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How To Correct Knock Knees Yoga

Why Are We Prone To Knee Problems

YOGA FOR KNOCK KNEES – Can You Correct Your Knock Knees Naturally?

Our bodies are predisposed to injuries of the extensor mechanism because the hip joints are wider than the knees in a neutral standing position. The natural Y-shaped configuration to the leg bones promotes uneven contraction of the quadriceps, and problems such as hyperextension of the knees make these natural imbalances even worse. As a result, when we contract the quadriceps to straighten the leg, the unevenness of the contraction tends to pull the kneecap to the outside, thanks to the greater pull of the outermost quadriceps .

The innermost quadriceps is most responsible for counteracting this pull. This muscle tends to be weak and underused, while the outer thigh muscle tends to be stronger from overuse. So if you want to keep the knee healthy , you need to learn to strengthen the vastus medialis. In fact, physical therapists consider exercises to strengthen this neglected muscle key in the rehabilitation of knee injuries.

Structural misalignments tend to limit the vastus medialis& apos proper functioning–and can even weaken it in relation to the other quadriceps muscles, making it even harder to work with.

Side Lying Hip Abduction

If youre looking for an easy way to treat knock knees with stretches and exercises one of the best things you can begin doing is the side lying hip abduction exercise.

Like the name suggests the main muscles this exercise helps strengthen are your hip abductors which include the tensor fasciae latae, gluteus medius, and gluteus minimus.

As mentioned earlier, strengthening these muscles is essential to preventing your knees from turning inward and creating a knock kneed effect.

Moreover, this knee valgus exercise can help reduce many knock knee symptoms such as knee pain, balance problems, and improper gait.

To do the side lying hip abduction follow the steps below:

  • Begin this exercise by laying down on your left side with your hips facing forward.
  • You can keep your legs extended or you can bend them slightly. Just make sure they are lined up evenly on top of one another. You also want to make sure your hips are in a parallel line.
  • To give your head some support and prevent your neck from straining youre going to place your arms beneath your head. Keep your head rested on your forearm for the duration of this exercise.
  • Now, begin raising the leg on top which should be your right leg about 45 degrees into the air. Your upper leg should go above your hip joint for the best stretch of your hip abductor muscles.
  • Next, after youve held your upper leg in the air for a good 2 seconds go ahead and slowly lower it back down on top of your other leg. This completes one rep.
  • Mountain Pose: Make It A Block Party

    Mountain Pose or Tadasana sets the stage for many standing poses. However, this pose often exacerbates a knock kneed posture which internally rotates the femur bones and overuses the outer hips , thus weakening the inner thighs.

    Strategically using a block can help you align the knees directly under the hips, broaden the hamstrings, and strengthen the weaker muscles of the quadricep group, preparing for a healthier and happier practice.

    • Stand with your feet parallel, about hip width distance.
    • Squeeze a block above your knees, between your mid to upper thighs to strengthen the Vastus Medialis .
    • Maintain a lengthened spine without excessively rounding the lumbar spine.
    • You can also try this technique in Utkatasana and/or Uttanasana to receive the same benefits.

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    Are Knock Knees Normal

    Knock knees are definitely a normal part of the developmental growth stage for many children.

    However, it usually corrects itself by the time the child reaches the age of 7 or 8.

    If the childs knock knees hasnt straightened out on its own by the time he or she is 8 it usually means theres an underlying problem such as an infection, disorder, or injury affecting the normal growth phase.

    Knock knees that persist after the age of 8 are usually more severe and will have a much wider knock knee angle appearance.

    Also, if your knock knees isnt part of the normal growth phase it will usually cause you a lot of pain and make you walk with a limp if not treated.

    Knock Knees Treatment/ How To Get Rid Of Knock Knees


    There is no such treatment is required if the children have knock knees. As it automatically corrects itself as they continue to grow. There is no need for any special shoes or avoiding physical activities and neither they need any physiotherapy or special treatment. The treatment is needed when the condition is severe. Usually, an operation to correct this problem is required. Read more here.

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    How To Fix Knock Knees Without Surgery By Treating The Underlying Condition

    Finally, if you want to know how to correct knock knees in adults without surgery you may need to treat the underlying condition causing the genu valgum. As mentioned above, there are a number of different conditions that can cause knock knees indirectly.

    Once you identify the underlying cause and treat it appropriately your knock knee leg will correct itself without the need for surgical procedures.

