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How To Carry Yoga Mat Without Strap

Yoga Mat Holder Adjustable Mat Strap Yoga Mat Sling Carrying Strap Tan Yoga Mat Strap Macrame Yoga Strap Carrier Boho Montr\u00e9al

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Insert The Base And Finish With Seambinding Fold And Finish The Top Facing

  • Find the base panel. On each side, find the center point and mark this point with a pin.
  • Then, mark ½” from each corner.
  • Find the exterior tube. Gently turn it wrong side out.
  • Mark the center points of the bottom raw-edged opening of the tube in the same manner, finding the center points of the front, back, and both side sections.
  • Place the base panel right sides together with the tube. It’s a little like you’re setting a lid upside down into the opening of a box. Align all the center pin points, then the corner points, then fill in between as needed.
  • We like to start with one short side, but the order of sides is completely up to you. Using the corner pin point as your guide, start your seam ½” in and stitch across to the opposite outer pin. You are using a ½” seam allowance.
  • Remove the project from under the needle.
  • In order to create the flattest base possible, clip into each corner. Snip into the corner at diagonal at a depth of about ?“. You are clipping right up to but not through your stitching line. 
  • Re-set and stitch the remaining three sides of the base panel. You are stitching one side at a time, starting and stopping ½” in at the marked corners, and clipping into each corner.NOTE: We have summarized the steps of this standard technique. If you are brand new to inserting a flat base panel, we have a full step-by-step tutorial you can review prior to starting this project: How to Insert a Rectangular Base into a Tube.
  • To finish, tuck under the raw end and overlap.
  • Assemble The Front Back And Side Panels And Finish With Seambinding

  • Find all your main panels, which should be layered and basted in place.
  • Pin the sides to the front.
  • Repeat to pin the sides to the back to create a tube open at the top and bottom.
  • Re-set the stitch length to normal. Stitch each of these four seams with a ½”seam allowance.
  • As you did above with the hanging pocket, cut a length of seambinding to match each side seam. Open up the binding and slip it over the seam allowance to conceal the raw edges. Pin in place. You are just wrapping the seam allowance. There are quite a few layers making up each seam allowance, you can opt to grade and trim each seam allowance prior to wrapping for the best fit.
  • If necessary, re-thread the machine with thread to best match the binding in the top and bobbin. Slightly lengthen the stitch.
  • Edgestitch along the inner fold of the binding through all the layers. Go slowly and carefully to insure you are catching both sides of the binding in this one seam. Remember, you are just stitching the binding around the seam allowance; you should not be stitching onto the main panels at all. If your machine has the ability to adjust the needle position, you can use that feature to move your needle to the left to allow you to get as close as possible to the seam line. We chose to use a Zipper foot to get in close.
  • I Contacted 11 Airlines About How To Travel With A Yoga Mat

    General Infoyoga mat

    When traveling back home or on holiday or to your next yoga retreat, it is important to know whether we can carry our yoga mat on the plane with us. So can we travel on a plane with a yoga mat?

    Different airlines around the world have different policies for carry-on luggage. To be sure, try to place your yoga mat in your suitcase and check that in. Otherwise, depending on the carry on baggage policy you may be allowed to bring your yoga mat on the plane with you.

    So it is worth checking the carry on bag dimensions to be sure.

    There is one further option which may also work the best for you, regardless of the airline.

    Yoga Mat Carrier: How To Get Your Mat From Home To Studio

    Spoga 1/4

    We spend a lot of intimate time with our yoga mats. Whether we’re face down, nose to mat; rocking a series of sweaty Sun Salutations; or chilling in a nice long Savasana, we spend a lot of quality time on our yoga mats. Our mats can become “friends” of a sort.

    Most people prefer to practice at the studio on their familiar yoga mats. A yoga mat carrier can make this process a whole lot easier. But as with everything, there are many choices. How do you figure out which yoga mat carrier meets your needs? Here’s a rundown of the choices from the simplest to the fanciest.

    What Is The Importance Of Yoga Mat In Todays Yoga World

    As mentioned above yoga mats indeed play a very important role in our lives. Today yoga has gained a lot of practitioners because of its effective results. People almost from all over the world practice yoga and strive to get better every day.Basically, what a yoga mat does is that it helps you get in alignment with the pose. Not only this but it serves as a place where your mind and body can relax and let go of all the tension. Its anti-slipping nature helps you to have a grip on every pose.Scientifically, a yoga mat avoids any loss of heat, energy from the body to the ground thereby provides thermal insulation. In today’s yoga world yoga mat is definitely considered to be a crucial part of your yoga workouts. According to the international yoga federation, 300 million people all over the world perform yoga and for most, yoga is incomplete without a yoga mat.

