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How To Improve Digestive System By Yoga

What Causes Digestive Issues

Yoga to improve digestion

There are several reasons that cause digestive problems. These include:Improper chewing of food.Genetic issues like ulcer colitis, celiac disease, etc.Harmful microbes in the digestive tract.Prolonged consumption of refined, sugary, and processed foods.Not exercising.Smoking and alcohol consumption.Crash diets.Long-term dependence on certain medications like anti-inflammatory drugs, etc.Surgical processes involving the lower GI tract.These may cause problems of the digestive tract like:Liver problems like Hepatitis B & C, alcoholic hepatitis, etc.GallstonesAnal fissuresHaemorrhoidsRectal prolapse

Yoga Poses For Digestion

Breath Work/Pranayam

What it is: breath work is at the core of yoga. If youre practicing a posture but you arent breathing, you arent really practicing at all. I encourage everyone to start a yoga practice with a short breath work practice. And yes, its as simple as it sounds, you focus on your breath.

Start by sitting up tall, closing your eyes and placing one hand on your belly and one hand on your heart. Take a deep breath in and then exhale everything through your mouth. Repeat x 3. Then breath in for 4, hold for one count at the time before releasing to the count of 4 through your nose. Repeat x 10 or until you feel grounded.

How it helps digestion: On a basic level, deep breathing increases oxygen flow which helps provide the necessary resources and energy to perform healthy digestion. Think about it, when youre anxious you might get a knot in your stomach and find yourself shallow breathing. Deep breathing reduces anxiety and allows for proper movement in your digestive tract.

Helpful tips: If sitting on the ground is uncomfortable, try sitting in a chair. If youre having trouble keeping count, try setting a timer.

Childs Pose

What it is: One of the classic resting postures, childs pose is key to any yoga practice. On bent knees simply fold over with your arms in front of you laying flat on the floor. Sit back on your heels. Release your shoulders so they arent at your ears. Breathe for 10 breaths.

Forward Fold

Twisting chair

Dancing Warrior

Yogi Squat

Practice A Few Minutes Of Yoga Before Eating

We all know that yoga can improve our health and well-being. But have you ever tried practicing a few minutes of yoga before eating? The practice of mindful breathing, or pranayama, is one way to calm the mind and body prior to sitting down for a meal. This technique can help promote healthy digestion by slowing the breath and calming the nervous system. “This practice helps with digestion because it slows down your metabolism,” says Ann Pizer, M.D., an integrative physician in West Los Angeles who specializes in complementary medicine for cancer patients at City of Hope Medical Center.

Yoga helps restore digestive balance and reduces gas and bloating. It also stimulates blood flow to the stomach, which aids in digestion. In addition, it increases energy levels which can help with your appetite. These reasons alone make this an easy resolution for those looking to improve their digestive health!

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Yoga For Digestive Problems

Your digestive health is affected to a large extent by the food that you eat and the lifestyle you maintain. Yogic philosophy believes that for good health, digestion is extremely important.

A lot of people have found relief from their continuing problems by doing yoga for digestive system. There are many others, who, by the practice of yoga, have prevented themselves from becoming susceptible to stomach problems. Yoga not only helps stretch and tone the muscles of the abdomen, it can also stimulate the endocrine glands to make them work more efficiently. The entire digestive system thus becomes well oiled and functions smoothly to improve digestive health.

Yoga helps increase awareness of the body and its ailments. Though medicines can provide intermediate relief, yoga for digestive system means a lifetime of healthy digestion. It helps you alter your lifestyle with ease, reduce stress and other environmental factors that may cause digestive problems, and helps you attain peace and inner tranquility. Breathing exercises like Anuloma Viloma and Kapalbhatti can help increase immunity by enabling the heart to pump more blood. Stretching poses help to strengthen the muscles of the digestive organs. For chronic disorders though, it is best that you to consult a yoga expert and find out what poses would be best suited for you.

