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How To Lose Tummy Fat By Yoga

Yoga For Weight Loss: 9 Asanas To Help You Lose Weight

10 Minute Yoga Workout Lose Your Belly Fat

A five-thousand-year-old transcription by the Indus valley civilization on fragile palm leaves has paved the way to an innovative weight loss therapy. Yoga was mentioned in the Indian collection of Vedic Sanskrit hymns, the Rigveda. Researchers have traced yoga to over a thousand years ago, and its rich history is divided into periods of innovation, practice, and development. Yoga was refined and developed by the Rishis and Brahmans who documented their training in the Upanishads. This practice was later developed over several years to what now is practiced as Yoga. The discipline has 5 basic principles:

  • Exercise

Surya Namaskara Sun Salutation

The Surya Namaskara or Sun Salutation does more than warm up the muscles and get the blood flowing. It stretches and tones most of the major muscles, trims the waist, tones the arms, stimulates the digestive system, and balances the metabolism. Surya Namaskar is a whole package of good health and the best way to lose weight.

Interested to strengthen your immune system by practicing yoga?

Is Ustrasana Is Good For Constipation

Yes, this asana works on constipation. While doing Ustrasana you bend your body backside that stretches your abdomen and the neck muscles, it improves the blood circulation to the brain and eyes.

This asana gives flexibility to the spinal cord and strengthening the lower back. Its energies the activity of the liver and the spleen and cures hernia and constipation.

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Eka Pada Adho Mukha Svanasana

The;downward-facing dog pose;can help you learn to;balance your body and can also help strengthen your abs.

How to;perform:

  • Get into the downward-facing dog pose.
  • Straighten one leg and lift it;up.
  • Lower the straightened leg under your abs
  • Repeat this move for 10;times for each leg, then rest

7) Vasisthasana

A variant of the plank, this one is a slightly more difficult one but equally effective on burning your belly fat.

How to;perform:

  • Perform after the downward-facing dog pose
  • Shift to;your left or;right foot
  • Tilt your body accordingly either to;the right or;left side
  • Raise the opposite arm in;the air
  • Hold this pose for 15-30 seconds
  • Return to;the downward-facing dog pose

It is best to practice these asanas for flat stomach in the mornings for better results. Consistency plays a major role in seeing the effectiveness of the asanas. To avoid monotony, one can choose to do 3-4 different poses each time if doing all cannot be possible. In any case, it is most important to be consistent, and dedicated to the asana sessions and make sure to practice deep breathing during the sessions.

How Can I Lose Belly Fat In Yoga In A Week

Easy Yoga Poses To Reduce Belly Fat

You can reduce belly fat in a week if you are serious about your daily yoga Asana.

Do;Surya Namaskar;or Sun Salutation, It has 12 different poses that will give a fast response to reduce your stubborn belly fat. This asana is a morning exercise by which your whole day will be flexible by doing yoga and get a good physique. This asana works on belly fat and excellent for countering fat around the stomach..

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How Can I Lose Tummy Fat Fast

Stomach fat is more than an aggravation that causes your garments to feel tight. It’s genuinely destructive. One sort of gut fat alluded to as instinctive fat is a significant danger factor for type 2 diabetes, coronary illness, and different conditions. Numerous wellbeing associations use weight records for metabolic disease and the danger of metabolic disease. Notwithstanding, this is deceiving, as individuals with an overabundance of gut fat are at an expanded risk regardless of whether they look slender. However, losing fat from this space can be troublesome; you can do a few things to decrease the overabundance of stomach fat.

Here are 20 successful tips to lose midsection fat, sponsored by logical examinations.

