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How To Clean Gaiam Yoga Mat

Gaiam Yoga Mat Review: Verdict

How to Clean Yoga Mats

The Gaiam yoga mat honestly has some of the best non-slip I’ve ever experienced, especially for a mat in this price range. The same can be said for its lifespan I never expected a mat in this price bracket to last three years but it’s still going strong. Plus, although it’s PVC, it’s free from latex and phthalates meaning it isn’t as harmful as some other PVC mats when it does come to the end of its life.

Can I Use Clorox Wipes On My Yoga Mat

If you can even find Clorox wipes for sale right now, consider yourself lucky! But you should save them for surfaces other than your yoga mat as they contain harsh chemicals and you can do the same type of disinfecting with less-abrasive options.

If you do opt to disinfect your yoga mat with Clorox wipes, Stiff says you should plan to clean it after youve waited long enough for their chemicals to kill germs. “In order for a disinfectant to be effective, the entire surface needs to be visibly wet for a certain period of time, he says. After waiting the appropriate time, you absolutely must rinse your mat off and wipe it clean to remove as much of the product as possible.

This way, you can get rid of the germs, but you leave less time for chemicals to sit and potentially break down or affect your matyou also reduce the chance of them causing skin irritation next time you use it.

How Important Is A Clean Yoga Mat

Consider childs pose, a posture thats meant to be relaxing and therapeutic. If your yoga mat isnt clean, youre face to face with a variety of bacteria and germs that can cause problems for your health.

Whether youre practicing at home, in a studio or outdoors, your yoga mat will slowly accumulate dirt, dust and other particles nearby. Your skin may flake as well, and any oils or lotions you had on your body may seep into the mat.

When youre spending so much time on your yoga mat, and often close to it, it can aggravate allergies, lead to reactions on your skin or just generally cause discomfort. Bacteria and fungus can lead to warts, rashes or other skin issues.

Whats more, physically intense yoga means that youre likely building up a sweat, which can cause your mat to smell or break down if it isnt kept clean. Even without arduous exercises, placing your hands and feet on the yoga mat with regularity means that you should be washing it after every use.

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Amazon Best Seller: Asutra Natural & Organic Yoga Mat Cleaner

Asutra is a leading brand for making yoga mat clear, over 4000+ users praise the quality and recommend to buy. So we confidently add Asutra Yoga Mat cleaner is this checklist.

For formulating Asutra use only pure organic and natural essential oils. Ideal for your all yoga mat and props make it clean and refresh. The Uplifting Eucalyptus fragrance is obtained from eucalyptus essential oil, which has therapeutic qualities.

It kills all bacteria, germs, dirt, dust completely sanitizes your mat vanish instantly with every wipe. Asutra strictly used only 100% biodegradable, organic, and natural solutions that contain zero phosphates, bleach, parabens, artificial colors, fragrances, alcohol, and detergents or harsh chemicals.

While you spray it evaporates quickly and no leaves any slippery residue. It comes with a 4 oz bottle easy to carry anywhere you want. With the cleaner you also get a free microfiber towel for making your cleaning process easier.


Best French Lavender: Treeborn Yoga Mat Cleaner : Gaiam Solid Premium Yoga Mats (5mm) : Sports ...

If you are looking for an alcohol-free yoga mat cleaner that TreeBorn yoga mat spray is ideal for you. Very effective and soothing without leaving a slippery or sticky residue behind.

Formulate using all-natural safe ingredients and add enough Tea Tree Oil to clean and control odor without overuse of lavender fragrance. It is also free from harmful scents, soaps, or other fatty oils.

It is 100% safe for your sensitive skin as well as not breakdown any kind of yoga mat. Many essentials oils vaporize in the plastic bottles but it comes with a glass bottle so no worries about vaporization.

Glass bottle is a brilliant initiative by TreeBorn its a great contribution to safe nature. You can spray down on your yoga mat, blocks, wheel, or other workouts accessories and wipe with soft cloth or towel.

