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How To Induce Labor With A Yoga Ball

How Long Should I Bounce On A Ball To Induce Labor

How to Use a Birthing Ball: Naturally Induce Labor

There is not really a set duration on how long or short you should bounce on your exercise ball to induce labor. However, the longer you bounce, the more pressure you will be placing on the cervix to help encourage your uterus to contract.;

You can bounce in longer sessions or in short and frequent intervals. For example, you could try 30-60 minutes of bouncing, mixed with figure eights or rocking back and forth. Alternatively, you could bounce for 15 min every hour to change things up in the pelvis.;

It is really important to listen to your body and follow its lead. If you feel stable and are able to spend a lot of time on your ball, that can potentially help your chances of inducing labor. If it becomes too much or feels hard to balance, give your body a rest.;

Also be mindful of your back position keeping it aligned with your normal hip position.

Hip Circles On The Exercise Ball

Hip circles can create a big movement change in your pelvis and may help your sweet little baby snuggle on down into your pelvis. This movement may also stimulate your cervix, which in turn can bring on contractions.

Seated on the exercise ball, move your hips in large circles. Change directions after a few rotations, performing the motion for both left and right.

When To Visit The Doctor

Doctors or midwives will commonly tell patients about the 4-1-1 indicator. When contractions are 4 minutes apart, 1 minute long, for at least 1 hour its a good time to call or head right into the birthing center.

If your water happens to break- its definitely a good time to head to the hospital or at least call your doctor if youre unsure. Some women completely miss the contractions and can be in active labor when their water breaks.

Be sure to tour your birthing center or hospital and take a test drive- timing how long it takes you to get there. Preparation is key and knowing where to go beforehand will help ease the stress of labor! Make sure hospital bags are packed and that the car seat is installed. You will do great!

Have questions about inducing labor?;Please leave a question in the comments;or ask questions in our;. Its a great way to connect with other moms, share tips and get advice.

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How Do I Use A Birthing Ball

The answer is with caution. Always with caution.

Even if a yoga ball has been part of your fitness routine for years, keep in mind that most women are less coordinated than normal during pregnancy. And if exercise balls are completely new to your repertoire, remember: Theyre round!

Because theyre circular and unsteady, you need to be extra careful when using a birthing ball during pregnancy since you can easily fall off, says Dr. Sheila Loanzon, an OB-GYN in northern California. Its also important to check that your ball is the correct size for your height and weight and is inflated properly.

Birthing ball safety tips:

  • Your ball should be firm but have a little give, so you can gently bounce or roll back and forth while sitting.

  • When it comes to ball size, go by your height. According to Mayer:

  • Shorter women usually benefit from a 55 cm ball.

  • Medium size women from a 65 cm ball.

  • Tall women from a 75 cm ball.

  • If youre unsure of what size to get, there are numerous online guides available.

  • The first few times you use a pregnancy ball, you may want someone nearby to steady you, or back the ball up to the wall or a sofa to give your more stability.

  • Its also in your best interest to discuss anything including using a birthing ball with your doctor or midwife, because in some instances, they arent recommended. ;

  • Benefits Of Using A Birthing Ball

    Pin on Pregnancy

    There are actually a number of reasons why it makes sense to use a birthing ball during pregnancy. One good reason is that it helps ensure that your baby is in the right position just before delivery. It encourages your baby to move into the birth canal and induce labor in a short time. By using a birthing ball properly, you can speed up dilation and get things started more efficiently.

    Studies show that the use of a birthing ball may help shorten your labor by about an hour. When used correctly, a birthing ball helps relieve spinal pressure, provides support for your ankles and knees, and gives counter-pressure to the thighs and perineum. Women who are dealing with back pain should also try using a birthing ball. It reduces back pain and makes it easier for you to move around. Just keep in mind that it is better to avoid using a birthing ball when you are feeling dizzy or ill.

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    Exercises To Induce Labor & Dilate

    Its always advised that you should speak to your obstetrician prior to attempting to induce labor. Generally speaking, between 39-41 weeks gestation is the appropriate time to start trying to induce labor at home.

    Studies show that if mama begins using the birthing ball for inducing labor right around the beginning of the last trimester, labor may progress much more quickly!

    It has also been proven that gravity works naturally to help start labor, and keep it progressing. Women who lie flat have a much higher incidence rate for cesarean delivery.

