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How To Cure Fibroids Through Yoga

How To Treat Fibroids Through Yoga

YOGA Practice To Cure Your Fibroids

Uterine fibroids can make your life difficult causing symptoms such as pain, heavy periods, pelvic cramps. Although there is not much research as to Yoga can treat fibroids, I am listing down few poses that have helped my clients to shrink their fibroid and avoid surgery. These are the personal experiences of my clients and may help you as well in treating your fibroids.

Home Remedies For Uterine Fibroids

Uterine fibroids are the unusual projections that tend to grow in and around the uterine walls. Mostly, these fibroids are non-cancerous in nature. It is a well-established fact that by the age of 45, around 70 percent of women develop the problem of uterine fibroids at least once.

Uterine fibroids are actually quite a common and painful condition that many women face.

A female suffering from uterine fibroids usually faces symptoms such as heavy menstrual flow, pain in the pelvic region, spotting in between periods, etc. Therefore, it is not wise at all to take the problem of uterine fibroids casually.

There are numerous ways to treat uterine fibroids. Home remedies also work wonders in getting rid of these fibroids that make your life miserable.

Try Traditional Chinese Medicine

Traditional Chinese medicine remedies have shown some success in shrinking fibroids without any side effects. Herbs used in TCM to fight fibroids include Gui-Zhi-Fu-Ling-Wan , San-Leng , Chuan xiong , and Han lian cao .1718

A University of Arizona treatment program using Chinese herbs combined with body therapy and guided imagery showed positive results, with fibroids shrinking in 22 out of the 37 women volunteers. The test women also experienced a reduction in troublesome symptoms. Most importantly, they were satisfied with the therapy.19 In another Taiwanese study, women who took Chinese medicine were found to have a significantly reduced need for fibroid surgery as compared to those who did not take the medicine more proof that traditional Chinese medicine can help women with fibroids.20

If youd like to give TCM remedies a shot, be sure to consult an experienced TCM practitioner. Do not take any of these herbs without professional guidance.

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Yoga Moves To Shrink Fibroid Seated Side Twist

It is a simple seated pose and involves a half twist that alleviates discomfort caused by fibroids. It is more like a tonic for the spine and the abdominal organs. To perform this pose:

  • Assume a thunderbolt sit pose
  • Slide off your heel to the left such that your left buttock touches the floor and the right buttock on the arch of the left leg
  • Place your left hand on the floor. A little behind the left hip and the right hand on the outside of the left knee
  • Inhale and stretch your spine upward
  • Then exhale and twist towards the left side
  • Repeat No 5 with proper inhalation and exhalation. While at it make sure your shoulders are relaxed.

Here Are The Risks Associated With Estrogen Dominance


EndometriosisLow or No Sex DriveAnd many more

Now let me ask you a question

Which is better whether to remove fibroids or the estrogen dominance?

Your doctor doesnt tell this fact to you

Your doctor straight away removes your uterus without considering estrogen dominance.

Fibroids are the number 1 reason for hysterectomy in the US

Most of the highly intellectual women realizing the limitations of modern medicine and making changes in their lifestyle.

Im sure you being an intellectual take the right decisions and protect your fertility and overall health.

How to control estrogen dominance and shrink fibroids naturally?

You have to make lifestyle changes.

So here are 10 lifestyle changes to make according to experts if you want to shrink fibroids and prevent life threatening diseases.

Here are 10 lifestyle changes

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Treating Extreme Cramps Caused By Fibroids

Yoga is a great technique to try if you want to temporarily relieve severe cramps caused by fibroids however, its not a cure. Not only can you use yoga poses for lower back and pelvic pain, but it can help relieve everyday stress related to living with fibroids. When chronic abdominal pain is preventing you from enjoying a full, healthy life, its time to find an effective treatment solution. Thats where we step in!

If youre interested in learning about what options are out there and which ones could fit your individual needs, give us a call at 855.455.5262 or contact us online. The Fibroid Fighters Foundation is committed to bringing awareness to uterine fibroids and providing helpful resources regarding treatment solutions.

