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How To Dress Up Yoga Pants

With The Help Of Stylist Lulu Bernard We Set Out On A Mission To Work Yoga Pants Into Every Type Of Outfit Situation: Chilling With Friends; Downing Mimosas At Brunch; Being A Bo$$ At Work; Or Going Somewhere Fancy

Chrissy in Nike Legendary Tight Fit Pants: I never wear sweatpants, workout pants or any type of activewear IRL, so the fact that I’m wearing yoga pants here makes me laugh considering I haven’t been able to find my yoga mat in, oh, two-ish years.

Outfit details: Forever 21 Hat; Zara Black Choker; Forever 21 Plaid Flannel Shirt Dress; .

Lara in Nike Legendary Twist Pants: OK, I was skeptical because, like, when I wear yoga pants to “chill” it means I wear them on my couch and don’t shower all day. But to actually go out and dress it up a little more, I was interested. And it turned out that I LOVED the outfit. I want to be buried with these workout pants.

Outfit details: Forever 21 Woven Top Tank With Hood; Mossimo Silver Platform Sandals.

Sheridan in Nike Legendary Tidal Pants: Anyone who doesn’t have a thigh gap knows dat chafing struggle so I am always very happy to wear yoga pants to run around and do errands. And honestly these workout pants are so fun! They’re colorful so it didn’t feel like I was being lazy with my outfit. It’s very “I just threw this on but I’m still cool AF.”

Outfit details: Bar III Utility Vest; Forever 21 Fringed Dress; Aldo Haollan Heels.

Outfit details: Zara Leather Sleeve Jacket; Forever 21 White Woven Shirt; H&M Loafers.

Outfit details: Forever 21 Trench Coat; Forever 21 Floral Cami Dress; Forever 21 Faux Suede Espadrille Wedges.

Outfit details: H&M Oversized Cardigan; American Apparel Chiffon Camisole; Mossimo Platform Sandals.

Grey T Shirt With Navy Blue And Orange Tribal Printed Bell Bottom Yoga Pants

To form this more youthful and cheerful look, you can simply wear a grey fitted short sleeve t shirt of the top. For the rest of the outfit, you can wear a pair of navy and orange tribal printed bell bottom pants. If you are simply wearing this as street outfit, you can hide a pair of heeled ankle boots under the pants to look taller and leaner.

Buy Comfortable Yoga Pants For Women Online To Start An Active Lifestyle

Broadly speaking, most women categorise their garments into two segments. First, the lady-like, trendy clothing that we wear when we have to meet people, and second, the ultra-comfortable clothes, such as yoga pants. Made of soft and flexible fabrics, the yoga pants for women are a blessing to the modern ladies. Though these pants are made to be worn while exercising, and to be specific, while doing yoga, many women like to wear them around homes and many even team them up with long tops to look trendy. There are many brands such as Comfort Layer, Greenwich, and Espresso that are making and selling yoga pants for women online. On e-stores, you can check their prices and buy them at discounted rates after reading user reviews and checking ratings. Keep reading to know more about these yoga pants and how you can make the most of them. 

Why Yoga Pants for Women Are So Popular?

How to Style Your Yoga Pants

Yoga Pants for Yoga Classes and the Gym

If you are into fitness and want to wear yoga pants to the gym or the yoga class then you can team them up with lace-up sports bras to sweat and burn some serious calories while looking stylish. You can also wear gym T-shirts to keep it simple. 

Yoga Pants for Anywhere Else

Black Knotted T Shirt With White Tribal Printed Bell Bottom Yoga Pants

Now, let’s see how you actually wear a pair of yoga pants as your casual street pants. To do that, you can wear a black knotted t shirt with a pair of white and black tribal printed flared yoga pants. For the shoes, simply hide a pair of white sneakers under the flared pants. This is a low-key sexy outfit for those of you who like to do yoga outdoor.

Red And White Tribal Printed Cardigan With Grey Bell Bottom Yoga Pants

Dress Pants Yoga Pants: Dress It Up or Dress It Down by ...

