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How To Get Certified To Teach Yoga

Teaching Yoga To Seniors

How to Get Certified to Teach Yoga

20-hour online certificate course with yoga therapists Kimberly Carson & Carol Krucoff

Expert Instruction

Based on the pioneering program offered at Duke Integrative Medicine, learn the key health issues facing older adults and how to safely promote strength, balance, flexibility and pain relief with yoga.

Receive Certificate

20-hour training qualifies towards Yoga Alliance RYT, IAYT and other professional continuing education requirements.

Unlimited Access

Come back again and again to review online course content, deepen your understanding, and inspire your teaching from any device, anywhere, anytime.

Doing A Yoga Teacher Training Program

There are hundreds of schools and institutions that offer yoga teacher training programs. We are going to review the best online yoga teacher trainings and 10 of the best in-person yoga teacher training certifications that are Alliance-approved. You can confidently choose any one of the following schools to pursue your career as a yoga instructor.

But once you complete training, another thing that you must do before beginning your practice is to watch classes and observe how other trainers teach their students. Observing classes and sitting down with different instructors can help you gain valuable experience to let you excel in your journey. A Yoga Alliance-approved class facilitates observation sessions for yoga teacher trainees. You will learn more about this in your teacher training class.

What To Look For In A Yoga Teacher Training Course

I was warned by a close friend who is a practiced yoga teacher to be careful when picking a YTT course, as she advised me that not all are created equal. So before I made a payment I had her look over what was offered in the course that I did at Odyssey MVMT and she let me know she thought it was a well-rounded course that would give me all I needed to be certified at a high level.

But for those of you who are interested in a YTT course and dont have such a friend to look over things for you, here are a few key things you should keep in mind before booking:

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What Is The Best Online Yoga Certification

Look, I know that Im biased, but I genuinely believe that my online yoga certification course absolutely is the best.


Because Ive been doing it for years, long before ANY other yoga school and certainly before the Yoga Alliance temporarily allowed yoga schools to provide training online.

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Find A Mentor And Begin Teaching

How To Get Certified To Teach Yoga In 2021 And Beyond

Even after hours of training and a well-established personal practice, taking the step toward actual teaching can be intimidating. An additional benefit of NETAs training program is the diversity of qualified instructors that present our workshops, bringing different backgrounds, experiences, and teaching styles to the program. Learning from this diverse team allows the student to find their own teaching style. We recommend finding a mentor to team-teach with and to act as a guide during the beginning stages of teaching.

Finally, get out there and teach! What may feel awkward and scripted in the beginning will soon become smooth and natural with practice. As you get more comfortable, expand your repertoire with our Fit Fest and continuing education workshops of HITT it with Yoga and Trauma Sensitive Yoga Practices.

Please dont hesitate to contact our career counseling team at 800.237.6242 or

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Become Certified In Cpr

If you want to teach in a health or fitness center, you will most likely need to be certified in cardiopulmonary resuscitation, also known as “CPR.” Health and fitness centers usually require their instructors to be CPR certified to ensure they have the basic skills needed to respond to a health emergency.

All Yoga Teacher Training Teaches The Same Things

There are a number of common misconceptions about yoga teacher training. The first is that all teacher training teaches the same things. This is not true each school and program has its own unique curriculum. Its important to do your research before enrolling in training to make sure it aligns with your personal goals and beliefs.

Dont let any of these misconceptions hold you back from pursuing your dreams of becoming a yoga instructor. With the right education and guidance, anything is possible! For more information on finding the perfect yoga teacher training program for you, call us today.

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Which Certification Is Best For Yoga

Although certification is not essential for employment, it does provide the instructor with credibility in the field of education.. Although the requirements for receiving a yoga teacher certification vary from organization to organization, they typically consist of attending and passing a training course, which can be completed online or in person

  • Yoga teacher training programs include: 200 Hour Prana Casa Algarve, Portugal
  • 200 Hour Ajarya Yoga Academy Ashtanga/Vinyasa Rishikesh, India
  • 200 Hour Ajarya Yoga Academy Hatha Yoga Rishikesh, India.
  • 300 Hour Advanced Ashtanga Yoga Rishikesh, India.

