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How To Host A Yoga Retreat

Find The Perfect Yoga Retreat Venue

5 Steps To Hosting A Successful Yoga Retreat

Ask as many questions as possible in the run up to the retreat, if you cant physically visit it ask the venue to take some videos so you can get a feel of the place. Remember, there are no silly questions, so if youre unsure about anything just ask the venue.

Main points to consider:



Is there enough space for your group? Where is the retreat, what is it close to, how do you get there?

It can take a long time to find the perfect Yoga retreat venue take your time and make sure its right for you. There are more and more retreat specific venues opening, supporting the smooth running of your retreat.

Take Some Time To Journal

Journaling is a fantastic method for self-reflection and discovery. Just getting your thoughts out of your head and onto a page can be incredibly therapeutic and can help you tap into your creativity.

This morning, set aside some time to sit in your favorite spot in your home this can totally be your bed, no judgment and just write whatever comes to mind; your hopes, your fears, that weird dream you had the night before.

And you dont have to worry about writing the next great American novel. This session is just for you.

If the sight of the blank page terrifies you, Silk + Sonders journals can help.

Their monthly planners have prompts and trackers to help you reflect on your experiences while organizing your life.

And with their monthly subscription, you dont have to worry about going out to get a new journal as soon as youve filled one up. Silk + Sonder will send you a new journal every month with new prompts and trackers.;

Looking for a free travel-themed journal?

Remember, you can also grab the Jessie on a Journey 75-page Inspired Storyteller Travel Journal.

Its printable and fillable, and comes with 56 different travel journal prompts for those missing travel who want to relive their trips.;

Plan Different Food Options

Once youve chosen your setting and decided how to organize your students time, theres still a consideration that, in the eyes of many, looms above the rest: the meals. Ask yoga teachers who have led retreats to name the most important factor outside of the retreat location, and they will invariably say its the food. Bad food can make or break the weekend, says Jillian Pransky, who teaches in New York and New Jersey and leads annual retreats to Isla Mujeres, Mexico. Food triggers emotions, and peoples comfort levels can be tested when the variety, or quantity, or quality of food doesnt meet their expectations. It has nothing to do with how well you can teach a class, Pransky advises. Youve become the steward of your students comfort.

Ditto coffee, although here the pair has adopted a more flexible stance. At their first retreat, coffee was not available. One of Eastons close friends attended the retreat and suffered through coffee withdrawal headaches, but at the end of the time there, she had kicked the habit. Two years later, Easton and Blossoms mothers both attended the retreat and requested coffee. We couldnt say no to our moms, she laughs.

Eastons still coffee-free friend also participated and was dismayed to learn of the availability of coffee. But Easton had decided that the practice itself was hard enough. If you try to cut everything out in just four days, it might be a little harsh, she says now.

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So Without Further Ado I Present The List Of Steps Necessary For Starting Your Own Yoga Retreat

Set a Date

First off, set a date. This date can be months or years in advance, but either way, you should have a concrete time frame for when you want to hold your yoga retreat. Having a date makes your goal palpable and therefore forces you into action. It is also helpful to break your time frame into a series of task-orientated deadlines. For example, by this date, I want to have a set location. By this date, I want to have a list of potential customers, by this date I want to have established a formal invitation, etc. By breaking your goal down into a series of manageable actions the whole process begins to take shape. It is very easy to lose focus and become stressed when you concentrate solely on an end result.

Find a Location

Step two: Find a location. I cannot overemphasize the importance of this step. Your location has the ability to make or break your retreat so be thorough in your research. Lauren Toolin was very adamant on the importance of visiting the intended location beforehand to survey the area. Also, be meticulous in your approach. Try to envision your retreat in the surrounding setting and take note of any concerns that may arise. Your location should inspire you, so if you find yourself not completely satisfied, move on. If youre looking for a location, Ive heard of a nice place in Costa Rica on the Osa Peninsula that is simply stunning.

Secure Funding

The Vision

The Audible and Your Plan B

Your Target Market

Passion and Planning

A Final Note

Worried About Filling Your First Yoga Retreat Heres How To Plan Mindfully Attract The Right People And Ensure Everything Runs Smoothly

Host Yoga Retreat

Want to lead your own yoga retreat but feeling full of self-doubt? I know exactly how that feels. Im here to tell you that your concerns, even if somewhat valid, are not the whole story. The truth is, you can do this, and Id like to share what will help you get there.

Retreat planning is a lot of work. But it doesnt have to be overwhelming if you know what to expect. This article will focus on overcoming any doubt that might be getting in your way, as well as some great tips to set the stage for a successful retreat.

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Hosting A Retreat In A Pandemic Might Be Gods Plan Your Women

I pray Hell make His will known.

Disclosure: This is a sponsored post created for CTA, Inc. All opinions expressed are 100% my own.

Post inspired by Louise, a member of our who shared how their womens ministry team is breaking down their retreat into different parts throughout October.

