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How To Choose The Right Size Yoga Ball

Exercise Ball Sizes Choosing The Right Size Ball For You

How to Choose the Correct Size Yoga Ball : Yoga Tips for a Healthy Lifestyle

So, youre in the market for an exercise ball . There are actually a number of different exercise ball sizes that you can get, and getting the right size is important in allowing you to use the ball correctly.

In this articles, youll find out why size matters, and how to choose the right size exercise ball for you. Hopefully, this will make the buying process much more simple and you wont suffer the same purchasing woes as me!

My Experience Purchasing a Exercise Ball

I was up for purchasing a new exercise ball recently since my existing one suffered an untimely fate . I thought it would be a simple process, but did you know that these things come in different sizes? I actually didnt, until I went to buy one. My original exercise ball was a Christmas present, so all the hard work in choosing the right size had already been done for me.

After a quick cursory google search where I realized about the different sizes, I pretty much went into procrastination mode because I didnt know which size to buy. My old ball was great and I wanted to essentially get the same size as that, but I wasnt sure how to tell which size it was . I think I was going to try and measure its deflated remains or something like that of course, a too hard job which was then left for a bit later!

Buying Online: You Cant Try Before You Buy!

How Many Different Sizes Are There?

Though there are 3 standard sizes, Ive seen 5 different sizes readily available for purchase:

Sit Test

What Are The Best Workout Videos For Using An Exercise Ball

You can find so many videos of fantastic workouts using the exercise ball simply by searching on Youtube.com. There are also fantastic stability ball exercise videos available by Beachbody.

If youre looking for a video specific to yoga, Yoga By Candace on Youtube.com has a great video using the stability ball.

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First things first: an exercise ball = physio ball = stability ball = fitness ball. Got that? Good.

A stability ball is a great way to amp up exercises for the entire body: upper, lower, and core.

No matter what you call it, this inflatable sphere is an essentialand versatile!piece of workout equipment. Not only is it applicable to people of all levelsfrom beginners to advancedbut a stability ball is a great way to amp up exercises for the entire body: upper, lower, and core says Laura Miranda, DPT, CSCS, New York City-based personal trainer and fitness expert. It can function as a form of resistance, albeit light, much like a dumbbell, kettlebell, or barbell, or it can work as a platform on top of which you perform exercises,

And, in case youre still not totally sold , exercise balls are also relatively inexpensive, ranging from $15$30 on average, making them one piece of home gym equipment thats definitely worth the investment.

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Birthing Ball Size Chart

In order for you to find the best size birthing ball for you, we have two sizes to choose from:

If you are 58 or shorter- use the 65 cm ball

If you are 59 or taller- use the 75 cm ball

Here are a few important tips to keep in mind:

Dont attempt to patch a hole or repair a damaged ball- its not worth your safety. By buying a new birthing ball , youre also buying peace of mind.

Keep your birth ball away from any and all sharp objects. If you have other children, your house might be littered with little toys strewn on the floor. Make sure to clear the area youre using, to prevent damage to your ball.

Towards the end of your pregnancy, put a towel or absorbent-pad on the ball while you sit. This will help in case your water bursts.

Make sure youre comfortable just sitting on the ball before you try any exercises or stretches.

As your pregnancy progresses and your body changes more rapidly, your balance and center of gravity will be altered- so make sure that someone will be nearby and able to assist you if needed.

Do not store your birth ball in hot temperatures. This can cause your ball to expand and deteriorate.

Do you use an exercise ball?

Are you sure your exercise ball is the right size?

This short video shows you how to fit the correct exercise ball size for your body.

Knowing the correct exercise ball size helps you get the most benefit from your core exercises and minimize the strain on your lower back, pelvis and hips.

Video duration: 3 minutes

How To Choose The Right Size Stability Ball

How To Choose The Right Size Gym Ball

Now, before you go grabbing that pump, youre going to want to make sure you have the right ball size on hand. To do that, all you need to know is your height. If youre 55 or shorter, stick to a 55 cm ball. If youre 56 or taller reach for a 65 cm ball. If youre over 60 , a 75 cm ball is the way to go. Before getting started, make sure your ball has the proper amount of air in it, Kline advises. It should be firm to the touch but not overinflated. If youre new to using a ball, find your balance and start slowbecause there’s nothing more embarrassing than rolling on your butt mid-shoulder press. Find a lot of space to move the ball around to get comfortable with it. Dont jump right into the complex moves. Focus on getting your balance before testing any secondary movements. Sitting on the ball and moving your hips around is the best way to get your bearings. Once you feel secure, its time to break a sweat.

