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How To Make A Yoga Mat

How To Make Your Own Yoga Mat

How to Make a Yoga Mat Strap

Using rubber mats can sometimes be difficult to preserve but using cotton fabric is great too. You can have an opportunity to wash it when you want to and you can also have an opportunity to fold it to your desired shape. When adding your non slip fabric to the bottom, try to make sure it glues completely

What About The Packaging

Oh dont you love an eco-friendly yoga mat that is made of natural materials, ticks all the boxes and has that fresh new smell of the amazing workouts to come? And then it gets delivered infoil? Tin foil? A plastic box containing bubble wrap, plastic rings and it’s packed into another plastic box with polystyrene flavour and 300 Kinder toys on top? OK, maybe not, but you get what Im trying to say, right? .

Ideally choose products that get delivered using as little plastic as possible for their packaging. Unfortunately sometimes its impossible to tell what the product you buy online will come wrapped in, so at a minimum please oh please recycle or reuse the packaging you receive with your yoga mat.

Custom Yoga Mats Printed On Demand

is a no-risk, high-reward business model that requires marketing and creativity, rather than up-front investments to make it a success. Over 3 million online entrepreneurs use the services of print on demand selling over 60 million products every day.

All products are only created after customers purchase them, so theres never any need to store unsold merchandise. Whenever a customer purchases an item, that piece is created by print providers. After passing quality checks, items are shipped out automatically.

When you partner with Printfy, will stockpiling never be an issue. With access to a global network of quality print providers, its easy to branch out to other products, niches, and profitability.

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How Do I Find Out All This Info

So now Ive laid out a few things to look at before buying a yoga mat, how will you know how to find out all this information? And is it as much work as it sounds?

Fortunately, its not that much work. In most cases, you can easily access all the details above by looking at the mats product description online or the websites FAQs. But if you feel you dont have all the information you need, here are a few places you can look:

  • Read the product reviews on Google, Amazon or the sellers website
  • Pay attention to the comments the seller receives on social media. is a great source for this. Do people complain or do they mostly have positive comments? Does the seller reply to people writing them? Do they seem reliable?
  • Ask your yoga teacher or a fellow Yogi for recommendations
  • Some yoga studios or gyms may have yoga mat samples you can try during class – ask them if they have the brand of mat you are thinking to buy
  • Dont hesitate to contact the seller to check if the mat truly is the kind you are looking for

Why Sell Custom Yoga Mats

Eco Friendly TPE Yoga Mat â GymQuip Fitness

There are three main reasons this is a good idea.

  • The yoga mat scene is doing very well from a marketing perspective. People are buying home gym equipment in greater numbers than ever before, and this trend is only expected to continue rising.
  • These are quality products. The foam material is soft and forgiving on the feet while providing a great grip, even on slippery floors. The sublimation printing extends all the way to sides and corners, so your design will always come out looking clean.
  • Its risk-free. With Printify, theres no worry about up-front costs, managing inventory, or worrying about logistical realities. As soon as youve designed and published a custom yoga mat, that item is ready to sell. All production and shipping costs are covered by the customer, leaving everything else as pure profit.
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    How Do You Wrap An Odd Shaped Box

    How To Wrap Odd-Shaped Gifts

  • Roll out some wrapping paper and place the odd-shaped gift you want to wrap on top of it.
  • Place your paper face down on your table.
  • Fold the bottom of the paper up, creating a flap.
  • This is the trickiest step in how to make a gift bag, but its easy after you do it once!
  • How To Make A Quick And Easy Yoga Mat Cleaning Spray

    This essential oil-infused spray kills bacteria youll inevitably pick up in a gym or studioand it smells great.

    This story originally appeared on Rodales Organic Life in February 2017.

    When you lay down on your back for a nice relaxing corpse pose, do you ever think about all the bacteria that your feet have transferred onto the mat? And for that matter, that your mat is now transferring onto other parts of your body? You will now! Your yoga mat isn’t the cleanest of places, judging by everywhere your feet have recently been, especially if you take your mat to class on the regular. But dont worryits easy to make an antibacterial cleaning spray that has the added bonus of essential oil aromatherapy. Heres how to get started.

    The ingredients are simpleall you need is water, witch hazel, and essential oils, as well as a spray bottle. I decided to go with lemongrass and lavender oils because theyre two of my favorite scents and because both have antimicrobial properties. Tea tree, eucalyptus, peppermint, and citrus oils are other good options for killing bacteria. Choose at least one of these as well as one scent that you find calming, invigorating, or just plain lovely.

    Fill the spray bottle three-quarters of the way full with water. If you do vigorous yoga daily, youll probably want to go with a larger spray bottle than the one I chose so that youre not constantly making new batches. If you dabble in yoga in fits and starts like me, a smaller size is probably fine.

