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How To Clean Cork Yoga Mat

Why Is The Grip Of Your Mat Important

Review of the Cork Yoga Mat From 2nd Wind – YogiApproved

To Help With Balance

Having a mat with a good grip is important to avoid slipping while practicing yoga. If your mat does not have much of a grip, it becomes easier to fall or slide during balancing poses. Instead, you will want a mat that has just enough cushion with a good grip that can help you maintain your balance in a pose without forcing the pressure into your ankles.

For When You Sweat

Some yoga mats are specifically designed to offer a good grip and become stickier the more you practice and the more you sweat. This feature is great, but you will want to make sure that your mat is not becoming stickier from absorbing sweat. When sweat is absorbed past the first layer, bacteria can easily grow with the mat. Instead, look for a mat that will keep sweat in the first layer, making it easier to clean. For a mat like this, you will want one that is non-porous. This is why cork yoga mats are some of the best for offering a good grip. The material reacts with sweat to become stickier, but it also allows you to easily clean the sweat when you are done.

Cleaning Yoga Mats In The Washing Machine

Most yogis avoid using the washing machine to clean their mats, but sometimes they require a more in-depth cleaning that isnt always achievable with a hand wash. First, check to make sure your yoga mat is machine washable.

If it is, wash the mat on your machines gentle cycle. Hang on a laundry rack to air dry. Yoga mats last much longer with less exposure to the washing machine, so only do this if its necessary.

Aside from causing your mats to degrade more quickly, some fibers found in yoga mats are not suitable for the environment and should be avoided as much as possible.

Keeping Your Cork Yoga Mat Clean

No one likes the smell of accumulated sweat on their yoga mat or the chemical based sprays that are usually provided at the gym.

Thanks to the natural antimicrobial and antibacterial qualities of cork, keeping your mat clean is a lot easier than a regular yoga mat.

Any bacteria that does make its way onto your mat will not be able to live there. With very minimal upkeep, its easy to enjoy a fresh smelling surface every time you roll your cork yoga mat out.

If you dont have a cork yoga mat yet click on the button below. Otherwise, lets get into how to clean your cork yoga mat!

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How To Clean Pvc Yoga Mats

While PVC yoga mats are not recommended for sustainable yoga practice, the reality is that this is the most common type of mat out there. They are incredibly easy to clean because the material itself isnt in any way sensitive. You can use any of the above DIY yoga mat cleaners on a PVC yoga mat. If you want a really deep clean, you can also make one with the following ingredients:

  • ½ cup water
  • 1 tsp baking soda
  • 2 drops tea tree oil

Add the ingredients into a spray bottle and shake to combine. The vinegar and baking soda will fizz up and will help to clean your yoga mat. This spray is safe to use after every yoga session, or as a deep clean. Towel off your mat after cleaning, and hang to fully dry.

Tip: Another method of cleaning your PVC yoga mat is to take it into the shower with you once a month and give it a good hose down.

Natural Rubber Yoga Mats

How To Clean Your Cork Yoga Mat  The Asanas

Another eco-friendly option is natural rubber yoga mats. These are similar to cork mats since they are both sourced from renewable resources. The material comes from the sap of rubber trees and makes the mats a little heavier than usual.

Rubber mats feel spongy and offer great support. However, this can make it a little hard to transition from one pose to another when practicing.

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Why You Should Cork It

You may know it as the little stub that stays between you and your sacred vino on a Friday night, but cork is a seriously awesome, underestimated material. Aside from bottles of wine, cork can be used for many things. In particular, entrepreneurs have shown a growing interest in cork for their sustainable eco-friendly properties.Cork is made from the bark of a tree commonly found in the Mediterranean area around Spain, Portugal, France, Italy, Morocco, and Tunisia. The cork is harvested by stripping down the bark of trees, which naturally regrows. Theres no cutting down or wasteful residue in the process, making it an ideal renewable resource.In terms of your yoga mat, the antimicrobial properties help to repel mold and mildew away, which means its practically self-cleaning and doesnt smell ever.

Should You Scrub Your Cork Yoga Mat

While some yoga mats need quite a bit of scrubbing to get them clean, the beauty of cork is that germs do not penetrate into the mat. This means that it is not necessary to scrub your mat.

The problem is that if you scrub cork too hard, you can actually damage it. Plus, cork does not need that much scrubbing at all, so your efforts would be futile. If you do, however, feel that your mat needs a bit of a scrub, do so gently. Scrubbing should never be done with anything abrasive. A gentle washcloth is usually best for wiping your mat down since it is not as intense. You can also use a soft sponge if you prefer.

If you were to use a rough sponge or anything similar, there is a good chance you could break apart the surface and damage your mat, and that is something you will want to avoid!

Since sweat and germs will stay on the top layer of the mat, scrubbing is not necessary like it would be with other mat materials. Just a gentle wipe down will do the trick and keep your mat clean and in good shape.

