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How To Make A New Yoga Mat Less Slippery

Manduka Ekolite Yoga Mat

Tips on Yoga : How to Prevent Slipping on a Yoga Mat


Seasoned yogis and beginners alike all find that Manduka is the reigning champ of sustainable nonslip yoga mats. However, they have such a range of mats, it can feel impossible to narrow down which option to go with. This biodegradable mat is the optimal length, featuring superb quality and grip. An Amazon reviewer expands, Although these mats are expensive, theyre totally worth the investment. I always feel stable when I get on this mat. My hands and feet do not slide, especially when I am flowing hard and sweating.

Iuga Pro Non Slip Padded Yoga Mat Review

The Iuga eco-friendly yoga mat is dual-textured with 2 different kinds of raised patterns.

It doesnt pull or slip as you transition between poses. It stays firmly grounded, which is great.

The Iuga pro is also a sweat absorbent yoga mat that can be cleaned easily with an .

Youll immediately notice the generous thickness, which provides easy on the knees cushion and shock absorption.

It supports your spine and joints as you hold long poses, and its also designed for high impact workouts.

And for all earth-conscious yogis, youll be delighted to know that this mat is eco-friendly. Therefore it wont clog up a landfill when disposed of or release toxic chemicals.


Sweat In Yoga Making My New Yoga Mat Slippery

Everyone sweats when they do exercise.

However, some people sweat BIG TIME in yoga .

If thats you, dont worry!

We are going to point you in the direction of the best yoga mat for sweaty hands and feet and walk you through how to make your yoga mat less slippery if you want a super grip on your yoga mat.

One of my friends from class once told me a horror story of a lady that had created a pool of sweat because of the material she was practicing on. Its normal for us to perspire as we workout, stretch and move. It is natural and you should not feel embarrassed about taking proper precautions to ensure your practice goes smoothly.

My new yoga mat is slippery – said anyone that has ever bought a PVC mat and sweated on it.

My yogi friends, invest a little more and get a LOT more performance out of your mat.

Wet grip on the yoga mat is critical for a safe yoga practice if you sweat a lot during yoga sessions.

A vegan-suede finish doesnt get slippy when you sweat on the mat. In fact, you can read our testimonials for yourself to see that a MatMats performance actually improves as you get sweaty hands and feet.

The reason that performance improves as you sweat on a MatMat is because of the absorbency of the vegan-suede finish. Youve got a grippy surface which wont decrease in performance as droplets form on your hands and feet . 

Liforme Anti Slip Yoga Mats

The Liforme mat has a unique GripForMe signature material designed by expert yogis.

Boasting a warrior-like grip and deep cushioning with its strong natural rubber base, this mat protects all your bony bits while youre moving and jumping around.

The cleverly designed alignment lines also make the Liforme Original one of the best beginner yoga mats.

The Liforme brand prides itself on being friends of the earth. They do many charitable works to give back to communities like environmental protection, poverty, and animal care.

And this reflects positively on how they make their mats too.

All of their products are planet-friendly, and their mats come in different vibrant, energetic colors.


Respect The Life Cycle

How To Make Your Yoga Mat Less Slippery

A that is mat is too old or too new might be too slippery as well. A new mat hasn’t yet been broken in, resulting in a slick surface. After a few uses it should become stickier. When a mat is too old, some of the traction texture can way away, resulting in a slippery session. Replace your mat every six to 12 months, depending on how often you practice.

Use A Microfiber Cloth Barrier

If theres one thing that can be said about microfiber, its that its incredibly soft to the touch and comfortable. In addition, it can be a phenomenal material to use to your advantage if youre learning how to make a yoga mat less slippery.

The best part about using a microfiber cloth barrier is it takes a few seconds to prepare when youre ready to begin your stretching.

All youll need to do is lie the cloth down underneath your yoga mat in the desired placement. Ideally, you might want to search for a microfiber yoga towel that will accommodate the entire length of your mat.