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    Excess Workouts On The Yoga Mat Could Lead To It Turning Thin And Dirty In Fact If You Have A Pet At Home The Mat Is Definitely Going For A Toss However Here Are Some Substitutes That You Can Opt For

    One can perform yoga asanas indoors as well as outdoors. However, with the coronavirus lockdown in place, it is recommended that you avoid going out unless you have your own backyard or an open veranda. Roll out your yoga mat and start perfecting those asanas to feel good and happy. As for those who do not have a yoga mat, you don’t need to worry anymore. As a substitute for a yoga mat, there are a few options available at your place to help you.

    Sure, these alternative yoga mats might not be ideal in the long run, for now, you can use them to continue with the exercises. Avoiding working out because of lack of equipment is certainly not acceptable. So put away your worries and pick up one of these alternatives to make yoga mats at home.

    Yoga mat alternatives

    A quilt

    A quilt can be a tricky but good alternative for a yoga mat. Depending on how rough or soft the fabric of the quilt is, you can decide if it would be ideal for your yoga needs. It is essential that you do not pick a fabric that is too soft and slippery as that would disrupt your yoga sessions. Not to mention how it would also injure you in the process. However, you can always add a rough blanket on top of the quilt if you’ve got a good hand at the sewing table.

    Old thick blankets

    Beach towel

    Rug or carpet

    How to clean your old yoga mat –


    What Is The Best Thickness For A Yoga Mat

    How To Make A Yoga Strap For Your Mat- Easy DIY Project Yoga Strap

    Thickness and Weight of Yoga Mat If youre unsure where to start, pick a mat thats about 1/8-in thick. inches thick. It is a pretty standard thickness, 175 mm. The mats are ideal for those who practice in a flowing manner. They allow solid contact with the floor, which helps to maintain stability while performing a variety of poses.

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    Natural Cleaning Spray For Yoga Mats

    Using a natural yoga mat cleaner will clean your yoga mat, as well as remove any funky odors. How often you clean and deodorize your yoga mat depends on the type of yoga you are practicing and how often.

    • 3 drops of each essential oil you choose

    Use a mixture of oil blends in your mat spray. Add all ingredients, including essential oils, into a spray bottle. If your yoga mat is filthy, allow the cleaner to sit for several minutes before wiping off.

    Use A Microfiber Cloth Barrier

    If theres one thing that can be said about microfiber, its that its incredibly soft to the touch and comfortable. In addition, it can be a phenomenal material to use to your advantage if youre learning how to make a yoga mat less slippery.

    The best part about using a microfiber cloth barrier is it takes a few seconds to prepare when youre ready to begin your stretching.

    All youll need to do is lie the cloth down underneath your yoga mat in the desired placement. Ideally, you might want to search for a microfiber yoga towel that will accommodate the entire length of your mat.

    Otherwise, you can use two smaller towels at the top and bottom of the mat for optimal sturdiness.

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    Where Do I Start

    For this exercise, we are going to make a yoga mat bag that can hold a standard yoga mat measuring 72 inches long and 24 inches wide. You can add pockets later on if you want! Everyone loves pockets! Lets get started on how to make your own yoga mat bag by cutting our fabrics first!

  • Using your fabric marker and scissors, measure your outer fabric by 25 x 24.5 inches and cut.
  • Cut the inner lining by 25 x 24.5 inches.
  • Cut your contrast fabric by 24.5 x 8 inches.
  • With the remaining contrast fabric, you can cut two 8 x 36-inch strips. .
  • With the remaining outer fabric, you can cut two 8 x 36-inch strips. .
  • Measure a 7.75-inch diameter circle on your contrast fabric and cut.
  • Measure a 7.75-inch diameter circle on your inner lining fabric and cut.
  • Here are other yoga accessories you can try with your routine:

    A Fun Quirky Yoga Mat


    While yes, the point of a yoga mat is to help encourage a stretching, meditation, or calisthenics session, they also serve as art, too. If youve ever had an interesting or witty observation or idea, slap it on a yoga mat for all to enjoy. Humor is a time-tested ally when it comes to getting through a workout.

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    Purchase A Reversible Yoga Mat

    As mentioned, there are a wide variety of different types of yoga mats you can purchase, some of which are designed to make yoga easier for beginners and people who have limited balance, such as reversible designs. If youre not the type of person who can spend the time sewing two mats together, consider purchasing a reversible mat.

    Theyre easy to use, as you can decide which side is better for the type of floor youre working out on. For example, the non-slippery side is best for hard floors such as wood and tile and the slippery side might be useful for doing yoga on plusher surfaces.

    Another added benefit of reversible yoga mats is you can easily determine which side is the side youll be breaking in without having to mark it on your own.