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Host A Retreat In Nature:

Looking for a partner to co-create and support your retreat?; Pair your unique offerings with our years of experience in delivering quality transformational retreats.

Nestled in the woods of Algonquin Park just north of Muskoka, we have spent the last 20+ years inspiring and supporting meaningful, positive transformation through a great variety of retreat programs.

If you want to nourish, support and inspire people and want to make the world a better place, wed like to help you make it happen. More than a venue to host your retreat, we specialize in partnership.; Well provide insight and opportunities to enhance your programs with our formula for transformational facilitation in the way of the circle, helping you to weave elements of creativity, adventure, nature-connection, community celebration, and dreamtime into your once-in-a-lifetime retreat experience.

Its all included.; Make your retreat truly memorable with:
  • A Co-Facilitator/Host from our community to support you and your group throughout the retreat, plus our insight in planning your retreat program & itinerary
  • Registration & accommodation-planning services

888 383 8320

The Edge only hosts one retreat at a time, so it is best to inquire early to save your ideal dates.; We accept a $750 deposit to reserve a retreat and close off the date to other potential groups.

But dont just take our word for it:

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Host Your Own Retreat At Aegialis Hotel & Spa

Famous for being one of the top European yoga destinations, at Aegialis Hotel & Spa we offer a luxurious, 5-star experience for all our guests. We have been welcoming yoga retreats since 2011 and yogis from all over the world join us in Amorgos island for an unforgettable retreat experience. With 6 beautiful yoga shalas to choose from, complimentary yoga props and fresh delicious food, your retreat here will be of tranquillity and a unique experience. If you are a yoga teacher, meditation practitioner or lead any wellness practices and are interested in hosting your own retreat at Aegialis Hotel & Spa, great choice. We will be happy to welcome you to our beautiful island.

We provide:

  • Sea views and mountain views from all rooms
  • Fresh food and locally grown vegetables, and we cater to your dietary preferences

Outline Your Daily Agenda

How to Host a Yoga Retreat in Thailand with Thailand Yoga Holidays

Now comes the nuts and bolts of planning. What will the day/s look like? Will you start out with morning yoga? Or breakfast? What workshops/seminars/talks will you host? How long will each one be? Will you teach them yourself?

Make a timed action plan outlining each 15- to 30-minute block of time throughout your retreat, even include breaks.

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What Could A Retreat In Pieces Look Like

For those who are unable to meet in large groups, a retreat in pieces is the perfect solution!

Sessions could be offered in small groups outdoors, indoors in small groups , and online in small groups.

If you can meet in person in large groups, consider kicking off your retreat in pieces with a large group event and follow-up with small group options.

Outline The Content Of Your Retreat

Create a structure or framework that will guide the flow of each day. ;Theres probably a natural beginning, middle and end you will follow. ;In each element, map out the activities and teaching that will be included.

The key thing about content is this:

Dont over teach.

Retreats are meant to get participants to actually experience the work they never get to do at home. This means you have to give them the space to learn and take part in activities.

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How To Get To Casa Manzanillo

Casa Manzanillo is located 35 minutes north of Ixtapa / Zihuatanejo and of the Ixtapa-Zihuatanejo International Airport , which receives international flights from lines such as US Airways, Delta Airlines, Aeroméxico, Continental Airlines, among others.

To arrive by air, there are currently direct flights from Tijuana, Mexico City, Toluca, Querétaro, León and Monterrey in national territory; and from Chicago, Los Angeles, Houston and Phoenix in the United States. Likewise, in winter season, air connectivity is increased with direct flights from Minneapolis, Dallas and Milwaukee in the United States and Vancouver, Montreal, Toronto, Calgary, Edmonton, Kelowna, Regina and Saskatoon in Canada. If you come from the southern area of California, there is a convenient option of take the Cross Border Express that connects San Diego with Tijuana where you can take a Volaris flight of 3 to 6 hours aprox to arrive to Ixtapa-Zihuatanejo. Check all the information and requirements here.

As for land access, there is the possibility of getting through the Siglo XXI Highway that connects Ixtapa Zihuatanejo with Morelia, as well as the Federal Highway 200 that communicates with Acapulco, where the Sol Highway connects to connect with the City of Mexico.

Travel At Home: How To Create A Diy Yoga Retreat

Learn How to Host a Yoga Retreat
This post on how to create a DIY yoga retreat is by Jessie Festa and Charlotte Dow. It contains affiliate links to trusted partners.;

Yoga is one of the worlds most popular wellness practices and for good reason.

Beyond its roots as a spiritual practice, yoga has been scientifically proven to improve flexibility, relieve chronic pain, reduce inflammation, and ease stress and anxiety.

Yoga studios have popped up all around the world and many now offer retreats to exotic locales where fans of the practice can shut out the world and focus on their breath for a few days.

The downside?