    Some common underlying conditions that may need to be treated first in order to correct knock knees include:

    Sir My Knees Strikes With Each Other I Have Come To Know That Their Is An Asana Called Brisk Asana Please Tell Me Solution

    Submitted by A on November 9, 2010 at 06:20

    knock knee problem

    • Virabhadra asana I or the Warrior Pose I This asana or pose focus and targets your neck, shoulders, lungs, chest, stomach, groin, thighs, knees, calves and ankles stretching and strengthening them. It is considered beneficial in treating knock knees and sciatica.
    • Virabhadra asana II or the Warrior Pose II – This asana or pose helps to strengthen and stretch the chest, lungs, shoulders, groin, legs, knees and ankles. It also increases your stamina and stimulates your stomach muscles. Helps to treat back pain, carpel tunnel syndrome, knock knees, flat feet, osteoporosis, infertility and sciatica.
    • Shavasana or the Corpse Pose This helps to fully relax your body and brings about a sense of calm and peace. It helps to rejuvenate your body and relaxes it completely after the yoga asanas or poses.
    • Pavanmuktasana or the Wind RelievingPose this asana or pose as the name suggests helps to get rid of excess gas in your body. But along with that it also helps to exercise your knees.
    • Trikonasana or the Triangle Pose This asana or pose stretches and strengthens your leg muscles and knees. It relieves the tension from your muscles and is helpful in improving the condition of knock knees.

    Submitted by G M on January 30, 2009 at 01:18

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    How Long Does It Take To Correct Knock Knees With Exercise

    How long it takes for these exercises to correct knock knees and stop your right knee from turning inward really depends on the severity of the deformity.

    Of course mild knock knees will heal much faster compared to a severe knock knee alignment.

    Either way dont expect to correct knock knees with exercise within weeks or months.

    It can literally take up to 2 to 3 years of consistently doing these knock knee exercises everyday to see the results youre looking for so be patient.

    If you have any questions or concerns about using exercises for knock knee correction seek the advice of an experienced physical therapist , or you can contact your local sports rehab center to help you.

    Exercise For Knock Knees In Yoga

    BOW LEGS YOGA: Which Muscles Should You Strengthen to Fix Bow Legs & Knock Knees?

    Believe it or not, there are a number of yoga pose variations you can use to strengthen weak muscles and stretch out tight muscles that could be responsible for your knees knocking.

    When it comes to yoga for knock knees one of the best poses you can begin practicing is the Warrior 2 pose.

    This yoga exercise helps fix your knock knees by stretching tight adductors, and strengthening weak glutes and external rotators that could be the reason your knee collapses inward.

    All of these muscle groups the Warrior 2 pose targets can play a role in you being knock kneed.

    To do the Warrior II pose do the following:

  • Start off in a standing position on a mat with your arms extended out at your sides. Your feet should be spread apart in a wide stance.
  • Next, turn your right foot to the right at about 90 degrees until your toes are positioned towards the top of the mat.
  • Now exhale and bend your right knee over your right ankle.
  • Maintain this stretched position for about half of a minute and then inhale to come back up to the starting position.
  • Repeat this yoga pose with the opposite foot and maintain the stretch for the same amount of time.
  • For a great demonstration on how to properly perform this Warrior II pose check out this video below:

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    How To Exercise With Bow Legs

    If you have bow legs, you can still exercise. You may want to choose lower impact exercises as these are less likely to lead to future knee problems due to a bow-legged alignment.

    One of the most important things you can do is to work on keeping your legs and knees in alignment during exercise. Physical therapists call this neuromuscular training. There are exercises that can help correct bow legs and improve balance, activities that are safer choices, and ways to modify exercises to make them safer.

    What To Expect After Guided Growth Surgery

    After the guided growth plate is inserted into the bone successfully you may be able to return to your typical day to day activities within the matter of a few weeks.

    You may experience a little pain immediately after the procedure but this is to be expected for about 2 weeks until your bones begin to heal.

    The good news is the pain wont be too severe since there werent any bones cut during the operation.

    How long the plate will remain along the growth area of one side of the bone will depend on various factors such as age, severity of the deformity, and the person.

    The orthopaedic surgeon will keep a close eye on progress of the operation by conducting X-ray examinations periodically.

    The surgeon will be checking to make sure the plate inserted is altering the growth of the bones inside your knee properly.

    Once the desired realignment of the knee is achieved the plate will be removed.

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    Exercises For Improving Balance

    Since research indicates slight balance impairments may be present in bow-legged individuals, you may wish to also incorporate balance exercises into your workout routine. Some good ideas may include:

    • Single leg standing: Standing on one foot
    • Tandem standing: Standing with one foot directly in front of the other
    • BOSU ball training: Using the BOSU balance trainer while doing exercises

    Before starting any exercise program, check in with your physician and physical therapist to ensure that exercising is safe for you to do.

    Treating Knock Knees Without Surgery

    How To Fix Knocked Knees (Genu Valgum) With Correction ...
  • 1Try low-impact exercises to strengthen your knees. When you have knock knees, its important to stay fit and strengthen your leg muscles while minimizing the impact on your knees.XResearch source Your doctor or physical therapist may recommend low-impact, joint friendly exercises such as biking, swimming, or walking.XResearch source Additionally, talk to them about exercises that are specifically targeted to the knees but wont increase your risk of injury or arthritis, such as:
  • Doing alphabets with your toes
  • Standing kick-backs
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    Supported Reclining Hero Pose: Get Back On Track

    Supta Virasana to the RESCUE!

