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How To Become A Professional Yoga Instructor

Start Making Money Teaching Yoga

Online Yoga Teacher Training | Become a Yoga Trapeze® Certified Instructor!

Step five is charging money for people to take your classes. This could mean that youre teaching in a studio, or maybe youre hosting events in your home.

Maybe youre teaching in corporations, like youre going into businesses, and teaching there, or partnering with local restaurants to have yoga and wine nights.

You could lead retreats.

You could teach yoga online, like me.

There have never been more opportunities to find success as a yoga teacher in the way that you really enjoy, and are passionate about.

Start A Certification Folder

Most Teacher Training Programs issue a certificate to you upon graduation to show that you completed the program successfully. When you get the certificate, you should make a few colour copies and get them laminated. You should then start a certificate folder to hold your certificates, a list of your completed classes, your grades, attendance records and any other documents that show that you completed your trainings.

It would be helpful to have these key documents in one place, especially as you take more trainings over the years. You will find it particularly handy to have all that information in one place when applying for teaching positions.

Online Yoga Teacher Training: A Testimonial From A Couple Of Yogis Who Dove In

Still hesitant or wondering what youre really getting into with online yoga teacher training? You arent and werent alone. Yoga is a high touch and typically personal practice and its important to have a guide who connects with you and can practice that empathetic coaching. Check out this testimonial from YouTuber Laura Roberts and hear just how engaging this training was for them.

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What Will I Learn As An Issa Certified Yoga Instructor

The ISSA Certified Yoga Instructor COURSE blends science, practical application, and yoga theory. Youll learn the nuances of each pose and how it looks different to each student, and get templates to build customized classes guaranteed to keep participants returning. And because ISSA recognizes the need for this powerful form of fitness, we offer a FREE accredited exam with all our yoga courses – so our ISSA Certified Yoga Instructors are recognized as the best of the best.

In ISSAs Yoga Instructor Course, Youll Learn:

  • The History, Philosophy, and Foundation of Yoga
  • Yoga Poses For All Levels
  • Yoga Applications For Structural And Functional Movement
  • Teaching Pranayama And Breathing Techniques
  • Class Program Design and Preparation For All Training Environments
  • Inclusive Communication, Cueing, and Instruction

As an ISSA Certified Yoga Instructor, youll be a recognized expert in the practice of yoga and offer unquestionable professional instruction.

Which Yoga Teacher Training Is The Best

How To Become A Certified Yoga Instructor

If you want to practice as a yoga instructor in the U.S. or even abroad you can enroll in a basic yoga certification program, typically called a YTT 200 to start out. Many studios and gyms offer various programs to elaborate and teach the principles of yoga however its typically yoga studios that hold the Yoga Teacher Training courses.

There are so many transformative shifts that take place while you are going through your YTT, even if its an Online Yoga Teacher Training. Of course one of the biggest is youll learn how to lead a group and perform postures that do not lead to any injury.

In this article were going to cover a lot! The main focus will be the Best Yoga Teacher Trainings . Were going to start with the online trainings and then the in-person trainings. Some of the online YTT courses are now Yoga Alliance approved and some arent yet. . We recommend reading through the descriptions and checking out a few of the programs to see which is right for you.

These are the 10 Best Online Yoga Teacher Training Certifications:

And, in addition to those yoga teacher trainings were going to provide a wide range of information surrounding becoming a Yoga Teacher in General.

Those items will include everything from:

  • Yoga Teacher Certification Requirements
  • The Average Salary of a Yoga Teacher
  • Free Online Resources
  • The Role of a Yoga Teacher

Lets jump in!

Article Topics

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Theres One More Step To Becoming A Registered Yoga Teacher

After youve completed your teacher training, you will need to register as a yoga teacher with the Yoga Alliance of America. Once registered, youll be listed in their global directory as a teacher who has met their minimum requirements for teaching and has completed their training with an officially registered yoga school.

You are now ready to teach yoga. Remember that the role of a teacher is very important. Keep learning and expanding your own practice, so you can share the wonderful gift of yoga with everyone.

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Therapeutic Aspects Of Yoga Are The Foundation Of What We Teach

Yoga North International SomaYoga Institute has been an accredited yoga school through Yoga Alliance since 2004, and was one of the first yoga therapy schools to be accredited by the International Association of Yoga Therapists . Yoga North ISYI is also registered as a private career school in the state of Minnesota with the Office of Higher Education.

At Yoga North ISYI, the therapeutic aspects of yoga are the foundation of what we teach. Yoga is taught with a therapeutic focus from the very beginning in our 200 hour teacher training program. This facilitates leveling your professional development, should you want to continue on to be certified at the advanced level or as certified yoga therapist .

