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How To Clean A Cork Yoga Mat

Which Chemicals Can I Use On My Mat

The Story of Yoloha Yoga – Creating Cork Yoga Mats

Due to the natural and open-celled nature of the B MAT, we recommend avoiding using solvents, harsh abrasives, undiluted oils, or added moisturisers as these will clog or break down the compounds that keep the B MAT grippy and supportive.Please see recommended cleaning instructions above for our recommended day-to-day maintenance/cleaning!

How To Clean Your Yoga Mat

There is nothing that disturbs the calm and meditative benefits of yoga more than practicing on a smelly icky mat.;This problem is easily solved by pretty much just wiping your mat down after a practice.; To keep you mat in excellent condition,; here are some tips for cleaning your yoga mat.

How often should I clean my yoga mat?

After every yoga practice you should wipe down your mat.; Simply spritz some yoga mat cleaner on your mat and wipe the surface clean with a soft clean cloth.; Rinse the mat with a cloth that has been dampened with water.; Hang the mat over a towel rack to dry fully before rolling it back up.; You can either buy a yoga mat cleaner or make your own.; Simply add a few drops of dishwashing liquid and 2 cups of water to a spray bottle and you are good to go!

How to deep clean your mat

Every once in a while you should wash your mat thoroughly.;; If you practice regularly, you should do this once a month.; Here is a break down of how to clean your specific asoka yoga mat:

  • Asoka eco sticky yoga mats
  • Asoka Eco lux yoga mats
    • Use a drop of dishwashing liquid with 4 cups of water and wipe your mat gently with a soft sponge.
    • Allow your mat to dry fully before you roll it up
    • Store with fabric side out
    • Avoid leaving your mat out in the sun for long periods.
  • Asoka Alignment performance mats
  • Asoka Cork and natural tree rubber yoga mats
  • Can I Put My Yoga Mat In The Washing Machine

    Yes and no. It depends on the material of the mat again. Yes, it can help if you have a PVC mat because the mat can be soaked and is safe to use with a detergent. We suggest a hand wash, cold function only. Never put polyurethane, natural rubber or cork mats through the washing machine.

    Sadly, throwing your yoga mat into the washing machine won’t solve all your problems. It won’t remove stains made from dirty feet so, we hate to tell you this, your mat will never look new again. It may be germ free but it won’t be stain free. If you do pop your mat in the washing machine, make sure you hang it to dry naturally and expect this to take two to three days.

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    Diy Yoga Mat Cleaner Vinegar

    Can you make a do it yourself yoga mat cleaner?

    Before you start pouring vinegar on your mat, let me add that its a good idea to mix it with some other ingredients to make an official yoga mat cleaner.

    This wont take long to make, and since vinegar is acidic, it has a long shelf life, so you dont have to worry about wasting product, or having to make the mixture often.

    Below are two recipes, with one starring white distilled vinegar, and the other starring apple cider vinegar.

    Note: These recipes are useful for slightly soiled products. If your yoga mat is extremely dirty, scroll to the next section.

    Using The Mat Frequently

    How To Clean Your Cork Yoga Mat  The Asanas

    Wear and tear are generally good for your cork yoga mat, i.e., wear and tear from frequent use, and the absence of harmful chemicals and cleaning agents.

    The more you use your cm yoga mat, the more personalized it is. Incisions can be useful in places where your hands, knees, and feet are on the mat, lift the handle to the ground. The overall design of the screen will also change slightly, but this is enough to change long positions.

    Yoga mats, indeed, tend to be slippery in the beginning, and even when they are made from the best materials, such as organic and comfortable. However, within 1-2 weeks of regular use, and how to clean your carpet, youll start to lose track of whether the road is slippery and sticky, or easier to catch.

    Please refer to the previous section on how to clean your yoga mat to make sure that you are calling wear and tear, and not just harmful to new mats.

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    Cleaning A Yoga Mat With Vinegar And Water

    Vinegar is used in so many homemade cleaning recipes.

    Yoga mats are not an exception to this rule.

    Well, I should say, most yoga mats are not an exception to this rule.

    There are certainly some yoga mats that are made of more sensitive materials that do not do well with vinegar.

    If your yoga mat is known for its unique material, such as JadeYogas natural rubber mats;or Lululemon, this may not be the article for you.

    Check your yoga mats brand website in the FAQ section, and most likely, they will provide information on how to clean your specific yoga mat.

    If vinegar is okay for your unique yoga mat, or you already know that you have a standard yoga mat, lets discuss some of the most popular questions related to cleaning a yoga mat with vinegar and water.


