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How To Become A Yoga Instructor

Do I Have To Teach Yoga After A Teacher Training

How to Become a Yoga Instructor

While yoga teacher training programs are developed with the goal of becoming a teacher, it is not necessary to start instructing once youve completed your training.

Participants join yoga teacher training sessions not just to become a teacher, but also to learn more about yoga, its philosophies, and deepen their own personal practice. No matter your reason, our top picks for yoga teacher training programs have something to offer everyone.

What Is The Best Online Yoga Certification

Look, I know that Im biased, but I genuinely believe that my online yoga certification course absolutely is the best.


Because Ive been doing it for years, long before ANY other yoga school and certainly before the Yoga Alliance temporarily allowed yoga schools to provide training online.

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What Is The Difference Between A 200 300 And 500 Hour Yoga Teacher Training

Ive seen lots of people get confused with this one, so lets clarify the difference between these trainings quickly. A 200 hour yoga teacher training needs to be completed before anything else. Lots of people think that you can start with either a 200 hour training, or a 300 hour training, but a 300 hour yoga teacher training should only be completed AFTER a 200 hour yoga teacher training has been done. A 500 hour certification is a combination of a 200 and 300 hour yoga teacher training.

Typically, students will finish a 200 hour course before anything else. The 200 hour program might be focused on a specific area such as Vinyasa, or Hatha yoga or it might be a multi-style yoga teacher training course. If the school is registered with Yoga Alliance, it doesnt really matter whether there is a specific area of focus for the training. Yoga Alliance will only recognize a 200 hour training they wont differentiate between a Vinyasa training and a Hatha training. Lets take a look at those credentials that Yoga Alliance uses because those draw up a lot of questions as well.

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A School And Program That Includes:

An ideal and holistic yoga teacher training course would have these five main components.

Asana and Alignment

Asana and alignment include the yoga asanas and correct alignments of the asanas. Good yoga schools have yoga teachers who are highly experienced and knowledgeable in Asana and Alignment. Having a good yoga teacher makes a huge difference in the training experience.

Philosophy and Meditation

Yoga philosophy includes ancient scriptures like Bhagavad Gita, yoga sutra and Hatha yoga Pradipika which shed light on the profound wisdom and philosophy of yoga. Meditation is an essential aspect of every yoga teacher training program. So pick a yoga school that offers meditation classes.

Anatomy and Physiology

Anatomy and physiology is all about the human body and how yoga affects the human body. Any yoga teacher training course is incomplete without an in-depth study of anatomy and physiology.

Shat Kriyas

Shat kriyas are six yogic practices that help in the purification of the human body. Shat kriyas are mostly taught in advanced teacher training courses and are an essential part of the course.

Teaching Methodology

In teaching methodology, you will learn how to design a yoga class from start to end, which is a vital aspect of every teacher training. Here you will learn how to design creatively and technically sound yoga classes

For the best yoga teacher training experience make sure the yoga school and yoga program you choose as these five subjects as its focus.

What Styles Will I Be Prepared To Teach With Yoga Trees Yoga Teacher Training

How to Become a Yoga Instructor

Yoga Trees teacher training philosophy stems from three yoga traditions: Hatha, Asthanga, and Hot Yoga.

Upon graduating from the program, students will have developed a personal teaching style, and comfort and ability to teach hot and non-heated Hatha-style classes. Hot Yoga training will not be held in a heated room. You will also gain familiarity with other styles such as vinyasa and gentle hatha, where you can choose to expand your knowledge further develop your practice as a yoga teacher.

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What Will A Yoga Studio Look For In Their Yoga Instructors

Since the government doesnt set the requirements for a yoga teacher, its really up to a studio to set those requirements. And each studio will have their own hiring criteria, but generally speaking they will want their students to have completed at least a 200 hour yoga teacher training. More frequently, studios are looking for teachers with a 500 hour certificate.

One helpful tip is that studios will often run their own teacher training programs and look to hire students from within those programs. If theres a specific studio youd like to work with, stay late after class one day and ask them what they look for in their teachers. Often, youll hear a studio mention Yoga Alliance but what is Yoga Alliance?

Look At Different Career Options As A Yoga Instructor

As a yoga teacher, you have plenty of options on how you want to start your career as a yoga teacher. You can teach at yoga retreats, yoga schools or start your own yoga studio in your own city.

You can also start your yoga studio in countries like Bali, Thailand or India where the demand for yoga and yoga teachers is increasing by the day. These Asian countries that are the most famous and loved yoga destinations in the world have many yoga schools and retreats.

Teaching at these international yoga schools and retreats have many advantages. You get to travel and stay abroad. You get paid very well. You get to meet many different people from all around the world, while you do what you love.

Starting your own yoga studio has its own benefits like you are independent in your business and can be the creator of your business. You get to take charge and create the kind of yoga experience that you want to.

Starting your own studio might be difficult at first as sometimes, it takes time for the student base to build up. But as you offer excellent and unique yoga classes and do things right, you are set for success.

