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How To Hang Yoga Trapeze In Apartment

Common Questions When Hanging A Yoga Swing

How Far Apart Do I Need To Place The Hooks?

Ultimately, it is down to your own preference as to how far apart the hooks are placed, however the standard distance and most appropriate for most applications would be 60cm to 80cm .

Can I Still Safely Hang A Yoga Swing On A Low Ceiling?

If the ceiling isnt high enough, this can mean that yoga poses which require you to get lower to the floor such as inversions are not as easy to attempt.

The recommended ceiling height for hanging a yoga swing is 300cm, however, some experts would say that you can go as low as 240cm.

Can I Just Use One Ceiling Hook?

When you buy ceiling hooks designed for use with yoga swings, you will receive a set of two as they are designed to be suspended from two hooks.

However, if you buy the spring suspension system, this allows you to rig up the swing to just one point in the ceiling, however this is an extra expense and also, you will need to make sure it is extra secure, as only one hook will be taking all the weight.

Is There A Weight Limit On Ceiling Hooks?

We mentioned earlier that yoga swings usually have a generous weight capacity and the same applies to the hooks.

For the most part, ceiling hooks that are used for hanging a yoga swing will be able to hold a combined weight of  approx. 1000lb, however, the strength of the ceiling should also be taken into consideration.



We hope this yoga swing installation guide has helped!

Good Luck!!

How To Hang Yoga Trapeze From The Ceiling

  • Locate two joists in an area that will give you a meter of each side for fee flwoing movement. 3-4 feet from the wall is ideal. To locate joists tap a small nail into the ceiling or using the stud finder. Most joists are usually 16 or 24 inches apart. For safety and strength it is best to put one lag screw eye bolt in each beam for maximum support. If in doubt of integrity of beams get professional assistance. 
  • Find the middle line of each joist and position the eye bolts in the center to have the best weight bearing capacity of the hidden joists. Use the marker to indicate the middle point of each joist. 
  • Drill 1/8 inch holes at the 2 marked points. Holes should be 5-6 inches deep and perpendicular to the ceiling. Then screw the eye bolt in, you may need pliers to tighten until all the threads have sunk into the joist. 
  • Thread the looped end of 1 rope through the eye of 1 eye bolt, send the cut end of the rope through the looped end of the rope and pull to tighten. The adjustable rope with knots should safely hang down from being looped around the eye bolt. Repeat with the second rope and eye bolt.
  • Place each S hook of your Yoga Swing above the knot of your desired height. 
  • Here you can watch a video on how to install and fix the hanger for the areal yoga swing in the ceiling.

    This is the main principle. If you choose a different kit, it is no problem these are all just minor changes, the basic idea is always the same

    How To Hang Hammocks Inside Your Apartment

    Today, hammocks equal relaxation. You hear the word and picture some beautiful beach oasis with a hammock tied to two palm trees swaying in the breeze. That works, but they’re also still great inside. Hammocks are trendy, and affordable. You can even swap a traditional bed for one. Hanging a hammock indoors, however, isn’t always as straightforward as you’d think.

    Whether you attach it to your ceiling or walls, buy a stand or get a little creative, here’s everything you need to know about putting an indoor hammock in your apartment.

    Installing A Yoga Swing Safely

    For many people, the idea of aerial yoga is new and exciting, especially after they have been practicing on the mat for such a long time, however, one of the most important things to remember when starting your at-home aerial yoga workout is that you will be taking advantage of vastly different equipment for the most part, hanging a yoga swing or aerial hammock.

    These pieces of equipment are essential components to your anti-gravity yoga routine, without them, you wouldnt be able to practice, however, if they are not correctly installed, it could spell disaster.

    In this article, we are going to look at how to hang a yoga swing and why you should install it safely giving you the freedom to practice in confidence.


    How To Install A Swing Hammock Or Pull

    Aerial Yoga Houston Opens New Studio

    A pair of suspended chairs in a Node co-living apartment’s living room. 


