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How To Embroider A Yoga Mat

What Size Is Your Mat

Yoga Mat EMBROIDERY | MIGHTY HOOPS For Thick Material | Free Design (EMB Hub Ep123)

The order of operations is nonnegotiable: First, buy a yoga mat that fits your needs. Then, buy a bag that your yoga mat can fit inside. Doing it the other way around obviously limits your mat options.

Ready to stop talking about yoga mat bags and start buying? Heres our list of the years best thats inclusive of all styles, price points, and sizes.

Yoga Mat Bag From Old Pants

Here’s an easy way to use an old, ripped pair of pants to make a drawstring bag for your yoga mat.


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Estimated time: 1 hour

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Diy Custom Yoga Mat And Accessories For Self

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Create a DIY custom yoga mat and accessories for the ultimate self-care experience at home. You wont believe how quick and easy it is to design your own personalized yoga gear with Cricut!

This post is sponsored by Cricut and does contain affiliate links. This means that I may make a small commission from products purchased directly though the links provided at no cost to you. As always, all opinions are 100% my own.

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Free Yoga Mat Bag Sewing Patterns

These free yoga mat bag sewing patterns will take you through how to sew your own yoga mat bag step-by-step. There are even some patterns here that use crochet and macrame techniques if you’re looking for something a little more unique.

You’ll be the envy of all your classmates when you carry in one of these DIY yoga mat bags. They’ll be sturdier than ones you can buy and lets you show off your unique style.

Making a yoga mat bag is a great project for a beginner who has some basic sewing skills. It’s also a quick project that you’ll have finished in just a couple of hours. There are patterns for several types of yoga mat bags here, including slings, totes, and shoulder bags.

Alternatives To Traditional Yoga Mats

How To Embroider A Yoga Mat With An Embroidery Machine

Danica Ratte Are yoga mats really required to optimize your yoga practice? Do you still have to bring a chunky yoga mat with you, even while traveling abroad, or can you enjoy some yoga poses without having one? Well, it depends; while slippery ground or floors can lead to accidents and injuries, most types of floors should be safe to practice without using a yoga mat.

Folded blanket Organic Handwoven Hemp Yoga Mat A beautiful rustic, woven blanket-styled hemp yoga mat that comes in many beautiful colors. The fabric is handwoven and dense, making it perfect for yoga practice. This soft cotton yoga blanket is handwoven by professional craftsmen using foot looms. It features an eye-catching finish along with a hand-knotted fringe, suitable for meditation and yoga practice. This 100% organic cotton blanket is made from extremely fine yarns and is very soft and supple with a stitched texture. It comes in a wide variety of colors, finished with a plain bound edge.

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You Squeeze In Your Exercise First Thing

Its all too easy to push off exercise after a busy day. One of the biggest benefits of morning yoga might also be the most practical: You knock out your workout before you have an excuse not to. Practicing in the morning increases your odds of actually getting butt to mat, says yoga teacher Sharon Roemmel. Its too easy to tell yourself that youll practice after you catch up on e-mails or finish up at work, but then youre too tired or something else comes along and, goodbye to yoga.

How Exactly Are You Going To Use It

Face it: The kind of bag you need to protect your mat while you arent using it is different from the kind of bag you need if youll be pit-stopping at the office or store first.

So, think about how often youll be taking your bag to work, on the subway, or out to coffee. If the answer is often, you probably want something thatll COMPLETELY cover your mat.

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The Link Between Embroidery And Mindfulness

Perhaps this is why the embroidery arts have become so popular on Instagram during the last year. The process of producing pleasing art pieceswhile practicing mindfulnessmight be a little more fun than facing a sink full of dishes. In October 2020, professional textile artist Ruth Singer published the results of her research project for Gawthorp Textiles Collection, entitled Textiles in Lockdown. The research uncovered that 75 percent of respondents who identified as “hobby makers” had gotten into textile arts for “well-being, relaxation, creative expression.” 30 percent responded that they began because they finally just “had more time.” Another 30 percent shared that they made PPE for frontline workers.;

Artist Sophie MacNeil, who contributed to Singers project, agrees that working with a needle and thread has been beneficial to her well-being. “I think we all have innate desires to make things with our hands,” she says. “I first started stitching as a way to keep my hands busy during a very stressful time in my life when I was constantly turning to my phone for distraction. Embroidery curbed my phone-addiction and reacquainted;me with the art of slowing down and being present. I find it meditative, relaxing, and so rewarding when I finish a piece.”

