial

02.22.2019byHolly //

Hey everyone, Holly here! As you may know, the Virginia leggings are Megans pattern of the month for February . So I have a fun pattern variation tutorial for you today. How do you feel about some Virginia yoga style leggings? These are so comfy, and there is no need for elastic!

First we will go over creating the waistband pattern piece. The construction is pretty much the same as attaching the regular waistband , but Ill walk you through those steps too.

Lets get started!

To make yoga leggings, you will need to cut out the version 2 low rise legs. But you will be using your version 1 elastic measurement to make to yoga waistband pattern.

Note: since every body is different, you should first measure and test out that measurement to make sure it is comfortable. Remember, while you wont actually attach elastic to this version, you are using a very stretchy fabric, so it should be a nice tight fit with that measurement. But dont be afraid to make changes for your personal preferences and comfort.

Grab a piece of extra long scrap paper to make your yoga waistband pattern piece.

Draw a straight line the length of your V1 elastic measurement.

The height of your yoga waistband is up to you. For reference, we found that about 11 3/4 worked well. Just remember that the fabric piece will be folded in half, so whatever height you want, remember to double it and add seam allowance.

Square out these two lines to finish your rectangle pattern piece.

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Get The Free Sewing Pattern Below:

Looking for something a little more formal?; Try this long Tulle Skirt Tutorial courtesy of Its Always Autumn.

How many yards of fabric do you need to make a circle skirt?

For this free pattern you need 1 yard for most sizes and and 1 and 1/4 yards for the largest size. Circle skirts tend to use a large amount of fabric due to their shape. But that is what makes them fun to twirl in!; You will also need fabric that comes in a wider width this free pdf pattern uses knit which typically comes in a 60 inch width.

How do you measure a circle skirt?

This free pdf pattern doesnt require you to measure, however the length of the skirt is measured from the waist to the hem. If you want to calculate your own circle skirt you need to know the length you want, the measurement of your waist, and hips, and also how to fit it on a width of cloth.

What fabric is best for a circle skirt?

It depends on the formality of the skirt you are making. Jersey knit is great for comfort . However circle skirt if constructed properly can be made from many types of fabric. There really isnt a best fabric. The main requirement is that the fabric have a large width for the circle.


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