    Scan a shelter magazine or scroll through Instagram these days and the likelihood of seeing a boho or whimsical furniture accent like a swing, hanging chair or hammock in a room is pretty likely. These breezy pieces certainly look fun, but how does one actually install something like thatand is that even allowed if you rent or own in a co-op or condo?

    And what about something like a pull-up bar? You wouldn’t want to wreck anything, or end up crashing to the floor.

    First things first: Before you go shopping or start drilling, you should get permission from your landlord, board, or management company. Be forewarned, a lot of buildings will say no to a swing or hammock hanging from the ceiling. But if you’re in a brownstone or a house, you may have more leeway.

    Door Mount Bars Must Be Used For The Following Reasons

    • It provides with quick and easy setup of the yoga trapeze. It does not involve much hassle and you can do it all by yourself if you have the required tools. However, it is advisable to seek for professional help only to ensure your security in terms of the bars strength and stability.
    • It just screws in place and for that you usually do not need extra handyman skills.
    • The most unique feature of a door mount bar is that it is removable and it can be done without any harassment. You can easily remove it whenever necessary.
    • As expensive as a door mount bar may sound, it is actually very affordable. Buying a door mount bar doesnt burn a hole in your pocket but gives you flexibility, strength and a healthy lifestyle for a lifetime.
    • Door mount bars also come with an added advantage. You can use it as a chin-up bar also which will again enhance your upper body strength.

    With all these advantages in mind, you can easily go ahead and hang your yoga trapeze in a doorway using a door mount bar.

    Door mount bars are vastly available online and you can even buy them physically by going to your nearest home furnishing store. However, make sure to specify that you need door mount bar for hanging yoga trapeze in your doorway. Or the best is go with the one recommended by us above.

    The door mount adjustable bars usually come with two door mount plates and 10 screws. And believe us when we say, that is exactly all you need along with a screwdriver to set up a door mount bar quickly.

    Process To Follow To Hang A Yoga Trapeze From Ceiling


    Your first step would be to position the ceiling hooks about 70cms apart from one another as you press them against the ceiling/concrete.

    Mark the position with the pen and mark the circle where the screws will exactly go in.


    With an excellent 6 mm hammer drill make pilot holes and a 12mm drill to create the bolt holes; they should be sized appropriately so that the entire bolt fits snugly inside the pilot hole.

    Then, slide the bolts into the pilot holes and tighten them and expand them.


    Now with the wrench, all you need to do is fix plate to the ceiling tightly and strongly.

    Then follow the same instructions for using the ropes to hang your yoga trapeze.

    Mounting yoga trapeze on ceiling is a little complicated and involves a bit of a technicality. It is better to call a professional while hanging a yoga trapeze to a ceiling using ceiling hooks. 

    After all, you need an excellent power drill to create holes in concrete and that is one drill which is usually not found in households.

    Prior Outdoor Co Aerial Fitness Rig Features

    • Height adjustable from 3.3 feet up to 11.2 feet and is fully adjustable with different heights every 4-6 inches in-between
    • Assembled using telescopic poles
    • Adjustable width at the top bar from 12 feet , and the lowest setting is 6 feet
    • Extremely sturdy and strong frame made from magnesium alloy and stainless steel
    • Multi-discipline suitable for use with silks, trapeze hammock and hoop
    • Maximum weight limit 440 lbs

    X Pole Aerial A Frame

    X Pole is a very well-known company who originally made pole dancing poles for pole dance fitness. Theyve now expanded their product range to include an innovative A Frame, which is suitable for aerial yoga, aerial hoop and low aerial silks. It is a freestanding frame, which means that you can use it without the need for ceiling fixtures, both indoors and outdoors.

    The X Pole A-Frame is their brand new freestanding aerial rig. If youre wanting to practice aerial yoga at home, but dont want to fix permanent fixtures to your ceiling, then a freestanding aerial rig is your best option.

    This is a is a multi-discipline Yoga Trapeze stand, you can also use it for Lyra Hoop, static trapeze or low-hanging silks. Its also perfect for aerial yoga.