Its always a good idea to first work with an existing yoga retreat or yoga school for a few years to get a good experience before starting your own yoga business. So, look at your options and feel into what calls to your soul and follow your heart.

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Yoga Instructor And Teacher Qualities

Its important to note that those who are qualified in yoga and lead classes can be known as instructors or teachers, so you may seem these terms used interchangeably. With most popular forms of exercise, those who partake are known as clients or class participants, with yoga they are referred to as students. Because of this, those who lead yoga classes are commonly known as teachers.

Its not enough for a yoga teacher to simply stand at the front of their class and relay information and impart knowledge. They must truly master the principles of the practice, become an authority in their own right and act as a role model to their students. A yoga instructor or teacher will primarily teach a combination of poses , breathing activities and relaxation and meditation techniques.

The best yoga instructors and teachers have:

Keen observation skills needed to assess how asanas are being performedSensitivity and empathy students will vary in age, prior experience, body shape, ability, and even temperamentStrong communication skills both verbal and non-verbal are keyExpert knowledge about asanas and other techniques its a must that you lead from the frontA commitment to self-practice and development yoga should be seen as a lifelong journey, rather than a hobby or pastime

Complete A Yoga Teacher Training Course

How to Become a Yoga Instructor: Yoga Teacher Training Tips – What You Need to Know

Now that youve chosen the style you love and want to teach, its time to choose a suitable training course.;

Make a list of things you wish to learn before you sign up for the course of your choice and compare your list to the school’s syllabus. This will help you find your perfect school.;;

There are a couple of programs to consider.;

The first is a 200-hour Registered Yoga School teacher training course. This is the most common format of training, where you cover everything you need to know about yoga; from anatomy and physiology to philosophy, meditation, and asanas.;

Once you have completed your 200-hour training and have several years of teaching behind you, you can work towards becoming a senior yoga teacher with your 500-hour Registered Yoga Training , where you go on to specialize in a specific area of yoga.

Teachers with a 500-hour yoga teaching certification can offer workshops, classes, and trainings to yoga instructors and practitioners of all levels.

You can complete your training locally or even overseas in places such as Bali, Thailand, and India. If neither of these options is suitable for you, you can opt to complete your training online as well.

When it comes to yoga teacher training courses, there are three major options to consider:

An intensive one-month course where you immerse yourself in yoga completely during that period. It might help you understand the field better but requires you to take time off from other commitments.;

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Eat Drink Sleep Repeat

You are going to be studying to teach people to feel well. So, it would be best if you also felt well. Before the YTT starts, make sure you eat and drink healthy and sleep well. A YTT program can be physically, emotionally, and mentally draining so you must prepare for it.;

Start by eating more veggies if you are not a vegetable eater. Most YTT programs, especially intensive YTT programs, have meals included, and they usually serve only vegan or vegetarian food. This way, your body will have time to transition to a new diet.;

Yoga Teacher Training Skills And Qualifications

To become a yoga teacher youll need to have a consistent home practice yourself before training to teach. Its a good idea to have at least two years of regular practice, if not more.

When it comes to choosing a yoga teacher course, it can be a little overwhelming with so many options available. A few good questions to ask yourself include:

  • where should I study? You could train at a local studio and get to know the yoga community where you hope to teach, or travel overseas to completely immerse yourself in your training without everyday distractions
  • what style of yoga am I most interested in? You could choose ashtanga yoga teacher training, yin yoga, aerial yoga, hot yoga the options are endless, but make sure its a style youre already regularly practicing
  • should I choose an intensive yoga teacher training or a part-time course? Intensive courses are usually four to six weeks of daily yoga practice and study, while part-time courses are often completed on weekends over a six to 12 month period
  • is the training certified by a professional body? For example Yoga Alliance or British Wheel of Yoga
  • how will the training be delivered? Connect with the teacher and find out about the balance of online recordings, live sessions, individual study, and practical elements

How long does it take to become a yoga teacher?

If youre looking at a college course in the UK, you could complete a qualification like a:

  • Level 3 Diploma in Teaching Yoga
  • Level 4 Diploma in Teaching Yoga

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How To Become A Yoga Teacher Online

Sounding great so far? Excellent! But, what about if you want to train as a yoga teacher but cant make it to a school or retreat?;

Of course, we know that for some people, studying a YTT isnt practical. The cost of enrolling in a course at an overseas retreat isnt feasible for some. Meanwhile, for others you might not have convenient access to a good yoga school or perhaps your schedule doesnt allow it.;

But now, thanks to the power harnessed by the internet, you can even become a yoga teacher without stepping out of your home. An online YTT follows the same principles as a YTT at a school or retreat. You will study at a pace determined by yourself. Resources provided will typically include videos and a training manual. In addition to recorded training sessions, you are required to attend live sessions with your instructor. You will complete quizzes and assignments along the way. Most online YTT courses conclude with you performing a demo class with a student.