Even you can also use to clean your yoga strap, gym bag, or bolsters.


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Advantages Of Gaiam Yoga Mats

With more than 25 years in the market, Gaiam promotes a healthy lifestyle and wellness accessible to anyone, which is why buying a mat of this brand gives you the following advantages:

  • Stability and anti-slip in each type and position of yoga.
  • You can use them for home or study.
  • It is a healthy option for the environment because they are BPA free.
  • They are light and durable so you can easily transport them from one place to another
  • You can choose between different thicknesses according to your needs.

Note: The mat can become brittle if exposed to the sun for long periods of time, so it is recommended to keep the mat dry and clean in a yoga bag after the session.

Is Gaiam Yoga Mat Perfect

Theres no ideal mat however, should you study their features in addition to defects, you can discover one which is only suitable for you. The perfect Gaiam yoga mat is one that is fit in to your bodys requirements, your method of life, and the sort of yoga you practice. A thicker mat usually supplies more comfort however, it can impact the mats stability once it concerns standing positions. Standard mats are composed of economic strength plastics, which assist them last a long minute. Inside our experience, more magnificent superior yoga mats constructed out of natural products are rather more consideration.

There is various sort of yoga mats in the Gaiam store based upon the attributes you prefer or the type of yoga youre practicing. Even the perfect yoga mat will use out after a guaranteed duration. You may likewise position your previous yoga mat in your car trunk, and you may put groceries or sports equipment or other stuff from tossing in the automobile and avoid your automobile from any damage within the chest.

There are many types of yoga mats out there in the industry these days, and likewise, there are a series of things to consider if you are looking for the one which best fits your design and level. Because there are all sorts of textures yoga mats can have, when looking around, make sure to concentrate on the texture description so you may get what you want.

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Soak Your Yoga Mat And Put In The Bath Tub

One of the most basic ways to clean your mat is to use a solution of mild detergent and warm water. For making a solution take 2 cups of water and 4 drops of dish soap. Then sink your yoga mat in the bathtub for a couple of minutes.

Make sure that you dont use too much soap, an excess quantity of soap making your mat slippery that is dangerous. This solution easily removes oil, dirt, and odors. Washing or dish soap detergent is a great option for fine cleaner your yoga mat.

After lots of research, I found that many experts suggest washing the yoga mat with vinegar. But aware, vinegar leaves a weird and lasting smell of your mat, that make your practice more enjoyable.

Rinse The Mat In Clean Water

Gaiam Jute Yoga Mat review and 5 minute flow with David Norton
  • Rinse the mat but make sure the water you are using is clean. This is simply to help remove any residues of the detergent or soap. This will reduce the likelihood of you having to exercise on a slippery mat.
  • The mat should be rinsed off until the water is clear.
  • In the event that the water does not become clear within a short amount of time, you should consider washing your yoga mat again using a soft cloth. After another wash, rinse the mat until the water is clear.

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How To Clean Gaiam Yoga Mat

Remember that you only want enough detergentâand bubblesâto clean the mat and not make it slippery. If your yoga mat is peeling or pieces of it are adhering to your clothes, consider purchasing a new mat. In the meantime, you’re able to emerge clean it with a little bit of homemade spray. My favorite homemade yoga mat spray recipe! Shop our robust top rated selection of grip & rubber yoga mats to find your perfect mat! Picking the right yoga mat might seem like picking the right flavor of ice creamâis there really a bad option? Does your yoga mat stink because you have not cleaned it for a long time? The organic essential oils in the cleaning spray, including ginger keep your yoga mat clean with the help of gaiam yoga mat cleaner spray. Yoga mats make it more comfortable to perform all kinds of poses. It’s pvc design is perfect for keeping out bacteria that causes your mat to smell, making it perfect for the yogi that likes to practice a few times a day but doesn’t want to have to constantly clean their yoga mat. The gaiam yoga mat is the best yoga mat, and it’s one of the only things keeping me sane right now. Yoga is not just about physical exercise. Can you clean a yoga mat with lysol/clorox wipes?