  • Eat a lot of dissolvable fiber
  • Keep away from food varieties that contain trans fats
  • Try not to drink a lot of liquor
  • Eat a high protein diet
  • Try not to eat a ton of sweet food varieties
  • Do vigorous exercise
  • Scale back carbs – particularly refined carbs
  • Supplant a portion of your cooking fats with coconut oil
  • Perform obstruction preparing
  • Keep away from sugar-improved refreshments
  • Get a lot of tranquil rest
  • Track your food admission and exercise
  • Eat greasy fish each week
  • Quit drinking natural product juice
  • Add apple juice vinegar to your eating routine
  • Eat probiotic food sources or take a probiotic supplement
  • Attempt discontinuous fasting
  • Change your way of life and consolidate various strategies.
  • Types Of Yoga For Weight Loss

    Almost all types of yoga can help you with losing fat but, there are few which can have a greater contribution towards weight loss.

    Remember that the types of yoga which are best for burning fat are also used to build muscles.

    You wont be seeing big results in the first few days of practicing yoga. But, Once you start losing weight then the process will be quicker and long-lasting as compared to aerobic exercises.

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    What Science Says About Yoga And Weight Loss

    Yoga is scientifically proven to help with weight loss. Several studies on yoga and its effect on weight loss showed clear proof that the majority of participants had a noticeable decrease in weight and also felt better mentally.

    Some studies also revealed how the stress reduction that yoga provides plays a major role in weight loss.

    Effective Poses Of Yoga For Belly Fat

    3 Yoga Asanas To Reduce Belly Fat | Fit Tak
    Manish Sharma;February 22, 2021

    Practicing Yoga for belly fat on a regular basis can certainly help you in reducing your belly fat and also improves your body tone.

    Yoga keeps you fit and fine in natural form. It also increases your body energy level and also improves the muscles of the body and make them flexible.

    It strengthens as well as stretches them which helps in burning fat. There are many yoga poses which are quite effective in reducing the belly fat as well as losing weight.

    The motivation to Reduce belly fat

    Every one of us wants to look in perfect shape. Well, who doesnt want to look great with a lean body and amazing belly? Many of us want to shape our body to get fit in the clothes that we used to wear when we were young. Toned stomach, perfect shape and amazing figure that is what most of us crave for.

    A flat stomach is certainly a sign of a fit body in the minds of most of the people. No one, and we mean, no one wants to get obese and have belly fat which makes them wear ill-fitted clothes.

    After all, it is all about appearances which leave a lasting impression on people we meet. You can try Yoga for belly fat.

    Then there are cardio exercises with strenuous exercise like sit up, crunches, plank, etc. which help you burn excess belly fat.

    You can also try jogging for about 30 to 40 minutes or just walk nearly 10,000 steps on a daily basis.

    All, this can help you in reducing the belly fat.

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    Yoga To Lose Tummy Fat: The Half

    This abdominal weight loss exercise consists of doing several reps to strengthen the oblique muscles in particular, which are those on the side of the abdomen.

    How do half-moon pose exercise?
    • Take a deep breath while standing on your wide carpet with your back straight.
    • Raise your arms and extend them over your head Then hold the air.
    • Bring your upper body to the right, arching it as much as possible.
    • When you get to this point, do 10 spikes with each one, release a little air.
    • Do this asana on the other side, with the same iterations.

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    Supine Spinal Twist Pose

    This reclining twist stretches the back, shoulders, and glutes, and improves spinal mobility.

    Although a gentle asana, it will help you get rid of excess belly fat by massaging your abdominal organs, increasing blood flow, and improving digestion.;

    How to do it:;

    • Begin by lying on your back. Bend your right knee, bringing it in towards your chest.;
    • As you exhale, draw your knee across your body. Extend your right arm out to the side.;
    • Stay in the posture for several breaths, softening with each inhale.
    • When youre ready to come out of the posture, bring your knee slowly back to the center before releasing your leg back down to your mat. Repeat this pose on your second side.;

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    Power Yoga For Weight Loss

    There is always a debate about whether yoga is ideal for weight loss. Yoga tones your body and helps you lose that extra fat. But the story is different for Power Yoga. It is a vigorous form of yoga that rejuvenates your mind and body. It is more like a cardiovascular workout. Power Yoga helps promote weight loss and maintain a healthy body and a stress-free life. It also enhances stamina, flexibility, and mental focus.

