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How To Buy A Yoga Mat

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The Best Yoga Mat to Buy – How to Choose

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Yoga Mat Types By Material

As mentioned, the vast majority of yoga mats were constructed from PVC material until about a decade ago. Today, there are at least 9 different materials used in their construction. The choice of material will directly impact the comfort, texture, stickiness, sponginess, wear and eco-friendliness of the finished product.

There are 3 categories of yoga construction material:

  • Synthetic Materials
  • Poisonous gas under high temperature

#2 EVA Yoga Mat

EVA, is a synthetic material that is popular in expanded rubber or foam rubber products. Its hard foam finish and shock absorbent makes it popular for use in contact sports protection gear. Like PVC, it is cheap to produce and extremely durable. However, it does not bring with the toxicity problems inherent in PVC products.

EVA is a popular yoga mat material due to its softness and bounce back ability. These mats have two component parts: an inner foam padding, and an outer removable cover. This makes it easy to wash the cover, keeping the bacteria and contaminant clear. Due to their comfort and padding, EVA mates are great for types of yoga that involve plenty of sitting and lying down.

One negative aspect when it comes to EVA mats is that they are lacking in slip resistance and elasticity.


  • It is actually made from PVC, though being non-toxic.

#4 NBR Yoga Mat


  • Slow degradation in landfills

Manduka Eko Superlite Travel Yoga Mat

If you liked the first Manduka yoga travel mat we mentioned, then youre going to love the Manduka eKO Superlite Travel Yoga Mat even better!

Even lighter than the one we mentioned before, this foldable yoga mat is eco-friendly, supportive, and made from natural rubber. This mat was made to be transported to wherever your heart desires. There is absolutely no excuse why you cant practice yoga while living as a digital nomad.

  • Size 68 x 24 inches
  • Thickness 1.5 millimeters
  • Weight 2 lbs

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Yoga Mat: Benefits Types And How To Buy Yoga Mat Online

The recent years with globalization and a worldwide pandemic, more and more people in the world have started adopting yoga into their daily lives. A Yoga mat and some sunlight are all you need to have a good workout session.

It is an essential step to select just the best yoga mat to get gains out of this ancient exciting method.

In this article, we are going to list everything you should keep in mind while buying yoga mats online. We will also list some benefits of getting a mat and how to take care of your fitness mat so that it lasts for a long time.

Exercise mats or as we call them a yoga carpet are essential to your routine. All professional yoga experts recommend it and have it at their studios too.

All mats are not the same, hence it is important to understand the difference between them before buying.

Best Overall: Alo Yoga Warrior Mat

yoga mat: Buy Online at Best Price on Snapdeal
  • Can pick up debris from the floor

  • Edges remain slightly curled after unrolling

The versatile Alo Yoga Warrior Mat is designed to handle any type of yoga or workout, delivering a stable, slip-resistant base. This 4.2-millimeter-thick mat is formaldehyde- and PVC-free. It’s constructed from sustainably-sourced rubber with a polyurethane leather top layer, delivering ample cushioning to support your wrists and knees throughout a workout.

Sporting an ever-so-chic matte finish, it features a moisture-wicking, antimicrobial surface that prevents sweat from saturating the mat. Simply wipe it clean with a microfiber cloth after use. The mat comes in a range of colors, measures 74.4 x 26.4 inches, and weighs 6 pounds.

Thickness: 4.2 mm | Material: Sustainably-sourced rubber and polyurethane leather | Size: 74.4 x 26.4 in | Weight: 6 lbs | Style: Closed-cell

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Is A 4mm Or 6mm Yoga Mat Better

4mm is by far the most popular. It gives an adequate amount of comfort and enables the most stability out of the three. This could be important if you do a lot of standing or balance poses. If you want more comfort or you practice yoga on uneven or hard surfaces then you may prefer a thicker mat like a 6 or 8mm.

Hugger Mugger Tapas Travel Yoga Mat

The Hugger Mugger Tapas Travel Yoga Mat is a no-nonsense, minimalist travel mat for yogis who want to continue their practice no matter where they go. You can either roll the mat very tightly or fold it to fit in your backpack or carry-on bag.

As one of the more economical choices for digital nomads looking to cut costs where they can, this mat is still extremely durable and truly a bang for your buck!

Pro Tip: To get the best grip, its recommended to wash your mat before using it.

  • Size 68 x 24 inches
  • Thickness 1.5 millimeters
  • Weight 1.4 lbs

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Which Is The Best Yoga Mat

  • Best Overall: Gaiam Performance Dry-Grip Yoga Mat. 3.9.
  • Best Heavy Duty: Manduka Pro Yoga Mat. 3.2.
  • Best for Hot Yoga: The Aurorae Synergy Yoga Mat. 4.2.
  • Best Budget: BalanceFrom GoYoga All-Purpose Yoga Mat with Carrying Strap. Buy on Amazon Buy on Walmart.
  • Best for Travel: Lululemon The Reversible Mat Lightweight Travel.