Otherwise, you can use two smaller towels at the top and bottom of the mat for optimal sturdiness.

My New Yoga Mat Is Slippery What Can I Do

Youve decided to give yoga a try but you dont have a mat. Since this is a new thing, you buy the least expensive mat you can find at Target, Marshalls or Ross. Fifteen dollars later and a pretty design on your brand new yoga mat and youre off to your first class.

But wait! Youre sliding all over the place. Your feet are slowly sliding away from each other. Forget about alignment! I just want to stay on my mat. Im not ready to do the splits! This is a slippery yoga mat!

Here Are 3 Simple Solutions to that Slippery Yoga Mat

White vinegar is the answer to so many of lifes problems, including a slippery yoga mat. Yes. Really!

  • First, put your yoga mat in the washing machine on a warm water cycle.
  • Pour in 1-2 cups of white vinegar.
  • Dont use more than ΒΌ tsp. of soap! Your mat is like a giant sponge and it will be difficult to get the soap out of the mat.
  • Hang it to air dry or put it on the no heat cycle in the dryer.
  • Water and Baking Soda is a good combination to rid your slippery yoga mat of the slip and slides

  • Take 1 cup of warm water
  • Mix in 1 tsp. of baking soda
  • Using a sponge, wipe down both sides of your yoga mat
  • Rinse in the bath tub, shower, or use a hose
  • Air dry or fluff dry in the dryer
  • Clean That Dirty Yoga Mat

    Think about it! You sweat all over that dirty yoga mat numerous times a month. When was the last time you cleaned that dirty yoga mat? Yuck!

    Make a Spray To Clean Your Dirty Yoga Mat After Each Use or Weekly

  • Shake the bottle, spray onto your mat.
  • Different Grip For Different Yoga Practices

    When choosing the right yoga mat, you should always factor in exactly what type of yoga practice you are planning on doing. The world is big and there are so many different types of practice out there now.

    The practice is growing every day in popularity and so, now more than ever, you should consider exactly what it is that you will be doing and how that translates into your requirements.

    Hot yoga is VERY different from Ashtanga yoga.

    If you need more information on the types of yoga you can find a beginners guide here:

    When thinking about how to pick the right yoga mat for best grip – consider the type of yoga practice youre attending.

    Ask yourself:

    How much impact will I be exerting during practice on my joints and especially on my wrists?

    How much will I sweat in my practice – do I get sweaty hands and feet that will impact performance?

    How do I prevent slipping on the yoga mat based on these two factors?

    Most types of yoga practice require some sort of joint support or give, and most yoga classes will aim to get your body working hard at some point.

    That means that, in most types of yoga practices, you will require a yoga mat with a substantial amount of grip that will stop you from plummeting to the floor in a heap.

    A natural-rubber yoga mat with a vegan-suede finish is a perfectly versatile foundation that has best grip performance on the market.

    Lululemon Reversible Textured Mat 5mm

    Manduka Black Mat PRO & Manduka PROlite Yoga Mats – Sukha Yoga


    Texture is your friend when it comes to finding a non-slip yoga mat that actually stays still. This 5mm option from Lululemon does one better by being reversible. Some mats sacrifice cushion for grip, but your joints can rest easy knowing that all 5mm will be there to absorb impact. While the top layer is designed to absorb sweat, the natural rubber base is better for a low-sweat workout sesh. Although we recommend wiping it down after every practice, an antimicrobial additive ensures that mildew and mold wont penetrate the surface.

    /5put On Cotton Socks And Gloves

    Sweaty palms and feet are common among yoga enthusiasts and you cannot get away with it. Another way to deal with this complex problem is by wearing socks and gloves in your feet and hands respectively. Get a pair of cotton socks and gloves for yourself. This will help to maintain the grip on the rubber mat.

    /5sprinkle Some Water On Your Mat

    Yes, you read it right! You can sprinkle some water on your mat to make it less greasy. This will make it easy for you to perform different poses, without getting injured. Do not put water on the entire mat. Just sprinkle it where you will place your hands and feet. Even if you are not sweating, doing this will help you perform yoga easily.