Sitting Half Spinal Twist

# Try These Yoga Poses to Improve Your Digestion System ...

How to do the pose:

  • Sit up straight on the mat/ground, placing your hands behind you for support.
  • Straighten your legs out in front of you.;
  • Bend your right knee and place your right foot on the outside of your left knee.
  • Breathe in and lengthen your torso.
  • Breathe out and turn toward your right, either using your left arm to hug your right knee or keeping your left upper arm on the outer edge of your right leg near the knee.;
  • Take several breaths in this position, lifting up through the chest while breathing in and twisting a little more while breathing out but keeping your upper back wide throughout.
  • Turn back your torso to look ahead, and try the same pose on the other side.
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    Circling & Shaking Ankles

    Getting into: Lie on your back, lift legs up and straighten them. Then flex;and extend your ankles;;you can also circle them and then shake out or circle the legs.Function: These simple movements enhance the chi and blood flow in the ankles, knees, hip joints.Coming out: Activate abdomen and legs, lower them down bit by bit while keeping the lower back and shoulders on the floor. Hold the feet just above the floor, then bring the upper body up as well to sit.

    Best Yoga Poses For Digestion

    Along with strengthening the muscles, yoga can help detoxify the body. It is believed that proper digestion of food is important for a healthy body and yoga can help you achieve that goal. Here, we have mentioned some yoga poses for digestion along with their benefits that will improve your digestion and gut health. A lot of sources recommend yoga for good digestion.

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    Tip No : Practice This Pose After You Eat

    The bestand onlypose to do after a meal is Virasana or Supta Virasana . Virasana stimulates the digestive meridians that run along the front of the legs, says Palkhivala. By doing these poses immediately after a meal, digestion is enhanced. Spend 2-5 minutes in Hero Pose to get the benefits.

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    Yoga For Digestion: 7 Yoga Poses To Improve Digestive System

    Yoga to improve digestion

    Indigestion is a health issue that everyone experiences in the form of bloating symptoms, flatulence, heaviness, abdominal discomfort, and cramps regardless of their age group. The common causes of indigestion include intestinal blockage, the reduced blood supply in the intestine, inflammation in the pancreas or stomach.

    In the yogic language Agni is called to the energy associated with our Navel chakra that takes care of our digestion system. You may not realize this but mental stress and anxiety also produce an imbalance in the Navel chakra that disturbs this digestive fire.

    Yogis practice different yoga poses to stimulate digestive fire and improve gut health. Heres how yoga aids in better digestion;

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    The Triangle Pose Is Great For Improving Your Digestion

    Step your right foot forward into a plunge, then straighten your leg.Next, move your left foot forward, and turn it at a 45 to 60 degrees angle with the edge of the mat.Rest your right hand over your shin, and reach your left hand toward the roof, with your palms facing outward.Hold the position for a minute, then shift sides.

    What Are Digestive Problems

    Like any other organ of the body, the digestive organs are also prone to many diseases and disorders, most of which are related in some way or another, to our lifestyle. Though most of the disorders are minor, like stomach upset and nausea, there are others that are chronic or intermittent.

    A digestive problem of any kind can upset your schedule and make you feel miserable. A common saying goes that all ailments of the body begin from the digestive system. Usually digestive cleansing with the help of herbs, enemas or surgical tools can keep most of the digestive woes away. However, building a strong immune system and eating whats right for you can go a long way to building a healthy digestive system. Do not let a digestive problem get you down. There is one digestive remedy that will help you stay away from any digestive disorders and that is Yoga.

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    Yoga For Constipation Can Reduce Stress And Improve Digestive Health

    You should begin by lying on the floor with both of your legs extended. Breathe in slowly and deeply, using the shoulders and the back of the head to support the spine. Next you want to raise your knees to your chest and place both of your hands on your chest just above the heart, resting on the right knee. Now let your abdominal muscles expand and contract, feeling them stretch and squeeze. You may want to think of squeezing a balloon, feeling the air come through as you breathe in.