What Is The Training

Get Certified To Teach Yin Yoga!

200-Hour Registered Yoga Teacher Training

The 200-Hour Registered Yoga Teacher training consists of four noncredit courses to be completed in nine months. Students will learn to teach beginner and some intermediate yoga poses as well as discuss the business aspects of teaching yoga.

  • YGA-553 200 Hour Professional Yoga Instructor – Part 1.
  • YGA-551 200 Hour Professional Yoga Instructor – Part 2.
  • YGA-552 200 Hour Professional Yoga Instructor – Part 3.

Note: the above courses are co-requisites. You will need to register for all three courses.

300-Hour Registered Yoga Teacher Training

The 300-Hour Registered Yoga Teacher program can be completed in 11 to 18 months. Students learn to teach intermediate and some advanced yoga poses. Students also examine the business aspects of teaching workshops and studio ownership.

  • YGA-533 Professional Yoga Instructor: Part 4.
  • YGA-534 Professional Yoga Instructor: Part 5.
  • YGA-535 Professional Yoga Instructor: Part 6.
  • YGA-536 Professional Yoga Instructor: Part 7.
  • YGA-546 Professional Yoga Instructor: 300 RYT Online Module.

Related Training

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Power Yoga Online Yoga Certifications

The yoga teacher training online Power yoga is, in fact, a more dynamic variation of Yoga, ideal for those who enjoy the practice but feel the need for something more intense. Therefore, it has been widely practiced in gyms because it is essentially a more active type of Yoga. It has the influence of other methods, such as ashtanga vinyasa.

Yoga for Athletes Sage yoga teacher training

Explore this in-depth connection between these two fields, Yoga and Sports. Yoga for Athletes is a dynamic online yoga teacher training for athletes online courses reading material, lecture, weaving, discussion groups and more by Sage Rountree columnist, author, teaching professor and teaching trainer. This online yoga instructor training will help you improve your practice, construct your business strategy, make your students yoga philosophy approachable as well as prepare you to coach athletes of all skills and levels.

Included in this online yoga teacher training:

  • Format: Combining video footage from Sages week-long teachers intensive with online learning, reading, and homework, this course helps teachers of every form of yoga understand how to teach yoga to athletes. He attended a number of inspirational teachers and learning centers such as the Shivananda Yoga Centre, Ashtanga Yoga, and Iyengar Yoga.
  • Duration: 200 Hours
  • Price: $1,699.00
  • Yoga style: Hatha
  • Website:

Basic And Good: Karma Yoga Online Yoga Teacher Training

Karma Yoga Kundalini teacher training online will cover Kundalini consciousness, pranayama, practice, embodiment, as well as mantras and chakras. Their approach includes not only the yoga poses but offers a focus on breath, alignment, and injury avoidance. They make consistent efforts in creating an inclusive learning environment, despite being online, and provide feedback to all students throughout the program so they can finish the course confident to teach.

Included in this Kundalini yoga certification online programs:

  • Format: self-paced + one on one
  • Duration: 4 weeks. Lifetime access.
  • Price: $695 . Payment plans are available on their website
  • E-books
  • Website:

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What You Can Expect In Yoga Teacher Training

Ive detailed some of the emotions you can expect to feel and how you can change as a person above through YTT but what exactly happens in a YTT course for all of that to happen? Quite a few things, actually.

First off, you can expect a pretty intense and rigorous schedule, because nothing good comes without putting in the work. Most trainings will be 9-12 hour days that involve a number of different classes both on and off the mat.

YTT courses are anywhere from 14-30 days long though I recommend doing nothing shorter than 20 days to avoid very, very long days as many courses will require self-study time .