Fibroid Treatment In Yoga Supta Virasana

In Uterine Fibroid Treatment you can do Supta Virasana Yoga asanas, these are quite beneficial asanas and it is important to note that this pose is an intermediate yoga asana and should be practiced only if you are already able to do Hero Pose. In this asana, the buttocks sit on the floor between the legs. For Supta Virasana, first of all, lay down a yoga mat and sit on your knees on it. Take both the hands up and join them. Now lean back and lie down on the floor. Do it according to your ability and then come out of the posture.

In this way women can use Supta Virasana Yoga in fibroid treatment.

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What Exactly Is A Healthy Diet Plan

It involves more natural foods like fresh fruits and vegetables and less processed foods. Apples, tomatoes, broccoli, and cabbage can lower a womans risk of developing fibroids.

A healthy diet usually involves eating less red meat, white flour, baked goods, sugary drinks, and other unhealthy snacks like potato chips.

It also means less sugar. Researchers have found a link between eating foods with a high sugar content and a high risk of developing fibroids.

Women are encouraged to consume more fiber rich foods like whole grains, which help to reduce many common symptoms of uterine fibroids.

In addition, it is advised for women to reduce their alcohol and caffeine consumption as they both contribute toward making fibroid pain even worse.

Fibrous Diet Is The Healthiest Diet For Uterine Fibroids

Yoga for Fibroids At Home (Healing Fibroids Naturally)

Increasing the intake of fiber-rich diet proves to be very beneficial for fast symptomatic relief in uterine fibroids. The fiber actively helps in removing the toxic substances and the excess of estrogen from the body. Excess levels of estrogen in the body is a major risk factor for uterine fibroids. Thus it is really necessary to keep estrogen level under check. You should have more apple, orange, banana, strawberries, blueberries, oats, brown rice, barley, quinoa in your regular daily diet. These foods shrink the size of the uterine fibroids and are enriched with antioxidants too. Just make sure that the fruits you eat are fresh and are not preserved.

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Instructions Diet Is The Key

Overall, it is necessary to evolve the diet and the lifestyle of theclient. Women who follow this programme consistently will find thegrowth of their myomas contained.

a. A diet high in fiber in low in fat can help with the symptomsfibroids cause. Start the day with high-fiber oatmeal and eatfruits high in fiber such as prunes, pears and figs.

b. Add soy products to diet to combat fibroids. Soy productsproduce isoflavones which have a weaker amount of estrogenthat bind to the estrogen receptor, making stronger ominousestrogen produced in the body less available and in turn canreduce fibroids.

c. Reduce sugar intake, alcohol consumption, and foods highin saturated fats. These items make it difficult for the body toregulate hormones, making cramps and bloating increase.

d. Eat fruits and vegetables in bulk. Spinach and broccolihelp stabilize estrogen levels.

e. Have a balanced regime of weekly exercise. Exercise 3 to 5times a week for at least 30 minutes.

Diet – restrictions on the intake of red meat as well as thequantity of protein taken per meal example 4 oz. no dairy reducedamount of rice no eating after 7.30pm. He considers eating late atnight to be one of the significant contributing factors to growth ofthe fibroids and other health problems.

Avoid Plastic Containers And Cosmetics:

Plastic containers and bottles contain xenoestrogens natural or synthetic compounds that imitate estrogen. Theyre found in many plastics.Plastic in all its forms, including in water bottles, food wrap, and storage containers.So, store your foods and beverages in glass.

Xenoestrogens are commonly found in many cosmetics, hair, skin care and hygiene products. They are harmful because they are absorbed directly into your tissues. They never have the chance to be detoxified through your liver. amymyersmd.com

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Vigorous Exercise And Fibroids

As discussed above, exercise can be key in preventing the growth of fibroids. The more active you are, the fewer excess hormones you have circulating to trigger fibroid development.

Is regular, vigorous exercise a cure? No. But it may inhibit fibroids from growing or growing quickly.

