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How To Deep Clean A Yoga Mat

Q: What Makes Mandukas Mat Wash And Refresh Better Than Homemade Solutions

How to clean your yoga mat! | Clean Casa

A: To put it simply: ingredients and preparation. Its true, our product, just like homemade solutions, is built on water and essential oil. But, as we all know, water and oil dont mix at least not without a lot of help. Thats why we add a bio-based fragrance solubilizer that not only helps our cosmetic level organic essential oil spread evenly through our purified water, but also ensures it stays there . Then we thoroughly mix our three simple ingredients in an industrial mixer at 1700 rpm . That ensures every spray from our bottle delivers the right balance of water and essential oil to your mat.

Keeping Your Mat Clean On The Regular

The good news about keeping your mat clean on a regular basis is that it’s a thing that will take you, oh, a minute? Probably less. And there are tons of good options when it comes to what kind of products to use, many of which you likely already have, so you won’t even have to go out and buy some sort of specialty product. Of course you can certainly go out and buy a new specialty product if you want! This is Racked after all, we’re all in on shopping.

The bad news about keeping your mat clean on a regular basis is that you actually have to do it.

The bad news about keeping your mat clean on a regular basis is that you actually have to do it. I can’t tell you exactly how often, because I don’t know how often you’re using your mat, but aim to wipe your mat down every one-to-three uses. Does that sound fair? Okay cool.

You’ve got three basic options when it comes to your choice of mat cleaner: A commercial all-purpose cleaner, a DIY cleaning spray, or mat wipes.

In the commercial all-purpose category, the two things to look for are gentle ingredients and a scent that appeals to you. The Mrs. Meyer’s sprays are a good choice all those wonderful scents! but really there are plenty of other good options. Avoid products made with harsher chemicals like bleach, because you don’t want residue transferring onto your skin while you’re chilling in pigeon pose.

The key to using any sort of spray is to go easy on the stuff.

How To Clean A Jade Yoga Mat

Jade yoga mats are biodegradable yoga mats made with open celled rubber so they should be cleaned thoroughly and often.

To clean your , wipe it down after every use with a cleaning spray or solution of 50/50 vinegar and water. You can also use a simple soap and water solution but youll need to thoroughly rinse your mat with warm water after so that your mat isnt slippery.

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How To Look After Your Yoga Mat

As well as cleaning your mat after every practice, there are other steps you can take to look after it and keep it in great condition for many vinyasas to come!

  • Clean your feet and hands before practice: Both accumulate dirt throughout the day, and that grime will transfer onto your mat. Soap and water will do the trick.
  • Store your yoga mat in a dry, cool location: This will help extend the lifespan of your yoga mat and protect its material. Not to mention, bacteria thrive in moist, warm conditions. Need we say more?
  • Wipe off your mat immediately: Before you leave the yoga studio or if you’re short on time and can’t do a deep clean, wipe your mat off with a baby wipe, a yoga mat-specific wipe/spray, or a cloth with mild soap. Wait for it to dry completely and then roll it up. This may be the bare minimum, but it certainly helps prevent sweat and oils from wreaking havoc with your mat.

woman& home thanks Dr. Elitza Theel, PhD, of Mayo Clinic for her time and expertise. Research is from The International Journal of Environmental Research and Public Health and the United States Centers for Disease Control and Prevention .

Q: How Do I Clean My Eko Mat

DIY Yoga Mat Cleaner Spray

A: Without soaking or submerging, use a generous amount of Mandukas Natural Rubber Yoga Mat Restore over the entire surface, paying close attention to any areas of decolorization. Allow the cleaner to sit for 5 minutes and then gently Use a clean cloth to wipe mat dry before rolling or using.

We do not recommend cleaning your mat with a garden hose, putting it in the bathtub, shower, washing machine, or using a vacuum cleaner, as any of these will likely damage the mat beyond repair. Do not leave the mat exposed to excessive amounts of sunlight. Do not use any type of soap for cleaning, as it will compromise the performance and integrity of the mat. The salt method is not intended for eKO mats.

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Why You Need To Clean Your Yoga Mat

To help avoid germs and nasty mat smells, properly clean your mat on a regular basis. Cleaning your yoga mat is particularly important if youre practicing at a yoga studio where you share mats or props with others. The same rules still apply to your at-home practice, even if theres a lower risk of cross-contamination. Remember: Cleaning doesnt kill germs, but it does remove them, along with dirt and impurities, from a surface. To kill germs and help prevent the spread of infection, consider disinfecting your mat, as well.

Hose The Thing Down Like Its On Fire

Good for all mats except PU and cork.

Every few weeks or months, depending on how often you practice, give your mat a thorough wash in the bath or shower, although not if its is a PU mat, which has a porous surface designed to absorb your sweat. They dont like being drenched, says Laura. They stain a bit like leather . Cork yoga mats are naturally antibacterial, easy to clean with a mat spray and rarely need a really good wash.”

For other mats, a good old soaking will really dredge the dirt out, dislodging any oils and odours while using a mild detergent or a shampoo and a soft sponge or flannel.

