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How To Find Yoga Instructors

Taking Yoga Lessons In Canada

Yoga Teacher Advice: How to find Classes & Private Clients Yoga Business Questions answered

Youve probably only heard about yoga being offered in classes or group sessions. While youre fairly interested in joining one, the thought of being a newbie in those classes make you wanna back out and just try it at home.

But lets face it, you learn better when someones there to tell what youre doing right and wrong. And no matter how shy it makes you, a veteran yoga practitioner should correct your mistakes so that you wont keep repeating them in the future.

Lucky for you, there are now private yoga classes being offered to individuals who prefer learning and doing it alone with a yoga instructor. Moreover, these yoga classes are not that challenging to find – especially with the help of the internet.

In fact, you can find out how to find one in Canada in this article, along with how private yoga classes work, what their benefits are, and why setting aside time for yoga is very important.

Already Traveling And On The Road Find A Yoga Studio You Love And Start From There

Very often overlooked but I think its one of the best ways to find a job teaching yoga and its how I got the opportunity to teach free community yoga classes at Radiantly Alive Yoga in Ubud .

When traveling, visit yoga studios wherever you are, and you will find a place that resonates with your heart. Go back often, become friends with the staff and teacher, and offer to sub classes if they need someone to fill in. Give it time, be patient and you might find your yoga dream job as a traveling yoga teacher.

How To Find Your First Yoga Teaching Job


Youre a certified yoga instructor! Congrats!

Let me guess, you are a little nervous and excited to share all your new juicy knowledge with the world! With the increasing trend of yoga instructors in the marketplace, you may run into some challenges trying to find your first yoga teaching job. Dont let that dim your flame! We are here to help.

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Cons Of Being A Yoga Instructor

Here are a few of the downsides:

1. Time Commitment

Youll likely be teaching in a few different studios or with a number of different private clients. When you add together the travel time between classes and the time you put into planning your sequences, more goes into your one-hour class than the hour you get paid for. Know your worth and calculate everything into your rate.

2. Lack of Benefits

It is not the norm for studios to hire teachers as full-time staff with benefits. In the United States, for example, this can be a major barrier for some who need health insurance.

3. Burn Out

As you start out it can be tempting to accept every teaching opportunity youre given, but be careful to avoid burning yourself out.

Running all over the city from one class to the next followed by a night of sequence planning can quickly run your body down. Keep your schedule as realistic as possible.

Yoga Class Helps Relax Mind And Focus On Present

Want To Become A Yoga Teacher? Here

The mind has to be in a state-of-peace for you to enjoy your life. Too many people get lost in the stresses of tomorrow and forget to live now.

It’s important to realize “tomorrow” will never come. It is always ahead of you out of reach.

Yoga nearby lets you enjoy the moment during class.

This is the power of a session where you get to learn about your body and how it moves.

There isn’t a better way to become comfortable in your skin and realize you have a lot of physical potential that’s left untapped.

Yoga brings this out for you and reveals it in the most magnificent manner.

“What a handy way to find classes for yoga. Great Idea.” Michaela Wells

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The mind has to be in a state-of-peace for you to enjoy your life. Too many people get lost in the stresses of tomorrow and forget to live now.

It’s important to realize “tomorrow” will never come. It is always ahead of you out of reach.

Yoga nearby lets you enjoy the moment during class.

This is the power of a session where you get to learn about your body and how it moves.

There isn’t a better way to become comfortable in your skin and realize you have a lot of physical potential that’s left untapped.

Yoga brings this out for you and reveals it in the most magnificent manner.

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What Do Yoga Instructors Make

If your goal is to teach at a yoga studio, then you can expect to earn anywhere from $20 to $80 per yoga class, depending on your teaching experience and the yoga studio. If you want to teach private yoga classes, then you could earn anywhere from $50 to $150 per yoga class. If youre teaching online, then the sky is the limit.

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Pros Of Being A Yoga Instructor

Here are a few of the pros:

1. Work in a Field you are Passionate About

The main pro to teaching yoga is doing something you are passionate about. Youll be spending your time doing something you love and by teaching, you will help others fall in love with yoga as well, which is extremely fulfilling.

2. Create the Job You Want

If youre willing to put in the time and the leg work you can tailor the perfect job. If youre settled in a city, you can make connections at studios and build a community.

For digital nomads, you can take your yoga teaching anywhere in the world with you. Create an online yoga empire! Teach yoga in the jungle in Bali! The world is your oyster. Becoming a yoga teacher is a great job for digital nomads.

3. Its Active

It may seem obvious but a huge pro to teaching yoga, in my opinion, is the ability to move my body.

Say goodbye to sitting at a desk from 9-5. Youll be able to practice yoga as you create your sequences and as you demonstrate poses in classes. Moving from studio to studio and from class to class allows you to change scenery every day.