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Finding The Best Way To Clean Your Yoga Mat

There are tons of different yoga mat materials that all require various cleaning methods. Always check the manufacturers guidelines. These recommendations provide you with material make-up and proper care and cleaning instructions.

PVC is one of the most common yoga mats. These mats are non-porous and dont absorb liquids. Polyurethane mats are porous, which makes them non-slip. Because of the pores, they become ruined if soaked in water and accept spraying only.

Natural rubber mats are also popular in the yoga world. These are meant to biodegrade over a long period and require extra caution when cleaning.

Cork yoga mats are also standard. They are naturally antibacterial but also require gentle handling when cleaning. If you havent bought a yoga mat yet, ask your yoga teacher for suggestions.

Discovering the best way to clean your yoga mat is all dependent on the mat you have. Using a homemade yoga mat cleaner is both cost-effective and straightforward. The proper cleaning care extends the life of your mat and makes your classes more enjoyable.

Can You Wash Yoga Mats


Id say no. Many people ask if you can just toss your yoga mats into a washing machine and call it a day? Youll have to check the manufactures recommendations for details. However, in my experience, it isnt recommended or necessary.

If you really want to though, Id completely avoid top-loaded washing machines with an agitator. Theyll shred your yoga mat. Even if you do wash your mat in a side-loading machine, youll probably get some unwanted wear and tear in the process. Its much simpler to just rub down your mat with a cloth and a 50/50 solution.

Also, if you have a cork yoga mat, you should absolutely NOT put it into a washing machine.

Note: Please dont put your cat or your cork yoga mat in your washing machine.

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Natural Rubber Vs Cork Yoga Mat

Natural rubber mats a great competitor to cork ones. They are sustainable, durable, and are self-cleaning as well. Rubber ones also are lighter than cork mats, and can easily be folded. However, these yoga mats do not have as much versatility.

They lack the ability to do well in heat/sunlight, and therefore its not recommended for outdoor use. It may not be best for those who practice hot yoga either because they do not always maintain the best grip while wet.

Another issue people have with natural rubber is that it has a bad smell. The scent comes from the material itself, so you cannot escape it no matter what brand you buy.

Cork mats are the clear winner due to their traction, durability, and ability to be used both in and outdoors.

Can I Clean A Yoga Mat In A Washing Machine

Good question! Technically, some brands, like Yellow Willow, for example, make yoga mats that are actually machine washable. Just know that while the thought of tossing your mat in the wash along with your yoga pants sounds tempting, you should be sure to read the instructions first and do exactly as described by the manufacturer .

Common no-nos include turning on the spin or tumble cycle and adding harsh detergentsand definitely dont put it in the dryer.

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Best Mat For Where You Practice

Where you practice is also a factor that should be taken into consideration when buying your yoga mat. For example, if you are practicing in a studio versus in your backyard, the proper choice of mat may vary. Different mats work better on different surfaces. Therefore, it is important to learn about which surface you will be practicing on the most to ensure that you are using the best possible mat for you.

Carpeted Floor- Lets say you are practicing at home and are using a carpeted floor. Mats tend to slide pretty easily on the carpet if they do not have much weight or grip to them. If you are practicing on carpet, look for a mat that has a bit more weight and uses a material that is less likely to slide on carpet. We recommend using a mat thats bottom is made of sustainable rubber to keep it from sliding.

Hard Floor- Whether you are practicing in a studio or at home, floors that are harder can also make mats slide pretty easily. This means you will definitely want a mat with a good grip on the bottom. However, its also incredibly important to keep in mind that a harder floor will put more pressure on your joints. Therefore, a mat with more padding is better when you are practicing on a hard floor.

Diy Yoga Mat Cleaner Vinegar

Cork Yoga Mat Benefits &  Grip Tips. How to clean your cork ...

Can you make a do it yourself yoga mat cleaner?

Before you start pouring vinegar on your mat, let me add that its a good idea to mix it with some other ingredients to make an official yoga mat cleaner.

This wont take long to make, and since vinegar is acidic, it has a long shelf life, so you dont have to worry about wasting product, or having to make the mixture often.

Below are two recipes, with one starring white distilled vinegar, and the other starring apple cider vinegar.

Note: These recipes are useful for slightly soiled products. If your yoga mat is extremely dirty, scroll to the next section.

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How To Clean Different Types Of Yoga Mats

Amber ScrivenYoga Teacher, Acupuncturist

Yoga teacher, acupuncturist, herbalist and writer View more

Cleaning your yoga mat should be one of the rituals you bring into your yoga practice. A plethora of bacteria, viruses and microbes are being transported on to the floor of your beautiful yoga studio daily, and lying face down in Child’s Pose with all those cooties is going to have you contract a cold at some point if not worse.

