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How To Carry Yoga Mat On Bike

How To Carry A Yoga Mat On Bike

How to carry a yoga mat

It is possible! I use a rear rack but Im sure you could come up with something creative if you wanted to carry your mat on the handlebars or front of your bike.You may need to make a few adjustments for the length of your mat, if its pretty short you can just roll it. If your mat is longer, then you will need to attach the mat somehow so that it doesnt flop around too much or get caught in your wheels.You can use bungee cords wrapped around the top tube of your bike and across the yoga mat to hold it in place, but make sure you dont wrap it too tightly and restrict your ability to steer. You may need to experiment a bit with the placement of the bungee cords, but keeping them around the top tube rather than lower on the bike will keep them from getting caught in your wheels as well.

Two Common Yoga Mat Strap Carrying Methods

Yoga mat straps are incredibly useful. Not only do they help transport your yoga mat effortlessly wherever you need to go, but they can even be used in specific poses to increase flexibility.

There are a few different yoga mat straps on the market, and its good to be aware of what is out there. However, it is relatively easy for someone to make their own yoga mat strap for a fraction of the price. Below are two methods in particular that only require a few feet of fabric and a couple of D-rings to get the job done.

Method 1:

This method is by far the easiest way to wrap up your yoga mat quickly and with minimal effort. It simply wraps around each end of the yoga mat to turn it into almost a messenger bag of sorts.

Below are step-by-step instructions to make this type of yoga strap:

  • Lay the strap with both D-rings sitting on top of the yoga mat and the end of the strap wrapped around the bottom.
  • Take the end of the strap through both D-rings.
  • Then fold one D-ring back and feed the strap through the D-ring.
  • Take the rest of the strap and wrap it around the other end of the yoga mat.
  • Simply tie a knot with the remainder of the strap.
  • If done correctly, you can adjust the tightness of the strap with this end too.

Method 2:

Sure, it might take you a little longer to get the mat into the strap each time, but it allows you to carry the mat like a backpack without the hassle of losing the mat.

Below are step-by-step instructions to make this type of yoga strap:

Perfect Gift For Your Sport And Yoga

Convenient to Carry and Clean

Our yoga mat strap is thick and firm loops on each end safely hold your mat. Makes storing of yoga mat without taking up space. Great gift for a yoga enthusiast, it adds a pop of color to your workout accessories. The yoga mat strap can also be used as a stretch belt and other fitness exercise. Adjustable yoga straps is also machine washable for easy cleaning. To ensure our yoga mat holder lasts it is made of thick cotton that will soften over time with washing and regular use.

  • These High Quality Straps are thick, rugged and made to withstand abuse.
  • Holding loop adjustable to any size.
  • Widening thickened shoulder strap, simple and comfortable.
  • Affordable, lightweight and convenient to keep your hands free and your mat from enrolling in transit.
  • You can use it for stretching too, but it is mainly for carrying your mat.

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Choosing The Right Yoga Mat Backpack For You

No one wants messy and awkward bags when going to class, to work, or to the gym. Youll want something that can fit everything you need and your yoga mat, too which can be heavy and clunky on its own. The proper yoga mat backpack should fit well with your lifestyle. Here are four tips to watch out for when investing in the best yoga mat bag:;

  • Durability; It should be made of durable material that can stay solid for a long time. Youll be carrying it everywhere, so its best to find a suitably made bag with fabric or material that is water-resistant, puncture-resistant, and stain-resistant. The bags durability should also apply to its other parts, like the straps, padding, and base.;
  • Can Fit A Yoga Mat; The backpack should be able to secure a standard-sized yoga mat. You can choose to have the mat attached to the sides, bottom, top, or inside the bag itself. Be sure to measure your favorite yoga mat and compare it with the bags specifications.;
  • Storage Ability; You wont be carrying a yoga mat alone, thats for sure. A bag should be able;to fit your mat on the outside and have pockets for your everyday items, too.;;

Kindfolk Yoga Mat Backpack

How to Carry a Yoga Mat on a Bike
  • HELP EMPOWER WOMEN WORLDWIDE – Kindfolk donates $1 for every unit sold to help empower girls and women around the globe. Kindfolk is partnered with A21, Girls Empowerment Network, and Nicole’s Place. When you shop with Kindfolk, you help to change the world.
  • PLENTY OF STORAGE – This bag is 18 tall and 14 wide. There is one main storage compartment with a laptop sleeve and additional interior pockets for your other various accessories.
  • VEGAN & ENVIRONMENTALLY FRIENDLY – Kindfolks bags use man-made leather, meaning it is animal-friendly and super stylish
  • roomy enough for a laptop & yoga props
  • additional pockets for accessories
  • adjustable straps for a yoga mat
  • multi-purpose
  • comes in cute and bright patterns
  • machine-washable
  • no compartment for water bottle
  • hard to navigate through crowds

This stylish yoga backpack from Kindfolk has all the chances to become your new personal favorite whether you’re taking it to a yoga class, going for a walk, or preparing for a day trip.

