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How To Dress For Yoga Class

The Perfect Yoga Outfit

How to Dress for Yoga Class During Work

I hope this post has been helpful and inspirational to help you find an outfit you feel the best in. You don’t need to buy new clothes to get to a yoga class. Use what you have and make it work.

The perfect yoga out for me is a pair of black leggings that are super thick and not see through. I love Fabletics leggings. Their high waisted power hold leggings are awesome. I wore these all thru my pregnancy too!

I just kept buying larger sizes! The reviews are usually spot on so read them and find what you like. I prefer high waisted leggings.

For my top I like to wear a tank that is not low cut. I also like it to be slightly tighter around my waist so it doesn’t droop or show my stomach. Another benefit of high rise leggings.

I usually always show up with something over my tank unless its mid summer or you live in a warm climate.

No socks or shoes. Not even those yoga sock things.

I would love to hear what you decided to wear after reading this article! Be sure to leave a comment below or come find me on

3 Yoga Dress Code For Ladies

Heres a list of things NOT to wear to yoga:

  • Dont wear socks as they can cause you to slip during the poses and on the mat.
  • Avoid wearing thick fabrics, instead, opt for breathable ones.
  • Inelastic and tight pants can make it difficult for you to stretch properly.
  • Hygiene is important, so always opt for clean clothes.

A Few Pro Tips: On What Not To Wear For Yoga Class

While picking your yoga clothes, do not settle for thick fabrics or fabrics that do not dry out fast. You need breathable yet moisture-wicking materials. We always vote for spandex, nylon, polyester, etc. Wearing thick fabrics or wearing clothes can make you feel uncomfortable can even lead to skin allergies and rashes on your body.

You shouldnt also wear clothes that are too tight for comfort. Think properly fitted ones and not tight. Check the size chart before placing your order and you are good to go.

Bottom-line is that you must stay away from these aforementioned wardrobe blunders and stick to plain, lightweight, flexible, and comfy yoga clothes. You have no idea how the right outfit can create a major difference. Thanks to all the activewear brands, you can get fashionable and stylish outfits now. From sexy leggings to eye-catching, neon sports bra you name it, you get it.

Without the right clothes, the session might seem like a burden and not something to be enjoyed. Make sure you feel at ease and have fun at the class. And yes, do not forget to carry a nice yoga towel, a yoga mat, and a rubber band to tie your hair up in a bun.

Thank us later! Do read our post on What Should Men Wear To Yoga?

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28 Sunny Days And Yoga Class

Its a sunny day, and you have a yoga class right across the road, no worries. Wear a pair of sunglasses with a high pony, choose a fitted black crop top and grey yoga pants. Reminder: always wear stretchable fabric that doesnt disturb you while moving in yoga.

Well, if you have selected some challenging and hard level yoga class and you got to pull your fashion styles then wear a sports bra underneath your simple crop top for yoga. Black pants with light-colored top is a fantastic combo to pull off. Accessories include sunglasses. Huge ear loops or wrist bands to enjoy your fashion with yoga.

Yoga Clothes: What To Wear To Yoga

What to Wear for Your Yoga Class
  • 11 Oct 2018

Wondering what to wear to yoga class? When practicing yoga, youll need an outfit that will keep you comfortable, covered and cool. We suggest a pair of high-waisted leggings, a crop top and a singlet, made from strong and breathable fabric. This combination will allow you to move freely and feel relaxed.

If youre stressing about yoga attire for your first stretch session youre not alone. Its not just the thought of impending back-bends thats daunting, choosing functional yoga clothes can also have you breaking out in a sweat before youve even started Bikram.

There are many different types of yoga but all of them involve a combination of physical postures, movement, breathing techniques and meditation. It helps to wear clothes that will suit the intensity of each discipline, but in all yoga classes it’s best to bring light layers as you tend to cool down quickly during shavasana. Here are some examples of yoga clothes for women and where to buy them.

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Yoga Pants For Women Are Everywhere What Do Men Wear To Yoga

All of the popular yoga brands like Lululemon mostly cater to women. The yoga pants craze has caused a huge surge in the options that are out there. These spandex tights are thick enough to be comfortable and modest, yet tight enough to be supportive for exercise.

Theyre extremely popular because of their high level of comfort and stretch. Women often use them as loungewear or pajamas since theyre great for all-around use, not just for practicing yoga.

The yoga pants surge is generally not as common in menswear. Here are some examples of clothing men wear to yoga:

  • Running shorts
  • Spandex or compression shorts
  • Any moisture-wicking, fitted t-shirt or tank top

Well-known brands like Prana have developed shorts that are specifically made for yoga and they make these for men too.