Start with this 15-step stability ball exercise routine broken down into four main categories: lower body, upper body, core and cardio . Complete 6 to 14 reps of each exercise, based on your current fitness level. Then grab an ice pack and some Advil because we guarantee youre going to feel it tomorrow.

Beginner: low reps Intermediate: moderate reps

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How To Choose A Stability Ball

What ever you call it a Swiss ball, stability ball, physio ball or exercise ball it is a great piece of equipment to have for your workout routines. I love them because they come in pink! If you workout with me one on one all my fitness tools are in pink.

The stability ball is great because you can do some many different exercises with it, it challenges your muscles differently than using weights and makes simple exercises more challenging and effective.

The stability ball is an unstable surface, so using it will help to activate small muscles that you would not normally be using if you were weight training. This is why I believe it is so important to switch up your exercise routine and experiment with different equipment. The body will adjust and get used to doing the same exercises over and over again.

What Size Of Ball Should You Get

Image via Amazon

The right size of an exercise ball for you depends on how tall you are, so get that measuring tape out. Generally speaking, the shorter you are, the smaller your ball will need to be. That being said, there are some exceptions to this rule.

If you have longer legs than normal for your height, you may need to size up your ball to avoid those dreaded leg cramps.

If you have suffered, or are currently suffering, from back problems, you may need a larger ball to take some of the pressure off of your lower back.

You may want to consider sizing up if youre going to be using the ball for yoga and stretching as well as an office chair, as this will give you a better range of motion for your stretching.

Of course, your individual needs will come into play here, but below well list the average sizes of exercise balls that you should aim to get for your height.


69 and Up

34 / 85

If youre still unsure about this, a good tip is to actually take your current desk chair at the height that you often sit on it, and measure from the floor to the top of the seat. This will give you an idea of what the diameter of the exercise ball should be. Clever, right?

Always remember that your exercise ball will compress as you sit on it, so the maximum diameter is not an accurate measure to go from. This can be slightly rectified with the amount of air you inflate into your ball, which well discuss later in the article.

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Other Uses Of Exercise Balls

  • Strength training. You can utilize your yoga ball for replacing a weight bench for exercises like pec flies and some triceps-toning work-outs. Lie with the ball strengthening your upper back and head, and work on your arm muscles while supporting your core with your abs, glutes, and legs. You can also use the ball as a bench replacement since it modifies the upper-body moves into full-body exercises.
  • Yoga support and stretching. A yoga ball can help you deepen your stretches and support your body in challenging yoga poses. It is a perfect prop to help you master complex yoga poses like the Scorpion. If youre doing some stretching, recline with your back on the ball. Yoga ball stretching is best done after a long bike ride or a long day sitting in front of your computer.

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The Benefits Of Working Out With An Exercise Ball

The Correct Sizing or Size for an Exercise Ball, PhysioBall, or SwissBall.

Essentially, when you perform moves on an unstable surface, it requires you to engage even more muscles and thus is harder, Miranda explains. Case in point? Doing crunches on a stability ball fires your core muscles up more than doing them on a flat surface, according to a 2007 study.

For example, you can do a plank with your arms on an exercise ball , which challenges you to stabilize in a different way.

An exercise ball also has a well-deserved place in your flexibility training routine it’s especially useful when it comes to loosening up your hamstrings and lower back. Instead of just doing a basic forward fold and trying to touch your toes, Miranda recommends using the ball to slowly walk your hands in and out for a deeper stretch.

Using a physio ball may also improve spinal stability, which can be particularly beneficial for those who spend a lot of time sitting and are prone to back pain, per research.

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For a super durable exercise ball, this is the one.

We love the thick PVC, which can support up to 2,600 pounds. If you need an exercise ball that will last, this Live Infinitely ball is your best bet. Five color choices and several size options.

A few customers noted that the size chart is off, with most balls on the small size.

A high-quality exercise ball that is far cheaper than its competitors.

A sturdy, scent-free ball that works for exercising or as a chair. The included pump is easy to use. Different sizes and colors available.

Some customers reported that their balls popped after a few months of use.

A great value for all of its bells and whistles.

The stability ring is sometimes uneven. Only one size option and no color options.