These retreats can also cost hundreds to thousands of dollars to join!

Thankfully, you can go on your own yoga staycation for a fraction of the price without ever leaving home.

You dont have to travel to Bali or Tulum just to get the benefits of a retreat. With a little preparation and an internet connection, you can create a relaxing DIY yoga retreat that rivals those offered by some of the top yoga teachers around the world.

So where do you start?;

Below is a sample yoga retreat schedule full of wellness retreat activity ideas that you can recreate.

Youll discover more than a few ways that you can travel at home by going on a yoga retreat right in your living room!

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Opt For An Evening Meditation

Relax into the evening with a meditation session before bed.

Light some candles and incense, turn down the lights, and focus on your intentions for the rest of the weekend.

We can learn incredible things about ourselves when we quiet our minds and focus on our breath, even for a short period of time.

If youre new to meditation or just need some assistance, you can find plenty of guided meditation videos on .

Additionally, the free Insight Timer app showcases over 45,000 guided meditations, which you can browse by intention and other filters.;

How To Plan A Retreat: The Beginning

So perhaps youve been assigned or delegated or volunteered or hired to help plan a retreat. First of all Congratulations! Youre going to have a great time, and learn a lot in the process. Someone saw something in you that made you the perfect choice for this role, or, youre looking to plan a retreat for your business or group of friends.. Know that you have the ability and skills to do this job, and do it well.

I would recommend pulling together a meeting of everyone that has signed up for the planning team. Its OK if there are just a couple of you, or just you, for now. Here are a few details that you should consider at your first gathering or brainstorming:

1. Who are you planning this retreat for?possible answers: your Church, a book club, your youth group, a group of young adults, seniors, women, women with young children, men, single men, divorced peopleThere are definitely as many audiences for retreats as there are stars in the sky, and youll do yourself a huge favor by identifying your intended audience early. Theres nothing wrong about saying its for everyone at Church this is also a great answer! Youll just need to know who youre trying to reach before you go about planning anything.

  • Everyone should work together to help plan the retreat and attend all meetings. I suggest that the Leads be named so that they are accountable for getting footwork done in between team meetings.

If youre planning a spiritual retreat, youll love this podcast episode:

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Alice A Yoga Teacher In Barcelona Shares What She Thinks Is Important To Making A Successful Retreat

With an increasing number of people practicing yoga in their everyday life, its no surprise that an increasing number of people are choosing to use their holiday time to delve deeper in their yoga practice, on yoga retreats & trainings.

At Domaine de Mournac, one of the venue hosts Lucy is a qualified yoga teacher, but focuses purely on the hosting & behind the scenes work, as well as looking after the junior team members of course!

So when yoga teachers visit to host retreats, its very useful to see what works well on retreats.

Alice&Matt hosted a retreat at Domaine de Mournac in 2018, which ran very smoothly & was very much enjoyed by; their guests. Alice has put together some tips which other yoga teachers & retreat leaders may find useful:

Alice Jackson

How Much Do Yoga Teachers Really Make On Retreats

How to Successfully Host a Yoga Retreat

Yoga retreats afford an opportunity to unplug from all of the distractions of modern life and recenter in a new locale. With new locations and new experiences, comes new growth, both for student and teacher. But how much do yoga teachers really make on retreats? The answer depends on a variety of factors, most importantly the planning behind the excursion.;

Todays deep dive is focused on what yoga teachers can realistically expect to make on a yoga retreat and how best to maximize your earnings potential.

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End Your Retreat With Some Contemplation

Contemplation refers to quieting the mind and getting to a place where you can be receptive to intuition.;

You might reflect on ideas, attitudes, behaviors including associated implications and other thoughts that came up over the weekend yoga retreat that you want to dive into.

If you find it helpful, you might also choose to use your journal to work out what comes up for you during this practice.;

Can You Share Your Biggest Learning In Organizing Your Retreats

Its pretty fascinating to see the outcome working with various venues and people. If things are aligned with my needs and values, there is flow and ease. When there is a block in the system, it effects other parts involved. If Im working with a venue and the owner is greedy for money; or if a co-facilitator hasnt put a lot of energy into marketing; or if Im charging too little or too much, then that creates a break in the overall system. I think of it as having all these pipes interconnected, and I need to look at the big picture to see where something might be blocked.

For everyone involved , its important to have an equal balance of professional business skills and the heart present. I know many amazing facilitators and retreat venue owners, yet they take two weeks to answer an email. Thats not who I want to work with. I also know many yoga retreat centers who are primarily interested in making money, with very little care or regard for their employees and customers. That was shocking for me to realize and also not the type of people I want to work with.

Choose carefully and ask what are the primary reasons for making your choices. This will pretty much guide everything on the conscious and subconscious level. Especially be aware if you are making choices out of wisdom and intuition vs. pressure, fear, doubt, desperation, ego, or anxiety.

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