How To Care For Yoga Clothes

When in doubt, refer to the label for instructions on how to wash your yoga clothing. Some garments may require handwashing and flat air-drying, while other items are okay to put in the regular washer and dryer. Like other gym garments, yoga clothes are prone to getting stinky thanks to all that hard work you’re doing on the mat. To keep things fresh, use a sports laundry detergent to nix unwanted smells.

Shop All Yoga

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1 Stirrup Tights Shoes And Socks

People are often confused about legwear and footwear for pilates classes. It is best to wear stirrup tights as they give length to your legs and provide the much-needed flexibility and natural movement.

Quite a few years ago, barefoot trainers became popular with celebrities and fitness instructors as they gave you a better posture and are good for your joints. However, now there is no need to wear any socks or fancy footwear to your Pilates class, and you can even go in your flipflops. However, if you do want to wear something to cushion your feet, wear this below-given option.

20 Fit For Pilates Outfit

What to Wear for Yoga: Master Class

Even if you have had problems with various exercise routines, like cardio, etc. due to obesity or past injuries, Pilates will take you in its open arms and will make you feel fit and energized with its low-impact moves. Wear an outfit that will support you during the class, which can vary from person to person. Usually, it is advisable to wear form-fitting outfits.

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Be A Stickler About Fit

You’ll also want to pay close attention to fit, so trying on before making a purchase is key. Dalbec says to assess how the yoga pants sit at the waist and hips and how much support sports bras offer.

“I spend my day bending, stretching and moving in front of lots of people,” she says. “I want pants and bras to stay up and in place and not to bind or pinch. My clothes have got to move with me.” So you might take a few minutes to get bendy in the dressing room to test things out.

The Importance Of Wearing Proper Yoga Clothes

The most obvious and foremost answer to this is comfort. We all know that. Youre wearing these clothes to work out and get sweaty in not to be fashionable and not to look your handsome self for the ladies . But aside from being comfortable, its also really important to wear proper yoga clothes for men to be able to do the poses AND hold them while you concentrate on your breathing.

Yoga isnt like doing rounds on the treadmill or boxing it involves a lot of stretching and testing your flexibility. For example, there are certain yoga poses where you will have to stand with your feet wide apart and lifting your arms while in a lunging position. Your basketball or gym shorts wont work for these kinds of movements because they could limit the angles your body can reach and move in. Another thing is

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Leggings Capris And Harlem Pants

Some yoginis and more advanced yoga students wear loose fitting harlem pants to classes. But if you’re just going on your first yoga for beginners class, we suggest you take the leggings or capri pants route. This is because you will need to first get used to doing the poses and learn to do them properly. Wearing long stretchy pants is not recommended among beginners because you might step on the hem while switching between poses, although this isnt too much of an issue and can be easily worked out. Wearing snug-fitting bottoms will make it easier for you to check the alignment of your hips, legs, and knees with the different yoga positions you’ll be doing.

Shirts, Tanks, Tops, and Bras

Beginner Tips For Hot Yoga

Yoga Outfits

Hot yoga, aka bikram yoga, can be quite intimidating for those who are either new to yoga in general, or haven’t been to a hot yoga class before. If the 105ºF temperatures aren’t enough to scare you away, the thought of getting sticky and sweating with a group of strangers can be enough to turn you off of it. But, once you get past the heat and the sweat factor, hot yoga classes can provide you with some of the best workouts of your life. Here’s what you should know before attending your first hot yoga class.

Hot yoga can be a bit of an adjustment , but overall it increases your flexibility, strength, energy, and re-connects your body to your mind. So enjoy!

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6 Prints And Accessories

Start your day cheerfully with a new yoga look, while wearing your printed floral yoga pants and a plain sports bra or yoga top. You can add cute colorful accessories matching your pants or even your yoga mat to feel delightful and productive. Feeling pretty will make you do enormous things and achieve huge fitness goals.

What To Wear In The Yoga Classes

Yoga is one of the finest practices to keep your physical health in check while also calming your mind and helping you to get stronger. It is intended to be a meditative, calm & relaxing form of exercise. Yet, dressing for yoga can be intimidating for beginners.

One of the most commonly asked questions we receive from people is Okay, Im ready to go to a yoga class. But what to wear?!

Here are some beginner tips for you to to determine the best outfit for the yoga class:

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Leggings Or Yoga Pants

Wearing leggings or looser fit yoga pants is down to personal choice. Leggings started taking over the yoga bottom scene about ten years ago. Now yoga leggings are everywhere! I cant remember the last time I saw anyone wearing yoga pants in class.

The leggings you already have in your closet may be good enough for a yoga class. Just get a good friend to help you check. Strike a downward dog pose and see if your leggings stay opaque. Trust me on this! See through leggings is just not a good look.

If your leggings pass the opaque test, make sure they keep your belly in check! Leggings that slip down when you strike an upside down pose can be really distracting. You want to be focusing on your yoga, not trying to pull up your leggings mid pose.