To form this attractive and ladylike look, you can wear a black fitted tank top with a red and white tribal printed longline sweater cardigan for the top. Pair them with a pair of light grey flared yoga pants. For the shoes, you can wear a pair of black ankle strap open toe heels to complete the outfit with style.

Grey Form Fitting Tank Top With Crepe Tribal Printed Bell Bottom Pants

This is a very colorful tribal style outfit that can really grab people’s attention. To form this outfit, you can simply wear a grey fitted tank top with a pair of crepe and blush pink tribal printed flared yoga pants. Pair them with a pair of nude heeled sandals to look more refreshing and ladylike.

Green Ribbed Form Fitting Sleeveless Sweater With Black Yoga Pants

Here is a very simple and low-profile outfit that can naturally allow you to show your curves. To achieve this look, you can simply wear a green ribbed form fitting sleeveless knit sweater with a pair of black bell bottom yoga pants. Wear a pair of black open toe heels to complete the outfit with a feminine and elegant touch.

How To Style Bell Bottom Yoga Pants: Top 13 Ladylike Outfit Ideas

Yoga, over the years, has become so popular around the world that it is now known as more of a type of lifestyle more than a sport. You want to basically do yoga everywhere, whether you are in a beautiful outdoor environment or in a nice indoor gym. Wearing a nice yoga outfit can make you motivate yourself to do yoga if you are the type of people that need a little push on your back to do any sort of exercise. What I am going to talk about in this blog post is how you can style the bell bottom yoga pants. I am going to show you some of the best yoga pants outfit ideas that I have collected. Let’s jump right in now.

Black Tank Top With Grey And White Floral Printed Flared Pants

This is a very lovely outfit that can make you look very attractive and approachable. To form this look, you can wear a black form fitting tank top with a pair of grey and white floral printed bell bottom yoga pants. You can pair these pieces with a pair of blush pink flat sandals to look refreshing and ladylike.

White Scoop Neck Tank Top With Black Bell Bottom Yoga Pants

Let me begin with a very simple black and white yoga look that most of you should be very comfortable wearing. To form this outfit, simply wear a white form fitting scoop neck vest top with a pair of black bell bottom yoga pants. This is a perfect yoga outfit when you do yoga in an indoor environment.

Wear A Top That Can Hide The Waistband Of The Yoga Pants

Now, let’s talk about the top. That can be tricky but at the same time, the combination can be endless! While you can’t wear everything short like a cropped T-shirt, classic tops like peplum tops belted tops,s, and long shirts work wonders with the yoga pants. With their long length, these tops can hide the waistband of the yoga pants and make it a classy piece. Plus, these tops are figure-flattering. Not only it accentuate your high waist, but the fabric can also hide your belly seamlessly. With a pair of knee-high boots or a pair of nude heels, this is how you create a comfy look with a contemporary spin!

As a side note, if you want to look more dress up, please don’t forget to wear a waist belt!

How To Wear Yoga Pants 4 Ways Outside Of The Yoga Studio

It’s true, girls love to wear yoga pants even if they never went to yoga that day. I say this because it’s so very true and I have done this time and time again. We throw them on to get brunch with friends on Sundays. We put these comfy flattering pants on to travel across the country. Also, we wear them to run errands. But I know you’ve wondered how to wear them more because who wouldn’t want an excuse to put on their favorite yoga pants even to get lunch or dinner or cocktails with friends.

My FAVORITE yoga pants are the lululemon align pant. They’re AMAZING. They come in a crop and 7/8. I have both but styled today’s looks with the 7/8 as they hit at my ankle.  They’re kind of game changer and my go to for workout gear and yoga clothes. I know they’re a tad pricey, but if there’s one thing I’ve learned in my old age and also trying a dozen or so crazy-ass workouts, lululemon holds up to anything and everything. And they’re so flattering! Plus you can bend over, do squats and everything in between in these tight yoga pants and never worry about the butt being see-through.

