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How To Decorate A Yoga Space

Incredible Zen Yoga Room Design


One of the great things about wall mirror yoga room interior ideas is that you can purchase them unfinished. This allows you to put your personal touch into the room and choose the type of paint you would like to use to give each piece of your wall mirror furniture a unique look. Some people choose to paint their wall mirror yoga room interior designs with an Indian or tribal style design. In contrast, others prefer to paint their wall mirror yoga furniture in a tropical color scheme or other bright and uplifting colors. If you love bright and uplifting colors, you will want to consider using brightly colored wall mirror furniture in your home gym. But if you like more subtle and elegant wall mirror yoga room interior designs, you will probably prefer to keep your wall mirror furniture designs neutral and straightforward.

Top 7 Tips On Setting Up Your Yoga Space

Setting up your yoga studio offers several benefits, and it can help take your yoga to the next level. It will become a part of your lifestyle, and you can easily achieve your health goals. It is pretty simple and affordable to create a personal and sacred yoga space.

Do you know setting up a practice room for yoga can provide additional benefits and takes your body to a whole new and improved level? It makes yoga a more prominent part of your lifestyle that leads to an everlasting healthy body. Here are the top tips for setting up a home yoga studio.

Why Do You Even Need A Dedicated Yoga Space At Home

I’ve been traveling a lot for the last couple of years. Always on the move from one apartment and hotel room to another, I didn’t have the time and chance to set up my own yoga corner. I just rolled my mat wherever I had free room and started flowing. Until someone or something interrupted my yoga practice.

They say a little bit of yoga is better than no yoga. I agree 100%. But with that lifestyle, the quality of my practice was suffering. Moreover, often, it was far from being peaceful.

Now that I’ve settled down (hopefully for a while and dedicated a corner in my living room specifically to yoga, it finally hit me how much I was missing out. Such a simple thing as making room for yoga and other wellness routines has enhanced my practice and well-being in so many ways!

You probably won’t be able to prevent pets from coming into your yoga space, but you can at least keep people away!

Here are five positive changes that happened to me after I’d put effort into arranging my home yoga space:

I became more focused. Believe me, this will happen to you too! Whether it’s a separate room, a small nook or a balcony, your yoga space becomes your sacred territory. With time, you’ll train your mind to switch off any concerns about the household, work, or life moment you step into your zen area. Instead, you’ll learn to focus on yourself and your practice.

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White Yoga Room Double Purple Mat

One last tip is to have your yoga room set up as your primary focus. If youre doing yoga practice to stay in shape, then having a few Yoga poses displayed in the room is fine. However, if you genuinely want to feel like youre getting a full-body workout in the entire room, have your yoga room entirely dedicated to your yoga practice. Paint the walls black, add a chair, and a bookshelf for your books. Buy a comfortable desk for sitting and a flat surface for a yoga mat to rest on.

Decorate Your Yoga Studio

Yoga, zen, green, Barre, yoga space at home, zen space at ...

The most fun part of setting up a yoga place at home is its decoration. For decoration purposes, you can use traditional lanterns, buddha statues, plants, and much more. To add more beauty and greenery, you can use indoor or outdoor plants depending on your yoga place. To set a mood, you can use scented candles and soft relaxing music. Many yogis love to use salt lamps to create a mood. For an awe-inspiring environment, use curtains, string lights, and cozy furniture. If you are going to practice outdoor yoga, then you possibly need bug spray as well.

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Home Yoga Studio Placement Ideas

Bedroom: These days primary bedrooms are built very large many of which are large enough to accommodate a private yoga space. If you have a spare bedroom, that makes it easy to create a dedicated yoga space.

Living Room: This is terrific if you get get the space to yourself, its not cluttered and enjoy following along to yoga streaming videos.

Basement: I like basements. I think with a little reno work, they can make for perfect home gyms. However, some people dont consider basements a comfortable place to be. The plus side with basements is that usually they offer plenty of bonus space.

Backyard: deck, gazebo, separate yoga studio building, poolside.

Invest In Furniture You Want To Sit On

Nothing quite says “yoga studio chic” like a meditation chair. Sure, they can be used for actual meditation, but they’re also the perfect place to do some light stretching or to simply sit comfortably and just be. “It’s about designing your space around comfort,” says Chudina, who sees the meditation chairs as a perfect transitional point from the chaos of the outside world into the calm of the studio.

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How To Create A Yoga Studio In Your House

Nama-stay at home.