    Things You Should Consider Before Choosing Your Non

    A yoga mat is going to be your constant companion in your yoga journey so you need one that suits you. Here are some tips to choose the best non-slip yoga mats as per your convenience.


    Your yoga mat needs to have just the right amount of thickness. Too thin, might hurt your knees and too thick, would be hard to fold well.A standard yoga mat is one quarter of an inch thick, which is great for most people.

    Stickiness and texture.

    You need your mat to be sticky enough to hold your poses as you move. But too sticky mat can sometimes cause irritation especially to people who sweat a lot. Smooth mats are available in the market but even they might lack stickiness. so try choosing a mat with a textured pattern it gives you a natural grip.


    Choosing the perfect material for yoga mats is important. People usually go for cotton and jute non-slip yoga mats because they provide you a firm grip but don’t forget there are even rubber mats with amazing grip in the market.


    Consider yoga mats as your investment. Better the yoga mat longer it will last so don’t only focus on the price. Rates of non-slip yoga mats range between expensive to affordable. But it’s okay if your yoga mat is a little more expensive than others, with such mats you might not have to think of any other mat anytime soon.

    Wiselife Sling Belt For Carrying & Holding Yoga Mat


    The first feature you will notice about this yoga mat strap holder is how easy it is to wrap it around your mat and enclose the latter. All you have to do is wrap it on both ends of the mat and then pull the strap from the middle to get it ready. If you are wary of your yoga belt with buckle, then you would love this piece. Also no more need to learn the use of d-rings!

    Secondly, you will admire its lightness on your shoulders. They are wide. So you don’t feel pressure on your shoulders from rolled-up mat straps.

    Still, you don’t lose out on style. Sure, the mat is minimalist and keeps its focus on comfort. But it never said it ignored style in favor of ease. 100% cotton carries a classic pattern of black and blue, making this strap pretty.

    With every wash, your love for this yoga strap holder will increase. Yes, it’s easy to be washed in a machine or with hands.And don’t forget the durability that comes with 100% cotton fabric.

    Indianyardstm Macrame Boho Yoga Mat Carrying Strap


    When your style is your foremost choice, you go traditional. If not, you should go with this perfect combo of traditional design and ease.Its design’s most prominent quality can prompt you to forget that designer yoga mat bag you are recently eyeing.

    The environment-conscious brand takes recycled, 3-ply twisted cotton cord and empowers the women of Nilgiris mountains to weave into enhancing pattern of mat strap. At the same time, the locking ring takes maple wood for its formation.

    This particular product has a light brown color. But you can also get it in two other colors to suit your yoga mat. Only using this luxurious strap will show you how easy it is to use. All you have to do is pull the strap from the ring to wrap it around the mat.

    Washing is easy, and the strength it carries because of its woven design makes it durable than even plastic options available in the market.

    Lottus Life Natural Jute Fiber Premium Yoga Mat

    The first one that we have listed is Lottus Life Natural Jute Fiber Premium Yoga Mat. This mat, made of eco-friendly material, boasts its perfect non-slip performance and memory foam material. You can make poses of all types to your heart’s content without slipping issues. It should be noted that the mat has immediate slip-resistance, which means it does not require you to break in and you can be familiar with this mat in a very short period of time.

    The Lottus Life Premium Yoga Mat is also famous for its comfort. The 8mm thick mat is ideal for offering adequate cushioning for your joints, knees and hips. It is strong and durable enough to support you when exercising. What’s more, it is a mat of versatility. You can also do workouts or other vigorous activities such as Burpee and squats . The lengthened mat is designed for a larger and wider exercising space. If you want to take it out and practice yoga in a gym, you can carry it with the adjustable over-the-shoulder strap.

    Choose The Perfect Workout Mat For Best Results

    If you are wondering whether yoga mat and workout mats are the same then you are wrong. Because every mat serves a different purpose based on your kind of exercise. Mats are generally used for support and cushion. Different exercises need different levels of support and using just the right mat will save you from getting injured. If you think to pick any random mat, choosing the proper mat based on your workout will serve its purpose and help you get the results you require.

    Comfortable Simple And Secure Yoga Mat Carrier

    Thick and sturdy, the mat carrier is made from 100% cotton with thick loops on each end that will tighten to securely hold your mat.

    The mat carrying strap is machine washable and will soften with use and washing. The sling is lightweight and will easily adjust to fit any size of mat making it easy to carry your mat wherever you want to go.

    Made with you in mind our products have been designed, produced and tested by our experts, to ensure they provide the right comfort and support and can withstand vigorous daily practice.

    How To Use A Yoga Strap To Carry Your Mat

    Adjustable Yoga Mat Carry Strap Cotton Durable Sport ...