White Scoop Neck Tank Top With Black Tie Dye Yoga Pants

40 best Yoga pant outfits images on Pinterest

This is a pretty unique and stylish outfit. The top is just a simple white form fitting scoop neck tank top. Yet, the pants do look very special. It is a pair of black and white tie dye bell bottom yoga pants. Pair these pieces with a pair of black ballet heels to complete the outfit in a lean and elegant way.

Black Crop Top With Blush Pink Velvet Flared Yoga Pants

To look low-key sexy and elegant, you can wear a black cropped tank top with a pair of rose gold velvet bell bottom yoga pants. The semi-shiny finish of the velvet pants can easily bring out the feminine side of you.

Here are the bell bottom yoga pants outfit ideas that I want to share with you. Give them a try and see if they do look good for your character and your body type.

How To Wear Yoga Pants Everyday: 5 Need To Know Rules

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36.7 million people practice yoga in the US alone. And that number is increasing every year.

So it’s hardly surprising that each year the sale of yoga clothes increases by 45%. But not everyone is wearing their yoga pants to the gym. 

One of the most recent fashion trends is yoga pants as outwear. They’re cool, they’re comfy and, if you get the right pair, they’re amazingly flattering. 

But getting the wrong pair will ruin your outfit. Whether you’re going to brunch or the gym, you need to know how to wear yoga pants properly. 

And you’re in the right place! Read on to find out our top five tips for how to wear yoga pants like an expert!

Method 10 Of 11:avoid Yoga Pants With A Lot Of Extras

  • 06COMING SOON1You might find a pair of yoga pants with zippers, clasps, or even bows. If you plan on doing a lot of working out in your yoga pants, stick to simple, clean designs without things that could snag on your shirt or shoes. If you want yoga pants to lounge in, a zipper or two can’t hurt!XResearch source
  • If you plan on doing yoga in your yoga pants, avoid any kind of sparkle or rhinestone decorations, too. They’ll probably just fall off and make a mess as you work out.
  • Dress For Yoga Practice Depends On The Type Of Class

    You may not be aware as a beginner that there are several different yoga styles. Some styles focus on holding poses and some like to turn up the heat. The style of class will affect what you wear.

    Typically beginner yoga classes will be Hatha or Vinyasa. Hatha tends to be at a slower pace and Vinyasa focuses more on movement. I find in my Vinyasa classes I may start off a little cold but I soon warm up!

    Some yoga classes, Bikram and Hot Yoga, take place in a heated room with the intention of making you sweat. You’ll need to wear fast wicking fabrics that don’t leave sweat marks and close fitting shorts or cropped leggings.

    If you opt for shorts just make sure they’re long enough. Really short shorts is a big no when it comes to yoga.

    Unless you want to give your classmates an eyeful, , go for longer fitted shorts or capri length leggings. Avoid loose fitting shorts. Running shorts have no place in a yoga class.

    That should be all the pitfalls avoided when it comes to what to wear to a yoga class. You can add a to your yoga outfit for your cool down or for cozy feet. Enjoy your class!

    Wear Flared Yoga Pants For An Elegant Graceful Look

    Among all types of yoga pants, the flared design is always flattering for an elegant workplace style. While the ordinary skin-tight pants may look like regular leggings, the flared pants can create a billowy silhouette and help subdue the casualness. As a petite girl, I just never get sick of wearing these pants as the flare bottoms can always help elongate my legs visually. With a pair of pointy flats or heels, you can look at least 3 inches taller!

    To finish off the outfit, a high neck top like a turtleneck is always a winning option to allude a professional atmosphere. As for a feminine yet refreshing look, a satin cowl neck top is such a no-brainer. Pair with the flared yoga pants, this look can balance out the laid-back assemble of the pants and make you look more put together!

    If you just get your feet wet in yoga pants, I will urge you to try the flared one first as people can’t even tell that’s a yoga pants in most cases!

    Liverpool Jeans Company Kelsey Ponte Knit Trousers

    If you’re searching for a Betabrand alternative, look no further than these Kelsey Ponte Knit Trousers from Liverpool Jeans Company. Words used to describe these pants include “comfortable,”“polished,” and “work-wardrobe staple.” All of that sounds perfect. Side note: Nordstrom has carried this style for years, which leads me to believe they are a favorite among their customers! They’re available in both traditional and plus sizes.