Store your gaiam yoga mat in a mat bag when not in use. Our super yoga mat wash won’t damage your mat’s fibers or remove its stickiness. How to clean gaiam yoga mat? Simple and yummy and sure to inspire you back to the yoga mat. Best yoga mats imore 2021.

Which Method Carry Out You Roll A Yoga Mat

Roll your mat all the method up. There will be a small area at the end where the within will be exposed, however for one the most part, the entire top surface area of your mat, the part you exercise on will remain tidy. If you rolled it end to end, your mat will remain rolled up practically as firmly as it would.

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Hang Yoga Mat And Let It Dry

After removing the excess water, now unroll the mat from the towel. You can use clothe hangers to hang up, but hanger may leave marks so place a piece of cloth between mat and hanger.

Laundry dry rack is the best option to dry your yoga mat more effectively from both sides. We dont recommend put your mat on the dryer, it not only damages yoga mat but maybe catch fire. Dont use mat until dry. For testing remaining moisture just squeeze your mat between fingers.

How Often To Clean Or Wash A Yoga Mat : Gaiam Premium Yoga Mat (5mm) : Sports &  Outdoors

The sequence of clean yoga mat depends on two major factors:

  • Frequency: How many time yoga-practising once a week.
  • Body Behaviour: behaviour means you sweat a lot or not.

If you are practising six days a week as well as you sweat a lot, then mat retains a bacteria that cause an odour. So you have to maintain your yoga mat and clean it regularly. But aware that after over cleaning some cheap quality mats are wear out quickly.

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No 5 Muse Bath Apothecary Yoga Ritual


  • 2 Pack


  • MUSE BATH Muse Bath Apothecary Yoga Mat Cleaner restores any exercise mat with an aromatherapeutic combination of natural aromas and necessary oils reviving your yoga mat and use
  • YOGA RITUAL Refreshing Yoga Mat Cleaner completely cleans and cleans dirty and stale-smelling yoga mats, props, and fitness facilities. Fashionable enzymes break down tough stains, dirt, body oil, makeup, and perspiration
  • NATURAL INGREDIENTS Use the power of life to nurture your everyday well-being. Our plant-based formula is infused with Eucalyptus Mint basic oils to give therapeutic aromas to your mat. Show your yoga mat some love
  • MADE IN USA Vegan, Plant-based formula, safe, and highly effective. Cruelty-Free, Leaping Bunny Certified. Free from harsh elements. Paraben & EDTA free, pH balanced
  • A SPECIAL GIFT Our excellent Muse Bath Yoga Ritual Refreshing Yoga Mat Cleaner is a classic gift option for yourself or a loved one, sure to be accepted and understood. Great for Valentines Day, Mothers Day, Birthday, Etc.
  • CONS

    How To Clean Yoga Mat

    Dont matter how frequently you use your yoga mat, but it will get sweaty, dirty, and maybe stinky with use. You practicing, laugh, talk, struggle, meditation, holding a pose, and sweat on your yoga mat, then mat reaches the point when you have to clean your yoga mat.

    And if you really want to continue with your current yoga mat then it needs some extra care. Many experts and professional yogis suggest You have to clean your yoga mat after every yoga session.

    For the long life of your yoga mat, you have to wash regularly and keep daily maintenance to enjoy the slip-free and clean practice.

    How to Clean Your Yoga Mat? Must check mat care guidelines first. Or you can also read here some options for carefully cleaning your yoga mat:

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    New Yoga Mat Eliminate The Smell

    A new yoga mat is full of promise and excitement to revitalize your practice. But along with promise, a new mat offers up something less appealing: new-mat smell.

    Whether your mat is made of rubber, jute, bamboo, or the more common and affordable PVC, it will release an odor that alerts all around you to its newness.