    #2 Yoga Mat Starts To Tear Apart

    If you’re practicing yoga in a studio, then you know the importance of cleaning the space after the session. Noticing small pieces of your yoga mat around is a sign that it’s time for changing to a new mat. This will usually happen after 6 months of heavy practicing and it’s totally normal.

    Never continue working out on that yoga mat since the level of thickness won’t be even and it can cause various wrist injuries. Also, you probably don’t want to spend a lot of time cleaning the studio after you’re done with your session, right?

    Work Off The Slick Sheen

    New 5MM yoga mat natural rubber mat PU fitness mat anti ...

    Over time, your yoga mat is going to start to adapt to the way you work out. Similar to a pair of running shoes or a new pair of jogging pants, youre going to need to work the materials in so they are more comfortable for you.

    This also applies to yoga mats as the more you use them, the less slippery they will become.

    With proper maintenance, you should be cleaning the mat regularly, which will work away from the sheen. Also, your sweat and consistent movements will help to eliminate any additional synthetic materials which are the easiest, though longest, way to learn how to make yoga mats less slippery.

    Texture Provides Better Grip

    A yoga mats surface texture determines the amount of grip and traction it has.

    If you sweat a lot, you need a mat with a grippy texture that will keep you from slipping around.

    Yoga mat textures can vary from entirely smooth to downright rough and bumpy.

    But youll find plenty of mats with various textures thatll suit every whim.

    How To Keep A Yoga Mat Sticky

    Sticky mats are meant to provide better traction while in tough yoga poses, which is why it can throw cramp in your practice when your mat loses its sticky texture. Don’t throw your non-sticky mat out just yet — you may be able to bring it back to life with some extra care and precaution in the future. By keeping your yoga mat sticky, there’s nothing to stand between you and the perfect Downward Dog.

    Step 1

    Clean your mat after every use. Sweat, dust and dirt can accumulate on the sticky surface of your mat, turning it from sticky to slippery. Mix a cup of water and a few drops of dish or laundry detergent in a bottle and spritz your mat after each class. Wipe it down with a clean towel and allow it to air dry.

    Step 2

    Allow your mat to ir dry after usage and cleaning. Rolling your mat up while it’s still wet can break down some of the fabric or plastic so the mat becomes less sticky over time. Avoid letting your mat be in the sun, which can turn the material brittle — definitely not conducive to perfect practice.

    Step 3

    Check the floor in your studio before you lay your mat down. Since dust and dirt can sticky to the surface of your mat and change the texture, a broom and a dustpan before class can go a long way. A good studio will have bare, clean floors, but don’t be afraid to ask for a quick cleanup if your studio floor has debris. It’ll save the life of your sticky mat.

    Step 4

    Step 5

    Step 6


    /5the Struggle Is Real

    If you are someone who practises yoga regularly, then you must be familiar with the difficulty one has to face when the yoga mat gets slippery due to sweat. It is not only frustrating but also a cause of distraction and injury. It is really difficult to perform yoga on a slippery mat when you are just not able to maintain the grip and stay stable. This is a common issue with a lot of people practising yoga. Here in this article, we tell you 4 simple hacks to make your hands and feet slip-proof while performing yoga.

    Yoga Zeal Eco Printed Yoga Mats

    How to Clean a Yoga Mat Top 5 Yoga Tips


    Looking to infuse your workout practice with a little style or stand out from the crowd in class? Yoga Zeal has dozens of options like abstract, tropical, and nature-inspired patterns, as well as a moon phase print thats one of their bestsellers. It has a rich color but wont bleed ink or fade. As for the non-slip factor, one buyer even says they dont have to use a mat towel anymore. According to the brand, you can even run it through the washing machine on delicate with cold water.