    Cork Yoga Mat And Its Benefits

    A cork yoga mat is made of tree barks, usually from the Oaktree. This makes it 100% renewable. And instead of cutting down trees, it only takes the tree barks outer layer. This encourages the trees to regenerate more. And in that process, it absorbs more CO2, making the air cleaner. This reason alone makes cork yoga mat very eco-friendly and sustainable.

    Apart from sustainability, this nature makes it easy to clean. Oaktree bark naturally prevents bacterial growth. Most cork yoga mats are made without the use of harmful chemicals and PVC content. This results in no plastic odor that can interfere with yoga meditation.

    Besides being eco-friendly, our cork yoga mats come with optimum durability and lighter weight. The other advantages of cork yoga mat are:

    • Cork yoga mats offer more grips. They stay flat and adjust the shape when used;
    • They feature a high level of density, sturdy, and durable. Thanks to the natural material, cork yoga mats wont easily deflate or deform even after heavy use;
    • Odorless is a huge plus. Say goodbye to plastic odor and the smell of sweat that usually lingers;
    • Better grip when wet. Even when you sweat profusely, it wont get slippery;
    • Long-lasting. A cork yoga mat is perfect for those who like to invest in good products. Although the price is a little more expensive than a regular mat, its quality is worth every penny.

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    The Best Way To Clean & Care For A Cork Yoga Mat

    Cork yoga mats have;natural antimicrobial and antibacterial qualities. This means that any bacteria that makes its way onto;a cork;mat won’t be able to live there. Therefore, keeping them clean and in long-lasting shape is simple!;

    Because cork yoga;mats are self cleaning, the typical mat cleaning process isn’t;necessary.;Even though eco-friendly cork yoga mat materials are remarkably durable for a yoga practice, over-cleaning or using abrasive products will wear out the materials faster.;

    HOW TO CLEAN A CORK YOGA MATTo clean a cork yoga mat, use cold water on a soft cloth. It’s important to avoid;using any mat cleaners;with essential oils;or a lot of chemicals, as they can potentially damage the mat.

    Gently wipe the mat with;the wet, soft;towel or non-abrasive sponge. The natural properties of cork;repels water, so this wiping-off process removes the excess water and;keeps the design of the mat from fading.;

    Once you’ve wiped the mat clean,;hang;it to air dry. When it has dried off,;roll it up with the top side on the outside. It’s designed to be rolled this way,;as this will ensure your mat rolls out nice and flat each time you use it.;

    HOW OFTEN A CORK YOGA MAT SHOULD BE CLEANEDWe recommend cleaning your;cork yoga mat;once a week. However, if you happen to sweat a lot or use the mat daily,;you can clean it more frequently.


  • Shake the spray bottle.
  • Spray;the mat and wipe it clean with a slightly damp, soft cloth.
  • Simply Clean Cork Yoga Mat

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    What I Don’t Like About Using A Cork Yoga Mat

    As mentioned, the cork surface is slippery when its dry. Because I dont do many hot yoga classes, nor do I sweat heavily during my regular flows, most of my practice involved repositioning my hands and feet to remain stable. I used a spray bottle and a washcloth to wet the mat, which worked to improve my grip but got my clothes wet when I was kneeling or lying down in poses. Ive noticed the mat also shows wrinkles and fold lines long after the mat is laid flat. This isnt a big deal to me but may bother some who like their mats to look impeccably sleek . The lines on the Gaiam cork mat dont impact my practice, but they are noticeable and worry me about its durability over time.

    My final issue with the mat is that it doesn’t stay rolled up on its own, which proved frustratingand could be even more annoying to anyone who wants to travel with it . After a few tries to keep it coiled up, I grabbed a string and looped it around the mat to keep it from unrolling yet again. You can also get a yoga mat sling if you know youre going to carry it with you on the go.

    Diy Yoga Mat Cleaner Recipe

  • Reuse a spray bottle and add just less than half with water.
  • Fill nearly full with vinegar. You can use a stronger ratio if needed.
  • Add your essential oils or zest
  • Shake it up.;
  • Spray, let sit for 30 seconds or so and wipe off. ;Let dry completely.;
  • The other key in maintenance is allowing your Gaia Guy cork mat to fully dry before rolling away to store. Better to keep it rolled out so you could just put it under a bed. Also, get some sunlight on it too. The sun is the best natural disinfectant on that reaches the earth.;

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    Should You Get A Cork Yoga Mat

    Yin Yoga Mats are eco-friendly and have beautiful patterns.

    If you practice hot yoga often, live in a humid or hot area, or just sweat a lot, theres a good chance you’ll like the cork material and qualities. Cork is a natural material with a long lifespan and potential for upcycling, recycling, and biodegrading, so its a good option for eco-friendly yogis, and it tends to be cheaper than rubber mats that have many of the same qualities.

