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How To Hang A Yoga Swing

A Safer Way To Install A Swing

How to Install your Yoga Swing – UpCircleSeven ®

Of course, most aerial yoga swing performers do not hang their swings from an eyebolt inside their garage above a cement floor. And I do not recommend this to anyone. Many swingers have a steel frame, which can be used safely and comfortably inside their carpeted home. From the steel frame hangs the swing itself, closer to the ground, and not as highly perched as I have my own swing.

Are There Cheaper Alternatives

We get it; aerial yoga hammock stands arent cheap. Although we think the A-Frame offers great value for money, it is still over $500 to get your hands on one. Even if you do have the budget for the best yoga stand, you may not the spare space for one. But dont worry there are many alternative options that will still allow you to enjoy some form of aerial yoga.  A diy yoga trapeze stand may be your best bet!

Door frame bar Using a door frame bar is the best alternative to a yoga stand. They are cheap and easy to set-up. Oh, and you dont need other accessories. We recommend using the YOGABODY Naturals Trapeze Door Frame Bar.

Suspension hooks You can also hang some swing ceiling hooks. This is a safe way to practise yoga swings in your home, although you need to make sure that youre using some heavy-duty hooks.  We recommend the Heavy Duty Swing Hangers by JGS. Now, this solution does require some extra work, but the result is a long term place to swing.

Beam and chain The last method is to make use of any beams you have in your house or outside. With this method, all you need is a chain, straps, and some carabineers. If you dont have any exposed beams in your house, you can always take your yoga swing to the local park and swing from a tree a bit like Tarzan!

Tips To Buy And Hang An Yoga Hammock

  • Always Prefer Branded Hammocks

Always go for the reputed brands that are specialized in hammock manufacturing because they use certified materials for the production. Most importantly, choose verified accessories and security gears. 

  • Durability Of The Hammock

Make sure that the hammock can support more than 5 times your body weight. Though almost every yoga hammock can bear up to 1000 lbs, you must check before buying. This is because you will be suspended in the air while practicing aerial yoga. Thus, there will always be a safety issue. 

  • Make The Hanging Points Strong

If you are planning to install the hammock in your ceiling, then dont use eye-bolts that are simply pointed. Always go for ceiling hooks because its again a safety issue. 

  • Verify The Strength Of Your Ceiling

Make sure that the I-beam or your ceiling is strong enough on which you will hang your hammock. It should be capable enough to bear more than 1000 lbs without being damaged. Alternatively, you can ask a qualified professional to verify your ceiling. 

If you are going to hang it on a beam, then make sure its made of steel or hardwood; otherwise, itll be dangerous to practice yoga. Similarly, if you want to hang the hammock on a tree, only use healthy trees. That means the tree must have sturdy and thick branches. Dont choose a tree that has dead branches. It might be risky for you as there might be chances of a serious accident.

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How To Hang A Yoga Swing

Here’s what you need to know to hang a yoga swing. Learn the do’s and don’ts of hanging a yoga swing, some setup options, and the benefits of using one.

So, you have a new yoga swing. Exciting! But before you start doing your inversions with it, make sure you know how to install it first.

Yoga swing is only fun and games until you fall because your swing was installed incorrectly. Yes, it can happen. And yes, Ive seen someone fall from a yoga swing. So, before you flow using your new yoga swing, make sure you know how to hang a yoga swing properly and all the safety measures you need to follow. Here it goes.


  • Dos and Donts of Hanging a Yoga Swing
  • Benefits Of Aerial Yoga Stands

    10 Best Aerial Yoga Swing & Yoga Trapeze Hammocks Of 2019 ...

    With the general health benefits of aerial yoga, it can be a good idea to take part in the activity. But what are the benefits to using free standing swing frames, instead of the alternatives?

    Zero damage When using an aerial silk stand, you dont have to make any changes to your home. You see, using ceiling hooks means changing your ceiling, which isnt always an option. It also means extra DIY!

    Portable Want to practise and perform in any large space? Then nothing beats a portable yoga swing stand. With most stands only taking 10 minutes to set-up, you can even take a stand to the beach and enjoy aerial yoga by the sea.

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    How Far Apart Do You Hang Yoga Trapeze

    4.8/5Yoga Trapezehanging

    600 pounds

    Secondly, can you hang a yoga trapeze from a pull up bar? The Yoga Trapeze is not intended for swinging, aerial acrobatics, or for use higher than 120 cm off the ground. Do not hang your Yoga Trapeze from a pressure-mounted pullup bar . Do not hang your trapeze from a beam or tree branch that has not been professionally weight-tested.

    Also question is, how do you hang a swing from a beam?

    Locate a thick beam or joist that can support a screw-eye. Once you’ve located the joist or beam where you wish to install your porch swing, drill a pilot hole into it with a drill at the point from which you wish to hang the porch swing.