Artist Fenny Suter, who is known for her ocean-scapes and tropical themes, echoes MacNeil’s sentiments. “Sometimes I can get lost in stitching the tiny details,” she says.;

Create Your Own Mat Or Yoga Pants

How to make your own Yoga mat strap ( easy and sustainable)

You probably have an old pair of jeans youve outgrown, or maybe its just out of style. Dont throw them away: repurpose your old jeans and save money with a yoga mat bag. It takes a few basic supplies and 15 minutes of your time.

You can get fancy and use free yoga mat sewing patterns if youre very talented or a wiz as a seamstress. But the steps that follow help you to build a perfect yoga mat bag for just a few pennies . Read on to find out how to use these old jeans well, and go in style to your next yoga lesson.

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You Shift Your Outlook For The Better

Yoga isnt just about contorting the body into shapes its also about setting intentions, like being patient and positive. Carrying that intention with you after stepping off the mat can help improve your entire day. The biggest benefit of having a morning yoga practice is that it sets up my day with the right intention. When I choose to start with yoga first thing, my mind is more clear, my choices are thoughtful and my body feels more flexible, says Heather Englund, a yoga instructor.

How To Embroider A Yoga Mat With An Embroidery Machine

Sewing Machine Fun is reader-supported! If you make a purchase through an affiliate link, I may earn a small commission at no extra cost to you.

Embroidered yoga mat bags are fairly common, but have you ever tried to embroider a yoga mat?

Turns out, its not too hard as long as youre careful to select the right supplies!

However, after some trial and error, I perfected the process and am looking forward to purchasing some nice-quality yoga mats to embroider and start gifting to friends and family.;

Now, adding a name or design to a yoga mat would have been MUCH easier on a multi-needle embroidery machine with a magnetic hoop or fast frame. However, since I only have a single-needle machine with a normal hoop, I learned to make do!

Lets talk about how to embroider a yoga mat!

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Where To Buy A Yoga Mat Bag

The best place to look for the right yoga mat bag for you is definitely online, even if thats just to research and figure out what style and size will be best!;

Unfortunately due to the market being fairly niche, theyre not a hugely common item to be sold in sports stores, so even if you do find a high street retailer that sells yoga mat bags then the chances are that the range offered will be quite limited.

Best Yoga Bag For Yogis Who Drive To Class: Lululemon The Yoga Mat Bag 16l

Custom Embroidered Yoga Mat

At just 16 liters in size, this bag will only fit your mat , so youll need to schlep another bag with you if you plan to bring a change of clothes.

However, as an option thatll keep your mat free of dirt/debris, this LuluLemon sling has got your back.

Worth mentioning: Mats thicker than 5 millimeters dont quite fit in this bags slim frame. So, sorry Pilates Lovers, but youre outta luck here.

Price: $$

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Prepping To Machine To Embroider

As youre adhering the mat, make sure the rolled portion is going to be to the left of the machine body. This means you wont have to roll the mat up like a huge burrito in the throat space of your machine.;

Now, place your mat and hoop onto your machine and load your design. Make sure its rotated appropriately and all settings are correct.;

Because yoga mats are super squishy, youll want to also float a layer of water-soluble topping over your yoga mat. This will keep the stitches from sinking into the squishy mat material.

Press start, and watch your machine make a beautiful project! Make sure to keep an eye on it as its embroidering. You may need to hold the rolled portion and watch the mat to make sure it doesnt come off the stabilizer.;;

How To Keep A Yoga Mat From Unrolling In The Mat Bag

This can be a pretty annoying problem, especially if you have a large yoga mat bag with extra space. One sure-fire way to make sure your yoga mat stays securely rolled up is to buy a yoga mat tie or yoga mat strap – this is a string or fabric fastening that wraps around your rolled-up mat and tightens to keep it rolled up.;

Some yoga mats will stay secure, and some yoga mat bags have ties/straps built in, so these arent always necessary. Plus, a hair bobble or ribbon will do in a pinch if you dont have a yoga mat tie.

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How To Choose A Yoga Mat Bag

A lot of the choices to make when buying a yoga mat bag are purely down to individual preferences. However, the most essential thing for all yogis to check before buying a bag is to compare the measurements of their yoga mat and the yoga mat bag. Most descriptions will state the size of the bag and many also state the size yoga mats that will fit, so be sure to measure your mat before bag shopping.

Other than that, most of the other important things are based on taste, including:

  • Style – whether thats a tote bag, over-the-shoulder, or more like a gym bag, the best style is ultimately up to you.
  • Design – colourful, patterned, plain, embroidered – these decorative elements are all up to you too.;
  • Price – higher price doesnt always equate to higher quality, so check out reviews as well before committing to a bag!
  • Size – this all depends on how much yoga gear you usually take with you, but if you do need extra space be sure to look out for products that have extra pockets!