Some women will have fibroids that arent causing any symptoms. So regular and vigorous exercise benefits without causing discomfort. Others have already noticed the presence of fibroids and may tend to avoid movements that might cause pain or bleeding. Still, others have abdominal distention from large or multiple fibroids that make exercise very uncomfortable or challenging. Wherever you fall on this spectrum, we still recommend staying as active as possible. If you cant run, walk. If you cant lift, stretch. Keep moving. Exercise helps slow fibroid growth.

Even patients with severe symptoms, such as chronic pelvic pain, may still benefit from some form of exercise. The issue at that stage of symptom may be that any exercise seems completely out of reach. This is why we recommend early treatment. The longer you wait, the more time a fibroid has to grow. And the bigger it grows, the more likely it is to seriously impact your life.

How To Do It Safely

Pin by Katy Mellows on Yoga

If you have uterine fibroids, especially the big ones, you cant just do any yoga exercises. There are several rules of safety that you should follow to have only the best results from your yoga experience.

The first sign that you should stop is when you feel pain. Never force yourself to do any exercise if its painful for you thats the main rule that concerns any asana. Below is a list of yoga exercises that are not recommended for women with uterine fibroids and should be avoided.

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Can Yoga Help Get Rid Of Fibroids

Originally written 2011/06/21

Ive been experimenting to see if yoga can get rid of fibroids or at least shrink them. Today I decided to do some research to find out if theres any documentation suggesting yoga can help shrink fibroids. I found articles in which the authors claim that yoga, combined with diet and lifestyle changes, can help reduce the size of uterine fibroids. On the other hand I also found articles disputing the claim that yoga can affect the size of your fibroids.

Maximize The Consumption Of Raw Foods

Take at least 30 to 40% of fresh vegetables and fruits every day. Fresh vegetables and fruits carry huge volumes of vitality when compared to processed and preservative foods.

This one lifestyle change can bring a lot of change in your body and mind. Your body feels very light. Your mind feels Calmness. These changes restore your hormone balance.

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Yoga Moves To Shrink Fibroid Supported Bridge Pose

Is a lying down yoga pose in which your hands help to support your hips or performed with the use of yoga blocks or other yoga props. To perform this move

  • Lie down on your back, feet behind your hips and knees up
  • Lift your knees up to comfortable level and place a block under your sacrum.
  • With your eyes fixed on the ceiling, keep your hands down by your side. Palms facing down
  • Walk your feet towards your buttocks and inhale into your chest.
  • Then exhale and draw in your lower abs.
  • With your abs still engaged, keep your spine in neutral. Now, begin to slowly lift your hips off the floor to form a bridge pose.
  • Inhale and exhale, then in a slow-motion lower yourself down.
  • Do a 10 hip lift and then hold your hips up. Still in that posture, take a deep breath gently, 5 times.
  • To end the pose, slowly lower back down to the floor, roll on to your side then assume a sitting position.

The supported bridge post opens up and softens the abdominal tissue heals prolapsed uterus and controls menstrual flow reduces back pain.

Yoga For Fibroid Treatment

Yoga Exercises To Shrink Uterine Fibroids | Uterine Fibroids Cure

Fibroids are a serious problem in women. About 70% of women develop fibroids within the uterus during their lifetime. Uterine fibroids can make your life difficult, causing symptoms such as pain, severe menstrual periods, and pelvic cramps. MedlinePlus states that approximately one in five women develop uterine fibroids, a type of non-cancerous tumor, in their childbearing years. There are many ways to cure fibroids naturally or prevent them in natural ways and one of them is yoga, yoga is a good treatment option for fibroids treatment. Let us know in detail the yoga asanas for fibroid treatment.

If you want to learn different types of yoga then you can join a 200 Hour Yoga Teacher Training in Bali, Indonesia.

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Lifestyle Changes To Try

Many women state that making some changes in their everyday life can help improve their painful fibroid symptoms.

Women who are overweight or obese are more likely to have fibroids, so getting down to a healthy weight through exercise and dietary changes may help with fibroid symptoms.

In addition, many women find taking up tai-chi or yoga eliminates some of the worst symptoms associated with uterine fibroids. Stress management is another excellent benefit from these activities that contributes greatly to improve a persons overall health.