Crz leggings are a good choice if youre budget conscious or looking for a good selection of patterned yoga leggings.

Just make sure you end up with supportive, opaque leggings that dont slip down.

These Transform Leggings from Prana are my favorites. High waisted and really supportive, I use them for hiking as well as yoga. Theyre a bit pricey at $75 but I get so much use out of them and they last really well.

The Pitfall Of Narcissism

What to wear to yoga class

For men and women alike, opt for simplicity. Remember, you want your students to focus on the teachings, not your outfit.

Also, when you put too much emphasis on your appearance, you risk getting swept up in narcissism and materialism. These are the very distractions that teachers try to lead students away from.

Yoga is a science of self-realization, not ego aggrandizement, Cox says. While saucha is important, societys emphasis on purchasing ones identity through fashion is a dark force that holds peoples development down.

To stay grounded, Noah Maze, a Los Angeles-based, certified Anusara Yoga teacher, encourages fellow teachers to focus on letting the real power of their message be conveyed through what they say and do.

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The Right Clothing Material

Now lets talk clothing material. In a nutshell, these are the qualities of the material you should get for yoga clothes for men: sweat-absorbent, stretchable, durable, and lightweight.

No matter what type of yoga you decide to do, it will involve working up a sweat while standing, sitting, or lying on a mat. Now if you dont want to be slipping while doing Sun Salutations, then you definitely have to pick out yoga clothes for men that are made of materials that can easily absorb sweat. The clothes that you wear should also be stretchable to allow a wide range of movement in your legs, back, and arms. For example, long-sleeved tops and denim jeans are a definite no-no when it comes to yoga clothes for men.

In particular, Bikram yoga is a type of yogic practice that involves doing yoga poses in a heated room. Yoga clothes for men should be sweat-absorbent and comfortable, but they should also be lightweight especially if youve signed up for a Bikram yoga beginners class. Your yoga clothes may be able to absorb sweat, but if its going to weigh you down, it will make practicing Bikram yoga and focusing on your breathing a lot harder. There are certain yoga clothing manufacturers that keep this in mind when catering to their male clients, utilizing sweat-wicking material not only for tops, but for bottoms as well. Although youll be hard-pressed to keep your shirt on at the levels of heat that take place in a Bikram class.

What To Wear To Your First Yoga Class

If you already run, work out in the gym or take fitness classes, its likely youll have most of the clothing you need for yoga.

Now of course if youre looking for an excuse to buy a whole new yoga outfit please go ahead. Dont let me stop you! Its just that unless youre heading to some super trendy yoga studio you may not need to splash the cash.

When it comes to buying a yoga outfit, the fit is important. This is my favorite yoga brand. Pieces Ive bought from this range have always fitted well and lasted for years.

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31 Where To Shop For Yoga Clothes

Here are some of our favorite spots to look for Yoga outfits:

Beyond Yoga: For yoga outfits that look like artistic masterpieces, you have to check out this brand. Their yoga leggings are priced between $ 74 and $ 88. We particularly love their range of head-turning shiny outfits. They also promote inclusivity by offering incredibly flattering XXS and 3X sizes.

H& M: A favorite brand for all women, H& M offers very reasonably priced yoga clothes. The price of their yoga tops and leggings are between $ 9.99 and $ 29.99. While the quality is pretty decent, you shouldnt expect these outfits to be very long lasting as of course, theyre part of the fast fashion. This is also a highly recommended place to shop for modest yoga outfits as you can usually find yoga jumpsuits and full-sleeved shirts too.

Aloyoga: Alo if often considered to be a luxury and statement-making yoga brand but the good news is that it now offers after pay, which allows you to shop now and then pay in 4 easy installments.

How To Dress For A Yoga Class

Yoga Outfits
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The clothes you wear to a yoga class are far different from the clothes you wear anywhere else. There is a certain type of clothing that is needed for performing yoga. Once you understand the clothing that you need to wear, you will see how much easier it is to perform yoga in this type of clothing than it is to do it in street clothes.

There is no dress code for yoga, and the clothes you wear dont have to be specially made for yoga. However, they should have the same basic characteristics as special yoga clothing. The two main reasons that most people engage in yoga are to relax and to become more flexible. You cant do this if you are wearing clothing that is short, constricting or tight or that is distracting to you.


Many people choose yoga clothing in soft colors because it is calming and will not pose a distraction. Bright colors attract the eye, and you want your attention to be inside instead of outside. White, beige and other light, neutral tones can be very calming during a yoga class.


You need to be able to bend and stretch as easily as possible when you are in a yoga class. For this reason, you need an outfit that will bend and stretch with you. Choose clothing that is lightweight so that it will give when you need it to. Many people choose cotton because it has a natural stretch to it and will move with you well.


Companies Specializing in Yoga Clothes

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