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Stay Up To Date On Visas And Immigration

When youre looking for jobs as a traveling yoga teacher, you will not be allowed to work officially in most countries you travel to as a tourist. And work visas are very often expensive and difficult to get.

Always do your research. Will your employer help you with your visa or is the risk solely on your shoulders? What could happen when you work illegally? Be aware of your situation and maybe dont advertise your new job proudly on social media when officially you are not allowed to work in that country.

They Have An Authentic Personality

How to find a good yoga instructor

You can take several yoga classes and might get the physical fulfillment you are looking for in a class but what makes you choose a particular teacher to return to? Is it the way they speak? How they motivate students? Or is it the music they use, or perhaps a trademark line that they finish with? No matter what it is, a great teacher is someone easily distinguishable and memorable with an edge that will set them apart from other yoga instructors. This is also what will keep the students coming back, and encouraging other people to join them in future classes.

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New Yoga Teachers This Checklist Is Your Friend Find Your Yoga Nicheby Thinking Beyond The Studioand Begin Planning To Build Your Classes

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If youre like many new instructors, you decided to teach yoga because you love the practice and want to share it with others. However, you may finish a yoga teacher training having an in-depth knowledge of teaching but very little knowledge about where to begin to build your yoga business. Even the best teacher-training program cant give you one of the most important elementsstudents. So heres a checklist of ideas to help you plan, start, and build your yoga classes.

Dont Neglect Your Personal Practice

It can be easy to dismiss your own practice as you become eager to teach and share your gifts with the world. However that would be a huge mistake. Maintaining a personal practice is the single best way to improve as a yoga teacher.

As Rod Stryker eludes to, building a solid foundation as a yoga teacher means remaining a dedicated student. This becomes especially important as you consider more trainings and workshops, but cant seem to come up with the money. Attending a wide variety of yoga classes is the easiest and cheapest way to grow as a yoga teacher.

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They Are Engaging Communicators

If you look back and recall the most memorable teachers youve had in school, youll remember how they made you feel more than what they taught you. Exceptional yoga teachers are those that dont just deliver spiels on cue and strike robotic poses. They instruct with patience, try to relate with their students, while also giving special instructions to those who need it. They make every student feel that in spite of how large or small the class is, they are a significant part of it.

How Much Does It Cost To Hire A Yoga Teacher

Hot Yoga Classes:The Hottest New Way to Improved Health

Rates can vary due to many factors, including expertise and experience, location, and market conditions.

  • An experienced yoga teacher may command higher fees but also work faster, have more-specialized areas of expertise, and deliver higher-quality work.
  • A contractor who is still in the process of building a client base may price their yoga teaching services more competitively.

Which one is right for you will depend on the specifics of your project.

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How To Find A Yoga Instructor

Get tips for choosing a yoga instructor with arthritis experience who can help you adjust your poses and reduce joint strain.

Yoga is a practice of flowing physical poses and breathing techniques that can be a safe, gentle way for people with arthritis to improve fitness and flexibility. Yoga may be practiced daily at home or in a class. After consulting with your physician about starting yoga, its a good idea to begin practicing in a class setting or with a private instructor, says yoga and arthritis expert Steffany Moonaz, PhD, who created Yoga for Arthritis and helped develop and lead the Arthritis Foundations Arthritis-Friendly Yoga DVD.

Tips for Choosing a Yoga Instructor

An instructor can observe you and help you make modifications to your poses, Moonaz says. He or she can also advise you on different ways to move through poses so they place less strain on weakened joints, reducing the chance of injury.Moonaz offers a few tips to find classes or instructors that may be more appropriate for people with arthritis.

Look for the Right Labels

Find the Right Studio

Look for gentle classes at YMCAs, yoga studios, health clubs, community centers and senior centers. Dont choose the most popular yoga classes, which will be crowded and make it more difficult to get personal instruction if you need it, she adds.

Ask Questions

Arrive Early

Physical Activity

Collection Of Your Personal Information

In order to better provide you with products and services offered, Janet Stone Yoga may collect personally identifiable information, such as your:

  • First and Last Name
  • E-mail Address

We do not collect any personal information about you unless you voluntarily provide it to us. However, you may be required to provide certain personal information to us when you elect to use certain products or services. These may include: registering for an account sending us an email message submitting your credit card or other payment information when ordering and purchasing products and services. To wit, we will use your information for, but not limited to, communicating with you in relation to services and/or products you have requested from us. We also may gather additional personal or non-personal information in the future.

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Pick The Right Type Of Yoga For You To Find A Yoga Teacher

It is highly recommended to look for a yoga teacher that teaches what you want to learn. If you like restorative yoga, you might want to stay away from any vigorous yoga class.

It is important to choose what you prefer among the many different types of yoga. Some yoga styles include a lot of philosophical and scriptural teachings.