A solid exercise ball that works well as an office chair.

How To Sit On A Yoga Ball Correctly:

  • It is essential to keep your feet flat on the floor and to distribute your weight evenly.
  • Your knees should line up or be slightly higher than your hips and create an angle of 90 degrees or greater at the hips and knees .
  • The body should be in a vertical line from the pelvis to the ears without any twisting. This alignment is usually obtained by lightly bobbing up and down.
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    Dont Blow An Exercise Ball All The Way Up

    Again, no rules. If you want to go spinning about and risk breaking your neck every time you do an exercise, go ahead and blow that ball up until it is as tight and round as it can get. But for most exercise purposes, you want to have a little give on the surface of the ball. When you sit on the exercise ball your body weight should create a little seat. This provides more stability, but more importantly, it allows you to sit evenly on the ball. It is essential to exercise with good alignment.

    You can use an exercise ball for many things. Here are a few ideas:

    Because you use the ball with so many different body positions while youre exercising, the size of the ball you use really does make a difference and can make or break your workout.

    Size does matter. And although using smaller balls can enhance certain exercises and larger balls can support your body weight if you have a bad back, using the right ball for you, which means one that is measured by your height and/or your arm span, makes all the difference in the world.

    What Exercises Can I Do With An Exercise Ball

    How To INFLATE a Stability Ball and Choose The Right Size ...

    For more information on how to get the most out of your exercise ball we recommend this article by fitness magazine featuring photos and videos to help you learn.

    If you have back problems, osteoporosis or any health concern, talk to your doctor before doing any core-strengthening exercises.

    Choosing the right basketball shoe is one of the most important decisions a player can make. Basketball involves running, jumping and quick changes in direction that require good quality shoes. When selecting basketball shoes, athletes must consider several factors to make the best choice. The right basketball shoes can help a player do well on the court, and reduce the risk of foot and ankle injuries.

    Have your foot measured professionally at an athletic shoe store. The measurements will help determine the correct shoe size, and whether or not you need a shoe with a narrow or wide fit.

    Choose a type of basketball shoe based on your basketball playing style. Fast and all-around players should use a lightweight shoe with moderate cushion, flexibility and support. Power players require a heavier shoe with maximum stability and cushion.

    Look for a shoe cut that offers the level of protection needed. Most players choose high-top basketball shoes because they offer maximum ankle support. Some players prefer mid-top or low-top shoes because they are less restrictive.

    Try not to be overly concerned with the brand or appearance. It is more important to have a good shoe that performs well.

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    Special Sizes & Utilities

    There are too extra flavors besides those used on soccer matches .

    Here they are and what uses or utilities they represent.

    Ball Size 1 Nike calls it a Pee-Wee type ball. Its used as a skills ball for all ages. And it is also recommended for small children just to play around. Size 1 balls measure 18-20 inches in circumference.

    Ball Size 2 This is a MIDI type ball. Its used for all ages. Size 2 balls measure 20-22 inches in circumference.

    Use Your Height To Determine The Appropriate Size Exercise Ball

    If youre purchasing an exercise ball

    Your height is used to determine the appropriate size.

    Here is a general guide:
    • Use a 45 cm ball if you are less than 50 tall..
    • Use a 55 cm ball if you are 50 56 tall.
    • Use a 65 cm ball if you are 57 61 tall.
    • Use a 75 cm ball if you are 62 68 tall.
    • Use a 85 cm ball if you are taller than 68.

    Manufacturers will typically list the recommended ball size for your height on the product box or on their website.

    If youre using an exercise ball at the gym

    Sit up tall on the ball with your feet flat on the floor. Choose a ball that allows you to sit with:

    • a 90 degree angle in your knees.
    • a 90 degree angle in your hips.

    In this position, your thighs will be parallel to the ground or your knees will be slightly lower than your hips.

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    And Finally Any Mistakes I Should Avoid

    Great question . Like with any piece of exercise equipment, safety comes first, so….

    Steer clear of sitting on the ball to lift weights. “This will not increase core stability’ or cause the core to work harder, but rather increase spinal compression, especially if you’re sitting on a slightly flexed spine,” Miranda explains.

    Instead, kneel on the ball, lie back on it with your feet flat on the floor, or balance on your stomach in plank pose to lift weights in order to reap those major core-boosting benefits.

    Other than that, the, er, ball is really in your court for how you work one into your fitness routine.


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