    These are the main features of the X Pole A-Frame:

    • Can be used indoors or outdoors
    • Adjustable/Multiple Heights up to 3480mm (11.42ft using innovative telescopic/expandable legs
    • Quick and easy to assemble
    • Can be stored in multiple storage bags included with the frame
    • Multi-discipline suitable for use with silks, trapeze hammock and hoop
    • Not suitable for any swinging discipline such as flying trapeze
    • Portability Lightweight frame allows you to use it anywhere
    • Maximum 150 kg/330 lbs weight limit
    • Optional sandbags to use at the base
    • X Pole deliver excellent customer service when it comes to replacement parts
    • Versatile and easy to use; see the video below

    Buy now Directly from X Pole

    You Need A Portable Solution

    Yoga Trapeze frames are excellent if you want a portable rig to perform aerial yoga anywhere! Theres the beach, the park, the street so many different possibilities are open to you if you own a portable rig.

    However, its not as simple as slinging it over your shoulder and carrying it around. These rigs often weight over 75 lbs so theyre not really that easy to carry!

    Our Recommended Yoga Swing:

    This yoga swig from UpCircleSeven is among the most popular choice today, and thanks to its attractive price, it is also a great get friendly-option. You will find it in six different colors to choose from and at a lovely price. These swigs are ideal for aerial yoga, inversion therapy, and upper body strength building. You only need mounting accessories, and you are good to go.

    The swig is crafted from durable fabric, which is used for parachutes, and this particular model also features thick padded foam handles and a seat for maximum comfort. It has a load capacity of 200lbs per hanging strap for maximum safety and comes with a handy pdf guide to help beginners make their first steps.

    Overall a great product used as a seat-hammock comes with 4 carabiners and a handy travel bag. If you are looking for a great yoga swig, this is your best bet at this time.

    How To Set Up An Aerial Yoga Hammock

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    An aerial yoga hammock is a piece of fabric that is suspended in the air on both ends and can be used to pull off amazing aerial yoga techniques. To set up an aerial yoga hammock, youll need to tie a knot and attach a carabiner to both ends of the fabric. From there, its just a matter of clipping the carabiner to a secure ceiling mount or beam. If you follow the right instructions you can have your aerial yoga hammock set up in no time!

    How To Hang Your Yoga Trapeze Yoga Swing

    Wall Suspension Unit Bundle

    How to Hang Your Yoga TrapezeĀ® Yoga Swing

    Indoor & Outdoor Setup Options

    Let me guess you just received your first Yoga TrapezeĀ® and youre trying to figure out how to set it up, right? Dont worry, we can help.

    Outdoor setups are probably the fastest and easiest, you just need to keep a keen eye for a great place to hang. Setup can be done quickly by hanging your rig over an exposed beam in your garage, a swing set at a park, or over a tree branch .

    For a more permanent, weather-proof option, you can set up your Yoga Trapeze on a beam in your home. Every house is different, of course, so please use this as a rough guide and always consult with a professional builder or contractor before use. Lets look at some options.

    Exposed Beam Setup

    If youre lucky enough to have an exposed beam somewhere in your home, youll be set up and hanging upside down in no time.

  • Drape your ropes or straps over the pole or beam youre using to hang the trapeze from. The two ends of each rope will hang down on either side.
  • Use your fingers to pull back the fabric on the carabiner clips of the main sling.
  • Clip through both the looped end of the rope as well as through the knotted end of the rope.
  • Now do the same with the carabiner clips on the handle sets. Clip one handle set to each side.
  • Ceiling Hooks Setup

  • Position your ceiling hooks 70 cm apart and press them against the wood
  • With a pencil, color in the circle where your screws will go in
  • Ceiling Hooks Installation Instructions Video

    Installation In The Doorway

    If you have purchased the Yoga trapeze a few months ago and youve waiting for some expert to hang it from the ceiling, you dont have to do it. You can easily hang it in the doorway, using a multipurose pull up bar and some spring links. Lets start!