    Are Yoga Mats Supposed To Be Sticky

    Being sticky is one of the most noticeable characteristics of a yoga mat. It should be understood well that no pose can be performed when your yoga mat is not sticky enough to stay put your yoga mat into its position while you bend, stretch, or elevate on it. This stickiness reduces with time and the nature of usage you do. To secure the stickiness of the yoga mat for a longer time, do not run it hard while cleaning it off.

    Cleaning Your Yoga Mat Is Really Something You Should Be Doing But Do You Know How To Clean A Yoga Mat

    For a long time, I was hesitant to clean my mat because I didnt want to damage my mat . But the thought of standing on it with my feet and then laying on it and putting my hands and face on it grossed me out.

    This post may contain affiliate links. Through these links, I get a commission if you purchase something, with no extra cost to you. Please know that I only recommend products that I love and personally use/research.

    I didnt know how to wash my mat and I was really afraid of damaging it. Especially since I invested in a and absolutely love it. I saw online that people were running it through the washing machine and dryer. That didnt seem like a good idea to me. Wouldnt that ruin that shape of the mat? Wouldnt the washer get off balanced?

    Other people were saying that they made an essential oil mixture to clean their mat. I was nervous about this way too. Wouldnt this disintegrate my mat? Wouldnt my mat be slippery?

    The Best Yoga Mat For Bikram Yoga

    When you’re in Downward Dog, it’s all about crisp angles and perfect posture. Of course, that’s almost impossible to do when your hands are slipping and sliding all over the mat. A slippery mat is usually the sign of a good workout, since the problem often occurs when you’re sweating. Still, you don’t have to compromise posture because of a slippery mat. A few seconds and quick fixes can put you back in control with better traction so you can finally nail a perfect Dog.

    How To Stop Your Yoga Mat From Being Slippery

    2019 TPE Yoga Mat with Position Line Non Slip Carpet Mat ...

    A yoga mat should not be slippery. It should have a grip and stick to the floor on the bottom side. Also, your hands and feet should stick to it on the upper side. A slippery yoga mat is a health hazard.

    The mat becomes slippery because of the accumulation of dirt, oils, lotions, and sweat. Also, new mats tend to be slippery. So, dont be disappointed when your hands and feet are sliding on your new mat. It can be fixed.

    What do you do if your yoga mat is slippery?

    Easy To Clean Or Washable

    Sweaty yoga mats can get funky fresh if you dont store them in a cool, dry place after your workouts.

    If you tend to drench in sweat and body oils after your practice, you need to look for a mat that can be easily sanitized.

    For example, a mat that is easy to wipe and doesnt need soaking in your bathtub with soap every time.

    The best yoga mats for sweat are those with closed-cell structures that can repel moisture and bacteria.

    Hybrid yoga mats are also good options, as you can throw them into your washing machine.

    How To Make A Yoga Mat Less Slippery: Seven Unique Tips

    Deciding to into yoga is an exciting first step, but the real work begins when you start to search for the perfect yoga mat. There are a variety of different types of yoga mats you can choose from including ones made out of organic materials, models with a variety of designs, and even ones that offer additional padding.

    One common problem you might experience with the purchase of a new mat is learning how to make a yoga mat less slippery.

    Before you start going through these great tips and tricks to prevent yourself from sliding around while achieving the proper pose, its important to choose one side that you want to break in first. Otherwise, you might be in a position to where it will take you twice as long to make your mat less slippery for everyday use.

    Below are some interesting and unique tips and tricks even yoga masters use to maximize the efficiency of their mats.

    Make My Yoga Mat Sticky

    You might have read some other blogs that tell you to use a micro-fiber towel or wash your mat in apple vinegar to make your yoga mat more sticky.

    Simply, this doesnt work as well as having a high-quality mat.

    The horrors of fake news continue even in this blissful realm. It’s a terrible piece of advice and absolutely has no truth to it. It’s a little bit like the tooth fairy story of the yoga world – you want to believe that it’s true because it’s an interesting concept – but the reality is a little disappointing because it wasn’t at all as you hoped it would be.