    How much room do you need for a yoga swing?

    Space hammocks at least 4-6 feet from a wall. I recommend at least a 5-6 foot diameter of space around the hammock for pose use. If you are purchasing more than one hammock, please space your hammocks at least 4-6 feet apart.

    How to Hang a Swing Chair from a Ceiling Joist

  • Step 1 Find and Mark the Stud.
  • Step 2 Drill a Hole for the Eye Hook.
  • Step 3 Screw the Eye Hook into the Hole.
  • Step 4 Loop the First Metal Link Onto the Eye Hook.
  • Step 5 Loop On the Second Metal Link.
  • Step 6 Attach the Basket Chair to the Chain.
  • Warning How To Purchase An Aerial Yoga Hammock

    Those of us in the Unnata Aerial Yoga community are happy to see the increase in popularity of Aerial Yoga, and the increase of locations where one can practice Aerial Yoga. It should be noted, however, that this increase in popularity has also brought along an increase in suppliers of Yoga hammocks, some of whom have not done the necessary research to fully understand safe hammock installation. Hanging a Yoga hammock requires more thought and care than hanging a television/bookshelf on your wall, or of hanging a chin-up bar.

    For example, did you know you are never supposed to hang your hammock in a doorframe? And, there are only certain kinds of daisy chains that are safe to use for Aerial Yoga?

    What looks fine to the untrained eye can turn into a significant injury in a flash, so please be careful if you wish to purchase a Yoga hammock for your own usage in your home.

    We recommend researching the credentials of your supplier, their experience and expertise. And because every ceiling has unique qualities, if the supplier of your hammock cant explain how to attach your hammock to your specific ceiling then you may need to also hire a professional rigger/structural engineer/etc. to help you install your hammock.

    Listed below are two riggers who are trusted in the aerial world, they are a good resource to go to with your rigging questions:

    Brett Copes at Fight or Flight Entertainment

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    Safety Factors To Consider

    One of the first things that you need to think about before you even begin your installation is where you will be hanging your yoga swing.

    For the most part, these pieces of equipment are generally suspended from the ceiling, and it is perfectly possible to elevate them in a doorway or an outside area that has some sort of overhead cover.

    Where you hang the swing isnt really much of an issue, it is more about how safe the area is.

    There are two things to keep in mind here is the ceiling secure enough to handle the weight of the user and the swing and are there are obstructions?

    When it comes to hanging a yoga swing from the ceiling, it is important to find a beam that is strong and has not been subjected to any sort of damage, such as termites, exposure to weather or general wear and tear, as this can seriously weaken it.

    If you find that there is any damage or that you do not feel the beam is strong enough, it pays to employ the services of a professional who can add reinforcements.

    Furthermore, there is little point in hanging your yoga swing in an area where you will not be able to practice because of obstructions.

    It is worth fitting the swing in an area that is spacious to avoid bumping into anything of not having enough room to attempt poses that require more space.

    In addition to this, make sure that there is enough room between the yoga swing and the floor for inversions..

    Dos And Donts When Hanging A Yoga Swing

    How To Do Aerial Yoga At Home

    How to install a yoga swing. (swing-fitness)

    if youve been on the hunt for ideas on how you can get started doing aerial yoga from the comfort of your own home then the possibilities are surprisingly easy and affordable. Just look on Amazon, you can buy aerial yoga hammocks and swings for under $50 and it comes with everything you may need to install an Aerial yoga set up in your home. 

    If you are a complete beginner and you want to learn the amazing ways of getting the full benefits out of your aerial hammock then you may want to get a class or 2 from an experienced professional. 

    If aerial yoga class is not for you then you have online courses and great books available that show you the right positions you need to know in how to get started on your own.

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    Yoga Trapeze Stand Popular Gymnastic Device For Aerial Acrobats

    The trapeze is an artistic gymnastic device for aerial acrobatics and is often used as a yoga trapeze stand, but also in artistic gymnastics, circus and variety shows. Trapeze gymnastics is also very popular in schools.Here we show the best-rated yoga trapeze stands, so you can buy a stable, high-quality trapeze.

    A stand for yoga can be used by both children and adults. But also for many other exercises: whether as a swing to sit on or to hang on, to support or to swing.Gymnastics on the trapeze simultaneously promotes balance, physical strength, skill and agility. If you combine a trapeze with gymnastic rings, you will get a trapeze swing.

    Make your own yoga stand

    For indoor use, a wooden yoga trapeze stand is more beautiful. Metal yoga trapeze stand is more suitable for outdoor use.

    Best Door Bar Hangs For Your Aerial Yoga Swing

    Aerial yoga is a popular activity around the globe, and in recent years, it has come out of the select yoga centers and entered households. It has become part of many personal routines; now that the awareness and means have increased.