    When you breath out, the air is pushed out of the lungs, allowing it to be breathed in, where it is exchanged through the stomach. This helps move the food and fluid that are stuck in the intestines, relieving constipation. Another reason the stomach expands is because it helps contract the muscles in the abdomen to push the food and fluid out. Yoga for constipation focuses on strengthening these abdominal muscles so they can help ease or stop constipation.

    One of the keys to relaxing the large colon and the large bowel is through relaxation exercises, such as yoga. In fact, these two organs play an important part in digestion. The large intestine is made up of three sections: the upper, the middle, and the lower sections. The colon is responsible for moving waste products from the body and moving them to the stool. The lower bowel has a dual purpose: it stores food for the body and removes water and other waste products from it.

    What Are The Health Benefits Of Doing Yoga For Digestion And Gut Health

    How to Improve Digestion with Yoga

    There are powerful benefits of yoga to improve digestion and in reducing digestive disorders. Some of the most important benefits of yoga for food digestion include:Poses of yoga for digestion help in compressing the organs and expelling stale and waste products that are harmful and toxic for the body.Poses of yoga for indigestion help in stretching our organs that helps in better blood circulation and transportation of nutrients in the body.Yoga poses for digestion help in soothing our nervous system and reducing our stress and anxiety levels that help us in digesting better.Poses of yoga for digestion help in increasing our appetite.Poses of yoga for intestines help in a better movement of food relieving us of abdominal cramps.Regularly practicing yoga for digestion helps you understand how to digest food faster and your digestive health better.Yoga poses for gas help in regulating bowel movement and relieving us of constipation.Practicing yoga for good digestion helps in doing away with the need of taking expensive medications.Yoga poses for digestion help in cleansing the digestive system and infusing digestive organs with fresh blood.Yoga poses for gas help in curing the painful symptoms of gas and bloating.Practicing comprehensive yoga exercises like the Surya Namaskar, a very potentmorning yoga routine, helps in toning our abdominal muscles and releasing trapped gases and toxins.

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    Can Yoga Help Aid Digestion 9 Poses To Try

    When you have digestive issues, you may want to find relief fast.

    Theres growing interest in finding natural relief for digestive issues through yoga and gentle movement. Many people tout the benefits of yoga for digestive relief, so you may be wondering whether you should try it.

    This article investigates how yoga might aid digestion and lists several poses you can try.

    To promote better mind-body awareness, the practice combines:

    • gentle movement

    Best Exercises To Improve Digestion

    Brisk walk Regularly to Improve Digestive System

    Brisk walking helps your stomach to go into the small intestine and also improves satiety after eating. And help your body digest faster and reduce the rate of heartburn.

    Do Cycling to Improve Digestive System

    Cycling is beneficial in many ways like lowering the level of cholesterol and helps to improve the posture of the body. It helps your stomach to digest your food faster and therefore strengthens your digestive power.

    Practice Crunches to Improve Digestive System

    Crunches or sit-ups are the best exercises you can do to improve your digestive power. You can do 20-30 crunchies daily to improve your digestive power and make your legs even stronger.

    Perform Yoga Regularly for Better Digestive System

    Yoga is beneficial for both mental and physical health which you can easily do at home. Doing 30 minutes of yoga will improve your eyesight, better respiratory system, improve your digestion system, and more.

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    Do Breathing Exercise for Digestion

    Breathing exercise has a good relationship with the digestion of food because our food eventually has to be converted into blood cells and we need a better respiratory system to build better blood cells. There are a lot of breathing exercises that we can do regularly at home for 15-30 minutes, such as breathing with lips, breathing of a lion, breathing with seals.