SomaYoga is unique therapeutic methodology developed at Yoga North ISYI. It is a blending of the neuromuscular re-education Somatics with traditional Therapeutic Yoga, and Classic Asana.Yoga North ISYI is steeped in the Himalayan Tradition, and much of the yoga philosophy taught in our professional training programs come from yogic maps and models in that tradition. The traditional practices and philosophy from the Himalayan Tradition are taught, with an emphasis on practical application and putting the concepts to use in day-to-day life.

Join faculty online for a free class & Q& A Session! Dates here

Learn about the world-class yoga teacher training programs available at Yoga North ISYI

Join us online for a live, Informational Q& A Session!

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What Is The Best Yoga Certification To Get

Yoga Alliance is the most well-known private organization that provides yoga instructor certification, but a YA certification doesnt mean that you received quality training or that you are ready to teach yoga. Of course, it is nice to be able to join the trend of having a YA certification to ensure that you dont miss any opportunities that are tied to this kind of certification, but outside of your local yoga studio, not many others will be asking for a YA certification.

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Invest In Your Personal Yoga Practice

How to become a professional yoga teacher| Career in Yoga

A crucial tip for becoming a yoga teacher is to never stop your own practice or sacrifice it in favor of teaching yoga.

Remember, you decided to become a teacher because you connect with yoga somehow. You must honor this connection and continue practicing yoga even if you arent teaching anyone right away.

Aside from keeping you healthy and positive, regular practice can give you the confidence to take on clients when they come your way. Daily practice will also keep you in great physical shape, significantly boosting your chances of landing a few gigs.

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What Is The Yoga Alliance

The Yoga Alliance is a non-profit organization based in the United States and headquartered in Arlington, Virginia. It acts as a trade organization for professionals in the yoga industry. Namely, it certifies instructors and keeps track of which yoga teacher programs are certified as Registered Yoga Schools or RYSs.

To participate in yoga instructor training to become certified by the Yoga Alliance, you must attend an RYS yoga teacher training program. Once you complete one of these programs, you will be considered an RYT .

There are several different types of yoga teacher training courses also known as YTTCs. Here, we’ll mention only the main two: the 200 YTT and the 500 YTT (500-hour yoga teacher training. The 200 YTT is like a bachelor’s degree of teacher training, while a 500 YTT is like a bachelor’s degree and master’s degree. Choose your training program according to your teaching goals and how much time you have to devote to your studies to become a certified yoga instructor.

Get Certified In Cpr And Efac

Becoming certified in CPR and EFAC highlights that you have taken a step further to become a professional member of the yoga community. It is not necessary to take this step but it does come with the added bonus of professionalism. Your students will also feel safer knowing that you’re certified in administering first aid.

You should make sure to add the certificate to your certification folder.

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How Much Does It Cost To Get Certified In Yoga

This fully depends on what kind of training youre after. There are so many aspects to a training that can affect the price, like which styles of yoga are taught, whether its a 200-hour yoga course or 500-hour course, where the course is located, and what kind of certification you would like.

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How Long Does It Take To Train To Be A Yoga Teacher

Become A Yoga Teacher

Ans: It takes approximately 3-5 months. To become a Yoga Teacher, you must take a yoga teacherâs training course. The teachers training course is extremely important to become successful as a yoga teacher. Here, you will learn how to handle the students and get proper knowledge of teaching properly.

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The Best Yoga Programs In India

You can select from various yoga programs in India as per the requirement and inclination. However, as a professional yoga instructor aspirant, enrolling for the best yoga programs that are versatile and help you become a complete yoga teacher is highly recommended. You can choose from the following best yoga programs in India and specialize in your chosen style with these ideal certifications in yoga.

Anatomy Physiology And Psychology

Yoga Therapy works very heavily in these three studies of the human body and has its own specific understanding of them. You need to know how the healthy body functions. In addition, its important understand how diseases, disorders, and imbalances look like and affect the body. Youll need to be aware of the warning signs when a patient or practitioners symptoms require medical attention. You also need to know how the mind reacts to pain and dysfunction in order to provide proper emotional support.

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How Long Does It Take To Become A Yoga Teacher

Some courses can be completed in a few weeks, while others take much longer. If you’re not working full-time or taking care of your family or other responsibilities, you may be able to complete a 200-hour yoga training course in approximately three to six months. Most 500-hour yoga training courses will take at least six months and may be up to a year.

Yoga Teacher Training In Austin Texas

How to become an international yoga teacher

Our training is built with leadership in mind, providing a foundation for your development as a teacher, leader, and life master. Whether you are new to teaching or looking to advance your skills, our innovative programs are designed to provide you with inspiration, education, and personal transformation in body, mind, and spirit. We are committed to developing new inspiring teachers who will lead with excellence and positively impact the world! For more information contact us today!