    Yoga straps are not only a great tool for assisting with stretches and poses, which we’ll elaborate on in our next post, but they also keep our mat neatly rolled up and make it easy to carry. Especially when we’re in a rush out the door, being able to throw your mat over your shoulder whilst you sort through keys certainly makes life a lot easier.

    We have two different ways we like to tie our yoga strap for our mat with which we have laid out below complete with photos of each step. If you’re unsure of any step or have your own way that you love, please feel free to comment below and we’ll be happy to help!

    Add The Dritz Belting Handles And Straps

  • Collect all six lengths of Dritz Belting. All ends of each length should have already bean sealed with the Dritz Fray Check.
  • Find the four Dritz Rectangle Rings and the two 27” lengths of Belting for the handles.
  • Slip each end of each handle length through a Rectangle Ring, pulling the end back on itself about 1”. Pin in place.
  • Collect the front, back, and side panels, all of which should have their fleece panels fused in place. On each panel, fold down the top edge 3½” and press firmly in order to set a crease line. If the fleece was properly positioned, this means you are folding right along the top edge of the fleece. Unfold, right side up, so the crease lines are visible.
  • Find the back panel, place it right side up and flat on your work surface.
  • Find the back pocket panel. Place it right side up on top of the back panel. The bottom raw edges of the pocket should be flush with the bottom raw edges of the back panel and the pocket should be centered side to side. Lightly pin the pocket in place.
  • Find the two 18” lengths of Dritz Belting.
  • Place the Belting along either side of the pocket. The Belting should be centered over the raw side edges of the pocket so there is 5” between the inner edges of the Belting.
  • The raw end of each length of Belting should be flush with the bottom raw edge of the back panel.  Pin the two lengths of Belting in place.
  • Re-thread the machine with thread to best match the belting in the top and bobbin. Slightly lengthen the stitch.
  • Use A Yoga Mat Bag For Your Convenience

    Carrying a yoga mat alone to the yoga class is genuinely a bit awkward. Not only that, but it is also very inconvenient. It is also not very safe for yoga mats. But we got the solution to all your problems. A yoga mat bag is something that might get handy. It helps to carry a yoga mat everywhere you go. Indeed there are a lot of options for yoga mat bags in the market. There are some specialized yoga mat bags made just for the special yoga mats.

    What Basically Does Yoga Mat Strap Does

    Doing yoga at home is not a problem but when joining a yoga class or community to enhance results it becomes a problem to carry your yoga mat from home to the studio or class. A yoga bag is definitely an option but a yoga mat strap can be an alternative if you think a yoga bag would be too heavy to carry. Yoga mat strap allows you to carry your yoga mat without any hassle.

    Round Yoga Mats To Vibe With Yoga Poses

    Round mats help you to create your area where you can release your tension and have moments of relaxation. There are indeed some poses that can’t be done with a round yoga mat like pilates or push-ups but these mats give another kind of feeling you don’t need to keep changing the direction of round yoga mats all the time.Round yoga mats have benefits in their own ways. It is psychologically proven that round shapes tend to have an effect on your mind. Corners of rectangular mats can distract you but there’s no such chance with around yoga mat.Also, round yoga mats are highly recommended for teachers or instructors. the teacher can change their position easily to demonstrate oppose from different angles without worrying about the mat.

    Take Care Of Textures And Thickness Too

    The thickness of the yoga mat decides the padding and cushioning of your mat. a thin yoga mat is about 1/16 inches which is suitable for balance exercises. A ¼ inches thick mat is considered thick which can be useful for back support exercise, core work or inversions. If you have nothing particular in mind go for the standard thickness which is 33mm or ? inches thick.

    What Are The Features Of Hot Yoga Mats

    1.Made from Non-slip rubber microfibre

    Hot yoga mats are made from non-slip rubber microfiber so it can assess you to get in alignment with your pose and hold every pose as you move.

  • Thicker mat
  • Hot yoga mats are thicker than normal mats to avoid the transfer of heat and energy from the body to the ground.

  • stable
  • Thicker than other mats
  • Do Pilates On Your Special Pilates Mat

    I know it is a little intimidating when you first enter your pilates class or watch a video thinking to do it at home and start wondering however could your body get engaged with that. But all it needs is a first firm step and everything finds its way ahead.Pilates is almost based on the mat. Pilates mat is thicker than other mats giving you proper cushioning and padding to ease your pilates workout.

    How To Make A Yoga Mat Carrying Strap

    Shop4Omni Yoga mat 72" X 24"

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    Yoga is a pretty big part of your life, it helps you keep everything together and keeps you focused. Another hobby you may quite enjoy is crafts and making your own life hacks. But even those who aren’t possessed with creative talents can get behind this and make their own strap. You need your hands back but prefer a unique strap, one that reflects you and doesn’t cost $20.