    Practicing aerial yoga merely requires a proper space, good quality yoga trapeze, and means to set up. You can set up your aerial yoga trapeze inside, or outside your home. You can hang it from the ceiling inside your home, or from a tree branch outdoors. You can also use a yoga trapeze stand. Some trapeze stands let you set up both indoors and outdoors.

    Another place you can hang your trapeze is the door. It is a convenient place to set up and is accessible to all. All you require is a good door bar to hang the trapeze. If you dont have one already, there are plenty of options available for you.

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    Using A Backyard Permanent Stand

    It is as like as to rig your yoga trapeze in our prior tree branch wrapping. But, you need less effort to install here!

    Just, according to your height and backyard stand, wrap around and fasten both ends of the yoga trapeze.

    Now enjoy your aerial yoga with your whole family members in the natural outdoor!

    How To Hang Yoga Trapeze In Doorway

    Aerial Yoga Swing

    Yoga trapeze is a versatile yoga prop which yogis love to use for a various reasons. It helps us with spinal traction and back bends and helps us build our backbone and upper body strength without putting too much strain on our muscles.

    As discussed earlier, yoga trapeze can be hung outside as well as indoors too- on ceilings or wood beams . But did you know that they can be hung from doorways too? Yes, you heard that right!

    You can easily hang yoga trapeze in your doorway with a specially designed tool which is known as the Door Mount Bar.

    The bar is designed in such a way that they can easily be mounted when you are practicing and dismounted when you arent. 

    This way it doesnt come in your way. It is attached with external screws to ensure its stability and strength by not using extra pressure like other bars usually do.

    Setting up yoga trapeze in your doorway is not a very complicated or a difficult process as it may sound, but it is simple, easy and sturdy only if you have a door mount bar.

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    Yogabody Naturals Trapeze Door Frame Bar Hang

    Yoga body is a well-known name in the aerial yoga circles, and among many other great aerial yoga products, they also manufacture trapeze door frame bar hangs.

    This bar hang is a great option for many reasons, such as

    •    It is a strong bar hang and is a safe option. You dont have to worry about it breaking. The max weight capacity of this bar hang is 300 lbs.
    •    It can also be used as a pull-up bar for doing pull ups and chin ups, so when youre not doing aerial yoga, you can still use it for other fitness activities.
    •    It is designed to fit most standard door frames and can be taken in and out of its mounts between uses for your convenience. It weighs only three pounds, and its dimensions are 20 x 8 x 6 inches.

    Setting up the bar hang is also very easy. Here is what you require

    • Wooden door frame
    • Width between twenty six to thirty six inches.
    • In case of flat wooden frames, they must be at least 4.3 inches wide.
    • Screwdriver can be helpful.

    Overall, it is a safe and convenient option.

    Freestanding Aerial Frames And Trapeze Stands

    They come at a hefty price but they enable the user to set up a completely portable aerial yoga set up anywhere. In your home, outdoors or on a gig if you are a professional aerial artist who does on the roadshows. 

    While the price may be expensive it can be the perfect solution for those who cannot drink into their apartment ceilings for reasons of renting or the difficulty of finding a cross beam.

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    What Aerial Yoga Equipment Do I Need For Home

    Most people who try aerial yoga have so much fun doing it, the next logical thing is to ask how to get started with their setup. 

    You will be very happy to find out that its super easy and affordable to have your own setup at home or in the office. and with that, I am going to run you through the equipment you need to get started on your aerial yoga set up.

    Rigging  this means strong support to hang your hammock in your home or office. All homes have their support beams that allow you to easily set up your hammock. The support beam must be strong enough to hold your weight and its the case of identifying the right spots in your home or office. 

    Do I Need To Be Flexible To Be Able To Do Aerial Yoga

    How to Hang a YOGA HAMMOCK | hangin a yoga swing to drywall ceiling

    You might have heard from your friends who practice yoga what tricks they are able to do and how flexible they are. While this is true, it doesnt mean that they could bend that easily when they were just starting out. This applies to aerial yoga as much as for any other yoga type. If you are consistent with your practices, you will stretch your muscles enough to be considered flexible. You will also start performing the challenging flows that you couldnt execute before.

    Basically, every person should be able to do aerial yoga regardless of his physique. As long as you take precautions and are using your common sense to avoid potential injuries, there is no reason to avoid aerial yoga. Besides, contrary to popular opinion, it is a better idea to start with aerial yoga rather than with regular on-ground yoga. This is justified by the support system you have in the form of a swing that plays a huge role in helping you to feel secure and be in sync with your body.

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    How To Use It For Inversions

    For inversion , you can use the swing to support your pelvic region. After that, you can extend your limbs by using the handles and ropes of the swing. This would help you create the inverted Goddess pose, which is quite popular. You can now decompress your spine by doing different postures. However, take help from a seasoned trainer to prevent injuries.