Plus, there’s also the physical dirt from your hands and feet that are transferred to your mat each time you practice. Over time, they build up and might even create a layer of visible grime, which you will then be practicing in. Think about how many poses involve putting your face on the mat!

Protect yourself this cold and flu season and keep your mat pristine and clean by taking a minute after class to hang your mat and wipe it down with some warm water and one of these combos depending on the fabric your mat is made from:

How To Clean Your Cork Yoga Mat

Lately I have been craving three things a new cork yoga mat, chai tea, and movies starring Chris Hemsworth . If youve yet to be acquainted, chai tea is a delicious Indian tea blended with herbs and spices, while Chris Hemsworth is the gorgeous specimen of a man who lets be real…needs no introduction . For the cork mats, I went straight to Chuchka for their contemporary, fun and eco-friendly designs.

Truth is, I am fussy with yoga mats. Firstly, they have to be durable. And of course a beautiful design will inspire me to do more yoga .

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How To Clean A Pvc Yoga Mat

PVC mats are ‘closed-cell structures’, meaning they can withstand a lot more in terms of rigorous cleaning and don’t absorb water, or in fact sweat. However, this doesn’t mean other germs won’t gather on the surface.

Essentially PVC mats are non-porous, which means you can use soapy water and a towel to remove grime from the surface. Don’t be afraid to give these types of mats a good dousing of soapy water they can take it. Using a disinfectant after this initial clean is a good idea to ensure any bacteria are fully removed.

PVC mats are the most robust and can also be cleaned rigorously by soaking them in water in the bath or shower, for example, if you ever need to give them a deep clean. A spray of water and essential oils can be used on this type of mat for a pleasant smell next time you use it.

Do Cork Yoga Mats Smell

Yoloha Cork Yoga Mat for an environmentally friendly and healthy practice.

No, they do not smell. Cork yoga mats are self-cleaning, however, its always best to wipe them down at least once a week. You can use a washcloth and water or can use a combination of water, vinegar, and essential oils.

To find out how to make a proper cleanser, instructions can be found on this how to clean a cork yoga mat blog post.

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Body By Yogas Cork Yoga Mats

Our yoga mats are made out of Portuguese cork, and we have managed to fit six times more cork into our mats than a standard cork mat. We made sure to create a mat that has the perfect thickness. Some mats are too thick, preventing proper balance and putting pressure on the ankles. Other mats are too thin and slide easily, forcing pressure into the joints.

Many cork mats only have a thin layer of cork that is about the width of sandpaper. Our cork mats are sustainable. No trees were cut down in order to create them. They are also long lasting.

Like all cork mats, ours do not soak in sweat or absorb bacteria, so they are easy to clean as well. The cleaning tips in this blog can be used for our yoga mats.

Our cork mats are also much longer and wider than other brands, giving you plenty of space to practice on and spread out during poses. Sometimes, mats can be rather small, so for those who are taller, it can be more difficult to practice. This is why we made sure that our mats were longer and wider, making them great for just about any yoga practice, and serving people of all heights. This means that if you are tall, you will not have your feet hanging off the edge of the mat during meditation at the end of class, and you will not have to touch the dirty floor.

We also offer multiple versions of our mats. Some even have markings and lines to help with alignment for when you are practicing yoga.

Do you want to learn more about our mats?

Buy A High Quality Mat

Its a lot easier to take care of a yoga mat thats well-made, than to maintain a cheap one.

An organic cork yoga mat will last you 1-2 years, even with daily usage, whereas most yoga mats last around 8-12 months. The difference in lifespan is due to the durable, closed-cell molecular structure of cork, which can withstand far more strain than other materials found in standard mats.

Another benefit to using an organic cork yoga mat is that it practically cleans itself. Thanks to an all-natural, antibacterial, antimicrobial substance contained within cork, called Suberin, cork yoga mats stave off small particles and toxins. They also repel water, preventing mold and mildew from forming. As a result, your cork yoga mat will not get dirty or smelly easily.

In conclusion, by choosing to use organic cork yoga equipment over standard, cheaply made alternatives, you can spend more time practicing yoga, and less time scouring the Internet for tips about how to clean a cork yoga mat.

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Simple Soap And Water Cleaning Recipe

One of the most popular and the best way to clean your yoga mat is often with a pure soap and water combination. Dish soap has degreasing qualities that tackle tough dirt and grime in no time. Use this most basic recipe to get stains off a yoga mat quickly and easily.

Simple Soap and Water Cleanser

  • Liquid dish soap
  • Water

In a large glass bowl, combine warm water and a few drops of dish soap. If youd like, add a few drops of your favorite essential oils to remove rubber smell from a yoga mat.

Dip a sponge in the bowl and scrub your yoga mat with the soapy water. Use a clean rag to rinse the suds off the mat. Dry with a paper towel.

Use this same simple solution for how to clean a cricut mat and other rubber-type mats around your home. Most stains dont stand up to soap and water.


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