Only super cheap plastic mats will weather a good scrubbing/scouring. I use a soft cotton cloth on mine, adds Laura

Remember that any residue of soap left on the mat will make the surface slippery and we all know a slippery yoga mat is enough to make any zen master fly off the handle.

Remember too that the more you soak them the longer they take to dry.

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Q: How Do I Care For My Pro Mat

A: Your PRO mat will continue to improve through use and as the mat ages, creating more surface roughness and reduced slippage.

Keep your PRO mat in its best condition by wiping it down after every practice with Mandukas Mat Wash & Refresh. Spray the entire surface of the mat. Use a clean cloth to wipe the mat dry before rolling or using. . Never soak, shower or submerge your mat in water. Store in a cool, dry place.

For a Deeper Clean: Spray generously until the mat is visibly wet. Let sit 1-2 minutes. Use a clean cloth to gently scrub any areas that have dirt or stains. Dry your mat before rolling or using.

To Thoroughly Disinfect Your Mat: Use Manduka’s Botanical Disinfecting Cleaner.

How To Wash A Yoga Mat In The Washing Machine

How to clean your yoga mat!
  • Fill up the washing machine with cold water .
  • Add milk detergent or dish soap to the water .
  • Fold the mat in half, and place it in the washing machine.
  • Set the washer on its gentle cold cycle. Allow the Yoga Mat to soak for approximately half an hour.
  • Make sure to rinse it thoroughly.
  • Skip spin cycle It is important to note that the spin cycle should be avoided. However, some folks risked it and put their lightweight PVC mat in the normal spin cycle, which dried out completely.
  • Hung out to let it air-dry outside of direct sunlight. Dont ever put it in the dryer because heat may damage your Yoga mat!
  • Note: Dont wash your yoga mat too often. If you deep clean a yoga mat in the washing machine, do it once every six months. It is always wise to check the manufactures instructions before washing your mat in the washer. And, avoid washing your yoga mat in the washers with an agitator.

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    How To Dry Your Yoga Mat

    Aqua Yoga has a place, and its in a pool, not on a still-damp mat. If you dont allow your mat to fully dry after washing, it can lead to bacterial growth and the formation of mold and mildew. Fun.

    Give your mat adequate time to dry by hanging it on a drying rack, a shower curtain rod, or the back of a chair. Outdoor yoga is great for boosting your mood and becoming one with the elements, but its not the best option for airing out your gear following a strenuous Ashtanga sesh.

    Although the suns rays are considered a natural drying agent, they can be harmful to many rubber mats, causing them to decay faster, says Thompson. To prolong the life of your mat, dont leave it outside to dry for an extended period of time. Move your mat indoors at the end of your practice.

    Q: How Do I Care For My Grp Mat

    A: Mats designed to absorb moisture should never be treated with disinfectant as the liquid will be absorbed into the mat and then cannot be thoroughly cleaned out.

    Use Mandukas GRP Yoga Mat Restore to condition, clean and prevent buildup on the surface of your mat, while maximizing the performance and lifetime of your mat.

    Wet a clean cloth with water and squeeze out excess water. Pump foam onto damp cloth, apply pressure and wipe down surface of your mat. Use between two to four pumps of restorative solution for each application. Repeat this process until entire mat surface is complete. Rinse cloth thoroughly and wipe down mat with fresh water. Use a dry cloth to soak up any excess water. Hang mat to dry before rolling and storing.

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    How To Clean & Disinfect Your Yoga Mat & Equipment

    Theres no question that COVID-19 has changed the way we live and practice. In answer to the heightened concerns about mat and equipment hygiene, weve worked with our scientists and studios to develop the following guidelines for how to clean your yoga mat and equipment the right way.

    Even outside of a pandemic, its still important to know how to clean your yoga mat properly.

    Open Cell Vs Closed Cell Yoga Mat

    How To Clean Your Yoga Mat

    Open Cell mat absorbs moisture to make the mat grippy even when wet. This means liquid can absorb into the mat, so you should not disinfect an open-cell yoga mat or spray the cleaner directly on the mat surface.

    A closed Cell mat, on the other hand, wont absorb sweat and moisture. It tends to get slippier when wet. It is easier to disinfect and clean a closed-cell mat because it wont soak liquid.

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    For A Really Deep Clean Bubble Bath With Baking Soda

    Suitable for: very grubby or sweaty, smelly mats .

    If you practice hot yoga and your mat gets very sweaty, or if your mat has had an ‘accident’ its time to roll up the sleeves for a deep clean. I use cool water, just enough to submerge the mat for 15 to 20 minutes with a sprinkling of baking soda it works wonders on stubborn stains and odours.

    Laura adds this is especially useful for 100 per cent natural rubber and microfibre-topped mats above. Theyre porous through and through from surface to base, so the sweat pervades all the way through the mat.

    Before you get the big guns out check: is your mat dirty or is it just smelly? Smell can often be a sign of bacteria, but before you go for the deep clean remember that sometimes properly airing your mat is all thats needed to stop it smelling, says Laura

    Other Tips How To Clean Lululemon Yoga Mat

    • Read the manufacturers specifications well to make sure you can wash your mat with the methods weve mentioned.
    • Roll up the mat when not in use. Yoga mats attract dust and dirt.
    • You can think about using your own mat in the yoga studio. If not possible, find out how often the studio washes the rugs. If someone has the flu or a contagious skin problem and uses a study mat, you could risk getting the same.