What Is A Yoga Mat For

What Yoga mat should I buy? What thickness? Where to buy a good Yoga mat? Yoga mats explained here!

As part of any health and wellness routine, meditation plays an integral part. Yoga mats are usually uniquely assembled mats used as assistance during the process of hatha yoga to stop palms and feet slipping during the course of asana exercise. They are also commonly referred to as non-slip mats, non-skid mats or sticky mats.

Prior to a short time ago, the majority of the yoga mats were generally made from PVC, which in turn is a durable and hard-wearing building material. Nonetheless, as ecological concerns increase, its eventually becoming more common for yoga mats to be made from natural materials for instance, natural rubber, organic cotton, as well as jute.

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Best Travel Yoga Mats For Digital Nomads

Brittany LoefflerDISCLOSUREhere

One of the best ways digital nomads can relax, self-reflect, and take care of their bodies is with yoga. This ancient art can even increase your productivity! But how do you consistently practice yoga while on the move every few weeks or months? The answer is with a travel yoga mat.

Youve seen people walking around cities with colorful yoga mats rolled up and slung over their shoulders. You probably want to be one of those people, right? You see yourselfpracticing yoga daily, taking time out of the day to quiet your mind and take care of your body. Living a life on the go can make that difficult sometimes, though.

One way to make it easier to implement this practice into your routine is to pack a travel yoga mat and bring it wherever you go.

Weve curated a list of the best travel yoga mats on the market to help you achieve your goals of staying fit, active, and healthy while traveling the world.

  • Get More Digital Nomad and Travel Tips
  • What’s The Best Yoga Mat

    Theres no point splashing your cash on a slippery mat that offers no support. To help you out, the Runners World Lab tested 18 of the best yoga mats on the market to find those that strike the perfect balance between grip and comfort. These are their eight favourites:

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    Oncourt Offcourt Foldable Yoga Mat $6895

    This eco-friendly yoga mat is a yogis dream. Its multi-use and can be used as a mat, cushion or bolster and its lightweight so you can take it wherever you go.

    The foldable yoga mat from OnCourt Off Court is brilliant for supporting my knees, pelvis, even works to prop me up into a shoulder stand, yoga expert Elena Brower told The Post. I use mine all the time, also for cross-training.

    Are Lululemon Yoga Mats Worth It

    Yoga Mat Thick Anti Skid Washable Fitness Exercise ...

    not a purchase you want to make on a whim. But, despite the fact that theyre a bit more than a payday treat, theyre totally worth it, trust us. Heres a definitive guide to Lululemons yoga mat offering with a breakdown of what each mat is perfect for and why. Use for: Home workouts and hot, Hatha or Vinyasa yoga.

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    Tips How To Choose The Right Yoga Mat

    This guide will help you to choose the right yoga mat. Yoga mat will be your best partner during your practice. It pays to spend time and energy choosing the right yoga mat and in return you will have a mat that can last for quite a long time.

    Yoga mats come in a number of lengths and are made from many different materials. Several factors need to be taken into account when choosing the right yoga mat. Here are the things that you should consider:

    1. BODY TYPE

    The choice of a yoga mat depends to some extent on your body type. The standard thickness of the yoga mat is 4mm. You will find mats from 1 mm to 1.5 cm. You should consider thicker mat if you need more cushioning.

    For advanced yogis mats with 4 mm are adequate. Regardless of your body type, consider what your joints will endure. If you feel too uncomfortable during exercise, it is better to get a thicker mat and over time you can switch to thinner one.

    Materials such as TPE or PVC are softer, but can be slippery. Natural rubber mats have grippy surface and firmness.

    Also consider your height. Standard yoga mats are made to a height of about 180 cm, so if you are taller, look for the “long” versions in our section of the long mat.


    If you have the opportunity try different types of yoga so that you know how your body behaves on the mat.

    Need Help Choosing The Best Yoga Mat

    As you may have noticed, there are quite a few different mats to choose from, and we hope that it has helped you choose the yoga mat that best suits your needs, yoga style and budget.

    If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to send us an e-mail. We like to think along with you to find the yoga mat that is perfect for you 🙂

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    Wayfairs Labor Day Sale Features Up To 50% Off Outdoor Seating More Deals

    Since it will probably take a while before things are completely back to normal, finding your zen is of utmost importance, and yoga can help.

    Yoga is a great way to unwind and relieve your anxiety and experts say that practicing the popular discipline can help to reduce COVID-induced depression and stress.

    So if youve been looking to improve your health or want to bring some relaxation into your life, yoga is a great option. And luckily, there are mats that will fit any kind of exercise, budget or style.

    Whether you are into hot yoga or a beginner who is just getting started, there is a perfect fit for you. Here are some of the best yoga mats that we could find, and we even got input from some of the best yoga instructors around.