    Manduka Eko Superlite Travel Yoga Mat

    One of the most popular mats among backpackers and travelers worldwide is the Manduka eKO Superlite Travel Yoga Mat. This ultra-thin mat folds flat, making it simple to transport in your backpack or luggage.

    Because the surface texture provides solid traction even when wet, this mat is ideal for maintaining your balance when bending into those more challenging, moisture-inducing postures.

    It is known to be eco-friendly and toxin-free, as it is made from natural rubber harvested from non-Amazon trees. They are biodegradable natural yoga mats, and Manduka is a company that has heeded customer feedback on the importance of sustainability in their mat manufacturing process.

    Best Yoga Mat Strap Holder India 2021

    5 best yoga mat strap holder India 2021

    You can’t confine your yogic lifestyle to your home or studio! You know it, and you also know that you can’t afford to take your yoga mat everywhere you go without a convenient yoga mat carrying strap. It’s a must –especially when you crave beautiful sights as your yoga ambiance.

    But if your yoga mat only travels between your home and studio five times a week, you may have concerns about the purchase. Investing in a yoga mat carrying strap is far from a mindless purchase decision.

    For once, it makes the thought of carrying a yoga mat out of your door bearable.

    Secondly, it keeps your mat aired. Now, you can enjoy the fragrant feel of yoga without fighting your mat’s odor.And then, don’t forget the support it can give you in your yoga postures if you’ve got the right product. But make sure that it’s sturdy as well as durable.


    Yoga Tote With Wraparound Mat Straps

    We’ve done totes and we’ve done yoga mat carriers, but – until now – we hadn’t combined the two in such a stylish way. Collect all your gear into a generously sized tote, then use the handy wraparound straps to secure your mat to the front of the bag. All-in-one and ready to head to class and back again. Pulling it together for both fashion and function is 1½” Dritz Belting for the handles, accent straps, and wraparound straps. 

    Our exterior fabric is a décor weight option with a soothing, Asian-inspired cherry blossom motif. We felt the serene design was an excellent choice for our yoga and meditation destination. We recommend staying with a home décor weight, a lightweight canvas or similar for the exterior. A quilting weight cotton would not be the best choice for this design.

    The interior is hard-working ripstop nylon, which is water-resistant so you can carry slightly damp workout clothes and towels. Even our exterior panel pocket and interior hanging pocket have ripstop linings.

    And, let’s talk about that hanging pocket! Does a fully-finished pocket unit with a center zipper look too tough to tackle? Not for you! It’s easier than you might think, certainly easier than a standard garment zipper insertion, and with our classic S4H step-by-step instructions and photos, you’ll be a hanging zippered pocket expert in no time. And yes, there is such a distinction as being a Hanging Zippered Pocket Expert. Put it on your resume!

    Layer And Baste All Five Main Panels

  • Each of the five panels that make up the tote is layered wrong sides together, with the fleece sandwiched between. When assembled, the visible seam allowances will be bound to finish. This is our preferred method when working with many large tote linings, and especially with ripstop nylon, which has a tendency to be very baggy and loose. By layering each panel, the interior of the tote is smooth and flat – a better look, and with a wipe-clean surface like ripstop, much easier to maintain.
  • On the front, back, and both sides simply layer the fused exterior wrong sides together with the ripstop lining, pin in place, and machine baste around all four sides of each panel.
  • On the base, sandwich the fleece/plastic canvas panel between the exterior and lining layers. It should be centered side to side and top to bottom. The exterior and lining layers are flush on all sides. As you did with the other panels, pin the layers in place…
  • … then machine baste around all four sides. We re-threaded with thread to best match the fabric and switched to a Zipper foot in order to baste as close as possible to the fleece/plastic canvas panel.
  • Sivan Health And Fitness Yoga Set 6

    More than just a yoga mat, the Sivan Health & Fitness Yoga set also comes with two additional yoga blocks, one yoga mat towel , one yoga hand towel and one yoga strap.

    The Sivan Health & Fitness Yoga ingenuously created the Set 6-Piece, which surprised every yogi in the early days. The set includes one yoga-exclusive mat towel, one hand towel, one strap for poses and two additional blocks. The set is designed to be thicker, wider and longer, aiming to offer you comfortable yoga experiences. These blocks and the strap for poses really can help a yoga beginner as he or she may not have a mastering of proper balance and poses. Equipped with superior absorption capability, the mat towel and hand towel are both conducive to absorbing the sweat for you and enhancing the grip performance of the mat itself. The Sivan Health and Fitness Yoga Set 6-Piece is undoubted expensive, which may be its sole shortcoming.


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