Are You Thinking To Remove Painful Uterine Fibroids

Fibroids literally kill with its severe pain and non-stop periods. It ruins sex life and endangers the dreams of becoming a Mom. Fibroids are the number ONE reason for hysterectomy in the US.

Each year, up to 500,000 women in the United States have a hysterectomy- Observer.Com

I upset

I feel upset when I have seen news of a teenage girl who removed her uterus unable to bear the extreme pain. It really made me very sad that modern medicine fails to treat the menace of fibroids for which woman has to sacrifice her motherhood.

The real problem is this

The real tragedy is that the removal of the uterus doesnt give women freedom from disease. Here you have to realize one thing. The fibroids itself is not a problem.

The real problem is estrogen dominance. The removal of the uterus doesnt correct estrogen dominance and therefore it will manifest in various forms including ovarian cysts and breast cancer.

Endometrial cancer, uterine sarcoma, cervical cancer, and cancer of the ovaries or fallopian tubes often require a hysterectomy.Observer.Com

So Fibroids is the symptom and estrogen dominance is the disease.

The First and foremost

You have to realize that there is no fault with your body and therefore stop feeling bad about yourself. The environment you live, the diets you eat and everyday products you use are responsible for estrogen dominance in your body.

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Control Your Blood Pressure

There seems to be a link between blood pressure and fibroids. This is an important part of not only managing stress, but staying on a healthy diet. Limit your salt intake to keep your blood pressure low. Check it frequently, and amp up the exercise to keep your vascular system functioning to the best of its ability.

What Fibroid Treatments Are Best For You

Yoga Exercises To Shrink Uterine Fibroids

Fibroids are non-cancerous tumors that develop in the uterusand can range in size from that of a pea to as large as a watermelon. Havingfibroids is quite common: 70 to 80 percent of women will develop uterinefibroids during their lifetimes and the likelihood of developing fibroidsincreases as a woman nears menopause.

What are uterinefibroids

Many women will not have any symptoms or know they havefibroids until a provider finds them during a routine pelvic exam. Symptoms oflarger or multiple uterine fibroids include:

  • Problemperiods: Heavy or prolonged periodsor spotting between periods.
  • Pain: Low back pain, pain with intercourse, or pelvic painand pressure.
  • Urination: Increased frequency of needing to use the bathroomor difficulty emptying the bladder.
  • Conceptionconcerns: Difficulty gettingpregnant.

Preventing and managing fibroids

Doctors usually recommend watchful waiting for women who dont have symptoms or whose symptoms dont affect their quality of life. This approach means your doctor will monitor you to determine if there are changes that require more aggressive treatment.

While you cannot totally prevent fibroids, your doctor maysuggest modifying your diet, which might help slow fibroid growth or easefibroid symptoms. Foods to eat if youve been diagnosed with fibroids include:

Avoid these foods, which may lead to weight gain and fibroidgrowth:

Fibroid treatment options

Medical therapy

Fibroid surgery

There are two surgical approaches for fibroids:

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Which Yoga Exercises Helps You To Shrink Uterine Fibroids

Certain types of yoga exercises can help with a condition called uterine fibroids. Learn how to teach effective yoga exercise for uterine fibroids with help from a personal training expert in this free video clip..Expert: Carol Ann.Contact: www.CyberWorkouts.com.Bio: Carol Ann has more than 19 years of professional fitness training experience and holds a Masters Degree in exercise science and health promotion..Filmmaker: Christopher Rokosz.Series Description: In addition to helping you stay fit, yoga can also be a great way to help relieve the affects of a few common conditions. See how yoga can help your conditions with help from a personal training expert in this free video clip.

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Please watch: 1 Mile Walk at Home | Healthy Heart Walk at Home | Indoor Walking Workout | Walking Exercise.https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SDAqwC2UhJg Best Yoga Asanas to treat Uterus related problems.Yoga For UTERUS FIBROID & Cysts.5 Best Yoga to cure OVARIAN Cyst.Womens WorkoutBe happy With ANTAS YOG.http://www.antasyog.com.For details..visit our you tube page on the link below: https://www.youtube.com/user/induj1508.Once you see results, It becomes an ADDICTION.Thanks for watching .

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