    This variation of Hero Pose can work miracles on knees that slip off the track due to overworked outer thighs, lots of running, or habitually crossing your legs at your desk. And, the divine quadricep and hip flexor stretch here cant be beat!

    Keeping your shins and butt on the floor takes time and a certain flexibility that is not attainable for all. The use of props makes this possible and enjoyable! Heres the safest set up:

    • Create a t-shaped ramp with two bolsters, one for your spine and one to support your head.
    • From Hero Pose, place some folded blankets beneath the hips and make sure the toes face straight back, not off to the sides.
    • Recline back into this blissfully restorative and healing posture!

    What Type Of Knock Knee Correction Brace Should I Get

    The type of brace your doctor prescribes you will depend on whether or not youre slightly knock kneed or if your malalignment is more severe.

    If the knock-kneed malalignment is severe the physical therapist or orthopedist may supply you with a heavy-duty hinged brace such as the ALPS Knee Brace.

    Keep in mind, there may be a little trial and error when it comes to finding which style of bracing will work the best for you.

    Your doctor or physical therapist will be depending on you to let them know whether or not the style or size prescribed to you is the best knee brace for valgus knee.

    Whatever you do try to avoid buying any over-the-counter braces, or OTC knee brace, on your own without consulting your doctor first.

    For more on different types of braces for knock knees and bow legs correction like valgus knee unloader braces and how they can help realign the knees and relieve pain check out this study here.

    The medial unloader knee brace is a corrective knee brace often used for knock knees arthritis where the deformity is due to knee osteoarthritis. In such cases, bracing may reposition the knees.

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    Treatment And Exercise For Knock Knees

    • Take vitamin D and calcium supplements, vitamin C supplements.
    • Virasana, or hero pose, is effective in treating flat feet and knock knees.
    • Keep a block between thighs and try to move your legs as close as you can, hold it for 3 mins, keep repeating.
    • In a standing position, bring the legs 4 feet apart and stretch the arms out to the side. Turn the right toes to the right and deeply bend the right knee. Activate the arches and keep the right knee touching the wall. Hold for 30 seconds and repeat on the other side.
    • For more on knock-knees treatment do refer:

    Also check:

    Knock Knee Correction Surgery Knock Knee Surgery

    Exercise For Knock Knees in Yoga – How to Cure Knock Knees Naturally

    August 5, 2021 by mykkf

    Knock knee correction surgery primarily consists of a surgical procedure known as osteotomy where the doctor cuts into your tibia , or femur and realigns the leg and knee until the proper straightening of the leg is achieved.

    Also known as genu valgum, knock knees is a condition usually seen in young children whenever they stand up straight.

    The knock kneed appearance will show your knees together and touching one another while your feet and ankles stay separated.

    The complete opposite of this form of malignment is known as bow legs or genu varum. This is where your ankles and feet are joined together while your knees are spread apart forming a gap.

    The same knock knee surgery used to treat genu valgum is also used to correct bow legs.

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    Knock Knees Exercises 8 Of The Best Stretches & Exercises To Correct Genu Valgum

    June 20, 2021 by mykkf

    There are more than a few knock knees exercises you can do to fix mild-moderate cases of knock-knees.

    Exercises for genu valgum work by strengthening your hip muscles and outer thighs. In addition to strengthening weak muscles, the best exercises to correct knock knees also help stretch muscles in your hips and thighs that are too tight.

    Knock Knee Correction Without Surgery

    One of the most common questions we get on this site is can knock knees be corrected in adults without surgery or can knock knees be corrected in adults by exercise?

    When it comes to knock knee treatment without surgery there are various correction techniques that are very effective against mild cases. However, in order to correct severe knock knees thats a whole other story.

    If youre interested in learning how to fix knock knees without surgery the first option available to you are strengthening exercises.

    Keep reading and well show you the top ways to correct knock knees with exercise.

    Just keep in mind if youre a parent worried about your childs knock knee that most times this problem usually corrects itself before the child reaches around 8 years old.

    Child knock knee correction usually isnt necessary because the problem tends to correct itself as a child grows.

    However, if you want to know how to fix knock knees in adults or have a child older than 8 suffering from mild to moderate knock knees check out some great ways to correct knock knees without surgery below.

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    How Is Knock Knee Diagnosed

    An orthopedic specialist will review the patients medical and family history, any pre-existing conditions and current health. They will also do a physical examination of the legs and gait. Standing-alignment or images will help confirm the diagnosis. These are radiological images of the leg from hip down to the ankle, which help the doctor locate the exact location and mechanical axis of the deformity.

    How Long Does It Take To Recover From Knock Knee Surgery

    How to Fix Knock Knees in Hindi

    The amount of time it takes to fully recover from knock knee surgery will ultimately depend on the person.

    It may take you at least 2 months of recovery after surgery before you can begin doing some weight bearing activities.

    After 6 months most people who undergo this form of surgery can return to doing their normal activities before the procedure.

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