    You will need:

    • yoga trapeze door mount bar
    • two spring links
    • – To promote long-lasting use and dependable safety, the whole body of this…
    • – Length: 120mm, Width: 57mm. Hook thickness : 11mm. Inside diameter…
    • – This LARGE quick link lock ring opens and closes smoothly like a spring,…
    • – With high-strength steel construction, the working load limit of this BIG…
    • – 2 x Stainless Steel Spring Snap Hook Carabiner , A 24-hour online…

    How To Hang Yoga Trapeze In Doorway

    Yoga trapeze is a versatile yoga prop which yogis love to use for a various reasons. It helps us with spinal traction and back bends and helps us build our backbone and upper body strength without putting too much strain on our muscles.

    As discussed earlier, yoga trapeze can be hung outside as well as indoors too- on ceilings or wood beams . But did you know that they can be hung from doorways too? Yes, you heard that right!

    You can easily hang yoga trapeze in your doorway with a specially designed tool which is known as the .

    The bar is designed in such a way that they can easily be mounted when you are practicing and dismounted when you arent. 

    This way it doesnt come in your way. It is attached with external screws to ensure its stability and strength by not using extra pressure like other bars usually do.

    Setting up yoga trapeze in your doorway is not a very complicated or a difficult process as it may sound, but it is simple, easy and sturdy only if you have a door mount bar.


    Hanging A Hammock From The Ceiling

    A ceiling hammock is another option for those tenants who can put holes in their apartment walls. The process is identical to attaching a hammock to the wall. You find your studs, mark the appropriate distance between eye-bolts and install. You don’t, however, have the luxury of messing with how the hammock hangs. Changing the slack on a wall-hung hammock varies its curve. Adding or removing slack on a ceiling hammock only makes it move up or down.

    Because of this, you’ll need to carefully calculate spacing ahead of time to avoid making multiple holes in your ceiling for adjustments. Depending on how taut you want your hammock, the distance between the anchor points should be anywhere from 10 to 15 feet.

    Potential Risks Of Aerial Yoga:

    Hanging upside down sounds as innocent as working out in the gym or going for a run. However, you must know of any heart or low blood pressure conditions that you should be mindful of then partaking in this activity. See there may be a problem with blood pressure and health conditions like glaucoma can be very high if there are no precautions taken. 

    Here Are A Few Reasons Why You Should Look Into Buying Ceiling Hooks For Mounting Your Yoga Trapeze

    • They have an ironclad design. Totally secure to use, they have Industrial strength.
    • You can choose from a huge range,  the ones that go with your spaces ambiance.  
    • Its a simple and stylish solution for mounting your trapeze.
    • Its very affordable and can be afforded by anyone.
    • Very easy to install on both concrete and wood surfaces.

    are a great option, if youre looking to find some for mounting your Trapeze. These are sold for Inversion sling sold internationally, and used by students worldwide. Along with being functional for Yoga slings, these can be use to anchor suspension trailers, battle ropes, Cross fit Olympic rings, boxing equipment etc.

    Before we discuss the product any further, lets look at the



    All the hardware will be included in the package. It includes contain four wooden screws, two metal hooks, and four concrete bolts. Whatever surface youre looking to mount, be sure that itll be a nice fit. Its max strength, 2 hooks, 2 bolts design is rock solid and can support you even through the toughest of workouts.  

    The best thing about the product is its safe and secure the design which is just perfect for a sound practice session. It is made from galvanized steel and has an almost indestructible design. Its polished finished safely supports up to 300 pounds. Its base diameter is 4.8 wide and 3.3 in Height. If installed properly, it is strong enough to take you through intense practice sessions.

    What To Consider When Researching For The Best Yoga Swings For You

    If youve ever tried aerial yoga, you may have found yourself wondering if you need to be flexible to do it. After all, many of the poses are only possible for those who have reached an advanced flexibility level. Dont worry, though. While its true that most poses require a certain level of flexibility, its not unreasonable to expect beginners to achieve the basic level of flexibility required. All you need to do is follow your teachers instructions and practice the exercises they give you. With enough practice, youll be able to perform all the exercises in no time.