From the soothing, sequential flow of Sun Salutations to the blissful stillness of Savasana, theres nothing like a good yoga session to find your zen when life gets chaotic. The challenge? Actually carving out the time to get out the door and onto the mat for class.

Enter the at-home yoga studio. By cutting out travel distance and designated class schedules, a personal yoga space gives you the freedom to sweat it out and strengthen your practice on your own time, whether youve got an hour or five minutes.

Thats the idea behind the tranquil yoga and fitness room in House Beautifuls 2019 Whole Home in Nashville, Tennessee. It’s complete with a Peloton bike, free weights, resistance bands, and a ballet barre. Theres also a sleek TV mounted to the wall, which is perfect for streaming classes from a yoga app if youre looking for instructor guidance in the comfort of your own home.

Since every element of the house is designed to inspire health, happiness, and balance, this room in particular is the perfect starting point when youre looking for inspiration to create your own calming sanctuary. Heres how to imagine your very own yoga studio at home.

How To Create A Relaxing Yoga Space In Your Home

Creating A Home Yoga Space/Studio (DIY Yoga Room)

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If youre a seasoned yogi or youre just looking to get into it, having a dedicated home yoga space can ensure youre getting the most out of your practice.

You dont need a huge home yoga studio or even an entire room. Learning how to create a relaxing yoga space in your home is easy. In this article, well go over the right equipment youll need, how to plan out your yoga space, and how to design it.

Inner zen is in your near future. Namaste!

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Relaxing Coastal Yoga Studio Designs

If you are looking to create some new and exciting spaces in your home, you might want to think about making some DIY yoga room spaces. There is such a wide variety of beautiful and creative decorating options out there for you to choose from. You dont have to purchase any expensive furniture or anything along those lines find some great free and easy-to-use furniture that will create some entertaining and unique free-style rooms. This can be a great project to make for your children as well. Not only will they be pleased with the result, but they will be able to pass it down to you so that you can create more in-depth designs.

How To Decorate Your Personal Yoga Room

Now that youve picked out your spot, here are some ideas for how to create and decorate your ideal yoga room. Above all else, your personal yoga space should be as free from distraction as possible.

Choose the quietest area in your home, with the most natural light, and the least potential for interruption .

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Add Some Luxe Details

If you’re turning your home into a positive-energy palace, you may as well treat yourself to a few luxury items that will really make you smile. “We have these really high-tech toilet seats that have a bidet and a dryer, and those could be kind of silly and extraneous, but I think when you come across those small things it can make you smile and make your day,” says Scupp. Whether it’s a cashmere blanket or an over-the-top Toto toilet, think of at least some of your details as splurge-worthy.

The Top Yoga Decorations Reviewed

zen meditation room Learn more
Lahasbja Seven Chakra Tapestry Yoga Meditation Tapestry Wall Hanging… Seven chakras
Can be used indoor and outdoor, weather resistant Natural stone color with bronze finish
Best essential oil diffuser
Himalayan Glow 1002 Crystal, 8-11 Lbs, Salt Lamp Neem wood base
The Mindful Word Yoga Poses Poster – Yoga Poster with 62… 62 beginner & intermediate poses
Goodpick Cotton Rope Storage Basket- Jute Basket Woven Planter Basket Rope… Chemical-free, natural cotton basket for yoga accessory storage Washable
Florensi Meditation Cushion , Large Velvet Meditation Pillow,… Natural buckwheat hull material that will not flatten 1 foam height added for comfort

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Best Essential Oil Diffuser Tenswall Essential Oil Diffuser

Scent is a powerful grounding force that brings all of our senses into the present moment. You may have noticed the signature smell of most yoga studios comes from essential oil diffusers. The Tenswall Diffuser comes in three colors and offers a diversity of functions. It acts as a humidifier when you dont want to use essential oils. It also has a timer and 7 different dim or bright colors to change up the lighting in your yoga room.

Pros: This diffuser has silent operation and an auto-off feature. It is the perfect aesthetically pleasing yoga decoration that functions as a source of both light and scent.

Cons: Essential oils are not included and it also requires a nearby plug.

Yoga Room Ideas Where To Start From

Nowadays many people appreciate the many health benefits that yoga offers and this is not a fashion but a necessity in the hectic times that we live in and thousands of people attend yoga studios to experience its relaxing effects. For various reasons many people do not have the opportunity to attend a studio and opt for a yoga room at home which gives them more flexibility and practice time. Designing your own room will give you the freedom to incorporate your practice into your everyday life. In addition, you can customize your room to serve your individual needs.