    Is Aerial Yoga For Beginners

    Absolutely, you dont need any prior experience to use an aerial yoga swing for it to benefit and it would only take a few sessions in aerial yoga class from an instructor to show you the basic moves. 

    We get many comments that it looks tricky and it couldnt be further from the truth, it takes some getting used to however its like a way of relaxing.

    Many people are very surprised at their first aerial yoga class that the positions that can already perform after a few short months you will be bending your body in ways on the hammock you never thought possible. 

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    Doorframe Pullup Bar And Screws

    If you want to install your yoga swing easily, you can install it using a door frame pullup bar or a door mount bar and some screws. This setup is more suitable if you have limited space in your house.

    How to Install a Yoga Swing Door Frame Pullup or Door Mount Bar 

    A door mount bar comes with instructions on how to install it in the doorframe. Follow the manual that comes with it. Then, find the rope on each end of your yoga swing and make it a noose knot. Make sure there is at least one meter of space between each knot. Then, pull very tightly.

    The Best Sex Swings To Buy


    Wanna give a sex swing a try? Good news: It’s probably less expensive than you might guess. “You really don’t need to spend more than $100 on one,” says Stubbs, which is actually less expensive than most luxury vibrators! Invest in one of the four sex swings below, then give it a try.

    Keep in mind, the first time you use one it may not be perfect. “Go in with a sense of humor and prepare to troubleshoot if you set the straps up too low or high or the position you were planning to try doesn’t quite work,” says Dr. Stubbs. Noted. .

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    How To Hang Yoga Trapeze From The Ceiling

  • Locate two joists in an area that will give you a meter of each side for fee flwoing movement. 3-4 feet from the wall is ideal. To locate joists tap a small nail into the ceiling or using the stud finder. Most joists are usually 16 or 24 inches apart. For safety and strength it is best to put one lag screw eye bolt in each beam for maximum support. If in doubt of integrity of beams get professional assistance. 
  • Find the middle line of each joist and position the eye bolts in the center to have the best weight bearing capacity of the hidden joists. Use the marker to indicate the middle point of each joist. 
  • Drill 1/8 inch holes at the 2 marked points. Holes should be 5-6 inches deep and perpendicular to the ceiling. Then screw the eye bolt in, you may need pliers to tighten until all the threads have sunk into the joist. 
  • Thread the looped end of 1 rope through the eye of 1 eye bolt, send the cut end of the rope through the looped end of the rope and pull to tighten. The adjustable rope with knots should safely hang down from being looped around the eye bolt. Repeat with the second rope and eye bolt.
  • Place each S hook of your Yoga Swing above the knot of your desired height. 
  • Here you can watch a video on how to install and fix the hanger for the areal yoga swing in the ceiling.

    This is the main principle. If you choose a different kit, it is no problem these are all just minor changes, the basic idea is always the same

    Pipedream Fetish Fantasy Spinning Sex Swing

    Whats better than a sex device that swings? One that spins. Yep, the Fetish Fantasy Sex can spin 360 degrees and hold up to 350 pounds. This allows you and your partner to switch back and forth between oral, vaginal, and anal sex with a little flick of the wrist.

    Admittedly, this one is a bit of commitment. You have to mount a central hook, which the swing then attaches tobut once its in, its in. Then, you and your partner can hook in the swing and take your sex life to new heights, whenever you fancy.

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    Where Should I Hang My Yoga Trapeze

    hang your trapezecancanYOGABODYYoga Trapeze

    Set the side handles approximately three feet or a metre apart. It’s best to set up first of all on a beam or a branch to get a feel for exactly how far apart you prefer the side handles to be before you chose any permanent setting. If you are employing ceiling hooks or bolts please install with caution.

    Also, how do you make a yoga trapeze? How to Make Your Own Yoga Hammock

  • Select nylon or polyester fabric with a load rating that exceeds your body weight.
  • Cut the fabric into a single strip measuring approximately 60 to 180 inches wide, depending on how wide a hammock you want.
  • Sew the strip into a loop using high-strength thread designed to bear weight well above your own body weight.
  • Likewise, people ask, can you hang a yoga trapeze from a pull up bar?

    The Yoga Trapeze is not intended for swinging, aerial acrobatics, or for use higher than 120 cm off the ground. Do not hang your Yoga Trapeze from a pressure-mounted pullup bar . Do not hang your trapeze from a beam or tree branch that has not been professionally weight-tested.

    How do you hang a swing from a beam?

    Locate a thick beam or joist that can support a screw-eye. Once you’ve located the joist or beam where you wish to install your porch swing, drill a pilot hole into it with a drill at the point from which you wish to hang the porch swing.


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