    As for me, Ill opt for the cork mat when I take a hot yoga class or an outdoor class in the summer. But I’ll stick with my Lululemon mat for when Im teaching and practicing, because I dont sweat much and prefer the materials inherent grippy feel.

    Apple Cider Vinegar Yoga Cleaner Recipe

    How To Clean a Cork Yoga Mat


    1 cup apple cider vinegar30 drops of eucalyptus essential oil30 drops of melaleuca essential oilEquipment16-oz glass spray bottleInstructions

    1. Mix ingredients into your medium-sized, spray bottle. Be focused when releasing the drops of the essential oils, so that you can count the drops carefully. Next, shake the bottle well, and do so each time you use the spray.

    2. Spray your yoga mat until covered. Wipe with a clean towel to dry off, and then flip the mat to do the other side.

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    Can I Clean A Yoga Mat In A Washing Machine

    Good question! Technically, some brands, like Yellow Willow, for example, make yoga mats that are actually machine washable. Just know that while the thought of tossing your mat in the wash along with your yoga pants sounds tempting, you should be sure to read the instructions first and do exactly as described by the manufacturer .

    Common no-nos include turning on the spin or tumble cycle and adding harsh detergentsand definitely don’t put it in the dryer.

    Why Clean Your Cork Yoga Mat

    Just like anything nice, you must take care of your yoga mat if you want it to last for a long time. There are several things you can do to ensure your yoga mat lasts for years, even with regular use. But why is it so important? Well, for starters, think about all the sweat that comes off your body when you practice. Now think of that multiplied by the number of times you practice each week. Now each month. And each year. Thats a lot of sweat and bacteria!;

    If you want to keep your yoga mat clean and free of stinky bacteria that could potentially be infectious, then you need to clean it regularly. Luckily for you, cork yoga mats are naturally antimicrobial, meaning that bacteria do not stick to them easily. However, over time, if you do not clean your mat as recommended, then there is the possibility of dirt and potentially harmful microorganisms building up and living on the surface. No one wants to share their practice with a bunch of dirty bacteria!

    Cork yoga mats are somewhat self-cleaning, but it certainly doesnt hurt to give them a nice wipe down every once in a while. Plus, keeping your mat clean will prolong its life! If you want to keep your mat in great working condition, keep its non-slip traction, and keep it looking good, then cleaning it regularly is a must.;

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    What Is A Cork Yoga Mat

    Most cork mat manufacturers make eco-friendly claims.

    Most mats are made of PVC or vinyl, rubber, or TPE . But a cork yoga mat is made with, well, corka natural material derived from a layer of bark from cork oak treesthat feels much smoother than other cork products, like yoga blocks or wine stoppers. Most brands claim the cork used in their mats is eco-friendly and sustainably sourced and seek out certifications from organizations such as OEKO-TEX and Fair Rubber Association to prove it. As a material, cork is antimicrobial, which means it resists germs and odors and is important for sweaty classes and mat storage. Cork also does not absorb dust, which could make it a good mat alternative for people with allergies and skin sensitivities.

    Most cork mat manufacturers claim the mats have a non-slip grip, are lightweight and easy to carry, dont contain chemicals, and are impermeable to liquids. You can find yoga mats from brands other than Gaiam such as Corc Yoga, Ananday, Yin Yoga Mats, Everyday Yoga, and Scoria.

    How Often Should I Clean My Yoga Mat


    It’s a good idea to clean your yoga mat after each or every other practise. This will help to stop a build up of dirt on the surface and any horrible smells that may develop if you neglect mat cleanliness.

    If your mat is made from PVC, it’ll withstand more robust cleaning, so if you forget for a while you can do a proper deep clean later. However, polyurethane, natural rubber or cork mats are harder to deep clean, so regular, light cleaning should be maintained to reduce the amount of bacteria living on your mat.

    If you are frequently practising hot yoga or other more energetic styles, we advise you spray down your mat with a yoga mat cleaner or soapy water using a cloth after each session. If you practise more gentle forms of yoga then a wipe down after every other class will do the trick.

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    How To Clean A Natural Rubber Or Cork Yoga Mat

    With our eco-friendly option of the natural rubber yoga mat, it’s a good idea to use a specially made yoga mat cleaner suitable for this type of mat. You can also use a towel that’s been soaked in mild soap and water and thoroughly squeezed out. Be gentle when wiping down your mat. These mats are meant to biodegrade so heavy cleaning isn’t advised; they aren’t built to withstand this.

    You can use a small amount of disinfectant spray on all mat types to kill off any unwanted germs. Whenever you spray your mat down with anything, leave it to dry completely before rolling it back up and storing it.;

    Finally, cork is naturally antibacterial so theoretically you don’t need to clean these mats. They repel odours too so there shouldn’t be a need to use any essential oil concoctions on these either.


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