    There is no age limit associated with the use of Yoga Swings. If you are between the ages of 18 and 60, you will use a Yoga Swing. Because the Yoga Swing is a more advanced workout, those over the age of 60 might want to consult with their doctor before using one.

    I always recommend doing this before trying any new workout. Yoga swings are made to be used by anyone with the strength to hold themselves up; there is no specific weight or height requirement. However, make sure to choose a strong enough model to support you, especially if youre a heavier person.

    Studies show that with a little practice, you can perform aerial yoga moves just as well as you can with the ground. Much like traditional on-the-ground yoga, aerial yoga is a great way to relax, limber up, and let loose. Its also a great way to get your heart pumping and your breath deep. Each model will vary in weight capacity.

    What Aerial Yoga Equipment Do I Need For Home

    Most people who try aerial yoga have so much fun doing it, the next logical thing is to ask how to get started with their setup. 

    You will be very happy to find out that its super easy and affordable to have your own setup at home or in the office. and with that, I am going to run you through the equipment you need to get started on your aerial yoga set up.

    Rigging  this means strong support to hang your hammock in your home or office. All homes have their support beams that allow you to easily set up your hammock. The support beam must be strong enough to hold your weight and its the case of identifying the right spots in your home or office. 

    How To Hang Your Yoga Swing Safely

    trapeze hang omni gym aerial dance

    When you buy a yoga swing kit, you will find that they come either as a swing and daisy chains or with all the extra components you will need to install the yoga swing to the ceiling included in the package.

    Surprisingly, the advantage of buying a yoga swing separately without the ceiling mounts included is that you can take the time to choose the correct brackets, hooks and screws or bolts etc that you need.

    This also gives you an opportunity to speak with your local hardware assistant and run any questions by them that you may not be certain of, including which drill bits might be needed for the type of material you will be drilling in, for example concrete or wood.

    This will help you to feel confident that you will be able to source all of the correct pieces for your situation for your yoga swing to be fitted securely.


    What You Will Need

    One of the easiest ways of hanging your yoga swing as mentioned is to use ceiling hooks.

    These are made from metal and are extremely strong and durable meaning that they offer superior support for your practice.

    Moreover, due to the stylish design, once the ceiling hooks have been installed, they will easily blend in with the rest of the room and wont pose as an eyesore.

    There are generally two kinds, Eye-Bolts which are just screws, with the O head as shown.


    Or these U bracket ones or crisscross design shown. These require the correct screws to hold them in place.


    Flaghouse Portable Swing Frame Set Features

    • Made from durable galvanized steel
    • Dimensions: 83W x 7D x 77H
    • This portable swing frame can be used either indoors or outdoors
    • The frame has a wide, stable base
    • Frame completely folds away for easy storage
    • Not height adjustable
    • Maximum weight capacity: 200 lbs.
    • Not designed to be kept up for long periods of time or as a permanent structure

    Can I Hang An Indoor Hammock In My Apartment

    Jan 02, 2021

    Have you ever wondered “Can I hang an indoor hammock or hammock swing chair in my apartment or rental home? “

    Adding a hammock to your house or apartment is truly a fancy thing that will transform your living space into your home oasis and allow you to relax. It allows you to enjoy the outdoors year round and is the perfect way to relax in a space that feels both outside and in. 

    If you have been thinking about getting one, but have doubts about whether it can be done if you are leasing or renting, the answer to this question is YES!

    Your hammock swing chair or full body hammock can go in any bedroom, room, porch or balcony. Before you install your hammock, make sure there is enough space for it to move freely. You need to find a stud behind the drywall ceiling or wall, drill a few holes on the ceiling joists and voila!

    If your lease states you can place holes in your wall, most likely there should be no problem hanging a hammock.  You can always confirm with the landlord. If you dont know about specific guidelines in your lease, you should reach out to your landlord and ask. In this case, its better to ask for permission first as opposed to apologizing later, especially when it involves your lease agreement. 



    However, if for any reason you find out that you are not able to do any structural altercation in your apartment  you arent out of luck. Indoor hammock chairs can be used indoors with floor hammock stands to suspend them.



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