If you are looking to get a good workout, find a yoga teacher that focuses on physical practice. Picking a beginner class is advised to avoid too advanced sequences.

Familiarized yourself with all the different types of yoga. Gather all information you can find. Then, you can start to experiment.

Have some idea of what you are getting into before heading to the class. Vinyasa, Ashtanga, Bikram, Power yoga can all be quite challenging for beginners.

You might want to learn the basics gently first in a Hatha or Iyengar yoga class. Usually, you will get plenty of detailed instructions to practice the poses correctly.

Ask yourself questions such as the following.

  • Do I like a lot of instructions?
  • Do I like exercising listening to music?
  • Do I want an intense workout?
  • Do I like group classes?
  • Do I want a fun or serious practice?

Learn about yourself and take the time to find out what you like most. It will then be a lot easier to find a yoga teacher and style that suits your personality.

Prepare A Student Information Form

How to Become a Yoga Instructor

If you find a job teaching in a studio, it will likely keep student information forms and waivers on file. If youre teaching independently, its a good idea to create your own file. The form should include relevant information about each student, such as whether hes practiced yoga before, what other physical activities or sports she pursues, and any medical or physical conditions, including chronic or previous injuries. The waiver for students to sign should say, in essence, I agree to take full responsibility for not exceeding my limits in the practice of yoga and for any injury or discomfort I might experience. Names, phone numbers, and email addresses are helpful in case you need to reach students in an emergency. You can also ask permission to add students to your mailing list for future classes and workshops.

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What Is A Yoga Instructor

A yoga instructor is someone who has completed a teacher training certification.

The training program should be well-rounded, focusing on anatomy, sequencing, cueing, and even the business of yoga.

Not all instructors are created equal. Pardon the pun, but teaching yoga is an incredibly flexible career path. Think about what it is about yoga that you love.

Do you prefer a sweaty vinyasa practice or a more relaxed, meditative practice? Find a training program that focuses on the style you prefer.

One: Train Like A Yogi

The first step to becoming a yoga teacher of abundance and comfort is to become a yoga teacher.

These days, you can choose a yoga school in a variety of styles of yoga. Traditional styles such as Hatha yoga, Iyengar yoga, or Ashtanga Vinyasa are common for 200-hour teacher training programs. If you choose to register with Yoga Alliance, you can also log hours spent training in other styles of yoga.

This might seem like a no-brainer, but the more you learn, the better you will teach.

The more immersed you are in the teachings, the more authentic and valuable your presence will be in the classroom.

Win for the students in your yoga classes: they dont have to listen to a fitness instructor just reading a script about yoga poses and breathing. Win for wherever you teach: better yoga teachers are more likely to have yogis who return to practice with them, generating more income for the gym or yoga studio.

And WIN for YOU! Whether you teach yoga full-time or as a part-time job, its exponentially more fulfilling to do something that you love. To work a job that you cannot get enough of.

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How To Become A Certified Yoga Instructor

The most common way to become a certified yoga teacher is by completing a 200-hour training program that is approved by Yoga Alliance in the US and the International Yoga Federation.

I recommend choosing one of these 200 RYT Yoga Alliance-approved programs. This way youll ensure that youre being taught a balanced curriculum that will be accepted by most, if not all, studios you want to teach at.

As the name suggests, the training program takes over 200 hours. Its typically taught in one intensive month where students can focus fully on the practice.

There are a lot of pros to learning this way and from experience, I think its the best option.

Without the distractions of regular life, you can go deeper into the practice and grow your confidence as a teacher surrounded by a supportive group of people all pursuing the same goal.

Of course, its not always realistic. If you have a full-time job or family obligations it may be impossible to shut life down for a month to study yoga.

Many studios also offer long-term programs where classes take place Friday evenings and for 8-10 hours every Saturday and Sunday.

Both options are physically exhausting and emotionally demanding but they will leave you with the skills to teach yoga and a network of fellow yoga teachers that will help you find jobs in the future.

Complete A Training Course

COURSE FULL: Vinyasa &  Ashtanga Yoga teacher training in Nepal, with ...

Your next step is to choose a registered yoga school that follows the guidelines established by the Yoga Alliance and enroll in a teacher training program. Yoga teacher training programs are offered at two different levels. The first level is a 200-hour certification program and the second level is a 500-hour certification program. What you want to do after you become certified as a yoga teacher often helps determine which program level is right for you. Both program levels include coursework in physiology, anatomy, yoga philosophy and instructional techniques.

In addition to the standard registered yoga teacher training programs, you may decide to pursue certification in a specialty area. For example, specialty certifications include both registered children’s yoga teacher and registered prenatal yoga teacher. If you know you want to work with a specific group like children or pregnant women, you may want to consider these certifications as well.

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