    Forward Bend Improve Digestion system

    Body Twisting Improve Digestion System

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    Tip No : Sip A Digestive Tea With Your Meal

    Drinking cold water during a meal is an absolute disaster for your digestive fire, says ODonnell. Its essentially like asking your digestive tract to break down food as you are freezing it, she says. Far kinder to your stomach is to sip warm water during your meal, which aids digestion. Even better? Sip this digestive tea as you eat:Digestive Tea Recipe

    pinch of ground cardamom or one crushed cardamom pod

    2 cups water


    Boil spices in water for 10 minutes, strain, and sip it slowly along with your meal or after your meal.

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    Yoga Poses That Can Improve Digestion And Give You Better Sleep

    Yoga for Digestion – How to Improve Digestion System | Yoga for Poor Digestion, Constipation, Kabj

    Whether its Thanksgiving, Christmas, Hanukkah, or the Fourth of July, many major holidays center around families and friends enjoying a meal. But what happens when you take the good times a little bit too far? More often than not, you end up with indigestion.

    Faced with digestive issues, most people simply wait for the discomfort to dissolve. Talk about unnecessary–and embarrassing! Digestive troubles can also linger, keeping ;you up at night and disrupt your sleep.

    Thankfully, there are several yoga poses that can help ease digestive troubles. If youre feeling bloated, suffering from IBS, or simply indulged too heavily this holiday season, these poses can ease your digestive distresses, ensuring a happy evening and a peaceful nights sleep:

    Known as the cat and cow pose, you begin this yoga position on all fours. Simply rotate your spine up and down, rounding the back and arching it as you breathe. This position massages the internal organs–particularly the stomach and intestines–which can help ease the pain and bloating from a particularly heavy meal or other intestinal issue. Repeat each asana as least ten times, but feel free to continue until you feel youre comfortable.



    Uttana Shishosana

    Uttana Shishosana

    Adho Mukha Svanasana

    Adho Mukha Svanasana



    Setu Bandha Saravangasana

    Ardha Pawamuktasana

    Ardha Pawamuktasana

    Supta Matsyendrasana

    Supta Matsyendrasana





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    Harness Agni Or Digestive Fire Through Yoga

    According to ayurveda, agni or digestive fire is the force that comprehensively regulates our living bodies. It breaks down not just what we eat and drink but everything else we ingest from the environment, eliminating waste and metabolizing what the body needs. Our appearance, physical strength, energy, and ojas, the vitality which puts a spring in your step and a glow on your face, all this and more are determined by agni. Agni also keeps diseases at bay. In modern parlance, a comparable, though less evocative term for agni would be metabolism. When agni is weak, say through bad eating habits or lifestyle factors, our digestion takes a hit.1

    Yoga actively helps the function of agni and can benefit the digestive process in many ways:

    • Yoga improves blood flow to the digestive organs.
    • It can stimulate agni to increase our appetite.
    • Yoga stretches manipulate and tone abdominal muscles, improving their ability to move food efficiently through the digestive tract. This also helps regulate bowel movement, prevents constipation, and keeps fat deposits in check.
    • Specific yoga poses help to revitalize the liver, pancreas, gallbladder, spleen, and intestines, thereby enabling the body to beat back a host of digestive disorders.
    • Yogasanas help the body eliminate the toxins that get stored in our bodies due to poor dietary choices, unhealthy habits, and stress. 23

    How Do Yoga Asanas Help In Digestion

  • Asanas help strengthen the digestive system and digestive Agni.
  • Boost metabolism and increase natural appetite.
  • Yoga for cleansing the stomach regulates bowel movement and relieves constipation.
  • Helps in eliminating fatty deposits.
  • Asanas to release gas provide relief from pain and acidity conditions.
  • Yoga to improve digestion aids in flushing out toxins from the body.
  • Asanas keep the mind active.
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    Best Exercise To Improve Digestion And Increase Digestive Speed

    Thinking about How to improve the digestive system by Yoga? How to increase digestion speed? Looking for the best digestion tips? Try out these simple yet effective asanas that can help cure acidity, gas and improve digestion. Make sure to warm up your body before you practice these postures.

    In case of extreme constipation or piles, practice yoga mudras such as Ashwini Mudra to boost your digestive health.


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