Classes will involve physical practices that you will be taught, classes on how to teach, anatomy, philosophy, history of yoga, how to teach breathing, learning about the chakras and bandhas, assisting, how to create classes, meditation as well as the business of yoga aka how to go out into the world after and be a yoga teacher.

The yoga lifestyle embraces no harm so food served during most trainings will be vegan and vegetarian options. Some trainings will also include other activities, especially if youre doing it in a travel destination.

I did my training in Canggu, Bali at a fitness/yoga studio so we had a surfing lesson incorporated into our schedule and fitness classes to help us get stronger as well as nutrition and self-love workshops.

Whats Included In Your Online Yoga Teacher Training Certification

How to Get Certified to Teach Kids Yoga Online: a Step by ...

Make sure to review what is included in your tuition kit, such as pre-recorded videos, a textbook, the assessments, the certification exam, additional time with teachers, etc. These quickly add up to your yoga teacher certification, so be sure to know the cost and the quality.

Prices differ depending on which online yoga teacher training certification program you select. Although lower prices represent less assistance, it may also be attributed to less experienced teachers or personal interaction with the teachers. Yet, many training pieces are organized to provide answers to your questions in advance and maintain a high level of instructions without a one-on-one connection.

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Easy 100%money Back Guarantee

We want you to be satisfied. So if you don’t like our course for any reason, you can ask for a full refund anytime within seven days of your purchase.

This means you can try the course for seven days and if you find it not appropriate for you just send us an email by the end of the seventh day and get a full refund promptly.

What Can I Expect To Earn As A Yoga Instructor

It is only natural that you would ask yourself this question however, there is no single answer. While some teachers might be making between $20 to $35k a year, others can earn way above $150,000 or even a lot more. Like in any industry, the commitment and savviness you will put into your career will make the difference.

One thing for sure is that with todays technology and the speed at which it evolves, it can either best serve you or hinder you. So our advice is to stay on the pulse of the ever-changing scene of yoga and wellness and educate yourself on what is new continuously. Being through a beautiful website, social media, training sessions, workshops, on line courses, retreats, or all we mentioned above, be assured there are plenty of opportunities to follow your passion while sustaining an abundant lifestyle.

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Decide What Type Of Yoga Teacher You Want To Be

There are several different types of yoga teachers. Some yoga teachers cater their classes to specific groups while others hold classes in specific locations. For example, a yoga teacher may decide to target a niche market such as providing yoga instruction to professional athletes or they may decide to offer classes through a yoga studio or online.

How To Find The Best Yoga Jobs

Get Certified to Teach Children’s Yoga!

Look Online: Search ,, or one of the other top job sites using terms like “yoga teacher” or “studio manager” and your location.

Network: Ask around at the classes you attend to see if anyone knows a studio that’s hiring. Tell your friends and colleagues that youre looking for opportunities.

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Do Yoga Teachers Need Certification

Again, you dont have to have a Yogi Alliance Certification to teach yoga however it does help you demonstrate credibility, especially if youve never taught yoga before. If youve been teaching yoga for years obviously without a certification youll be just fine. Lets review the basic and advanced yoga certifications you need to work as a professional yoga instructor.

Basic Yoga Teacher Certification

The basic yoga instructor certification course offers 200 hours of learning. Such programs are set up in different types of natural and hands-on environments. You can choose an intensive month-long retreat or sign-up for a series of weekend workshops spread over a couple of years if you are juggling with responsibilities.

In some of these programs, you need to pass an observation class. Professional yoga instructors analyze your yoga class and observe and evaluate your teaching style before rewarding you with a teaching certificate.

After you complete training, you must register with the Yoga Alliance, the organization that registers and certifies you as a yoga trainer. Note that there are several yoga teacher training programs online, but the Yoga Alliance does not recognize shorter or home learning programs.

Why 200 hours?

Specialty Yoga Instructor Certification

Advanced Yoga Instructor Certification

Local or international?