Before you decide to become a yoga teacher online, you should research online courses in-depth. Many retreats around the world provide an online offering, so you can read reviews of the physical retreat as well as their online equivalent.;

Why not check out the top;Online Yoga Teacher Training.

Choosing to become a yoga teacher online isnt for everyone. As with all courses, it has its pros and cons.;

You Dont Have To Teach Right Away Or At All

How to Become a Yoga Instructor: 3 Yogis Share Their Advice

Its a common misconception that the reason people take YTT is to teach yoga. Many people do it not because they want to become yoga instructors but because they want to deepen their knowledge of yoga. Sure, you will learn teaching methodologies in YTT, but its up to you if youre going to teach yoga.;

Its also up to you if you want to teach yoga right away after graduation. If you dont have the confidence to teach immediately after graduation yet, you can continue your personal practice. By doing this, you can improve your knowledge about yoga and your yoga teaching method.

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Why Do You Want To Become A Yoga Teacher

Before you commit to studying a YTT, you should ask yourself what your own personal motivation is. The two main reasons why most yogis elect to train as a yoga teacher are:

  • To become a yoga instructor: if you are curious or committed to making a career out of teaching yoga, then you will need to study a YTT. Although there is technically no law against teaching yoga without certification, it is much harder to get work without qualifying.;
  • To deepen your own practice: thats right you can study a YTT purely for your own benefit. You dont actually have to become a yoga teacher! Studying a 200-hour YTT provides a comprehensive foundation for the practice of yoga. In addition to practising asanas, you will undertake training to develop your own meditation and pranayama skills.;

Its true! Many candidates who enrol on a yoga teacher training course do not intend to become a yoga teacher upon competition. So whilst you might be curious about making the leap to being a full-time yoga instructor, theres no obligation.;

Decide What Type Of Yoga Teacher You Want To Be

There are several different types of yoga teachers. Some yoga teachers cater their classes to specific groups while others hold classes in specific locations. For example, a yoga teacher may decide to target a niche market such as providing yoga instruction to professional athletes or they may decide to offer classes through a yoga studio or online.

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Can I Get My Yoga Certification Online

It is possible to obtain your yoga certification online. This is a great option for those who are working or who do not live near an in-person training facility. Keep in mind that in-person training will likely give you a better grasp on the positions you will be teaching, but if you have been trying to work out how to become a yoga teacher without access to in-person training, this may be an ideal option for you.

Phd Kinesiology With An Emphasis In Exercise Physiology Ryt

How to Be a Yoga Instructor – Everything You Should Know | Yoga Teacher Training

As a child who was raised among athletes, I have always loved playing sports and being physically active.;;Without;hesitation, I studied;Exercise Science for my undergraduate degree to gain more knowledge;about human movement sciences.; Then I went on to;earn;my Ph.D. degree in Kinesiology with an emphasis in Exercise Physiology from;Iowa State University. I have taught many courses in the field of Exercise Science.;Throughout my education and career, I;primarily focused on physical fitness, but;truly felt there was a lack of connection and balance between the physical body and mind.

Then I started wondering how to heal the distressed body, while also thinking about;how to reconnect the body and mind.;;One of the solutions that I found was the study of yoga.;;As I started to practice more yoga, my physical body was able to start to connect with my mind, and ultimately, find the balance in between.;Since then, I have loved practicing;yoga, which lead me to earn;the 200-hour San Diego Miramar College Certification of Performance in Yoga and the 200-hr;Yoga Alliance Certificate to teach and spread the power of yoga to others.

Lastly, I love spending time with my husband and our three kids. I love spending time outdoors, on the beach and in the nature in our sunny San Diego.;;I currently teach yoga activity classes at San Diego;Miramar College. I hope you join the great journey of yoga with me and the rest of our program.

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What You Can Expect In Yoga Teacher Training

Ive detailed some of the emotions you can expect to feel and how you can change as a person above through YTT but what exactly happens in a YTT course for all of that to happen? Quite a few things, actually.

First off, you can expect a pretty intense and rigorous schedule, because nothing good comes without putting in the work. Most trainings will be 9-12 hour days that involve a number of different classes both on and off the mat.

YTT courses are anywhere from 14-30 days long though I recommend doing nothing shorter than 20 days to avoid very, very long days as many courses will require self-study time .

Classes will involve physical practices that you will be taught, classes on how to teach, anatomy, philosophy, history of yoga, how to teach breathing, learning about the chakras and bandhas, assisting, how to create classes, meditation as well as the business of yoga aka how to go out into the world after and be a yoga teacher.

The yoga lifestyle embraces no harm so food served during most trainings will be vegan and vegetarian options. Some trainings will also include other activities, especially if youre doing it in a travel destination.

I did my training in Canggu, Bali at a fitness/yoga studio so we had a surfing lesson incorporated into our schedule and fitness classes to help us get stronger as well as nutrition and self-love workshops.


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