    Here are a few of the recommended ways to induce labor at home, using your birthing ball:

    Safety Tips For Pregnant Women Using Yoga Balls

    Safety is the number one thing to look out for when you exercise, but even more when you are pregnant. Even if you have been using a yoga ball before your pregnancy, you can lose some coordination, flexibility, and mobility as your pregnancy progresses.

    To avoid falling off your yoga ball, be sure that you are not only getting the right size but a quality yoga ball that is firm and has little given so you can gently bounce and roll while sitting. The first few times you test out your yoga ball to induce labor, you want to have somebody nearby to help keep you steady. You could also try securing the ball up against a wall or a stable sofa.

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    Benefits Of Using A Yoga Ball

    Because they were originally developed for physical therapy, yoga balls are excellent for providing stability and regaining mobility. Exercising with a yoga ball for labor also help ease lower back pain, which is something expecting mothers have to deal with as the expected date of birth draws near.

    Aside from pain relief, mothers who do not want to lose out on crucial physical fitness routines can rely on yoga birthing balls to significantly improve crunches and other workouts that tackle the backs, abs, and glutes.

    As the due date comes closer, and you are experiencing or worried about birthing issues, test out your yoga or medicine ball for labor. Certain workouts can help your baby move into the correct position and into the birthing canal. Doing this can help start labor. Remember, you should always speak with your obstetrician or midwife before trying to induce labor. The following exercises should give you an idea of how does a yoga ball help induce labor.

    Here are some yoga equipment to help with your fitness workout:

    The Right Birthing Ball For You

    Birth ball exercises to induce labor / How to use a birth ball to induce labor

    Birth Ball Size Matters! 55cm? 65cm? 75cm?

    To get the best out of birth ball you need to get the right size. When you sit on the ball and your feet are put flat on the floor, your hips should be slightly higher than your knees. This particular position helps to bring your babys weight forward and that gives you less or no back pain and helps you feel more comfortable.

    The same position helps a lot through contractions to keep the pain and pressure off your lower back.

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    Trideer Yoga Ball: Bouncing Happily Through Pregnancy And Beyond

  • Pelvic floor exercises
  • Since lockdown began, many of us have spent a ridiculous amount of time stuck in the house. If Im not out on school runs, Im either attending my university classes or working online. This, of course, means I spend a lot of my hours hunched over a computer desk.

    Over the last few months, I started experiencing more back pain than usual, and my posture has been pretty questionable. I decided to scour Amazon for a newer, more supportive computer chair. Unfortunately, the prices were much higher than what I had budgeted for, so I decided to look for an alternative.

    Supine Happy Baby With Breath Work

    *Place a couple of pillows beneath your upper back and shoulders to help relieve any unwanted pressure.

    Lie down on your back and open your legs into a happy baby pose with your legs lifted and feet wide. Grab onto your feet, ankles or calves and allow your body to sink into this position. Finding your diaphragmatic breath, feel free to stay here or gently rock side to side.

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    The 15 Fastest Ways To Induce Labor At Home

    When your due date comes and goes, it can be very frustrating . Why is it that the last month of pregnancy seems to last the longest? You have the name, the hospital bag all packed, the birth plan but no baby.; So, we gathered a bunch of moms for tips on the fastest ways to induce labor at home .

    While some doctors and midwives may medically induce after 39 weeks- others may make you wait until 42 weeks. There are some great natural ways to get your body in gear for labor in the comfort of your own home if youre past your due date and still waiting.

    So, here are the fastest ways to induce labor at home. All of these ways are natural but before you try any of these methods, make sure you talk to your doctor or midwife about inducing at home. I would also recommend taking the Mommy Labor Nurse Birth Course to get prepared for labor & delivery. I took one myself before giving birth to my fourth baby and found it so helpful! Shes got tons of tips about natural induction included as well.

    When Is It Okay To Try To Induce Labor

    Pin on Birth Prep

    Its always best to speak with your obstetrician or midwife before trying to induce labor, but generally speaking, between 39 to 41 weeks gestation is the optimal time to try to encourage labor to start. Babies born during this period are considered full-term and have the best possible health outcomes .

    If you try to induce labor too early, your baby could have issues with breastfeeding, jaundice, or even breathing problems. Babies who go to 39 to 40 weeks gestation have also been shown to have better brain development than those born before this period.