    White T Shirt With Black Printed Flared Yoga Pants

    This is a very simple outfit that is a very good alternative to your typical tee and jeans outfit. You can simply wear a white fitted t shirt with a pair of black printed bell bottom yoga pants. Very interestingly, pair these pieces with a pair of pink leather high heels to add a feminine touch to the casual look.

    Are There Any Ways To Wear Yoga Pants Fancy Style

    Yoga Pants Outfits

    If you chose the right kind of pants you can actually pair them with more top options than just a plain T-shirt or a tank-top. Let your imagination loose, have a fitting, and work out which of these looks feels right for you.

    • Match yoga pants with a long sleeve jersey top, catchy sneakers and a scarf to look active and energetic yet full of charm. Sure the scarf isn’t supposed to be silk or chiffon: go with something less posh like wool or jersey or cotton.
    • Another way is to go with flip-flops like you’d do at a real yoga class and get a loose light top preferably leaving one of your shoulders bare. Sunglasses will make for a great accessory along with your favorite tote bag.
    • Wondering how to wear yoga pants with pumps? Well, you just don’t.No one has ever pulled it off successfully and that means you probably won’t either. As simple as that.

    BTW: tops shouldn’t be longer than your hip line: this kind of tops might go well with leggings but it won’t compliment your legs when you’re wearing yoga pants.

    Don’t be afraid to experiment and you’ll surefire end up coming up with more cute outfits with yoga pants you’ll look amazing in!

    Dark green and neon green yoga pants with neon green top look courage and unusually.

    Tribal print pink yoga pants with white top: it is an ideal image for home.

    Black chiffon and cotton yoga pants with a black tank top. It is a perfect image for everyday wear.

    White and plum yoga pants and wine tank top is a great sporty image.

    Method 6 Of 11:pick Out The Stretch That You Need

  • 03COMING SOON1Choose stretchy yoga pants for ultimate comfort. If you like yoga pants that stay form fitting and give you a bit of structure, choose ones that are less stretchy. Cotton yoga pants are usually stretchier, while synthetic blends might be a little more tight.XResearch source
  • The best way to test stretch is to try your yoga pants on first.
  • Method 8 Of 11:look For Gusset In The Crotch Area

  • 05COMING SOON1If you don’t want pressure in your groin, find pants with a gusset. Instead of one long seam in the crotch, yoga pants made with gussets have a seam in a diamond or triangular shape. If you plan on doing a lot of activity in your yoga pants, look for ones with a gusset so they’re more comfortable for long-term wear.XResearch source
  • Most higher end yoga pants and athletic wear come with gussets.
  • Method 4 Of 11:choose Cotton Or Synthetic Fabric

  • 09COMING SOON1Go with synthetic fabrics if breathability is your number one concern. If you don’t want to deal with pilling , go with cotton yoga pants instead. Keep in mind, though, that cotton yoga pants are usually warmer, so they might not be great for hot yoga.XResearch source
  • Over time, all fabrics will wear with friction. The formation of pills—tiny knots of loose fibers—occurs in both cotton and synthetic fabrics. However, pilling is typically more pronounced in synthetic fabrics since small plastic fibers can anchor pills more than cotton fibers.
  • Some brands are now coming out with a new type of fabric: bamboo. These yoga pants are soft and comfortable, but they tend to pill faster than cotton or synthetic blends.
  • How To Get Away With Wearing Yoga Pants To Work

    Some people argue that yoga pants have no place in the workplace and that this leisurewear item should strictly be kept for play. The only exception perhaps is if a woman is pregnant, is working alone in her office, and has no other clothes that fit her – then she could probably get away with wearing yoga pants to work. The rest of us, however, should wear work clothes to work and keep exercise clothing for exercising. This may seem a little unfair given that yoga pants aren’t that different in appearance to leggings, and leggings have been acceptable work-wear for a number of years now. Furthermore, according to WGSN, the online fashion trend analysis and research service, only 4 percent of women in the US say they now wear strict business-wear at work while 31 percent claim to dress completely casually. So perhaps now is the time to start spending your working day in relative comfort and, with a few pointers, style.  Here’s how to dress up a pair of yoga pants so that they’re suitable for the office.  