    Now You know exactly How to Clean Lululemon Yoga Mat!

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    Yoga Mat Cleaning Options

    Some yoga mats are more porous than others closed-cell mats are thinner and water resistant, and thus won’t soak in liquid as quickly. Thicker yoga mats tend to have an open-cell construction, which means they can soak up more liquid and may retain more bacteria. Depending on the style of mat you have, there are a few different cleaning options.

    How often should I clean my yoga mat? Wipe down your yoga mat briefly after every practice with a store-bought mat cleaner or a homemade cleaning solution. Once a month or so, give your yoga mat a deep cleaning to get rid of gunk that builds up over time. Well go over the details below.

    Can I wash my yoga mat in the washing machine? Some mats can be washed in a front-loading washing machine, but others will break down if washed this way. Check the care instructions for your specific mat.

    Cleaning Your Lululemon Yoga Mat

    Use Hydrogen Peroxide to Clean your Yoga Mat Towel 4 HOT YOGA – best Tips â° Yogitoes â°

    Yes, a Lululemon Yoga Mat has antibacterial properties to prevent mold, mildew, and bacterial growth. But still, you should clean it properly. Why though?

    For one, your skin comes in close contact with it during your yoga sessions. The sweat and body oils can get into the mat and make them perfect breeding grounds for bacteria and other germs. Ultimately, it may lead to skin infections.

    If you put off cleaning for too long, it is that much more difficult and time-consuming to clean your mat later on. Even if you have not used your yoga mat in a while, it can gather dust.

    If you are someone who practices yoga, you know that it involves breathing exercises. And deep breathing, when sitting or laying on a mat that is dirty and dusty, is asking for trouble! You may end up breathing in the microscopic products that lie on the mat. This may lead to respiratory problems.

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    What If You Practice At A Studio And Use Their Mats

    Rest assured that yoga studios should regularly clean their mats. However, may not be able to do it after every single use. This means that you can still get exposed to someone elses sweat and bacteria.

    Heres what you can do to avoid that:

  • Use a yoga towel over a studio yoga mat. It can be a more hygienic way of using the studios mats. It is also more lightweight than a travel mat as well as easy to pack and transport.
  • Use a mat spray and a microfiber towel. Take a few minutes to give the mat a quick wipe. Sprays come in small bottles that can be easily stored in your bag, and you may even be able to buy one at your local studio. Do come on time for your practice to do so.
  • Use yoga mat wipes. It is another way to freshen a mat up right before practice. Wipes wont leave any residue and will dry instantly. You can also use them to clean the other props you will be using, for example, blocks, as well as your hands and feet if need be.
  • Don’t Worry About Tossing Your Mat In The Washing Machine

    Lauren Imparato, founder of I.Am.You yoga in New York City, who provides mats for her students, is very particular about mat hygiene. Even if you wipe them down thoroughly after each use , “throw yours in the washing machine once a month. No soap. Then into the dryer on medium to high heat.” They hold up, she swears.

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    Which Chemicals Can I Use On My Mat

    Due to the natural and open-celled nature of the B MAT, we recommend avoiding using solvents, harsh abrasives, undiluted oils, or added moisturisers as these will clog or break down the compounds that keep the B MAT grippy and supportive.Please see recommended cleaning instructions above for our recommended day-to-day maintenance/cleaning!

    Prepare The Cleaning Solution

    How to clean your yoga mat the right way

    For everyday cleaning, a 3:1 water and vinegar solution with drops of essential oils would be your best bet.

    Despite its strong smell, vinegar is among the most potent natural disinfectants. With its excellent antimicrobial properties, 10% vinegar can kill the flu virus in 10 minutes.

    If you havent cleaned your mat in a while, increasing the vinegar concentration would remove dirt and stains faster and easier.

    Just like vinegar, essential oils penetrate the mat layers to eradicate any harmful organisms. Using lavender, rosemary, or eucalyptus would also add a pleasing, refreshing scent.

    If you dont want to bother with ingredients, you can buy a ready-made solution built specifically for yoga mats.

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    Sanitize Your Yoga Mat With Disinfectant

    Good for all mats right now just dont get the PU ones too damp.

    Should we be using diluted bleach and 60 per cent alcohol sprays as we are doing for our hands and hard surfaces in the age of Covid-19?

    Before lockdown, I switched from natural vinegar cleaning to hardcore diluted Dettol mat cleaning,” says Laura. “I use one-third of a cap of Dettol Liquid Antiseptic Disinfectant in one litre of water. You can use a ratio up to 50/50 but bear in mind its really strong smelling and not suitable if you have sensitive skin.”

    If and when studios reopen, you might want to sanitize your personal mat after its been on the studio floor, where others have walked. A yoga towel is a good call as you can put it down on your mat or a studio mat and machine hot wash it afterwards.


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