There are numerous yoga room ideas which will help you create your own corner of peace and tranquility. The interior of a room, planned for yoga practice is very important as it has to create an ambience and help you discover your own chi or inner spirit. Most people believe that to practice yoga at home, all you need is a mat and enough space to move freely in 360 degrees. However, yoga is more than a series of physical exercises. When you want to make your practice more intimate and more fulfilling you need a special place for practice.

Get rid of all clutter. Everything distracting the attention should be removed from the room. Remember that the leading principles of yoga are focus and concentration. Strong colors and massive furniture pieces, storage boxes all these have no place in your room as they can interfere with concentration.

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Home Yoga Studio Tip : Keep Furniture Simple And Natural

Zen style furniture is characterised by simple and clear lines, avoiding complicated detail and excess ornamentation. The furniture should be high quality and made of natural materials as these bring a sense of warmth and relaxation. Storage pieces such as bed side tables, wardrobes, and chests of drawers, may be brought to life if painted in earthy and calm colours matching the rest of the interior. As the bedroom is usually the key room of a zen interior, it is recommended that you follow FengShui tips to ensure you can create absolute zen in your bedroom

  • Place the bed close to a source of natural light and avoid placing it in front of the door or a passage area. Additionally, pick upholstered headboards in either leather or patchwork. Also, the height of the bed must be one you feel comfortable with, but bare in mind, beds higher than 55 cm usually accentuate the sensation of comfort.

One Or More Class Rooms


This is a difficult issue to answer for many yoga studios.

Obviously, if youre the only teacher, you only need one yoga class space. However, if you have multiple teachers, it may make better business sense to have two yoga class spaces especially if the demand for both teachers is roughly equal.

Most studios starting out on a limited budget will have one large class space. The first expansion is either adding more space to the single class space or creating a second-class space.

The only way a second or third or more class spaces make sense is if the demand for different teachers during the busy hours is spread across two or more teachers. If you have other teachers but find that most of your students take your classes , youre better off having one larger space.

It would be a shame to turn students away from one class only to have the other class not full.

Each studio must assess the number of classrooms individually.

From a design perspective, one or more classes make no difference. This is a financial/business consideration only.

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Outfit Your Studio With The Essentials

First and foremost, a yoga mat, of course. Beyond that, though, there are many different props that can support your practice: yoga blocks can help lengthen your reach as an extension of your arm if youre working on flexibility, and yoga straps can challenge you to get deeper into certain poses. A bolster comes in handy for restorative poses, as well as allowing your space to multitask as a meditation haven.

For a design-minded touch, a traditional wovenyoga blanket can offer a pop of pattern and texture. And when youre not practicing yoga, store it all in a chic oversized basket to keep it tucked away in its own cozy spot.

Inspiring Yoga Studio Design Ideas And Tips

Art Chief EditorThis is the ultimate guide to designing a yoga studio space including the yoga studio, reception area, lighting, flooring, exterior, retail area, bathrooms and so much more.

Yoga studio design refers to your color scheme, décor, and furnishings. You can do this yourself or hire an interior designer. Im not an interior designer, but Ill make some basic recommendations.

The sky is the limit to creating a beautiful and functional yoga space.

However, one must is hardwood or laminate , bamboo, or cork. Avoid linoleum, vinyl, marble, carpet, and concrete. Wood flooring is warmer. If you want padding for your clients, offer mats , bolsters, blankets, and foam blocks.

You have to consider the style of yoga you teach also. If you teach kids, make it kid-friendly. If you teach Iyengar and will use the wall, keep pictures off the walls. Of course, there is not a one-style-fits-all yoga studio. In fact, uniqueness and individualism in design is another element that can make your yoga studio stand out.

Its also important to know that you do not need to spend a fortune in order to create an inviting and thematic design appropriate for a yoga studio. Assuming you have the basics , its amazing what some paint and carefully selected furniture/accessories can do to transform a yoga studio.

The following are some guidelines with yoga studio design inside and out. Please dont take the following as ironclad rules. They arent.


  • Acrobatic
  • Mind/Body Balance

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Amazing Modern Yoga Studio Design Inspiration

If you are looking to add some wall mirror yoga room interior ideas into your home, then you have found the right place. Yoga is a great way to exercise and get in shape. But, if you are looking for an even better way to relax and rejuvenate at the end of a long day, then you need to add wall mirrors to your home gym. Having a beautiful wall mirror in your home gym will not only help you to exercise more comfortably and effectively, but it will also make working out more enjoyable, especially for those of us that have trouble finding the perfect body workout equipment to boost our ego and confidence levels so we can start feeling good about ourselves.


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