    Make Sure Its Long Enough

    What Yoga Mat to Buy

    Your mat should be long enough for your entire body when you lie down in Savasana. If your legs are longer than the mat, the difference in temperature might make it difficult for you to relax. Standard yoga mats are about 68 inches long. If youre taller, make sure to get an extra long yoga mat. Extra wide mats are also available, so keep that mind if you need more space.

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    The Very First Question That Would Pop In Your Head Is How Do I Pick My Perfect Yoga Mat

    If you search for yoga mats, you will find tons of companies selling it online. Of course, you can find it in any local store as well. But question is, how can you identify and pick a mat that is ideal for your yoga sessions, as all look similar!

    Dont worry, in this yoga mat buying guide, we will share the pro tips to help you find best mat for your need.

    Continue digging in the given mat specifications below and help yourself choose the best mat that will blissfully make you happy after every yoga session.

    Is There A Difference Between A Fitness Mat And A Yoga Mat

    Theres an almost overwhelming number of training mats available on the market right now, and most can be split into two categories: yoga mats and exercise mats.

    An exercise mat will be slightly thicker and more durable, able to take the strain of dropped dumbbells and rugged footwear as users blitz through HIIT and weights sessions. If that sounds like your bag, our tried and tested edit of the best exercise mats you can buy should be your next port of call.

    Yoga mats, meanwhile, tend to be slightly thinner, with most mats between 0.4mm and 0.6mm thick. They will usually be made with slightly more delicate materials like rubber or latex, providing a stickier surface for your hands and feet. Unless the manufacturer says otherwise, it’s best to avoid wearing shoes on these mats and complete your practices bare foot so as not to damage them.

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    How To Care For Your Yoga Mat

    After days or even weeks of searching for the perfect yoga mat to travel with, youll want to take care of it to get the most out of it. Constantly folding and rolling it to pack it away on planes, trains, and buses can wear your mat out much more than if you were simply attending classes in your hometown.

    There are special steps you need to take to maintain your mat and keep it in tip-top shape.

    Yogo Ultralight Folding Yoga Mat

    Yoga and exercise mat of 4mm Purple Yoga Mat with Yoga Mat ...

    One of the best foldable yoga mats a digital nomad can travel with is the YOGO Ultralight Folding Yoga Mat. Made from all-natural, vegan materials, not only is this travel mat extremely practical, but eco-friendly too!

    This mat becomes so easy to travel with thanks to how compact it gets when you fold it and the innovative carrying case. You can fit it in your luggage, or latch it to a backpack with the strap it comes with.

    Its also super convenient to clean. Simply rinse and wash it in the shower and hang it to dry using the patented straps. Also, due to folding, instead of rolling, the mat, the surface stays cleaner than regular yoga mats.

    Lets not also forget that for each mat sold, YOGO will plant a fruit-bearing tree. How cool is that?!

    • Size 68 x 24 inches
    • Thickness 1.5 millimeters
    • Weight 2.2 lbs

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    Versatile Multipurpose Yoga Mat: Lulemon Reversible Mat

    • Price: £48
    • Thickness: 3mm
    • Size: 180cm x 66cm

    You can use this mat for a variety of yoga types. One side has a polyurethane top layer, which offers the grip needed for hotter, sweatier workouts. The other, smoother side is more suited to restorative or yin yoga. The Lulemon Reversible Yoga Mat comes in a variety of colours and patterns.

    Lulemon also offers thicker and bigger versions of its reversible mat, with higher price tags.

    View or buy theLulemon Reversible Yoga Mat.

    Lululemon The Reversible Mat 5mm Textured $88

    Be it in tree pose or a relaxing Shavasana, this mat from lululemon will guide you through your practice.

    The Reversible Mat is just that, with a two-toned color on either side and a textured fabric to help prevent slipping around while in your pose. The mat is a 5mm width, large enough for you to spread out, but still narrow enough to roll up and throw over your shoulder for a yoga session on the go. The yoga mat comes in the pictured two-tone blue, as well as in Spiced Chai pink, Green Fern, Rhino Gray and an all-black option.

    Dont limit your yoga practice to the studio.

    Take your mat on the go with lululemons Carry Onwards Mat Travel, which comes in either light Blue Linen or a black color. The mat is lightweight and flexible, made with natural rubber as well as a microfibre top for a super soft and luxe feel. The mat can be easily folded and rolled, coming with an elastic strap to keep everything together when on the move.

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    Where Will You Practice

    The yoga mat you use at home should be sturdy, well sized for your space, and usually used in a dedicated spot in your home, so weight is less of a factor here. If you spend a lot of time in classes and studios, a lighter travel mat will probably work best for you. These tend to be smaller, easier to roll up, lighter, and more portable.

    If you are practicing on top of carpet, you will want a thinner and stiffer mat. Too much padding will make it challenging to balance, and a thick mat will bunch up on a carpeted floor. If you mostly practice in a yoga studio or on a hardwood floor, you might want something thicker or denser to provide padding for your knees and wrists.


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