I Tried Restructuring My Class In A Way That Wasn’t Authentic To Me Or My Dreams For My Students

I even tried changing the layout of my class, and the energy by making it a lot more like PE.
The kids LOVED their gym teacher and I tried to emulate that by changing the feel of my class.
We lined up in rows, we did warms up and had loud music, we played more games with balls.
But I quickly learned: It doesn’t work to try to be someone else, and yoga is not P.E.
I didn’t have the time or the energy to include mindfulness and breathing the way that I knew the kids needed. We were missing out on valuable time that could have been spent reflecting, noticing, being aware and taking much needed sensory breaks.
I needed a drastic change, for me AND my students.

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Theres One More Step To Becoming A Registered Yoga Teacher

After youve completed your teacher training, you will need to register as a yoga teacher with the Yoga Alliance of America. Once registered, youll be listed in their global directory as a teacher who has met their minimum requirements for teaching and has completed their training with an officially registered yoga school.

You are now ready to teach yoga. Remember that the role of a teacher is very important. Keep learning and expanding your own practice, so you can share the wonderful gift of yoga with everyone.

Hour Kids Yoga Teacher Certificate:

How To Get Certified To Teach Yoga And Pilates

Enhance childrens health with Mindfulness activities, movement, and the tremendously popular Meditations for Growing Minds resources with 10 tracks to play in your classes including Castle of CloudsandKidease. In this module you will connect to the practice of Mindfulness and learn to bring Mindfulness to Children. Youll explore effective activities and props that get kids attention and help them be strong and steady when doing yoga poses. Full Details Here.

Meditations for Growing MindsMoving Meditations for Growing Minds

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Yoga Teacher Training 1

Held on Tuesdays – Fall Semester 6:00pm-8:30pm – Spring Semester 12:55pm-3:25pm – Summer Semester 9:00am-11:30am

Yoga Teacher Training 1: Foundation of Asanas

Pre/Co-requisite: Yoga Teacher Training 2

The main focus of Yoga Teacher Training 1 is the Foundation of Asanas. This course will also include the learning of Asana names in Sanskrit and English, a history of yoga and its varying styles, the importance that the Bhagavad Gita text plays in yogas underlying philosophies, basics of metaphysical value applied to yoga practice, and an introduction to chakras. Other topics covered are:

Posture Clinics

  • Various Styles of breathing exercises

Become A Certified Yoga Instructor In 5 Steps


Becoming a Certified Yoga Instructor can be a rewarding career that allows you to balance what you love while earning income and helping others lead healthier, relaxing and balanced lives. The journey to becoming certified in yoga can be short or long-term, depending on how you pace it with your current schedule and obligations. Here are the 5 steps to becoming a Certified Yoga Teacher, starting today.

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Learn How To Teach Yoga To All Body Shapes Sizes And Abilities

Most yoga teacher training programs teach you how to create yoga sequences for young, thin, able-bodied students. What about the students who show up to class who are older, plus-sized, or have physical limitations?

Yoga For All is a five-week online yoga certification course that teaches you how to adapt yoga poses for older, larger, and differently-abled students. This self-paced course is offered completely online so you can fit it into your busy schedule.

Best of the

  • Making Peace with Knees, Hips and Wrists

Each week, youll receive self-paced online lecture videos on critical yoga topics as well as asana videos that break down how to teach and modify yoga poses for the non-traditional student. Youll also be provided with reflection prompts and given the opportunity to take action on what you learned. The private Yoga For All Facebook group offers the opportunity to network with other Yoga For All students and graduates, as well as ask questions of Dianne and Amber.

Youll learn:

  • Ways to make your classes more inclusive for all bodies
  • How to create an environment of safety, agency, and consent
  • Dozens of modifications to make yoga poses more accessible, for everything from sun salutations to savasana
  • How to use yoga props to help your larger bodied and differently-abled students get the most out of their practice


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