Horizontal yoga mat straps hold yoga mats of any size, and a roomy compartment fits a laptop and essential yoga props: blocks, a yoga blanket, and a yoga belt.

You can easily use this Kindfolk backpack as a travel yoga bag that will fit the carry-on luggage measurements. Or take it on a biking trip the horizontal mat holder perfectly balances the weight of your yoga mat across both shoulders.


  • comes in one color only


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How To Carry A Yoga Mat

Admit it, youve thought about it havent you? Whether there is a right or wrong way to carry your yoga mat. Dont worry Im sure you are not alone in this. You were worried about carrying it in a way that emits zen and doesnt encroach on your calm nature. What they dont tell you is that having the mat in the first place is probably the only stressful part.

So How do you carry a yoga mat?

The answer, normally, with difficulty. How many times have you carried your mat around with you and had it unravel at the most ridiculous moment, paying for shopping or while youre carrying a hot coffee after a class. Frustrating to say the least.

Clever Yoga Travel Mat

The Clever Yoga Travel Mat, on the other hand, is machine-washable, making it an excellent choice for travelers who may need to pack quickly after practice. This pick is highly recommended for hot-yoga fans because of the microfiber moisture-activated grip top layer and non-slip rubber base.

The mat is one millimeter thick and weighs approximately 2.5 pounds. A waterproof film prevents moisture and sweat from absorbing into the materials, making them odor-resistant. It folds easily to fit in a carry-on, backpack, or suitcase, just like most travel mats.

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Deco Athletic Yoga Mat Bag

This yoga bag from Deco Athletic is actually an improved and upgraded version from their previous offering.; Lets look at some of the great features!; There is a new larger interior pocket for extra storage of items and it features another 2 large storage pockets for cell phones, keys, etc. .; The exterior mesh pocket is perfect for an extra shirt or water bottle, etc.; Like some other bags, there is an interior lining that keeps moisture and odors away from the main bag material because its totally waterproof!; Plus, theres a mesh strip to help vent air to the outside of the bag.

The full-length zipper allows for more efficient and easier access, and the bag material itself is a heavier-duty fabric that is also moisture-resistant.

The bag itself measures 25 inches by 7 inches.; One other neat thing is the washing instructions.; Its true that the official instructions tell you to do the standard cold-water wash and let air dry, but further testing has revealed that a 35-minute wash with warm water and detergent, followed by a 30-minute low heat dry cycle produces a cleaner bag with no shrinkage or other undesirable side effects!

Finally, the 1-year warranty is not too shabby either!

Buying Guide For Best Yoga Mat Bags

Yoga Mat Strap by Love My Mat

No matter where you are in your yoga practice, carrying your yoga mat to and from class shouldnt be a balancing act. Rolled up yoga mats unfurl easily and are bulky to carry, especially when you have other yoga gear to tote. The last thing you want to do is arrive to a vinyasa or power yoga class with your arms already tired!

Yoga mat bags solve these and other issues in a number of ways. Minimalist strap-style carriers keep a rolled up mat contained in a sling over your shoulder. Duffel-style yoga mat bags hold your clothes and personal items as well as your mat. Some sling-style bags hold the mat vertically over your shoulder and protect it from the elements, while other styles attach the mat to the outside of the bag, either horizontally or on the side.

There are a plethora of great yoga mat bags on the market, and were here to guide you to one that checks all your boxes. For in-depth information on the various styles and features of yoga mat bags, including a peek at our favorites, just keep reading.


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Roll The Basket Onto The Runner

Roll the basket on to the runner with the open end first. You want to bring it up t the back of the seat and stop.Next, mark this spot on the outside edge of the runner and drill through both the runner’s outer edge and the basket runner inside. The hole should be able to easily accommodate the wire-lock pin, which will hold the basket in place while riding in this position.Once the holes are drilled, slide in the wire-lock pins and give the basket a shake.Hopefully you just said “that ain’t goin’ nowheres.” Out loud. To nobody.

Yogiiitote Yoga Mat Bag

YogiiiTote has 3 bags in its line of offerings.; Theres the YogiiiTotePRO, the YogiiiToteGO, and plain and simple YogiiiTote.; Were talking about the regular YogiiiTote here.; Most mats will fit into this bag since its 30 long and 13 wide.; The YogiiiTote brand is big on simplicity and this bag delivers if thats the goal.; Its relatively nice in its design with no buckles or fasteners.

1/2 mats fit best in the bag while thicker ones will work but the fit will be noticeably tighter.; It does contain 2 pockets.; A larger one for things like water bottle, towel and/or sandals, and a smaller zippered pocket for keys/wallet/phone.; The other excellent thing about this bag is that because of its design, it wouldnt be out of place while being used for grocery shopping or a trip to the beach!;;And, in case it matters to you, this bag has about the highest rating by a high number of users on Amazon that weve seen.