    Youll end up slipping on a yoga mat that not only doesnt protect your body, but also that smells funny.

    The best way to improve grip is to make sure you bought the right yoga mat in the first place.

    If you want a sticky yoga mat then, firstly, buy a vegan-suede natural rubber yoga mat.

    With vegan -suede yoga mats the grip improves as you wear the mat in and as you sweat.

    Practice, practice, practice.

    Last resort: you can add a little detergent to our best grip yoga mat and gently hand wash the surface if you want to speed up the aging process to improve grip on a suede yoga mat.

    Giam Golding Yoga Mat

    How to Wash Your Yoga Mat, How to Care For Your Yoga Mat by Aurorae Yoga


    Even if it comes with a carrying strap or bag, toting around a non-slip yoga mat isnt exactly convenient. Thats why we love this genius folding option from Gaiam, which has creases pressed in, ensuring the mat sits flat and doesnt pop out of its folded shape. It has a sticky texture for stable moves on the go and works well on carpet. It doesnt offer the thickness of bulkier alternatives, so if you have joint issues, consider pairing with a towel.

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    More from SPY

    How To Fix A Slippery Yoga Mat

    editorial processReview Board

    When buying a yoga mat, it can be more than a little disappointing to discover that your so-called sticky mat has no traction. It can also be frustrating if you’ve had your mat for some time and it slides around more than you’d like.

    If you have a slippery yoga mat, you could hurt yourself. This makes it important to identify why it isn’t staying in place, which can also help you find the best solution. It’s also helpful to know what not to do so you don’t accidentally make the issue worse.

    Heathyoga Body Alignment System Yoga Mat


    Staying aligned on your non-slip yoga mat is easier said than done. Sometimes, even professional yogis could use a little help. Heathyoga made one with a built-in body alignment surface thats easy to read and keeps your body in proper alignment, as well as letting you place hands and feet in the right place. Combined with the textured surface, youll never skid, and youll always be aligned, which means less pain and more focus. One user attests to the stickiness, saying,  I stuck to their mat like Spider-Man sticks to walls!

    Best Material For High Grip Yoga Mat

      hands down: natural rubber with a vegan-suede microfiber surface is the best material for a high grip that you wont slip on .

    Holy smokes captain-green-peace! 

    I hear you say.

    I know its a mouthful, but if you want to know what vegan-suede micro-fibre is – remember that super soft suede jacket your Aunt Susan had? its that material .

    Not only is it super grippy, it actually improves as you get wet! – we know, youve been slipping around like Bambi on ice, and you were wondering whether this hell would ever end – well now it has. Phew!

    Time to step off the ice. Take a calm walk towards a higher quality product and start working on those high pressure poses or kicking into your hot classes.

    If youre slipping on your yoga mat, the chances are youre using a low quality, PVC mat that is covering your skin in toxic chemicals every time you practice – yuck.

    Switch out that PVC for a natural-rubber, vegan yoga mat that wont give you health problems .

    Its so important to us to spread the word about how to protect the environment with what you purchase. Looking at the materials that you are using is one way that you can begin to isolate what your impact on the planet looks like. Take some time to consider whether your consumption is one that you would consider sustainable or harmful for the planet. We only have one, and it would be great to leave some behind for the next generation.

    Additional Tips And Tricks That We Here At Rolling Sands Would Like To Add:

    New Natural rubber yoga mat body line Yoga mat fitness ...

    If you choose to do the Salt Scrub to help shorten the break-in period, alternate the scrubs with your practice.  One day do the salt scrub, the next day or two practice on your mat, then do another salt scrub, and so on.

    If you perspire sufficiently or are taking heated practices, please do consider using a Yoga Towel.  These yoga mats are made of a closed-cell material that will not absorb any moisture or liquids.  Perspiration, oils, lotions, etc will create a slippery layer on top of your mat causing you to slip.  A Yoga Towel will absorb that moisture and allow you to practice safely and with more confidence.


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