    However, if you have not given birth by 42 weeks, your care provider will monitor you more closely and discuss possible medical interventions. There are some risks that begin to increase at this point, such as harder labor, placenta deterioration, fetal distress, decreased amount of amniotic fluid, and in rare cases, stillbirth .

    Most care providers and ACOG recommend at least offering induction and doing a biophysical profile and nonstress test at 41 weeks .

    Editor’s Note:

    There are also some cases where you might be facing an early medical induction due to other risk factors, but you may want to try some natural methods first.


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    Other Tricks To Consider

    While I am not specifically trying these myself, many women claim they have helped induce their labor:

    • Pineapple. I may make a pineapple and date smoothie!

    • Castor Oil. Castor oil stimulates intestinal contractions and can stimulate uterine contractions. It can also cause you to have a really terrible belly acheso this is one Im not quite interested in. Ive also heard it may increase the risk of your baby popping during labor , but Im not 100% about the research on that.

    • Spicy Foods. I may give this a go! But spicy foods are also known to increase heartburn, so its your toss-up!

    • Walking. This one is is a GREAT one. For me at this stage in the game, walking is beginning to really hurt my pelvis. So, Im going to keep bouncing on that birthing ball instead

    Have you tried any of the tricks above to induce labor?? I would love to hear more!


    P.S if youre interested in getting on the waitlist for summer hormone and fertility awareness coaching, you can do so here!

    What’s The Difference Between A Birthing Ball And A Gym Ball

    Birthing balls and gym balls are basically the same thing as they both need to be made from anti-burst materials. If they do puncture, they will deflate slowly so make sure the ball you buy is anti-burst.

    Your birthing ball will be slightly larger to give you more comfort. It will have an anti-slip finish which is ideal when sitting on the ball for long periods without slipping off.

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    How Does A Birthing Ball Help Induce Labor

    A birthing ball is a large exercise ball that you can sit on, not only during pregnancy but also during labor. Many women will use their birthing ball to help induce labor or encourage contractions when they are near the end of their pregnancy.;

    It is not known if a birthing ball truly helps to induce labor, but it is a great tool you can use at home to try and get things going. Using an exercise ball can also encourage your baby into an optimal fetal position for labor and birth.

    A birthing ball is a nice comfortable place for a pregnant person to sit, and because it is an inflated ball, you can bounce on it. Bouncing can help the baby engage into the pelvis more and place more pressure on the cervix.;

    Why Can A Birthing Ball Help In Labor

    How to Use a Birth Ball to Induce Labor | How to Help Labor Progress

    But when used properly, birthing balls, also known as exercise and fitness balls) are excellent tools to sustain a healthy pregnancy and successful labor. Indeed, birthing ball exercises can give you the strength and stability that you need to speed up dilation, move baby down into the pelvis, and even manage labor and delivery pain .

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    Can Birthing Ball Help Start Labor

    Once your baby moves into the correct position, your labor is likely to begin. Midwives and doulas have been using exercise balls for decades as a way to help speed up dilation and move the baby down into the pelvis. Once labor begins, similar exercises can help manage pain and assist you in finding a comfortable birthing position.

    Yoga Poses To Induce Labor

    Or at least these yoga poses to induce labor havent worked for me so far

    OK. To be fair.. most of these poses are designed to open the hips and inner thighs, which could help prepare the body for labor but not necessarily induce it.. but people say squats particularly and hip openers might help if youre at term and ready to go.

    Without further adu, I give you..

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    Did You Get My Note

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    It doesn’t need to be every day, but writing little love notes to your child lets them know you’re thinking about them.

    Other Benefits Of Using A Birthing Ball To Help Induce Labour

    how to use a yoga ball to induce labor

    Using a birthing ball to help induce labour has other benefits too. Specific positions and certain movements can help:;

    • Increase blood flow to the uterus and placenta – as well as the baby
    • Act as a counter-pressure to the perineum and thighs
    • Loosen up pelvic and lower back muscles to aid in a smoother delivery
    • Position the baby properly in the foetus minimising the chancing of a breech baby birth
    • Lower stress and anxiety levels
    • Take your mind off the pain youre experience from your contractions.

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    Can You Use A Birthing Ball During Pregnancy

    And while your birthing ball may not expedite things, the home stretch of your pregnancy is still an ideal time to use it particularly if you intend on using it during labor. If you plan on using your pregnancy ball during labor, I would advise practice using it in the third trimester, says Moore.

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