    Our Picks Below:

    Method 2 Of 11:choose A Fitted Or Relaxed Style

  • 05COMING SOON1Go for fitted if you like leggings, and choose relaxed if you prefer pants. If you’re planning to do a lot of activity in your yoga wear, fitted pants are probably best for you, since they’re skin tight. If you want to wear your yoga pants out and about, go for relaxed ones instead.XResearch source
  • As styles go in and out of fashion, you may find it more difficult to get your hands on a certain type of style. A few years ago, relaxed yoga pants were all the rage; nowadays, the fitted version is more popular.
  • Spice Up Your Yoga Pants Look With Accessories

    Despite a decent top, you can always level up your outfit by adding items here or there. When it comes to statement pieces, we always think about pricy jewelry. However, other items like belt, neck scarf, and bag count as well. If you switch the sloppy crossbody bag to a structured handle bag, that can instantly change the vibes you carry!

    So ladies, it’s always worth to be intentional about every items you throw on your body as people can actually tell from all the details. They may not tell you but they certainly know. Despite bags, you can add an elegant neck scarf or cape for a graceful working look during autumn. And for the ultimate girl boss flair, just throw on a nice blazer to slay the look!

    What Top To Wear With Yoga Pants And Leggings

    Yoga pants are surprisingly comfortable and can even be worn almost as casually as they blend seamlessly into an everyday professional ensemble.

    However, if you’re not careful with your choice of , You will look like you never dressed for work, or that you’re on your way to the gym just to exercise.

    This doesn’t have to be the case. If you know how to accessorize properly, yoga pants can be both fashionable and comfortable. Here are a few top tips to help you find what top to wear with your pants:

    Knowing what top to wear with yoga pants can make or break your outfit. So it’s important to consider the purpose of the outfit. If you’re wearing them for yoga, you probably don’t need a fancy top.

    If you’re just lounging around the house in your sweatpants and yoga mat, a tank top might be more appropriate. And for workout clothes, it’s generally best to avoid anything too clingy or uncomfortable.

    There are a number of different tops that can be a great alternative to a pair of black yoga pants. Tank tops with spaghetti straps, camisole-style tops, halter tops, and empire-waist, can all be flattering when paired with sweatpants or khakis.

    These are particularly nice because they offer a bit of contrast to your pants, helping to give you a much more professional look.


    Other tops, however, should be avoided when wearing yoga pants or tank tops. The classic tee shirt is an item of clothing that should be avoided.


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    What To Wear To Yoga Class A Beginner’s Guide

    Yoga Pant with jean jacket :) cute.

    Your first yoga class

    So, you’ve finally signed up for your first yoga class. If you’re anything like me, now is the moment you start stressing about what to wear.

    It’s easy to get put off by the whole Instagram thing, with skinny young girls parading their amazing bods in Alo Yoga or Lulu Lemon. It’s important to know that this is not the reality of most yoga classes. Be assured that the yoga community is made up of people of all shapes and sizes, all of them with friendly faces, and you will be welcomed with open arms.

    It’s absolutely not necessary to spend a fortune on new yoga clothes. In fact, with yoga, we are supposed to leave our attachment to brands and material things outside the studio door. Most people have a few favourite things they wear to yoga class, and the emphasis is on comfort not style.

    What yoga pants to wear to yoga? 

    There are lots of yoga poses that involve bending – from Downward Dog to Child’s Pose. Specially made yoga pants, leggings and shorts, designed for yoga, will let you bend with ease, and stretch in the pose. Look for yoga leggings made of a thick, quality fabric, like stretchy cotton. Not only will they stay put, they will help you avoid visible underwear – never a good look, no matter how great your bum.

    What yoga tops to wear to yoga? 

    Given the number of forward bends in yoga, it’s also a good idea to go for a top with a high neckline if, like me, you’re at all self-conscious about showing off too much cleavage.


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