Quality Printed Yoga Mats With Your Logo

Cotton Asana Yoga Mat Bag with Om Embroidery

Yoga mats make for fantastic branding opportunities as products people will regularly use and appreciate. Say Namaste to custom quality imprinted yoga mats with your logo or marketing message as a great way to advertise your studio or business that embraces this ancient art. Select from a spectrum of colors, sizes, materials, and styles to represent your company name at just the right price.

Yoga mats with logos;are great for yoga studios, gyms, and martial arts centers. Forward facing businesses like advertising agencies can even find substantial value in branding their yoga mats. A variety of options are available for carrying cases and accessories.

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Things That Happen When You Start Your Day With Yoga

October 29, 2020 ByJoni Sweet& filed under All.

Think back on your morning. Maybe you hit the snooze button a few times, scrambled to get ready for the day, scarfed down some breakfast and jetted off, already breathless. A bit of a frenzy, no?

Now, imagine starting instead with some stretching and meditative breathing to center your mind. That sets an entirely different mood for the day and its just one of many upsides to a morning yoga practice. And youll only need to get up a few minutes earlier to do it. Promise!

What Is A Yoga Mat Bag

A yoga mat bag is a bag that is specifically designed to fit most standard size yoga mats once rolled up. These can come in a variety of styles but the most common is a long, tubular shaped bag that is carried over the shoulder.;

If youve got more questions head down to the bottom of this article where weve got a great FAQ section, answering questions such as where to buy a yoga mat bag and what to look for in a yoga mat bag, and more.

Plus, if youre also on the lookout for a new yoga mat, weve got a complete buyer’s guide to yoga mats as well so be sure to check that out too!

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Creative Ways To Repurpose Old Yoga Mats

After years of downward dogs and sun salutations, its time to retire your very first yoga mat. That bright baby blue just isnt doing the trick, and you need an upgrade. But no need to throw that old mat away, give it a good wash and get ready to get crafty. As it turns out, yoga mats are ridiculously versatile for repurposing, from flip flops to laptop covers to keychains to cozies!


super glue or hot glue

string or shoelaces

optional: snap buttons

1. Drawer Liner: Keep those pesky cooking tools, utensils, and knives in check! Simply measure your drawer, and cut to size.

2. Beer Cozy: Just in time for the super bowl! Cut a piece of yoga mat about 10 wide by 4 high. Measure against your can and trim as needed . Glue to the two ends together. Let dry. Cut a small strip to attach to the bottom , glue, and voila!

3. Coaster: Perfect for absorbing the perspiration of an ice-cold glass of water. Cut to a size that works for your glasses and youre done.

4. Seat Cushion: Add some extra comfort to your dining chairs. We recommend using paper bags to create a templates, trace onto the yoga mat using a colored pencil, and cut! If you want to attach, punch a hole on each side and use string, shoelaces, or ribbon.

5. Jar Opener: This was made out of pure necessity here at Brit HQ. We couldnt get the darned Smuckers Caramel Topping open and grabbed the closest thing around, which happened to be a yoga mat. Those grips are still good for somethin!

I Find It Meditative Relaxing And So Rewarding When I Finish A Piece

Quilted and embroidered yoga mat bag

The events of the last year have led to peaks in psychological distress, with over 8 out of 10 Americans displaying moderate to severe symptoms of both depression and anxiety in a screening organized by Mental Health America. My psychotherapy clients tend to be consistent in the questions they ask: How do I deal? How can I heal? True change is a long-game, and therapy sometimes demands patience. Still, there are adjustments we can make to our day-to-day that help expand our potential and relieve some of our pain, especially during one of the most collectively difficult eras of our time.;

My most applicable answer is one surely shared with many other therapists: Mindfulness. This abstract word is one we hear and see often: touted by colorful self-care Instagram accounts, promoted by yoga teachers, and displayed on subway ads for meditation apps. Mindfulness certainly sounds serene, but what exactly is it?

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How To Clean Your Yoga Mat

Yoga mats are generally pretty easy to clean and maintain with just a little TLC. To clean, fill a spray bottle with a couple of drops of dish soap and two cups of warm water. Spritz lightly over the mat and wipe the surface clean with a damp microfiber cloth. Allow the mat to completely dry before rolling back up. For extra disinfecting, lay it out in the sunshine for a few hours.

Can I Use Iron

The answer is yes! I actually prefer it! Regular adhesive vinyl can also be used, however I found that iron-on is much more durable and lasts longer! I also prefer to work with iron-on over adhesive vinyl, but that is a personal preference!

A protective sheet or a piece of parchment paper is required and the idea low and slow. I use a lower temperature of 275F and press for 30-45 seconds. I normally start at 30 seconds and add on more time if needed in 15-second increments.

You can follow the interactive EasyPress guide to find if the iron on you are using is cool or warm peel.

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