    Whats a concerned yogi one who doesnt want to subject herself or her fellow downward doggers to headache-inducing off-gassing to do?

    Well, while you likely wont eliminate the smell completely , you can certainly reduce its assault on your nose. Here’s how:

    Gaiam Yoga Mat Review: Performance

    How To Get The Smell Out of a New Yoga Mat

    I’ve had my Gaiam Chakra Print Yoga mat for three years. It’s been used extensively in that time and has always been my go-to mat for my own practice. It’s only really in the last few months that I’ve noticed some wear and tear signs such as the mat starting to get a bit flaky where my feet are constantly aligned in things like downward dog and warriors. But I think after 3 years of heavy usage, this mat is a great investment and stands the test of time.

    Let’s talk about this mat’s non-slip surface. It has a light, tacky feel to it which provides the grip. This tackiness isn’t distracting during a practice but it definitely has a unique feel compared to other PVC yoga mats. It actually feels ‘sticky’. The non-slip has lasted the whole time I’ve had my mat and I would argue, has even gotten better the more I’ve used it. This mat is my trusted ally when teaching now for its guaranteed non-slip properties .

    The Gaiam Chakra Print Yoga mat is classed as a lightweight mat and measures 68″ L x 24″ W. If you’re taller than 5ft 6′, this mat won’t be a good choice for you, and you’ll want to go for one of Gaiam’s longer/wider versions, which add an extra 10″ to the length and 2″ to the width.

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    No 4 Yoga Mat Cleaner

    • Free Microfiber Cleaning Towel Included
    • Misty Lavender


  • MADE USING HEALTHY MATERIALS: Specifically formulated utilizing purified water, basic oil , you can certainly show your yoga mat some love!
  • PURIFIES AND KEEPS YOUR MAT CLEAN: Our Common Herb-Scented yoga mat cleaner is meant to clean your yoga mat, by getting rid of offensive odor, dirt, or infection that may negatively impact your whole life.
  • ENJOY TRUE BENEFITS OF ESSENTIAL OIL: Whether youre a core yoga fan or a health practitioner, our cleaner will no uncertainty be a striking option. Starring a fresh smelling lavender scent, our yoga cleaner has aromatherapy features that will keep appearing calm and excited.
  • FREE TOWEL: One of the compelling ideas why our yoga mat cleaner is a must-have is that it provides you and for less. We dont just give you a good yoga mat cleaner and add a free cleaning cloth to get your work carefully.
  • 5 STAR EXPERIENCE GUARANTEE: Giving you yoga mat cleaner spray and the highest customer care is our priority. You will be happy with our yoga mat cleaner. We know errors could happen. If you are not 100% done or have any problems at all with your order, please feel free to reach us!
  • CONS

    S You Can Take To Eliminate New Yoga Mat Smell:

  • Begin by unrolling your mat to determine the severity of your smell problem. Frankly, my Gaiam natural rubber mat, while odorous, wasnt unpleasant to me, so I simply let time work its magic until the smell vanished altogether.
  • Try hanging your mat outside for a day or two. As anyone who line-dries their laundry knows, fresh air and UV rays can do wonders.
  • If thats not enough, mix up an odor-busting solution. Some practitioners swear by a simple 50/50 mixture of water and apple cider vinegar. You can leave it at that or, to boost its antimicrobial, anti-fungal properties, add a few drops of your favorite essential oil. Put it in a spray bottle and spritz away! This can also work as a mat cleaner after a regular yoga practice has created a different, sweat-induced yoga mat smell.
  • If you want to not only eliminate the new-mat smell but replace it with a pleasant smell, try this. Pour witch hazel into a spray bottle , add water to top it off, along with a few drops your other favorite essential oil. It might take a bit of time but you can accelerate the creation of a sweet-smelling mat.
  • Try Gaiams Super Yoga Mat Wash. Gaiams solution to the new mat smell includes organic essential oils with proven antiseptic, antibacterial, and moisturizing properties to have your new mat smelling great in no time.
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