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Nine Weeks Two Classes Per

Interested in joining thousands world-wide who have made the commitment to become a Certified Bikram Yoga Teachers? The perfect candidate has experienced profound physical, mental, and emotional benefits from their practice, and now wishes to join Bikram Choudhury and his familys goal of spreading the 26-asana series around the world. Just follow the step-by-step application process and join Bikram and his staff at the next nine-week session.

Teacher Training

Upon graduation, you will possess more than enough knowledge to provide students with a professional and consistent Bikram Yoga class.


Bikram Yoga Teachers must recertify every 3 years. Choose a session to attend if it has been more than 3 years since your last certification.


Need a yoga retreat or fun vacation? Plan your next trip at one of our upcoming Teacher Trainings.

Yoga Insurance Is Must

Some people think that the price of Yoga is not as high as other sports like skiing or swimming. However, this is not true. All the costs related to Yoga are similar to those associated with a sports activity.

There are many different types of medical expenses that one can incur if they engage in a yoga activity. This includes but is not limited to, emergency room visits, surgery, and many other types of medical treatment. This can also include medication as prescribed by the doctor.

  • One of the reasons why yoga instructors should do Yoga insurance is that it protects them from any loss of income that might arise due to their medical emergencies. A lot of instructors find this very important because it can make a significant difference in their livelihood.

SUMMARY: financial responsibility of a person who is involved in yoga can be extremely high. Therefore, one should protect himself by ensuring that all his/her medical expenses are covered

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How To Choose A Yoga Course For Certification

To embark on a successful yoga teacher trainer career, investing in a Yoga Alliance approved course guarantees great results. Not only these programs teach the philosophy and history of this ancient practice they are the most widely accepted.

Hence, we highly recommend that the yoga school you choose should be registered with the Yoga Alliance. When you opt for a registered school, you can visit the Yoga Alliance website and provide important details, including your enrollment to become a registered yoga teacher. The total cost of the yoga teacher training certification course can start anywhere from $1,500 to over $5,000. You might be able to find it a little bit more cost effective and convenient doing Online Yoga Teacher Training.

Moreover, you can take on additional courses such as EFA and cardiopulmonary resuscitation for North American teachers to become a more professional member of the yoga community. While these courses are not mandatory, your students feel safer knowing that you can successfully administer first aid.

How Can I Expand My Career

How to become a Pilates instructor

Once you have completed your training and acquired some teaching experience, there are many things you can do to build your business.

Assisting/Mentoring With Established Teachers. One of the best ways to receive free, ongoing training is to assist an established teacher. Assistants help out in classes and workshops or handle administrative details. Although assistants are typically not paid, what you learn from observing and working with a senior teacher is worth the time. You will also gain credibility in the yoga community as someone who can teach in a specific style and has the stamp of approval of a respected teacher. Before asking to assist or mentor with a teacher, become a familiar face. Take classes from the teacher and observe how she relates to her students. Think about ways to help, such as serving as the check-in and payment person for an instructor who runs his own class/workshop space offering hands-on touch in large classes or making sure all participants have the props they need and know what to do with them.

Yoga therapyfor people with significant mental or physical health challengesis a subspecialty that requires considerably more advanced training. A 500-hour program over one to two years would be appropriate. More information about yoga therapy training is available from the International Association of Yoga Therapists.

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How To Become A Certified Fitness Instructor In Canada

Fitness instruction is not a regulated profession in Canada. That means there are no licenses to obtain and no government exams to pass. But obtaining a fitness instructor certification from a credible certifying agency is an important step toward becoming a successful fitness instructor. Getting certified is simple choose a program, enroll in the course, study and pass your exam.

Special Concerns For Yoga Instructors

Employee vs. Self-Employed. As a yoga instructor, you may have special tax considerations, depending on your hiring status. Instructors are split more or less evenly between employees and independent contractors . Many fitness facilities and community centers will pay you as an employee, taking federal and state taxes out of your paycheck and contributing half of your Social Security taxes. However, most yoga studios hire their instructors as independent contractors. Being an independent contractor means you are legally considered self-employed. If you run your own classes by renting space and charging participants, you are also considered self-employed.

When you are self-employed, no taxes are withheld from your pay. This means you are responsible for filing quarterly tax payments to the federal and state governments. You are also required to pay an additional self-employment tax on top of your federal income tax. For more information about how to file quarterly self-employment taxes, read the online guide provided by the Internal Revenue Service.

The good news is that self-employed instructors can deduct business expenses from their tax liability. For yoga teachers, these expenses typically include props, music, advertising, space rental, continued training, yoga conference travel, teaching insurance and individual healthcare insurance. Keep careful records of your business spending, and save your receipts.

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