    How Do I Know What My Artwork Will Look Like

    While there are programs for images to be uploaded and provided visuals of your final mat, due to pixelation and computer monitor differences, we find them to be not so user friendly or even unable to accurately convey how your final mat will look. Our current processes of artwork submission allow us to personally assess the viability of any artwork we reproduce for you. If for any reason your artwork is not viable, we will happily allow you to amend your artwork prior to production, or if your artwork can not be amended we will refund your purchase. We want to ensure you are 100% satisfied with your artwork.

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    Properties Of Mat Materials

    Each yoga mat material has some pros and cons that make it easier for a beginner to choose a good yoga mat from multiple options available in the market. Checkpoints of mat material include stickiness, durability, thickness, texture, absorption, cell construction of a yoga mat, and the traction it provides in stretching postures. Above all that, you should keep in mind whether or not mat material is friendly for the environment.

    While selecting a yoga mat, keep the following properties of mat material in mind.

  • Tactile texture: The more textured the surface of your mat is, the better it will be for grip. A textured surface will generate more friction on contact, which will prevent slipping. Mat material with more tactile texture will also support your posture balance. Generally, when natural fibers are used as materials that create better tactile texture.
  • Thickness: The thickness of your mat will be determined by the total quantity of material packed in your mat. A thick mat will provide you with better comfort and cushioning. On the contrary, thickness will reduce the portability.
  • Free of harmful chemicals: Certain cheap variants of PVCs and EVAs can pose potential health hazards. The synthesis of such materials uses chemicals that can cause irritation to the skin, and may even emit toxic gases on reacting with the surrounding. Such chemicals also tend to have a strong bothersome smell. Once again mats made of natural fibers are best when it comes to health.
  • Why Use A Yoga Mat Spray

    How to Make a Yoga Mat Bag

    Think of your yoga mat like your exercise bike or your workout clothes naturally as you workout, they get dirty! Some might start to stink, will look grimy or will just be covered in bacteria or germs that you cant see. This bacteria can build up in your mat so its important to clean it regularly!

    My favorite yoga studio in SF has an incredible smelling yoga mat spray that Im fairly certain they make themselves. It required me to do a little digging to figure out what combination went into their yoga mat spray and in the end I think I put together a similar result, with a Maven twist!

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    Stuff You Are Going To Need

    First things first. Youre going to need a few things before learning how to make your own yoga mat bag. You can make your own yoga bag with these materials:

    • Ruler
    • 1 yard of medium weight outer fabric
    • ¼ yard of Eco Canvas, contrasting your outer fabric.
    • 1 yard of light or medium weight lining fabric
    • Drawstring of your choice
    • A cord lock

    *Eco canvas is a durable and sturdy fabric that is 100% polyester canvas made with 45% recycled content. They come in a variety of bold and awesome colors, too!

    **Kona cotton is a 100% cotton fabric that is of a heavier weight than your average cotton shirt. Its sold in solid colors and can act as cool inner linings.

    How To Sell Custom Yoga Mats Online With Printify

    With a user-friendly instrument like the mockup generator, its easy to build a cluster of unique products. Lets briefly walk through how to move your digital merchandise through an online marketplace. There, customers can discover and purchase your products.

    1. Sign Up With Printify

    Its free and only takes a minute.

    2. Add a Design

    Go to the yoga mat page and click Start designing. Uploading is easy you can also just drag and drop files in. Feel free to tinker with the design. Sometimes, a little playing around can result in great ideas.

    3. Order a Sample

    This way, youll 100% know for sure what the finished product looks like and how much time it takes to arrive. There are never any surprises when it comes to a sample order.

    4. Publish

    With a final version ready to go, you can publish your custom yoga mat to any number of eCommerce platforms to start reaching customers.

    5. Profit

    Thats it. This passive income flow should take care of itself. However, its always a good idea to stay in touch with your store. You may encounter customer feedback, new innovations, or interesting opportunities.

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    Dry Your Yoga Mat Properly

    For maximum airflow, drying your mat outdoors is ideal. If the weather or your space doesnt allow for an outdoor dry, hanging your mat over a chair or bar indoors also worksyoull just want to focus on creating a maximum surface area for optimal drying. Avoid hanging your mat in the shower or over the tub, since the humidity will hinder the drying process.

    How To Make Yoga Mat Sticky

    How to Clean a Yoga Mat (and What Not to Do!)

    The last person you want to be at your class is the one with the smelly mat that seems to be oozing in grossness. There is always that guy at yoga class. Yoga mats need to be properly maintained, seeing as your sweaty body has been all over it throughout an entire class. It is definitely important that you clean your mat. Not only will doing so protect yourself, but it will protect others in your class from airborne bacteria that for your mat can be carrying.

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