    Power Yoga is a modern form of Yoga that has its roots in Ashtanga Yoga. The asanas build internal heat and increase your stamina, making you strong, flexible, and free of stress. It is a strength-building form of exercise that provides a workout for your whole body.

    How To Do Bhujangasana

    Fat Burning Yoga Workout for Beginners & Intermediates ...

    In this Asana you have to lay down on the floor at your front side of your body, slowly lift your head upward, with the help of your both hands, your head should be up and eyes watching sealing.

    Hold up the pose for 4 to 5 seconds, then move down slowly in the original pose. Do it 4 to 5 times or you can increase the numbers after practicing.

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    Sethu Bandha Sarvangasana Bridge Pose

    Yet another asana with multiple benefits is the Sethu Bandha Sarvangasana or Bridge pose. It is excellent for glutes, thyroid as well as weight loss. The Bridge pose improves muscle tone, digestion, regulates hormones, and improves thyroid levels. It also strengthens your back muscles and reduces back pain.

    Cobra Pose Or Bhujangasana

    Apart from helping reduce belly fat, the cobra pose also cures digestive ailments like constipation. This asana is particularly great for individuals suffering from back pain and respiratory disorders.To perform this asana, lie flat on your stomach with forehead on the ground and palms underneath the shoulders. Using the back and belly muscles, lift your body off the floor slowly while inhaling. Straighten your arms keeping shoulder blades pressed against your back. Stretch your neck while looking at the ceiling. Lift your hips off the floor by a couple of inches. Hold this position for 15-30 seconds; exhale and return to starting position.

    Tip:Practice the cobra pose yoga to reduce belly fat if you have respiratory disorders and back pain.

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    Ways In Which Yoga Promotes Weight Loss

    Yoga is the ways of the great rishis and ascetics to connect with the soul and bring about harmony between the body and the mind. It is the holistic way of healing and maintaining overall health. But when it comes to weight loss through exercise, the image of vigorous jogging, cycling, running and jumping comes to our mind and most of us cannot relate yoga with weight loss. But yoga and weight loss are more closely related than we actually know. There are various underlying causes of weight gain and yoga addresses these causes from within.

    Stimulates the Liver Liver is the most important organ of the body that serves several functions, and the most important one is detoxification and cleansing of the body. It purifies the blood and flush out harmful chemicals and toxins. A healthy and strong liver can also eliminate bad fats from the body and put the good fats to use. It helps in providing energy to the body. Yoga poses help in enhancing the vital force of the liver for its better functioning. Liver can also be cleansed effectively by following a fruit and vegetable detox diet plan.

    Activate the Thyroid Gland The Thyroid is an important hormone-secreting gland of the body that controls metabolism. Active and high metabolism helps in burning fat from the body at a faster pace. Yoga poses help in correcting Thyroid dysfunction.

    Try These Simple Breathing Exercises To Burn Belly Fat

    5 Simple Yoga Exercises To Lose Belly Fat In 1 Week | Best Yoga Asanas for Losing Weight Quickly
    • It is very important to get rid of belly fat as it may increase your risk of getting cardiac diseases, diabetes, blood pressure among other health troubles.

    Health experts around the world and studies over time have talked about the harmful effects of belly fat. Belly fat may also include visceral fat which surrounds your internal organs. This kind of fat could increase your risk of cardiac diseases, diabetes, blood pressure, breathing problems etc.

    Leading a healthy lifestyle including balanced diet and physical exercise can help deal with the problem. Yoga especially has a couple of yogasanas and pranayamas that are extremely beneficial in burning this excess flab.

    Yoga instructor at Art of Living Foundation Anand Karn says that the sedentary lifestyle coupled with unhealthy habits right from the childhood leads to accumulation of belly fat over the period of time. He says that yoga offers a very healthy way to lose this fat over the period of time.