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What’s Your Preferred Way Of Commuting To A Yoga Studio Bike Public Transport

All backpacks are awesome because you can take them on a bike with you .

There’s one catch, though your yoga mat.

You will probably prefer to feel a bit more balanced when cycling, especially if you’re carrying a bulky yoga mat .

So getting a backpack where you strap your yoga mat vertically to one side is probably not a good idea. I suggest choosing between a yoga bag where you can attach your mat horizontally or place a yoga mat vertically in the center of the backpack. This will balance the weight across your both shoulders.

Now if you’re generally commuting by public transport, it can get a bit tricky. Carrying a yoga mat horizontally is undoubtedly comfortable, but it can turn you into a jerk who trips over everyone and everything that stands in the way. I’m not even mentioning the fact that if you have an extra-long mat, it is super annoying to get into a doorway with your backpack on.

There’s nothing you can do about it except turning a blind eye and enjoying the comfort of your new yoga backpack.

Also, don’t forget about the factor of weather-resistance. If you’re cycling most of the time, make sure to choose a waterproof backpack that’ll keep your laptop and clothes dry and safe.

Kindfolk Yoga Mat Bag

Find the Best Bag for Carrying Your Yoga Mat

The Kindfolk yoga bag is a little different than the other bags on the list. The biggest difference with this bag is the material. The Kindfolk yoga bag is completely vegan/ environmentally friendly. It is equipped with manmade leather, which is considered animal-friendly. The versatility of this bag is quite impressive. Measured up to 26 inches, you can fit up to a 24 mat inside this bag. If you have a lot of accessories, you could put them inside the bag and attach the wide mat on the outside. This strategy could potentially help you carry more items with you on your way to yoga. There is a long pocket on the side of the bag where you can store a variety of items; such as a cell phone. The design on the Kindfolk bag is unique, but the only downside is that it doesnt come in different color combinations.

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State Bicycle Co : Yoga Mats

The hunt for the perfect yoga mat can sometimes be a challenge. It is important to find the right thickness, color, length and grip. At Target, find a variety of yoga mats that will provide the support you need. Look through brands like Gaiam, Manduka and All In Motion. The Gaiam mats feature non-slip surfaces, extra cushioning for comfort and come in fun prints and colors. The Manduka mats are free of toxic chemicals and dyes and have latex-free options. They also feature reversible mats. The All In Motion mats are great for beginners and they come with a carry strap. Find a collection of eco-friendly yoga mats that are sustainable, renewable and biodegradable. Whether youre into yoga or pilates, there is a mat for everyone! Browse through a large collection of yoga mats and find the right pick for you.

Top 5 Yoga Bat Backpack Reviews

There are many;ways to carry your yoga gear to and from the studio. Weve got backpacks with yoga mat holders, yoga mat totes, simple yoga carrying straps, and the list goes on.

If youre wondering;how to strap a yoga mat to a backpack, there is no easy answer. Each bag has their own method and it just comes down to personal preference.

Before we jump into the individual reviews, just wanted to mention that Id love to hear from you in the comments what is the best yoga backpack from your experience?

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Yogo Ultralight Travel Yoga Mat

When not in use, Yogos Ultralight Travel Yoga Mat folds up into its attached clips, keeping it secure and roughly the size of a rolled newspaper. The straps can also be used to hang the mat to dry after washing it or to secure it to a bicycle if you want to take it with you.

It has a sticky top layer to help with grip, just like the other mats, and its made of eco-friendly materials . It gets points for its packability, despite being on the thinner side.

Bike + Yoga Mat = Disaster

Yoga Mat Trick with SoftWraps (hook and loop straps) – Softride Bike Racks

So I decided to ride my bike to yoga tonight. I’ve walked before–which is fine on the way there, but I never enjoy the walk home when I’m dripping with sweat and ready to just be home, in my shower, rather than walking in the heat–even if it’s less than one mile. I figured that on the bike, I’d get a nice breeze and so it was worth a shot.


Problem #1 was how to carry my stuff. I decided to throw on a backpack and sling my mat around my back–messenger bag style–a bit awkward, yes, but I managed ok. It took no time to get there and I locked my bike up right in front.

Tonight’s C2 class was led by one of my favorite instructors, so I was really looking forward to this last class before heading out to Oklahoma tomorrow morning. Apparently lots of folks were excited to take this class because it was PACKED. I found myself between one large man, with no shirt on, who already smelled less-than-fresh ten minutes before class started and a yogini who was already doing handstands and other advanced poses ten minutes before class even started. Faaaantastic. I folded myself into child’s pose, closed my eyes, and tried to set my own intention for the class, regardless of my neighbors .

I did make it home–safe and sound–but I’ve definitely decided that I either need a better way to carry my mat on my bike or it’s back to the car… ;and I need a new water bottle holder.

I’ll have a week to think on it–I’ll be in a real-life hot yoga studio next week–Oklahoma… Phew.

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