    He suggests the following breathing exercises to deal with belly fat:

    Pranayamas or breathing exercises to burn belly fat

    1. Surya Bhedi Pranayama


    Surya Bhedi Pranayama is done by inhaling slowing through the right nostril and filling up lungs with fresh air to the maximum and then holding the breath and exhaling through the left nostril slowly.


    The breathing exercise activates the digestive fire of the body and if done over the period of time improves body’s metabolism and burns fat slowly.

    Bhastrika Pranayama

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    Power Yoga Gives You The Benefit Of Yoga And More Including:

    • Helps burn calories, a little more than yoga for beginners
    • It boosts your metabolism
    • It boosts your general well-being
    • Useful to build strength, stamina, flexibility, and tone your body.
    • It helps increase your concentration
    • It helps you relax as tension and stress are considerably reduced.

    The most reliable form of Power Yoga begins with Surya Namaskara or Sun Salutation. You can perform the Surya Namaskara as a warm-up before you start your Power Yoga workout session, or Surya Namaskara in itself can be done as Power Yoga. Surya Namaskara has immense benefits as it concentrates on all the core muscles of your body.

    Yoga Asanas For Weight Loss

    Yoga does not always result in weight loss immediately as these poses are simple. These Yoga poses focus mostly on building body flexibility, improving concentration, and building your muscle tone. Once your body gets used to these asanas, you will begin to practice Yoga asanas for weight loss.

    Some of the Yoga asanas and yoga tips for weight loss are as given below.

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    Bridge With Leg Sweep

    This will stabilize your abdominals and sculpt your butt and hamstrings.

    • Lie flat on the floor or on your yoga mat and keep feet flat on the floor. Place arms on both sides with palms facing down.
    • Brace abs in tight and press through your heels to bring your hips up. Make sure that your hips are properly lifted and squared.
    • Extend left leg up to the ceiling while flexing the foot. Sweep left leg to the right while passing in the middle of your body. Sweep back to the left and slightly passing over your left hip.
    • Repeat 10 times with the left leg before switching to the other leg and repeating for another 10

    Can We Do All Belly Yoga At Home

    12 Simple Yoga Asanas To Reduce Belly Fat

    If you are known for yoga, then you can do it at home. But if you are new and want to reduce belly fat then, no ! you cant do it by yourself.

    Yoga has the technique to do. Proper breathing, Inhale, exhale and with right posture is necessary for yoga asana. It is better to put yoga instructor if you are new.

    If you have any physical problem with the heart, lungs or liver, consult your physician to involve in any Asana.

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    Avoid Foods That Contain Trans Fats

    Trans fats are created by pumping hydrogen into unsaturated fats, such as soybean oil.

    Theyre found in some and spreads and also often added to packaged foods, but many food producers have stopped using them.

    These fats have been linked to inflammation, heart disease, insulin resistance, and abdominal fat gain in observational and animal studies .

    A 6-year study found that monkeys who ate a high trans fat diet gained 33% more abdominal fat than those eating a diet high in monounsaturated fat .

    To help reduce belly fat and protect your health, read ingredient labels carefully and stay away from products that contain trans fats. These are often listed as partially hydrogenated fats.


    Some studies have linked a high intake of trans fat to increased belly fat gain. Regardless of whether youre trying to lose weight, limiting your intake of trans fat is a good idea.

    Alcohol can have health benefits in small amounts, but its seriously harmful if you drink too much.

    Research suggests that too much alcohol can also make you gain belly fat.

    Observational studies link heavy alcohol consumption to a significantly increased risk of developing central obesity that is, excess fat storage around the waist .

    Cutting back on alcohol may help reduce your waist size. You dont need to give it up altogether, but limiting the amount you drink in a single day can help.

    One study on alcohol use involved more than 2,000 people.

    • meat
    • beans

    26 ).


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